He woke up later than usual. Missing the morning classes, he left for school after having lunch at a nearby gyudon chain. It was a quarter after the bell signaling their lunch break rang, that he passed the gate.

Immediately after arriving in the classroom, Nishino was met with the question of his classmate.

「Hey, did you really lose the menu Matsuura-san made?」

It was Shimizu-san. Next to her was Matsuura-san, and for some reason Takeuchi-kun and the female students he gets along with were also there. Thanks to this he was forced to talk with the people who are on the top of the school caste.

Nishino who was sitting in his seat at the back of the class was now surrounded.

The topic was the lost cafe menus.

Yesterday, when he was protecting Tarousuke from the attack, the menu for the culture festival was damaged and lost. In truth, several of them  were made, but his classmates were angry with him losing that single menu.

How did this come to be? It happened when Shimizu asked about the progress on the translations for the menus Nishino took home last night. On the other hand, the futsumen who had forgotten about it could only tell the truth when asked. In other words, he lost it.

And so they arrived at the current interrogation.

「Properly apologize to Matsuura-san」

Shimizu spoke.

Not intending to disobey, Nishino did what he was told.

「Matsuura-san, sorry」

「H, Hey, I said properly, put more sincerity in it!」

「Eh, ah, no, um……」

The fierce Shimizu and troubled Matsuura-san.

Also, the jeering youths, such were the current circumstances. As for the classmates that weren’t participating, they were looking on as if it was someone else’s problem. It’s been a more lively lunch break than usual.

「I’m very sorry, Matsuura-san」

Nishino gets up from his seat, and bows at a perfect 90 degree angle.

It was certainly his fault that it was lost, thus this apology were his true feelings.

「No, um, it, it’s okay. You don’t have to go that far……」

「If anything, I bet it’s because you didn’t do the translations, right?」

A sincere apology from Nishino.

As a result, the spear that Shimizu had prepared missed it’s target, and so she naturally changed her words. Due to the arrogance she had from everyone around her being her ally, the words came out lightly. There was a good pretext for it as well, so there should be no problem with that hotblooded teacher.

The thorn on her side that is causing her to go this far is because the results from her cram school tests came in yesterday. Her english score drastically fell, and thus her mood became like a violent storm.

If it continues like this then your chance of getting into the private university is in danger, so she was told by her cram school teacher. 

「No, I didn’t plan to abandon my work…」

「So you think you can say anything because the menus missing?」

Shimizu threatened.

She isn’t aiming for the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies just for show. In her own room after returning back last night, her determination only went up as she opened her reference book. In other words, I won’t let it end in a normal highschool like this. I’ll get into Tokyo University of Foreign Studies no matter what. And so on.

However, as it is now getting in is hopeless.

And thus her heart was in turmoil.

「Right? No matter how you think about it it’s impossible isn’t it?」

The one who endorsed this was one of the boys surrounding Nishino. It was Suzuki-kun with an unrequited love for Shimizu. Understanding the pent up feelings of his beloved, he was the first to raise his voice. His tone was filled with contempt.

The type to be nice to friends, but harsh to the ones lower than a futsumen, the overly self conscious type. He was strongly supported by his friends because of that. There’d be no problem leaving it to him. 

The type to be nice to friends, but harsh to the ones lower than a futsumen, the overly self conscious type. He was strongly supported by his friends because of that. There’d be no problem leaving it to him, so they thought. 

However, in this case it wasn’t only Suzuki-kun, but everyone else also agreed.

That guy, he was troubled so he threw it out, and such.

「Well, it’s true that there isn’t proof. And without it I can’t refute」

「See, just like I said」

The docile Nishino, and Shimizu with a triumphant expression.

「It’s because you put on airs that it ended like this? It’d be fine if it was your own problem, but if you’re gonna bother other people then don’t do that. Okay? If you understand, then don’t ever do something like this again!」

「…… Understood. Sorry」

It’s true that he lost the menu, so Nishino obediently yielded. In regards to the translation of the menu, the fact that he lost the menu makes it apparent that he failed his job. At least that’s what he understood.

It was very convincing argument against the side being accused.

「Fuun…… it’s fine if you understand. Really now」

Shimizu displays her displeasure with the questions. However, nothing more was said, and the questions came to an end. She turns from Nishino’s desk and with bigger steps than usual, she returns to her seat. 

As she left, all the other followed suit. 

And they go on to enjoy the rest of their lunch break.

Several minutes after the interrogation ended.

「…… How troublesome」

Nishino’s determination for his plan to live a fulfilling life had dropped.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

That same day, the after school culture festival preparations had begun. 

Continuing the work from the previous days, they had finally reached a turning point and got to the most interesting part.

With the completion of the signboard and partition wall, and ordering the needed chairs and desks, most of the work has already been done, what’s left is discussions on the work procedure, the clothing, and other small details.

In that way, instead of it just being hard labor, it would be a task involving communication between everyone, and the interactions they have will create something of different value. In order to make a better cosplay cafe, they are currently discussing if there’s something missing that they should implement.

But Nishino was now isolated for that reason.

Nobody wants to communicate with him.

Those at the top of the caste were purposefully moving in order to exclude the futsumen. They weren’t openly making unpleasant remarks. However, if he approaches them, they move away. On the other hand, the ones in the middle below of the caste completely avoid him. If they get in contact with him then they may be dragged into the mess, so they take a very clear stance.

「Excuse me, if there’s something I can help with……」

With such circumstances, he calls out to Shimizu who was in charge of everything. From the scolding during the break, Nishino figured that she’d be the most open to talking. As for the other side, she had no idea that that’s why he thought.

「Something to help in?」


「What are you even saying. For these type of things, you have to think by yourself, and move by yourself. You don’t even understand something so simple? If you have to wait for orders from someone else, then you won’t ever become a decent adult?」

「I see, that is true」

「Aah, but if your bad with it, just don’t trouble everyone again?」


If you don’t do your job properly then you won’t get paid. However, there’s no work for you here. Such were the feelings conveyed.

No matter how dim-witted Nishino was, even he understood what she was saying.

「Look, I also have work to do, you’re being a bother so can you go away?」

「A, ah, understood. Sorry for being a bother」

With a small bow, the futsumen leaves Shimzu.

As usual, the desks and chairs were brought to the back, and a wide open work space was made in front. For him, that space was dazzling. Everyone’s having fun while working hard for the culture festival. That is a precious page of youth, a cherished scene that will remain in your memories for a lifetime.


In order to avoid this, Nishino heads to an area surrounded by a wall and desk. 

He heads to the corner of the class.

And so, with arms folded he entrusts his back to the wall, and spaces out.

From the advice given, he was unable to obtain a job. While all the other students are busy working, being the only one with nothing to do was discomforting. Now then, what will he do. He begins thinking of the things that had happened. According to Shimizu’s words, think for yourself, move by yourself.

Thus, Nishino though.

What should I do to make the cosplay cafe a success.

It was then that he hit upon something.

What is considered a success for a cosplay cafe in a school festival.

「…… I wonder」

Without thinking too deeply than it’d be the sales, profit, and customers, it’d be concrete numbers. But in that case, it wouldn’t be fun, Nishino though.

But he knows that for the culture festival, the amount of sales, and customers received will circulate the school and get you recognition. It’s because of that, that everyone is the same in regards to wanting a successful business.

In that case, what can he get in order to raise the sales of the class, even thought he’s a futsument he began thinking of luxurious things.

In that case, what can he do in order to raise the sales of the class, and even though he’s a futsumen, he begins thinking of luxurious things.

What he sought was something that would become a special memory.

A memory so strong, that it could be looked back on in your last moments.

Something like that.

「In that case…..」

Nishino thought.

Desperately thought.

Over and over again.

It was in the middle of his thinking, that a voice came from the middle of the class.

「Then, is there anyone that wants to go shopping with me」

Takeuchi-kun raised his right hand.

「Girls would be nice if possible. If you want to go then grab onto this finger」

It was said in a cool voice. A covoi. And with a glistening smile. (Tl: I had no idea how to combine cool and voice, so I just did covoi)

The ones who bit the bait were the female students at the top of the caste. In the hope that they might raise their friendliness, girls from all over raised their voices. Furthermore, the ones that ran to him began hopping up and down in hopes of grabbing his ikemen finger.

「Mee! Me Mee!」「Ah, me too!」「Me me meee!」「I want to go!」「If it’s about that, then I know a bit?」「Ah, hey, I also know a thing or two?」「Ah, umm, me too」

It was lively. It was fun.

And in the midst of them was the girl he took a liking for, Matsuura-san. For a girl like her who was in the middle of the caste, it was strangely aggrssive of her. It was likely brought upon by the fact that she was asked by that ikemen to go on a trip the previous day.

With this before his eyes, Nishino’s mind came to a sudden stop.

「…… You missed, nice try」

It was then he realized that becoming a riajuu in this class is impossible.

Life is short.

What he wanted was an efficient plan.

Along with the ikemen friends of Takeuchi-kun, and with several of the cute girls in class that he choose, they left the school. To a great adventure filled with giggles and chatter. A few minutes after this, Nishino decides to leave the school. By leaving the school, his world should expand.

He once again walks up to the class representative. 

「Excuse me, class representative」

「…… What is it this time?」

Shimizu spoke in a worse mood than before.

It was only a moment ago that Takeuchi-kun held the raffle to go shopping. As a result of being left out, her mood towards Nishino worsened. She wasn’t aiming for Tokyo University of Foreign Studies just for show. Furthermore she was also the class representative. Thus her pride was quite high.

「I want to go out and buy things」

「Shopping? But there’s no budget for you to use」

「I’ll cover the cost myself」

「……Then do as you like?」

Shimizu’s attitude was very cold.

Her way of speaking was pushing him away.

「Thank you」

Nishino answered with a gentle bow. If he wasn’t allowed, then he wasn’t sure what he’d do. Begins saved by this, he quickly gathers his belongings and leaves the class. 

After he left the class, his classmates began their malicious gossip.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

It happened soon after leaving the classroom.

「Ara, Nishino-kun」

Nishino encountered Rose.


The futsumen ignores this and goes to change his indoor shoes. He had no plans of being entangled with her. Moments after their gazes crossed, that figure disappeared into the shoe rack.

However, as soon as he lowered his hand from the shoe rack, Rose who had anticipated this had already changed her shoes and came up to him. She went out of her way to walk to his side, and because of that she was close enough that she’d be looking at him with upturned eyes.

「Are you going back now?」

「……I’m shopping for the culture festival」

「Ara, that’s unexpected」


Whether it was a lie or the truth, Rose claps her small hands and answers.

The behavior was impeccably lovely. If it was a male student other than Nishino, then they’d break into a smile. She isn’t a beautiful cacasian girl with blonde hair and blue eyes for nothing. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that more than 80 percent of the male students had already fallen for her.

「In that case how about we go together? Being by yourself would be lonely」

「I refuse」

However, it’s because Nishino knew of her blackness, that his manner of answering was harsh.

「Could it be you have an appointment with somebody else?」

「I don’t」

「Then, can it be a special errand that’s far away?」

「That’s also not right」

Even with her brave appealing, the futsumen’s response was bad.

Rose continues after putting some strength in her tone.

「It’s because you’re hated by the class, don’t you want even a single firend?」

She asked with a wide smile covering her face.

With this, even Nishino got irritated. One of his eyebrows twitched. But without especially hardening his voice or changing his expression. He responds in an indifferent manner. 

「Even if I wanted one, you don’t fit the criteria」

「Even if you’re being invited by a girl this cute?」

「I judge people by their insides」

「It’s strangely persuasive coming from you」

「…… Say what you want」

Not having the intention to keep her company any longer, he puts his shoes on and heads out. But then, behind the futsumen was Rose imitating him. While both silent, they continue forward. Separating from the shoe rack, they leave they exit of the tile covered hallway.

Passing through a path with a roof, after walking for sometime, the main entrance was right in front. Until now their distance was about a dozen meters, but at that moment, Rose walked right up to Nishino’s side.

The students who were working outside and took notice were stealing glances at them. Both males and females where questioning where the futsumen walking at Rose’s side came from. The ones who were talking to each other also tilt their heads while looking.

「Why are you following?」

As expected, the confused Nishino looked at Rose.

「Because the gates there isn’t it?」


The distance between them was now one meter.

Looking from the outside they looked like companions.

「You, where do you plan on going after exiting the gate?」

「Perhaps the right」

「Then I’m turning left」

Nishino moves forward while raising his speed. His feet leave the main gate. And as declared, he turns left and continues walking. With no parting words, in a brisk manner.

And Rose, also turns left and continues. She keeps up diagonally behind him, in the same way a baby bird follows after it’s parent.

After moving several meters, the futsumen comes to a stop.

「…… This is the left?」

「If you’re looking at the school then isn’t it the right」

「I see, you certainly didn’t lie」


「It seems that I made a mistake in my directions」

「Ah, wait」

Nishino turns back. 

He walks with large steps. Openly displaying to not follow. Rather, he already understood that saying it was pointless. 

However, even then she didn’t give up. It must be because of his gait, but she follows after in a small run. Soon enough she catches up to his side, and while taking a peek at Nishino she opens her mouth.

「If you’re going shopping then I’ll at least carry your bags?」

「…… Why are you so desperate?」

「It’s because you’re【Normal】of course?」

「For you people on the other side of the ocean, it’s good that you’re at least honest……」

「Is that so? Thank you」


While cracking jokes, Nishino suddenly realized. She’s trying to use him as a tool for work. In that case, in order to live a fulfilling everyday life, then how about using her for his private life as well. 

There’s no other student that holds influence like Rose in Tsunuma Highschool. If used well, then he might be able to make the fulfilling school if he halfway gave upon a reality. It was a somewhat pitiful realization.

「Got it. Then fine, come with me」

「Aah, that way of speaking really doesn’t suit you」


Thinking about how she was already eaten by another man, and along with that frivolous way of  speaking, the virgin’s irritation was reaching a peak. He understood that she purposefully flattering in order to entice others, and those thoughts were in his mind.

But even then, the futusmen has decided to make use of the person in front of him. 

「Did I hurt your feelings?」

「….. Follow if you want」

「Is it really fine? What change of heart did you have?」

「I only gave up」

「Fuun? Well, even then it’s fine」

Rose became his companion.

With her accompanying him, they head for the planned shopping.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

After departing the school they rode a train for 30 minutes. Nishino and rose arrived at the major department store near Tsunuma Highschool.The time is past 7 in the afternoon. At this time there should be salymen, OL, and students heading back home, and as expected, it was quite congested. 

Passing through the front entrance the two head towards the escalator while talking in a casual manner. Nishino had come here a number of times in the past, so there wasn’t anything in particular that caught his attention. On the other hand this was Rose’s first time and her curiosity was on display.

「By the way, what did you come to buy?」

「…… It’s nothing worth mentioning」

「Eh? It isn’t?」

「I plan on judging if something worth buying when I see it 」

「I see, you ran away after losing your place in class」


It seems that the state of Nishino’s bullying had been passed down to the other classes. No matter how tough a spirit he has, it’s at least true that he is somewhat sad. It’s for that reason that he wants to improve his image as soon as possible.

「Then how about we just go around? There’s a number of things I want to see」

「Why am I shopping for you?」

「If you accompany me, then you might find a miracle while we’re shopping?」

「…… Fine then」

Like that, as soon as they reached the department store, 90 percent of Nishino’s goal had already been accomplished. The remaining 10 was to secure one of the leftover food products with a discount seal. That would be his dinner for tonight.

「It looks like women’s clothing is sold on the second floor」

「Aah, it’s the same for the second, third, and fourth floor. The fifth floor is evenly split between children and men’s clothing, the sixth is mainly aimed at men, and the seventh to ninth deal with furniture and other miscellaneous things. The top most floor should be the restaurants and bookstores」

「You’re well informed?」

「I’ve memorized it after coming many times」

「Is that so? Then let’s go」


Nishino was on an unplanned date with the school’s number one beauty.

However, he didn’t feel even an ounce of happiness, those genitals were already taken by another man, it’s probably because he knew that. But If she posed even the smallest amount of virtue or fidelity, then it’d be certain that she’d be on his mind. His heart would’ve been moved.

But given the opportunity the current Rose would even open her legs for Nishino. And if he believed the words from before, then it’d only be for protection and money. The smile, kindness, and flattery, he knew what it was all for. 

「For now let’s go over there?」


Nishino realized. What he was looking for in someone, was for them to accept him as he was. And for the partner of the futsumen that grants that wish, it would be some time before they realized they hit the lottery.

In a complete change from when they left the school, this time it was Nishino that followed after Rose.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

While looking through the stores.

Nishino held two paper bags in his hands. Inside were the clothes Rose bought. Two skirts and one blouse. And also a pair of boots. They were all made with thick cloth in preparation for the coming season.

「Their line up is unexpectedly good」

「Well that’s a relief」

「By the way, you still haven’t bought anything…」

「There wasn’t anything I thought stood out」

「Then it’s fine if that’s the case」

The blonde haired lolita indirectly showed her concern. For Nishino with little experience with the oppost sex, his conciounce was almost stolen from the gentle behavior. He almost entered a dangerous position. She’s Takeuchi-kun’s woman.

He didn’t want to experience the same pain he already felt in the past, he was only a healthy youth that already made a mistake. The futsumen was already tormented by the pain in his mind and body. 

And in the end he turned into the distrustful self he is now. I won’t be tricked. I won’t misunderstand anything. With things like that, he desperately persuaded himself to maintain his calm. Like this the futsumen entered the path where he’d have difficulty finding a woman.

「But, are you fine with carrying the bags?」

「This is practice. It isn’t for your sake」

「Practice? Do you have plans on getting a girlfriend?」

「That’s how it is」

「Fuun? It seems the rumor of being starved for women are true」

「…… That’s how it is」

Nishino, the man without secrets.

It could also be said that there was no point in hiding it any longer.

「It must be hard having a life only masterbating」

「That in itself isn’t so bad」


「That’s something everyone wants to reach at their own pace, isn’t it?」

「Does that apply to your past self?」

「Not for me, what about you?」

「Unlike you I have experience appropriate for my age」

「…… Is that so」

「Certainly, now that you say it, my own pace, eeh, that isn’t bad」


The virgin was in low spirits even though he was the one that asked the question.

When ever he meets Rose the memory of a few days ago, about what he heard on the rooftop from Takeuchi-kun, get resurrected. Even now with the woman currently standing in front of him, that day, she was in bed with another man, and difficult feelings rise up inside of Nishino.

「Well that’s fine. Even if I’m at the lowest point, making a recovery isn’t impossible」

He tells himself in order to continue facing forward.

His ambitions had only just begun. 

「Rather, I can’t hide my surprise at the fact that you still have that thing called as cherry」

「Then I’d be happier if you were more honest about your surprise」

「Eeh, I’ll do so from now on」

「…… It’d help if you do」

With such conversations the two head to the second floor. Being lined up in their uniforms, an outsider would think that they’re boyfriend and girlfriend. It must be because of that, glances kept coming from the surroundings. The reason was wholly because of Rose’s excellent appearance. 

「Isn’t it about time to go back?」

Confirming the time on his phone, Nishino muttered.

The times about to pass nine.

「Then let’s have dinner? It’ll be my thanks for today」

「What thanks?」

「Thanks for accompanying me in my shopping」


Looking at the bags he held, his words muddled as he asked for the reason. He began thinking that accompanying her any longer was getting bothersome. Because he accompanied her from start to finish, he already missed the timing for the half off deals on leftover food .

If he went there now, then there’d be nothing left. In that case his dinner would be a convenience store bento. But the proposal that came, for the man with an empty stomach, it wasn’t bad at all.

「I know a good place near here. My treat」

「…… Okay」

Thinking back on it, he hasn’t eaten anything tasty recently. Thinking of such things, he decides to have his dinner for today together with her. 

  ◇ ◆ ◇

Under Rose’s guidance they depart the shopping center and after taking two trains they reach the tokyo business district. As it was almost ten, a fitting amount of people were walking down the road. They walk while watching the flow of people.

When they were about to reach their destination, something entered into the vision of the two.

「…… Hey, isn’t that a child from your class?」

The one who saw first was Rose.

「Aah, it is……」

Nishino nods to her question.

What they were looking at was someone they both recognized. It was Takeuchi-kun with a single female classmate. The latter was someone that recently has been on Nishino’s mind. The representative of the plain gloomy girls that don’t stand out, Matsuura-san.

And they are now heading to an unfamiliar building.

In addition to those two, there was a figure of someone that Nishino was unfamiliar with.

Short cut hair and a hollywoodian beard. The sharp glare is hidden by the colored glasses, and well defined features, from a glance he let off an intimidating air. Also, the neck that supported him was thick, and with a body that was even more robust, he was a giant that exceeded 190. 

On top of wearing an open necked shirt, he wore a pure white suit, as for what type of occupation he was in, it was easy to guess. Peeking out of his clothing were his bulging muscles, it was something that couldn’t be obtained without well thought training.

「They’ve got into a mess」


The man held the shoulders of Takeuchi-kun and Matsuura-san, it was as if they were prisoners with shackles around their wrists. With an unreliable gait, the yakuza man urged them into the multi tenant building. And the color of their faces went from pale to blue.

Especially Matsuura-san, stretched around her chest was the man’s hand, he was roughly massaging her breasts. It looked like she’d cry at any moment. On the other hand, a large bruise was on Takeuchi-kun’s face. It was a mark left from a good hit. 

「There they go」


A black foreign made high class car was in front of the building. They were likely transported in it. At the time the white suit man disappeared into the building, the car turned on. It drove off into the road with no direction in mind.


Nishino thought about the sequence of events that had occured before his eyes.

Isn’t this the greatest opportunity. If he were to rescue Matsuura-san from the yakuza in a skillful way, then there’s a chance she’d fall in love with him. Such were his fleeting hopes.

「…… wait for two, three minutes」

「Ara, how rare」


「You are 『Normal』. Even me, how much do you think I had to search for you. Through costs and labor I never experienced before, I was finally able to arrive here, and now, for you to expose yourself to the world for no benefit, it’s strange」

「Don’t misunderstand. I don’t plan on informing them」

「Is she that important to you? Or is it him?」

「If I’m forced to say, both」

「Ara how unexpected, you swing both ways?」

「He’s the most popular person in class. Losing him now would affect the culture festival」

「…… You unexpectedly think quite a bit about your class」

Nishino spoke in his indifferent manner.

Rose showed some surprise to this.

「Wait a bit. The meal will be afterwards」

As soon as he says that he steps towards the building in question.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

That day, Takeuchi-kun felt a fear from the bottom of his heart that he never experienced before. A fear that far surpassed his shame. A fear that no matter how much he roused himself, he could do nothing, it completely ruled over him.

It shouldn’t have been like this, how many times did he repeat that.

It wasn’t too long ago that he planned to violate the girl Nishino was interested in. After finishing the shopping for the culture festival and parting with the other girls, Takeuchi-kun invited Matsuura-san to a dinner for them.

In the popular business district, he invites his love rivals loved one to a restaurant he frequents.

And after a meal they’d go to a hotel nearby, a 3-hour course.

The next day he planned to find Nishino and show him a video of their sex.

But on their way to dinner, Matsuura-san hit someone’s shoulder. Since her shoulder was hit he raised a voice of warning, but that was a mistake. The other party was a man with an open necked shirt and white suit, it was a textbook yakuza.

By the time he realized it was already too late.

The two were unlucky, they were led to a neighboring road where the man’s car was parked. It seems that he just finished his work and was on his way back when Matsuura-san bumped into him.

And in even worse luck, the man was in a bad mood. He glared at Takeuchi-kun and Matsuura-san and they were restrained by his subordinate. The man had a suitable position, noticing this, the bystanders already put on their mourning clothes for the two.

A big point was also that the business district was run by the yakuza.

As a result, the two went wide eyed..

「P, p, please forgive us…..」

On top of only being in his underpants, Takeuchi-kun moans with a seiza on the floor.

On the prideful ikeman where conspicuous bruises near his eyes and on each of his cheeks. Since there were no injuries from his neck down it seems that they only focused on his face.

As for Matsuura-san, she was on top of the yakuza.

With her clothes taken, she was on a sofa sitting on top of the man with the white suit in a position facing each other. Over the mans trousers on her abdomen was a male genitalia. With her own female genitila feeling it, she was extremely frightened of when she’d be assaulted. 

The man’s arms around her back where almost as thick as her thighs. In this way the prey can’t escape, and with his arms around her he begins touching her. For Matsuura-san who is a shut in that hates exercise, there was no chance of escaping no matter how hard she struggled.

「Is this your woman? Hey, ikemen」

「No, yo, you’re wrong, she is…… a classmate……」

「Fuun? Then is it fine for this uncle to have her?」

「Ah, no, that is……」

Where they were brought to was the second floor of the multi tenant building, it was about 10 tatami mats in size. The floor was covered in vinyl tiles, and there was a crude leather covered sofa and table. Other than that was a desk and bookshelf lined up with many things. It was something that anyone would think of when they hear of a yakuza office.

「It’s fine, isn’t it?」

The man in the suit spoke in a threatening manner.

For Takeuchi-kun who was already hit a number of times, he could no longer go against it.

「……Y, yes」

「No way…..」

As soon as he nodded, the color of Matsuura-san’s face worsened.

Even if it was a lie she wanted him to say no.

「Nnn, as expected of the younger kids, the tension on their skin is great. The woman who do drugs and tobacco are too rough, and strangely stiff at times. You just have to take women like this」

The man in the white suit spoke while surveying the room.

Other than him,  there were several others that were likely his subordinates. One was sitting on top of the desk, another was leaning back on the wall, and another was standing at attention, the way they were acting showed the state of the situation.

「I’ll let you have a go after me, Kotetsu」

「Eh? You okay with that?」

「You have to have someone like this from time to time, or else a man would lose their touch」

「As expected of aniki, how open hearted! I will follow you for the rest of my life!」

The man named Kotetsu in his mid twenties had sparkling eyes. It seems the man in the white suit treated him like a brother. He wore a black suit with a shaved head. The beginning of an unknown tattoo peeked out of the large opening on his chest.

With the passionate gaze and answer from his underling, the man in the white suit began moving his hands.

「Forcibly jamming in to this unwet place is insanely stimulating. You understand? Kotetsu. Men are, being who spend their life searching for stimulus. Foreplay is unnecessary」

「Uiissu! Foreplay is unnecessary! Begin a bit painful is just right!」

「Ou, that’s it. Listening to my instructions, how good of you Kotetsu」


A rustling sound is then heard from the man’s trousers.

It seems that foreplay truly is unnecessary.

Matsuura-san’s crotch was not getting wet.

「S, s, stop, please……」

She cries out in a voice that seemed like it’d disappear at any moment. But, that was it. She did not have the courage to struggle on top of the man’s knee. Her body froze from the fear and she could do nothing more.

「Now then, I’ll be taking a bite」

「S, sto……」

It was at the moment Matsuura-san was about to lose her chastity.

Ban, a large sound rang out, the entrance to the floor was wide open.

And the one who appeared there, it was none other than Nishino Gokyou. He moved in from the front while easily clearing out the groups on the first floor. In his hand was something he must’ve obtained from the first floor, a wooden sword. Blood was clinging onto the blade of the sword.

「Aah? Whose this brat」

The man in the white suit growled at being held back from the joining that was before him.

The ones who respond to this are the surrounding members.

The men who were scattered about scurried and surrounded Nishino. Each and every one of them raise their chin and put their hands in their pockets, aaan? Ooon? They began making threatening sounds.

「Ni, Nishino, kun?」

The unexpected appearance of her classmates. And it was the futsumen with the worst reputation in the class. Recently he’s been bullied by his classmates, and he was the number one person in class that people didn’t want to get involved with, and the number one person people didn’t want to deal with, two titles.

Matuura-san was surprised by this sudden help. She forgot about the fact that she was nude and being forced on by an unfamiliar middle-aged man. The shaking figure had to look backwards,and more then the sex appeal, her foolish face stood out.

And Takeuchi-kun was the same. In a seiza with only his underpants, his eyes opened wide from the shock. Why are you here, he seemed to say. He also had to turn his head back. As a result he looked more foolish then Matsuura-san.

「Why is Nishino…..」

With a mutter, the ikemen realized.

Isn’t this the chance to run.

There are zero obstacles from him to the door.

And the attention of the yakuza is directed to Nishino.


It was done as soon as he realized. He destroys his seiza and stands on his feet. As soon as he stood, he breaks into a run for the door Nishino came from.

It was big that everyone’s attention was on Nishino. He was proud of being able to run 100 meters in 11 seconds, and in no time at all he passes Nishino’s side.

「Ah, oi kora, what’re you doing you bastarrd!」「Stop koraa!」「what’re you standing on your own for!」「Don’t joke around koraa!」「Don’t run!」「I’ll fuck you up!」

The members present yell at the ikemen that ran.

They soon run after him.

However, their path was obstructed by Nsihino.

「Your opponent is me」

He wields the wooden sword in hand.

It’s because he has no experience with kendo that stepping in or even swinging down was appropriate. Everything worked for him. For now, let’s try swinging at his head at full strength.

With the members distracted by the ikemen he swings at one of the members. With a crisp sound, his cheekbones are broken and he falls on the spot. It wasn’t long before he stopped moving.

「Na, you bratt!」

The attention of everyone present goes back on Nishino.

The ones who were running stop and go back to surround Nishino.

「Are you an acquaintance of this woman?」

The man in the white suit asks.

The futsumen answers as cool as he could.

「It’s someone important to me」

It was the line that Takeuchi-kuns said just a few days back.

「Aah? Someone important? Well thats, quite the courage you have」

An unpleasant grin appeared on the man’s face.

「Look from there as you can’t do anything. As this strange old man takes your woman and makes her moan. If you like I can even treat her like my own thing」

The man moves his back. Now then let’s partake.

It happened right before.

Paan, a dry sound resounded through the floor. 


Nishino took out a handgun from his pocket, and pointed at the man with the white suit. The shot fired passed by Matsuura-san’s side and hit the man’s shoulder.


The man in the white suit writhed at the unexpected pain. With both hands covering the wound, he curls up onto the sofa. It hurts, it hurts, it hurts. As a result, Matsuura-san who was on top his knees rolled onto the floor. 

「Y, you bastard!」「This brat, he had a gun!」「A, are you lookin down on us koraa!」「Don’t joke around!」「AaaaAaah!?」「You trying to shame your family you bastard!?」

The color of the surrounding members changed with the sound of the hand gun.

In the same manner as Nsihino, several of them take out their own guns.

「I picked it up, but it seems like your using some bad quality guns」

「I picked it up, so I still can’t use it well」

He spoke while gazing at the hot muzzle of the tokarev.

「To miss at this distance, don’t think it’d be because of my skill」

「D, do it! Kill him!」

They must’ve lost their composure. The man in the white suit shouted in desperation. The man takes his own gun from his pocket and aims while bearing the pain.

「You bastard, how dare you hurt aniki!」

Kotetsu barked. He puts strength in his finger to pull the trigger.

A dry sound was heard, however, that sound did not come from the gun he held. It was a shot from Nishino’s gun, and immediately after, Kotestsu drops his gun to the floor. Karakara, a red liquid begins flowing in the corner of the room.


Pan, pan, the successive sound of the gun rings out.

In response, each of the men on the floor raised a scream. Each and everyone of them were hit in the right thigh. Being hit at quite a painful spot caused each of them to fall to their knees. 

The only one left standing on both legs was Nishino.

Nishino forcefully takes a suit from a nearby man, and he places it on the nude Matsuura-san. It’s done in a flowing manner gained from past experiences. The same goes for his gun handling.

「…… Are you fine?」

He calls out to her.

Matsuura-san answers while urinating.

「Eh, ah, d, d, don’t look……」

Showawawaa, there was a quite sound, and from the buttocks a yellow liquid was born. From the continuous tension, and the gun fight, she finally reached her limit. It seems she held it for quite some time as even Nisihino’s shoes were soaked.


Having received this, even Nishino was at a loss for words. He couldn’t find the appropriate actions. Now then, what should I do. Originally, the future should’ve immediately run off with her. Rose is also waiting outside.

And without him knowing what to do, the situation progresses.

The sound of a siren gradually becomes louder as it approaches him. It seems the police were called because of the gun shots. After hearing that sound, staying longer wasn’t an option.

He puts the gun in his pocket and speaks to her.

「It’ll be fine to go with the police afterwards」

「Ah, N, Nishino-kun……」

With a short mutter, he immediately leaves the office.

Soon after Nishino left, the police came into the office. They were quite well armed and a few of them had shields. However, because all the members were already injured, there was no longer any use in the equipment.

Matsuura-san who was safely rescued was taken outside by the surrounding officers. The uniform that was once taken from her was back on, and the urine was wiped clean. It took about half an hour for her to retrieve her dignity as a person.

And then, who was waiting there was Takeuchi-kun.

He ran up to her with an expression that looked like it’d break into tears. He ran as fast as possible. He was still in only his underpants as before, but he ran without minding the surroundings. And so, the first thing he did was apologize.

「Sorry, Matsuura-san!」

It was a perfect bow with his whole heart, an apology pose.

「Eh, ah, umm, Takeuchi-kun……」

「I was desperate to call the police, and I ended up leaving you in that place」


At that moment, Matsuura-san understood.

That person ran in order to rescue me. Even with all those scary people surrounding him, even then, for my sake, he called for help. He didn’t run because he was scared.

That is what she understood.

After all, the ikemen said it. Sorry, it’s my fault, please forgive me, he properly said while bowing. With a terribly pained expression, he said it in only his boxers. I’m sorry for the painful memories. I’m really sorry.

That is what she understood.

With the endlessly apologizing Takeuchi-kun, her motherhood was touched. It was tickled. Even if it’s with someone plain like me, for this person to expose such an unsightly figure, he properly faced me.

For the middle of the caste downwards, that was their greatest joy.

She organized the current situation in a way that was convenient for her. 

「Um, i, it’s fine, since nothing happened!」

She loudly conveys her chastity.

It was a failed attempt between the pussy and penis.


「Of course, I’m perfectly fine. That’s why, d, don’t worry about it Takeuchi-kun」

It was true that her insides were fine.

No problem at all.

After all, she was not a virgin. This was only a scratch.

「…… Am I, allowed to accept your forgiveness?」

「A, allowed!? But it was because of me, that you were in a dangerous situation!」

「Thank goodness. I’m happy, Matsuura-san」

「Un, me too, thank you for rescuing me」

At that instant, Matsuura-san fell for Takeuchi-kun. Completely fell for him.

Status effect, deeply in love.

Even though calling the police in only your underpants should be really embarrassing, there was a man who went that far for my sake. And it was the classes coolest Takeuchi-kun. And her heart throbbed.

In truth it was the neighboring citizens who called after hearing the gun shots. As for Takeuchi-kun, he hid in the shadows of the officers, and on the off chance that Nishino-kun managed to end the situation, then he’d act the way he currently was, 

There was no chance he’d walking around the town in only underpants, otherwise his pride would’ve been shattered. He also thought of what to do about Matsuura-san’s uniform. Using any pinch as a chance, that was the man known as Takeuchi-kun. 

「By the way, what happened with him?」

「Eh? Ah, aah, umm, Nishino-kun?」

「It’d be great if he was fine……」

「Ah, if it’s about him, then, um……」

Matsuura-san recalls her classmate that she was just with.

She clearly remembers what happened. He had the usual sour look he had in class, however, the futsumen shot a gun. The bullied kid calmy shot at the yakuza. It wouldn’t be a lie to say she had no doubts about that scene.

Interest welled up.

But, the clever Matsuura-san knew about the swords and firearms control law.

「Nishino-kun, t, took a gun from the yakuza, and shot a person……」

「…… Seriously」

Even Takeuchi-kun was surprised.

He heard the shots of the gun, but he didn’t think that it was his classmate.

「For now, it’d be better to properly explain that to the police」

「U, un……」

Takeuchi-kun had Nishino in checkmate.

With this his highschool life would be over.

「Afterwards, we should continue treating him as we’ve been. To do something so flashy, the yakuza will surely aim for him. If we’re with him, then even you may get dragged into it, and you might face something even worse than today」

「No way……」

「It’s fine. I’m here to protect you so that won’t happen」

「…… Takeuchi-kun」

Matsuura-san gazed at him with spellbound eyes.

Even with only underpants the ikemen was still an ikemen.

Rather, the fact that he was in underpants was something better for Matsuura-san.

「Really, thank goodness you’re okay」

「Me too, the fact that Takeuchi-kun is safe, is relieving」

Instead of having thrills everyday, she was the type of women to prefer stability in her old age. What Nishino aimed for, was to have a personality with high hurdles. And that fact, was the greatest reason for his defeat.

「Then, let’s go back. I’ll call a taxi」

「U, unn」

Confirming that Matsuura-san was in love, a smile rose on Takeuchi-kun.

It was a declaration of victory against Nishino in his heart.

He isn’t only an ikemen. He used every technique in order to raise his value.

Like that, the police called out to them.

「You two, sorry but can you come to the station with me?」

Takeuchi-kun responded with no sign of cowardice.

「My house is a hospital. I want to hurry and get an examination, please let me go home. I’ll make sure to go to the police afterwards. Before we can file a crime report, we have to get a medical report, don’t we? I’ll be together with this girl who was injured」

Next to him was the figure of Matsuura-san getting closer.

With a glance at that figure, the Ikemen continues.

「I’ll be heading back for today」

「Eh? Ah, aah, got it. Then at least, take this to contact us……」

And so, although it was dangerous, the pinch they were wrapped up in had passed.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

At a different place in the Roppongi business district, in the basement of a building at the furthest ends, a narrow bar of 20 tsubos was prepared. For the people in the neighborhood that are informed, they know to never approach it, and there are rarely any visitors that do not know of it.

The bar opens at 8, and it is currently 11 in the afternoon, truthfully speaking, the bar should currently be in it’s busy period. However, the figures of the many people that should be here were not in sight. On the entrance of the store was the sign with CLOSE hung down.

In the bar were 3 people. The master and only bartender, Marquis, the one who came to see him, Nishino, and the one in his company, Rose.

「Then it’s done」

With a short mutter, Marquis immediately cuts the line on his phone.

In response to those words, the one across the counter, Nishino, responds.

「My bad」

「If you really think that, then you should show a more admirable attitude?」

「I already you. And you should also be making a profit. So there’s no problem right?」

「That is true……」

Besides the two, Rose was eating dried fruit, and she speaks in an amazed tone.

「So you also use your money on pointless things」

「The only thing useable that I have in my name, is only money」


Postponing the dinner they were planning for, Rose and Nishino made there way to Marquis. As for the reason, it was because of the problem that just recently came up, in order to deal with the aftermath of it. And thus they contacted Marquis.

「But, are you really okay?」

「No problem」

「The one who’ll be troubled in the future is you?」

「I have some connections there」

「What I’m worried about isn’t that」

「Aah, you mean that……」

「They don’t move without money. You also understand that don’t you?」

What Nishino recalls is the siren of the patrol car.

「I don’t know your relationships, but were you really forced to go and act like you did? I’ll say it now, but if I get a boring job in the future, then you can’t refuse it?」

「I get it」

「If your reputation falls, it’d become easier to deal with you」

「Say what you want」

During their interactions, Nishino’s attitude was very cold.

However, in contrast to his current attitude, in his heart he was filled with a never before felt a sense of fulfillment. Perhaps, tomorrow after school, he’ll be called behind the school gym, and confessed to by Matsuura-san. Even if it isn’t a confession, he might be thanked.

With those expectations, he was now in a state of happiness.

Maybe be should drop by the convenience store tonight and buy a condom.

He showed no concern to the opinions around him.

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