Ibusou v4c4 part 4

Part 4 This chapter took longer than it should've but it's finally over. So some things to note, when I use earth in this I don't mean the planet earth,…

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Ibusou v4c4 part 3

Part 3Had lots of test this week so I didn't post.For anyone curious about Nishino, I'll put it like this. If there's anyone who wants to do it they're free…

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Ibusou v4c4 part 2

Part 2 This chapter is long, and since editing sucks, I'll probably split it into 4 parts. I think I'm gonna stick with Snow's saying being, a pain, so I'm…

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Ibusou v4c4 part 1

Part 1 I'm changing Snow's line from, Annoying -> a pain. When I finish translating the chapter and if I like this more, then I'll go back and change it…

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Ibusou wn ss1

*******Spoilers until web novel arc 2 which is ln 3*****ss1I'm not sure if the ln has its own version of these side stories so I translated the web novel one.…

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