Ibusou v3c3 part 2

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Part 2Here's the rest of the chapter, I ended up grinding like 7 boxes yesterday and then got distracted after that.(´‐ω‐)=зThere will probably be some inconsistencies in stuff since I'm…

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Ibusou v3c3 part 1

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Part 1Hyu~ Hyu~ go Kanami.Just wanted to get that out of my system. For people who didn't see my last post I changed the name from Isekai Meikyuu to Ibusou…

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Nishino v3c10 + v4 Illustrations

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Chapter 10That was the end of the story for volume 3, now the only thing left is the afterward, but I'll post that sometime later. I'll also be posting the…

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Nishino v3c8

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Chapter 8My grammer is shit.Well with that out of the way, this was pretty much the last chapter of the novel. After this there's a side story of Rose's preparations…

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Nishino v3c6

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Chapter 6I got too lazy to post the past two days, but at least I finished the volume. All that's left is editing so I'll probably post the rest tomorrow,…

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