First period was combined phys ed with the other classes. In order to leave morning homeroom as soon as possible, they put the poop desk aside and head to the locker rooms, and so peace returns to class 2-A for a time.

Since the subject selected is continued throughout the whole year, Nishino is still in table tennis in the second gymnasium.

Since there is no teacher leading the class it ends up becoming a rather lazy sight. There aren’t enough tables for everyone thus it’s necessary to use a shift system. Furthermore, there were no clear groups made.

The students that missed their chance at getting a table spread out and begin chatting with each other, which inturn makes the atmosphere even more lax. Since there aren’t many students actively trying to raise their table tennis skills, the time spent in class is not much different from a break.


As usual, Nishino heads to the corner of the room and does nothing but sit on the floor.There was no one by his side. I wish the class would finish fast, he absent mindedly looks on at the class. In the same way as before, and the time before that, and probably in the future too, class will probably end without even being able to get a racket, he was thinking of such pointless things.

According to the plan he made last night, he was supposed to invite one of the girls in table tennis for a match. However, considering the disastrous desk in homeroom, he needs to have some self-restraint. After all, the others in his class treat him like a nuisance.This also applies to the students in other classes. The incident spread before he knew it.

However, there was a single exception within the room.

「What are you doing in such a place?」

In the same way as last time, Rose had come again. With an innocent expression, she stands in front of Nishino as she looks down to him.

It seems like she once again slipped away from basketball. There’s no doubt as she is wearing a bright yellow bib and basketball shoes.

「And what about you, what are you doing here?」

「I’m taking a small break」

「Then so am I」

「Really? Then there’s no problem」

Muttering in a casual tone, Rose sits down at Nishino’s side.

Seeing what just transpired, the surrounding students raise their voices.

It’s the same as what happened the week before.

「Why is Rose-chan here?」「Rather, didn’t she also come last week?」「She’s also cute in bloomers. Can’t they bite into her more」「Why is she talking with that Nishino?」「You mean that Nishino?」「That’s right. The guy from class A」「The guy who’s always sitting in the corner」「It looks like the class was bullying that guy didn’t it?」「Eh? Seriously!」「But, Rose-chan is super cute」「That blonde hair is enviable」「Right, it’s the limits of a japanese person isn’t it? I get you」「Eh? You sure? Certainly she’s cute, but I don’t feel like it’s that much」「I totally understand you, I must be bad with foreigners」「I want a little sister like that」「I’m gonna be lesbian」

The voices must’ve reached the two.

But, without a concern of the surroundings, Rose speaks to Nishino.

「Sorry for visiting without warning」

「If you think that then don’t ever come again」

「Ara, how cold」

「Isn’t that expected if someone you don’t want to associate with comes to you」

「Then can I visit if I show my enthusiasm?」

「Who knows」

Takeuchi-kun’s declaration from the other was effective.

It wasn’t as if Nishino had no expectations. He’s already aware of what the other party wants when they approach him. But even then, it was just a miniscule amount, but there may have been a warm feeling in his heart. He has the liberty to have some delusions. That was until the day before yesterday.

「The job should already be done.  Is there something else you need?」

「Thank you for that matter. You really helped」

「Then that’s enough. Don’t get close to me from now on」

He can no longer see the one in front of him as anything other than filthy.

It’s because he’s a virgin with zero experience in romance that he has an image of a girl he can cherish. It’d be unpleasant to be with someone with such a background. He feels the same resistance towards Rose that he has towards Francesca. Spreading your legs for money and protection is an impermissible action.

However, he did not know.

That a number of his classmates already have experience in spreading their legs for money and protection.

「Can I not approach you without an ulterior motive?」

「I can see you going to a middle aged man i heat」

A careless whisper, Nishino stands up.

「A middle aged man in heat, I’ve heard the rumors」


Nishino’s eyebrows tremble. He took a step forward to get away from her, however, he couldn’t take the second step. If this was another classmate he was with, then he may have been able to meekly leave. And if Takeuchi-kun threatened him then he’d lower his head.

However, she’s different.

You cannot look down on someone from the same business.

That is somethin Nishino holds himself to, an important conviction.

To him, this job is his only source of income. And when thinking in the long run, he can imagine he’ll be relying on it in the future. Because of that, if it’s threatened, then his income, daily life, and his future can also be endangered..

Furthermore, in the past when he was working, seeing others lightly can be life threatening. If his reputation falls, then perhaps Marquis would take his business elsewhere, so were Nishino’s thoughts.

Therefore, he couldn’t pull out from this spot. He couldn’t end it by looking down on Rose. This is the result of his experiences in the past. He is aware, Nishino Gokyou is aware, that such an attitude can put one in a dangerous spot.

「…… What a sharp eared women」

He quietly whispered, and turns to Rose with a smile.

A smile covered his face.

The best smile he could make.

「Ara, so you can make such an expression?」

「Do you have some problem with me smiling?」


As expected, it wasn’t helping him, he thinks back to the blunders he experienced in the past. Especially in the business of his that covers his food, the women were tough, irrational, and cruel. It’s understandable for the asian futsumen.

In order to act as a filter to his classmates, Nishino revises his posture.

As for Rose, in front of the person whose atmosphere changed at once, she spoke with a stronger tone. 

「In that case I believe I have a chance」

「Where have I heard those words before?」

「Who knows? I’m quite interested in learning」

「How about asking your employer」


「If it was only having an empty head, then with some charm then it could’ve ended with a smile. However, having a loose groin is beyond saving. How about cooling down and looking back on your actions? You bitch」

「Aah, I see」

「If you understand then hurry and leave」

「That you look at me in the same way as her, how regrettable」


However, Rose was not discouraged. While having a cramp in her cheek, she still managed to maintain her smile. She was speaking as if nothing happened. But the fact that her knees seemed to be shaking, couldn’t have been mistaken by Nishino.

The futsumen was stumped at this.

「…… Do as you like」

With a short mutter, he turns around.

Nay, it happened immediately after turning back.

「Ah, she’s there. Rose-chan」

The one who called her name was in the entrance of the table tennis gym. The origin of that voice was from a name that Nishino’s been hearing the past few days. The top ikeman in the same class with an adult like atmosphere, Takeuchi-kun.



Nishino and Rose immediately shut their mouths upon seeing him.

On the other hand, Takeuchi-kun energetically walks up to the two

「I’ve been looking for you. I couldn’t find you even though we are both in basketball」

「We should be in the middle of our break now?」

「Yeah. And because of that, I’ve also been wandering around」

「…… Do you have some business with me?」

「Aah no, it’s not something stiff like business, but about that trip from before, I have some circumstances, so I thought of getting in contact with you. Since it’s phys ed and where in the same class, I though meeting now would only be natural?」

「Eeh, that’s true」

Rose was the only one in Takeuchi-kun’s eyes.

Nishino who was standing close was just air to him.

「And so, a rough idea about the schedule, after the culture festival ends, how about going at the end of the month? We can take a three day break from school so we can have a longer break. Of course, that’s only if Rose-chan is okay with it」

「Eeh, I don’t mind」

「Really? Thanks」

Takeuchi-kun had a smile from beginning to end.

He spoke to Rose with a grin covering his face.

「With that said, how about Nishino’s circumstances?」


It was then that Rose abruptly shifted the topic to the futsumen.

For an instant, Takeuchi-kun’s face became like that of a hannya. However, it truly was only for an instant. With no one to witness it, his smile returns. Furthermore, my, you were in such a place, he speaks to Nishino with such an attitude.

「Aah, speaking of which that’s true. How about you Nishino?」

「No well, there’s no problem……」

For now I should nod, Nishino though.

If girls other than Rose are participating, then it isn’t something bad to him. By avoiding the blonde lolita that’s in front of him, he’d be able to be with the other female students in his class.

Naturally, he had no plans on spending the rest of his time until graduation being bullied. In his mind, he is already making a plan to stop the bullying. And there arent’ many opportunities for that.

「You sure? Then I’ll prepare the ticket. Aah, I’ll be able to do something about the expenses, so how about letting me treat you this time? Of course, that include the people other than Rose-chan」

「Is that fine? I’d imagine it to be quite a sum」

「Thought it really isn’t my money. But, after I consulted with my parents and told them I wanted to go on a trip to make highschool memories, it looks like I’ll be able to bring a number of people. Even though I’m like this my house has some money. Of course, I won’t force it onto you, how about it? This proposal」

「Eeh, if it’s like that, then I’ll graciously accept your invitation」

「Really? Thank you. How exciting」

Takeuchi-kun’s pure white teeth sparkled. 

If this happened in the first gym where basketball is played, then the surrounding female students would have gathered to him. Aah-, I also want to go, then me too! They’d speak in such a way with some joking mixed in, such was the privilege of those at the top of the caste. And they’d be satisfied if they managed to be invited.

However, this is an oasis for loners, the second gym is for table tennis. The female students here are all plain, fat, or have bad communication skills. It is the lower end of the caste that doesn’t believe they’ll move further up. They only went as far as sending jealous gazes.

「Who are the others going?」

「About that, I’ll be asking two others that I’m on good terms with. If Rose has any friends, then don’t hold back and tell me about them. I’ll cover their part」

「Thank you. But there isn’t anyone in particular」

「Really? Then with Rose-chan and me, and also him, then it’d be five?」

He glanced at Nishino.

In reality, the fact that this trip is only restricted to Nishino, is something that Takeuchi-kun is grateful for. Why it’s naturally because all of his friends are ikemen. There were no unattractive people or futsumen.

That’s why before he invited Rose, he was worried. If he carelessly invited his ikemen friends, then Rose may have taken an interest in them. And in the off chance, she spreads her legs for them. If they finish inside. And so on, those where the grave worries of his.

However, it wasn’t as if he couldn’t not invite another male student.

All the people he invited were female students, and they were all pretty too, but no matter if he is the number one ikeman in the school, such actions would be frowned upon. For that reason, it was necessary for him to invite at least one other male student.

And the one who made their appearance was Nishino.

If it’s someone with a face like that, then no matter how much of a bitch Rose is, she wouldn’t spread her legs for him in the week long trip. Such belief was inside of Takeuchi-kun’s head. Like this, he’d be able to take it easy while developing his relationship with Rose and the other girls. For that sake, he was ready to take on the futsumen’s expenses. 

「Nishino, are you fine with it?」

Takeuchi-kun asked with a bright smile.

「…… Aah」

And so, with the riajuu’s ulterior motives, the opposite of a riajuu Ndshino didn’t even realize. Why did Takeuchi-kun invite him on a trip with such a bright smile, a question raised in his head. But, he wasn’t planning on point it out. And so he could only nod his head.

「By the way, what about you Nishino-kun?」

「……. About what?」

「Nishino-kun, is there anyone you want to invite?」


Don’t throw that onto me, Nishino formed a complaint inside of his heart.

But, wait a minute, he thought.

In order to be a riajuu, to get a woman, to have a happy end, and another big possibility. During the highschool trip, he needs to get along with his female classmates. That is a big part of youth, and It will surely become a wonderful memory that won’t fade no matter how old he becomes.

「In that case Matsuura-san or someone……」

He mumbled.

He liked plain people.

He liked girls that didn’t stand out.

And speaking of which, those who don’t mind faces.


Takecuhikun made a surprised expression.

「….. Eh?」

Rose did the same.

To think that a name from the opposite sex would come out of his mouth. Furthermore, the person was a female student from his class. Furthermore, the person in question was in the same table tennis class, and standing just a few meters away, his voice reached her.


Matsuura-san trembled.

To think that my name would come up.

「Does Nishino want to get along with her?」

「No, we haven’t even talked much」

「…… Eh?」


「We, well, then let’s go together with her」

Realizing that Nishino’s thoughts were going to Matsuura-san, Takeuchi-kun’s was laughing in his mind. With this, there would be no obstacles. Naturally his mood became better, and with a smile even brighter than before, he went to Matsuura-san.

「Matsuura-san, can I have a moment?」

「Eh!? Ah, ye, yes! What is it!?」

The ikeman soon began talking about the plans for the trip.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

What waited when the students returned to class after phys ed was the furious homeroom teacher. It seems that the teacher discovered the desk filled with poop that was next to Nishino during their absence. It was likely the origin of that smell.

Because the second class was held by the same teacher, that time was used in order to find the cause of the feces during homeroom.

「I don’t plan on asking who did it here. And I won’t act like I’m investigating it. However, the fact that someone did do it won’t change. But, if this happens outside of school, the one who did this, and those who kept silent, they would certainly have to face consequences」

The homeroom teacher spoke.

As for the class who was addressed, they all kept their mouths shut as they shivered. Only one person, Matsuura-san, had a small expression of relief. As expected, it seems that being on the receiving end of the scent was tough.

「For example, if I got drunk and while walking down the street I threw poop on someone, even considering the circumstances, I’d certainly lose my job as a teacher, of course there’d also be criminal charges, a civil trial too, and the victim would likely demand several millions」

He looks at the students and continues.

「This time, I don’t plan on looking for the culprit. And for the people who are pretending they don’t know anything, I don’t plan on pressing it. After this lecture ends, I plan to continue on as normal. I don’t plan on extending this to the principal or vice principal」

However, and he continues.

「If this happens again, then I’ll look for the culprit, and make sure they get what they deserve. And, no matter if the school hesitates, if the victim disputes the culprit, than I plan on giving my full support. I don’t plan on worrying about the culprits life after that. At that point, they will no longer be a student of mine」

He spoke with a very serious expression.

After all, he is convinced that the culprit is in his class.

That is why he was so spirited. 

For the teacher, his job ends with this. With a sermon on real life. He had pride that this would prevent any cases similar to this one. It was through his efforts there were already multiple events that he dealt with within the school.

Luckily, there was no student who tried to talk back in this situation.

「That is all. Now then, I’ll start the lesson」

It only took a few minutes. After ending the sermon that made him feel better, he places his materials on his desk and begins the lessons according to his original plan. With chalk in one hand, he begins scribbling formulas on the black board. It was as if he was declaring there’d be no more investigating from this point on.

But, the mind of the person who spoke as such, was still somewhat excited. It certainly wasn’t just a small sense of satisfaction that he obtained. He was more or less a teacher known for loving sermons. It’s within the passionate sermons he gives that has earned a reputation among the student’s as annoying.

While he is Nishino’s homeroom teacher, Ootake Kiyoshi is also the head teacher of the year, and he gets absorbed in his own lectures. But, it is true that he is performing the duty of the role he has obtained. There are even talks that he’d be a good principal or vice principal.

By the way, the teacher in charge of the year holds a position that is equivalent to a section chief in a business. Although he is dull old man, his income easily crosses over 7 million. His favorite movie is Kinpachi-sensei. He’s an unmarried man over 40, but his future is secure. And there are many teen girls in his line of business that he can give his beloved sermons too. 

In other words, he is one of life’s winners.

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