Nishino v2c3

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Chapter 3As pointed out, it looks like I had Rose's name correct all along. It's a good thing I was to lazy to go back and change it.

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Nishino v2c2

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Chapter 2I made a grave mistake. I don't know how it happened but for a whole volume I thought the dot on top of Rose's last name was a quotation…

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Nishino v2c1

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Chapter 1Later than usual but here's the chapter. As usual my grammer might be bad so if there are any mistakes just point them out.Next chapter will come out either…

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Nishino v2c0

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Chapter?This is literally a summary of the previous volume, it's even titled like that, so there's no need to actually read this.I already translated the first chapter, but I'll probably…

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Nishino v2 Illustrations

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IllustrationsTook off my adblock to check something and I was remainded that I have ads on this. Is there anyone that actually doesn't use an adblocker, I can't imagine life…

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Nishino v1c9

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Chapter 9And that's it for volume 1. At last we are able to see what happened on that karaoke day and why Takeuchi antagonizes Nishino so much, and Nishino has…

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Nishino v1c8

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Chapter 8This is the end of the first volume, only a short story left.I'll be posting it soon, just going to go eat something first before I start on it.

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Nishino v1c7

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Chapter 7Well it took a while but here's the new chapter. Like I said before I just moved last week and after moving I got homesick so the release is…

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