Instant Messiah 23

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Chapter 23This chapter is also supposed to have a black background!So this the end of the first part of the web novel.I'll probably take out the next chapter next saturday…

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Instant Messiah 21

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Chapter 21 Page is supposed to be black so turn off night mode if you have it on or the page will be gray, unless you want that. There's two…

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Instant Messiah 20

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Chapter 20Finally back to the present.Next chapter will probably be on saturday since I'm busy this week.And Nishino probably the week after.

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Nishino v1c1 + Other Stuff

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Chapter 1 - Part 1So since this is a new series I'll just explain my stance on stuff again.If someone wants to translate this or Instant Messiah, then that's fine…

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Instant Messiah 19

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Chapter 19Next chapter saturday.I was thinking too much about which atma weapon I should get and got a headache. (⁎˃ᆺ˂)But I'm still going to post Nishinio later today

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