Lunch break the following day, Nishino-kun was called to the back of the gymnasium by Matsuura-san.

The fact that she finally came put the futsumen in high spirits and he left for the specified location. He went as fast as he could while still abiding to the rules, in other words, he was speed walking. What awaited him there was not only the one in his heart, but also the schools number one ikemen, Takeuchi-kun.

「Um, Nishino-kun. Thank you for saving me yesterday」

「Eh? Ah, aah……」

「But, um, I’d like it, if you don’t associate with me any longer」

It was said in a very straightforward manner.

That was a surprise to Takeuchi-kun as well.

It was a complete 180 from the confession Nishino expected.


Along with a questioning tone, the futsumen’s usual posture stiffened.

Confirming Nishino’s state, Takeuchi-kun continues.

「Honestly, I was really happy that Nishino came. You really saved us. Thank you. But you know, the things that Nishino did, it’s something that you shouldn’t do to a person, I believe you should properly repent for your crime. A normal person shouldn’t have a gun, you understand?」

「A, aah……」

What is he saying, Nishino couldn’t understand. Why is Matsuura-san holding Takeuchi-kun’s hand. Moreover their fingers are entwined, it’s a lovers hold. To begin with, wasn’t Takeuchi-kun getting along with Rose.

Many questions welled up.

But the sight of them standing side by side had completely stolen Nishino’s attention.

The futsumen and ikemen.

The one who behaves like the sunlight expelled from the sun, and from the uneven surface, with the difference of just a few centimeters, the shadows that were made, were a rule of the world.

In other words, Takeuchi-kun, is cool.

「Sorry, Nishino-kun」

After receiving the words of the ikmen, Matsuura-san continues.

「Th, there’s, there’s someone else I like」

That was the finishing blow.

「……A, aah」

You’re no good.

Those feeling fiercely spread out inside the futsumen. When reaching out his hands, the thing he thought would be something beautiful and sparkling, was suddenly taken far away, and in place was a seeping darkness.

Although Nishino was unsteady, words of consideration came out of his mouth.

「I’ve also been a bother, my bad…… sorry」

With those final words, his first love was crushed.

Instead, a sense of guilt overwhelmed him.

He recalls the events from yesterday. At the sight of the two being kidnapped, he devised a wicked plan. The futsumen felt that if he told them everything, then he wouldn’t have been forgiven.

At the instasnt of his denial, what a stupid thing I’ve done, and the intense regret advanced forward. Even if he managed to capture the heart of his interest, it was too cruel. Even for the usually stoic him, when it came to the girl he was interested in he went a bit mad.

Even if it’s a plan for to make the opposite sex fall for you, even if it’s to show off your good points, the futsumen realized that it was the lowest thing he could do. Why did I challenge them head on, the regret continued tormenting him.

It’s because of that, that Takeuchi-kun is now standing in the place I wanted to stand.

Making her fall after rescuing her from a predicament? How despicable. And as a result of that plot, she now fell for another, there was no point in it. No meaning at all. It was too dishonest. A future of lies, that would surely be a pointless one.

He thought such things.

His thoughts were in disarray.

And the futsumen was going mad.

「I mean look, Matsuura-san and I are only normal, and the yakuza are scary? Not doing any crazy things, if it’s for the sake of the one I love, then I’ll do my best, but, like that then the one I love won’t get dragged into a mess, right? If it’s you Nishino, then you understand don’t you?」

Takeuchi-kun emphasized, don’t get any closer to Matsuura-san.

And Nishino, had no way to go against it.

「A, aah….. My bad. I’ve also been a bother for you」

It was an honest apology.

The years without a girlfriend were equal to his age.

With no hope left, the miserable futsumen leaves.

What awaited later that day, was Takeuchi-kun taking Matsuura-san home, and filming a tape of their sex.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

Nishino who was given the cold shoulder by Matsuura-san was left an absentminded mess.

The rest of the afternoon classes passed with his heart elsewhere, and before he knew it, it was already after school. Not being able to focus on his textbooks during class, sitting in his seat during his lunch break, all he could do was look towards tomorrow.

The time passed by, and it was now after school.

It was finally the last day of the culture festival preparations.

On that day, the topic of the class was Takeuchi-kun’s color.

「Takeuchi-kun, you struggled in the yakuza’s office?」「Eh!? Really!? You’re amazing Takeuchi-kun!」「You did your best to protect Matsuura-san!」「Amazing!? Are you serious!?」「Doing your best even with the Yakuza as your opponent, that’s seriously supper cool!」「But, I also want to be protected!」「Ah, me too! Me tooo!」

It seems the events of yesterday where passed down the school.

The origin was Matsuura-san. The ikemen moved in order to save me. She had to speak of his bravery to all the others, she just had too, so she told it to several of her close friends, and it was only on the first day, but it had already spread through the whole school

Thus, Takeuchi-kun saved Matsuura-san who was abducted by the Yakuza.

The truth is often warped by gossip. The ones in question do no try to correct it, and they let the rumors spread. On the other hand, the ones who were being told the rumors believed them to be true.

Furthermore, another rumor was also spread, Takeuchi-kuns fellow classmate Nishino, picked a fight with the yakuza, and they ended up being dragged into it. Thanks to that his popularity dropped even further than it already had.

As a result, today he was alone in the classroom.

It wasn’t even bullying at this point.

To think that there was something more than just being bullied, Nishino was surprised.


If he calls out to his busy classmates, it’s fine, we have enough help, the current pace is fine, I’m fine, how about helping someone else? While asking for permission with an awkward smile, he was unable to find any work.

On top of his already broken heart, it was hard even for him.

However, the time for depression has ended.


The latter half of school from the fifth to sixth period, that period of sadness had already ended. The restoration of his heart had finished. With that done, what’s left is to go into action. He calmed himself as much as possible. Now what can be done to break the status quo.

Of course, what’s painful is painful, and what’s sad is sad. However, he isn’t the type of man to linger in such a state. Pain, sadness, and torment, it’s because he knew this wouldn’t bring happiness that he has to take the next step.

The only one that can help me is me.

At least that’s what the futsumen thought.

The only ones who can show their grief and receive help, are the girls and ikemen. What’s given to the futsumen and lower is indifference. If you continuously stop at these situations, then what awaits is a life of despair.

That’s why he thinks. He thinks in order to not fall any more. He thinks about what he should do to climb to the top. How can he break the deadlock. He searches for a final plan that can fulfill this.


And after several minutes of worry, he thinks of a plan that can bring him back from the brink.

It was a very humiliating method. He’d avoid if he could. But it was because it was such an unusual plan that he had to bet on it.  And he no longer had the margin to complain.

「…… it can’t be helped」

With a short mutter, he changes his current course.

A plan to change the direction of his life.

If you can’t shoot for the opposite sex with your own hands, then it’d be fine to be introuduced by someone else. And so, in order to be introduced to the opposite sex, there was someone close by that was very convenient.

It was no one other than Rose Rebmann.

A plan to be introduced to other girls by her.


Renewing his feelings, Nsihino heads straight for class 2-B.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

「For you to come to me, it’s so unexpected I’m astonished」

He immediately found Rose. She was preparing for the culture festival with her classmates. They were painting on some plywood that was probably going to be the signboard for their exhibit.

When Nishino visits the class, he peeks in from the hallway, and soon after, she notices him and walks over to him. The other students who witnessed the two were surprised with what they saw.

The figure of Rose with her dashing long blonde hair fluttering in the air, within a class mostly composed of black hair, it couldn’t be helped that she attracted attention. And she was a girl with a height of about 130 cm, however, there was no doubt that she held the highest position in the school caste.

「My bad」

「Eeh, were currently busy with work. The finish time might be delayed now」

They meet in the hallway and exchange words.

「I see. I’m sorry about that」

With a small mutter, Nishino turn back.

However, she extends her hand to his shoulder. She stops the futusmen from walking any further. From this exchange, Rose also had some things she was thinking about. She only thought of teasing him a bit, so she continues.

「If you want to talk then let’s do it elsewhere」

「…… Is it fine?」

「I’ll say it now, but being indebted to me is quite troublesome?」

She tried to intimidate him a bit.

For Nishino who believes you need to make sacrifices to solve a problem, he indifferently agrees.

「I don’t mind」

「Ara, how nice」

A wide smile appeared on Rose’s face.

Together the two went to the rooftop.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

On top of the B rooftop that the Tsunuma school can brag about. Besides the fence that points to the school grounds, Nishino and Rose face each other. There were no others in sight, but only the sounds of the students with unknown origins.

Right now, they are alone on the rooftop.

「Introduce you to a girl?」

「Aah, that’s right」

Hearing the words of Nishino, Rose was troubled. Just what is he saying. The words coming from the person in front of her was far different than the person she knew of, not being able to guess the intent behind this caused some confusion.

「This is too worldly for ther person known as【Normal】……」

「The time known as youth is short. It’s only during your teens. It the same for you, if you’re carelessly arrogant about your looks, then before you know it you’ll already be some old aunt. Looking at Francesca must make you feel some impatience」

「Such odd advice, do you think I’d accept it from you」

In other words, her judgement was correct.

The futsumen in front of her, was truly starved for women. 

「Is it wrong?」

「No, I’ll take it to heart. Thank you」

「I see. Then that’s fine」

「But, a woman that I can recommend to you is……」

She was reflexively about to ask, however, Rose suddenly realized something.

This is an unparalleled chance.

「There’s only one」


Nishino immediately bit on.

「However, this debt is very big? Is it fine?」

「I don’t’ mind. Do as you like」

「…… Just how much do you want to have sex」

「Saying I don’t want to have sex would be a lie, but I want something more than that, right now at this moment, to enjoy my youth with someone of the opposite sex. That is something irreplaceable」


「That’s right, youth」

「According to this country, is it comprised of the time spent with someone of the opposite sex while young?」


「To think that I’d hear the word youth come out of your mouth」

「As long as you have youth, as long as you have the memories of youth, people can keep living, even after death. As long as I have that foundation, I’ll offer 100 or even 200 important people on the same day. Use me as you like」

The incident during lunch was effective, as Nishino resolutely declares. He has already come to terms with the fact that he’d be indebted to Rose. No matter the difficulties, he’ll make sure to surpass them.

On the other hand, the one who was asked responded in an astonished manner.

「When you say it like that it doesn’t sound like a joke so stop」

「I didn’t plan on joking」

「All the important people in the world are trembling. So stop it」

「…… Does that mean, it’s possible?」

The virgin asked with an earnest gaze.

He was prepared to entrust his everything to Rose. Please, introduce me to a cute girl. Nay, it’s fine even if she isn’t cute, as long as they can be together while loving each other, if they can spend their days together in happiness, please introduce me to someone of the opposite sex like that.

「Even if you say that, of all the things you want to hear it from me?」

「I don’t know anyone other than you」

「I’m quite hated. What happened with the incident from yesterday?」

「A failure. I was told to not get near」

「…… You got what you deserved. What’s the reason for it」

When asked by Rose, He told her exactly what happened.

After hearing it, Rose was shocked from the bottom of her heart. Eh, what’s with that, with an expression that said such. It’d be one thing if it was made up. However, she was soon unable to hide her reaction. Anyone who saw the eyes of Nishino, could see that he was trying his hardest.

「The things in the past no longer mater. What’s more important is your answer」

「That’s true……」

Nishino pressed for an answer.

Rose showed worry to this.

From the  attitude of the desperate futsumen, she felt something change inside of her. However, to obediently agree wouldn’t be interesting. In order for these negotiations to benefit her, she decided she had to tease him.

Soon enough, with an expression that showed she was owed a favor, she answered.

「All right. I’ll introduce you」


「Eeh, really」

「I see…… Thank you, I’m in your debt」

Unlike his usual sour look, at that moment it collapsed, and in place was a gentle smile. His already narrow eyes narrowed even further, it was almost like a single line, there was no charm at all. But even then, a smile is a smile. It seems he was quite pleased.

The thanks he gave was from the bottom of his heart.

「But, meeting now would be difficult」

「…… Is that true?」

「It’s someone I’m introducing? Don’t think their eyes will be black?」

「Could it be a foreigner?」

「That’s it」

「I, I see……」

Receiving Rose’s explanation, the smile on Nishino disappeared.

He wanted to meet her as soon as possible.

He isn’t starved for show.

「How about exchanging mails first so you can get aquainted with the opposite sex? No matter how many times you meet, if you don’t have the technique to go farther, then the same thing will continue to happen」

「….. Aah, that’s true」

In a rare display, Nishino obediently heeded Rose’s advice.

This put her in a good mood as she continued her words.

「Rather, in your case, it’s probably your social disposition?」

「And, how do we get in contact?」

「How impatient……」

With an astonished mutter, Rose takes out her phone from her pocket.

「Will you tell me your contact information? I’ll get in contact with her first, I’ll explain the situation. And when I get her permission, I’ll pass on your information, and she’ll be the one to contact you first」

「Okay. I’ll leave it to you」

Doing as he was told, Nishino takes out his phone from his pants pocket. The one he uses mainly for work. Work and private life, there was no reason to separate them, his relationships where poor.

In the address book there was no entry of his family, not to mention other students. Because most of his work is done through calls, the last log on his mailbox is from several months ago.

「I’d like it on this address」

「Eeh, thank you」

They exchange the information of their phone.

「To think that I’d be able to get【Normal’s】contact information so easily, what was all my work until now? If you sold this in the right place, you can get quite a sum of money 」

「I Don’t mind if you sell if, but at that time I’d kill you」

「I, I won’t sell it. Please don’t threaten me」

「Then it’s fine」

He responds as he puts his phone back in his pocket. Because it doesn’t have a cover or strap, it slid in quite easily. The fact that a phone cover could be a conversation topic was still unknown to Nishino.

Seeing his current behavior, Rose asks a question. With the phone still in her hand she talks in a dissatisfied manner.

「Ara, you’ll end it there? Do you not want my information?」

「It’s unnecessary」

「…… When you say it like that even I get irritated」

「What would I do with it?」

「You can contact me. Whenever you want」

「There’s no merit in it for me」

Nishino responded with a curt answer. Rose lost her words to respond with this. It’s true that she was irritated, and she clutches both hands with enough force that her nails dig into her hands. And to add on it, three veins pop up on her forehead.

「…… You, what do you do in your house?」

「Read,  study, and appreciate movies」

「Meeting with the opposite sex may be important, but shouldn’t you first fix that introverted behavior? Not having anything in common is the worst. As you are now, no matter how many you meet, what you wish for won’t happen?」

「That’s true, I’ll have to face this」

「…… Fuun, as long as you understand」

For Nishino, Rose is nothing but a business rival. That is worse than Marquis. There’s nothing to gain from getting along with her. Instead he’d actually end up losing more. Such was a lesson he learned from the past.

「Also, I don’t want to get your expectations too high so I’ll tell you now, I can’t promise that I’ll be able to get in contact today, so please be patient. Give me 2, or 3 days. Is that fine?」

「Aah, that’s fine」

「Really? Then that’s good」

「Thank you. Thanks for this matter」

「I don’t need your thanks. But I’ll have you properly return the favor later」

「I understand」

With a terribly uninterested look, Rose ended the conversation like a spoiled child. She didn’t like the way she was treated as her arms were crossed in an imposing pose displaying her bad mood. If it was Takeuchi-kun standing in this place, then he’d be extremely anxious.

But Nishino, without worrying about her, immediately turns back.

「Our business is done. Excuse me」


The futsmen swiftly leaves the rooftop.

Rose sees this off with an indescribable expression.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

The evening of that day, Nishino’s phone received a mail for the first time in months.


He was told that getting in contact the same day would be hard, so the virgin was uplifted by  this. He quickly brings his attention to the screen.

What was there was the name Angelina, and the fact that Rose had introduced him. The message, if you’d like do you want to be friends.

Being written in formal italian, he was sure that it was a well bred child, and the futsumen was sure that is was another beautiful girl. For example, long black hair, light brown eyes, and a cheerful and graceful disposition, she’d be a beautiful girl from a house of high standing.

Just from a single message, he began having many delusions.

「She managed to do a good job」

He squeezes the phone in his right hand. Inside of Nishino, the value of Rose went up. He thought that when he next meets her he should reward her.

While reflecting on his sense of fulfillment, he carefully begins to write a reply.

He carefully looks over it multiple times checking for mistakes. Nearly an hour passed and it became a thousand letter essay. It was a never before seen novel. After being satisfied with his work, his message was sent to the other side of the sea.

After finishing the message, he remembered the time difference.

Now that he thinks of it, what time is it over there.

「…… Around three pm」

Then there’s nothing wrong, and he waits for a reply.

Speaking of the current Nishino, he already finished his dinner, bath, and homework, the only thing left was to sleep. So the rest of his time could be freely used, he can spend the rest of his time messaging with the unseen beautiful italian girl.

5 minutes pass and a message came in.

The phone vibrated. He jumps at the phone and operates it with a never before seen vigor. It was like an innocent boy on a dating site for the first time.

Eventually, his face became bitter. The reason for it, in the mail he received, among the compliments was a message, I’d like to see your face. In other words, she wanted a picture.

「…… A picture」

What should he do. The futsumen was greatly worried. 

Taking into account his average look of an asian, it wasn’t so easy to send. To show your face at this point, when they still haven’t interacted much, he feared that this would be their last interaction.

After all she was a cacuasian woman. He often went overseas so he understands the value of an asian male and cauasian woman. By the limits of the yellow races, for anything lower than an ikeman, the possibility of becoming a love interest is extremely low.

Nishino had no experience in sending a picture. However, he could imagine what would happen. So he’ll have to do it carefully

「It can’t be helped……」

After worrying for several minutes, he resolves himself.

Luckily tomorrow is saturday.

The contents of the message where as follows.

Tomorrow, I have plans to go shopping for western clothes with friends. I’ll send the best picture of myself I can,  so if possible, I’d be happy if you can wait a bit. Then, excuse me for today. Goodnight.

As Rose said, he made sure to pay attention to the wording.

「…… All right, like this I should buy time until tomorrow」

He presses the send button and confirms that the message was sent.

He lets out a sigh.

To think that he’d make a plan to go shopping tomorrow, to begin with, he doesn’t have any friends to go with. He told an outrageous lie. But the contents of the message were buried under his feelings of guilt, the current Nishino was in a hurry.

「But, I have to think of something…….」

On that day, he was endlessly troubled on how to raise the value of his face.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

The next day, Nishino was at a high class department store in Tokyo.

Usually he prefers to go to the inexpensive chains. It’s because he understands what he is, that he picks clothing that are appropriate for his face. He’s the type that doesn’t do something when he sees no merit. He believes that beautiful clothes are for the beautiful.

However, despite living like that for many years, faced by his mail penpal, everything was blown away.

He was desperate to make his selfie mission a success. In order to solidify the messaging, in order to tie an equal relationship, he’ll make full use of his money to make up himself.

If women can do it, then with money, men should also be able to.That was the conclusion that came from last night endless thinking.

「How is this one?」

「……I’d like something with somewhat better quality」

「I, is that so? In that case, please wait a moment……」

Ontop of being in UNIQLO clothing, he also had shoes of 2980 yen. The futsumen with good earnings that are better than those in their 30s or 40s, was buying from high class brands. The employee who was with him directed a questioning gaze at him wondering if he could really buy it. 

But with a serious expression, he continued asking for something of higher quality.

It was quite the comedic sight.

The employee goes to the back of the store. And behind him was the sight of Nishino going back and forth between the counter. Along with the flowing time, the impatience Nishino was holding grew.

Currently, it is 10:35 am in Japan.

Italy was 7 hours behind, so it was 3:35 over there.

He wanted to send her a message before she woke up. A message he was told may come in two days, came the same day. In order to repay this, he wanted to send the best picture while it was still dark.

「But at this rate, it’s bad……」

Just now he tries on a full suit.

He was impatient because of that.

Wearing a suit for the first time in a while, he saw that it didn’t fit his futsumen like face. The feelings that this wasn’t it were great. He is still in his teens. And wearing a full suit. It made him look like a child. It was a very stimulating sight for himself.

If he was in his 30s, then he may have been comparable to a certain tired salaryman. But for the fresh teen, picking a suit backfired.

For the current him, what suited him the most was his school uniform. But, for the futsumen who hasn’t dressed up until now, he hadn’t realized it. He didn’t understand. It isn’t a matter of raising the quality of your shirts.

「Dear customer, how about this?」

The employee returned with several shirts in hand.

「For you, with a slim body type, I believe a thigh fitting jacket would be fitting. If comparing it to the previous one, then the cloth used it of higher quality, and the design is directed towards youths」

Carefully lining up their words, the employee conducted himself in an experienced manner, at a glance, he seemed to be a man of around 40 years. However, in truth, he was a super veteran employee who worked their for 20 years.

His name is Mikio Sasaki. The number of suits he sold exceeds six digits. In the past he was number one in suits sales and received many awards, in this business he earned the title suit of suits.

He also wrote a blog. He had 3 million unique visits per month. Along with a free magazine. Without any cost. The number of readers surpassed 300. He is known as the most knowledgeable man in the business of suits within the country.

And it was that man that chose the shirts, however, it was no match for Nishino’s judgement.

「…… It isn’t too different from the previous one」


For an instant, the face of the veteran warped in anger.

As if to say, this shitty brat.

It’s true that to the untrained eye, it doesn’t look much different.

However, for the suit of suit, it was something completely different.

Nishino commited a suicidal attack on that world.

「D, dear customer……」

「Something, more, like this, can I get for something flashier?」

Being thrown an additional order, the employee interrupted.

「Dear customer is still young, you shouldn’t be at a middle class store like this, but one floor higher should you not? There are also many stores aimed at young people, you’d be able to find something you like over there……」

The suit of suit spoke while barely managing to maintain his smile.

However, the futsmen that suits didn’t match clung on.

「However, when thinking of a mans one good clothing, it has to be a suit after all」

「Certainly there are those opinions, but being caught in a stereotype isn’t good」

Sasaki’s brows were twitching in anger. What are you saying. And who do you think you’re saying it to. On the insides, a violent anger was boiling up.  The hand gripping the shirt was close to crushing them.

「Even if you say that, normal clothes are……」

「I, it’s still early, looking around may end up being good」

Holding himself back, as much as he possibly could, he displayed his service skills. He wasn’t standing there for so long with no reason. He has friends from around the world. I am not wrong. One brat or two are no problems at all. He was desperately reassuring himself.

It’s because of that, that his efforts were rewarded, the bothersome customer nods his head.

「…… Certainly, you have a point」

「Y, yes……」

「Okay. I’ll go check it out」

He turns with a small nod.

「Thank you」

「No, it, it was my pleasure」

With a small bow, the face of the suit of suits cramped up.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

After leaving the suit establishment, Nishino went a floor up as directed by the employee.

Compared to the formal wear below, this had a more casual feeling. They also sold shirts without a collar. These were more approachable for Nishino. However, at the same time, he doubted if normal clothing was fine

「As expected suits are more……」

It was something outrageous coming from someone with a face like his.

There is no suit in the world that would fit the teenage futsumen.

「I won’t make it at this rate, what should I do」

His restlessness continued increasing.

He quickly began moving through the floor.

And in front of him, a face he recognized appeared.


「…… Oh, isn’t it Nishino?」

It was Takeuchi-kun and Matsuura-san. Together in casual clothing, there was no one else with them. It was currently a day off and they were at a fashionable department store, even for Nishino with few relationships, he knew what they were doing.

A date.


Expecting the two to call out, he returned a small bow.

He planned to pass like that.

However, Takeuchi-kun stopped him.

「Are you here by yourself? What’re you doing?」

He began talking with a grin. It seems he was appealing the fact that he was together with Matsuura-san. Usually Takeuchi-kun would ignore him as soon as he entered his vision, but he was quite friendly today. 


「Shopping? Hee, so Nishino comes to these types of places?」

He says while observing him from head to toe. Seeing the 2980 yen UNIQLO clothing made Takeuchi-kun’s stomach cramp. But he kept it in himself and attacked his enemy.

「What now? What are you buying?」

「U, umm, Takeuchi-kun……」

「It’s fine. Isn’t Matsuura-san also interested?」

「That is, um……」

Matsuura-san next to Takeuchi-kun had a voice that wanted to stop. However, it was as the ikemen said and she had some interest. At the beginning of the week rumors are sure to spread.

「So what is it? Nishino」

「…… A suit」

「Eh? A suit? seriously?」

As expected, even Takeuchi-kun was surprised by that.

His honest reaction was shown.

「So, Nishino-kun is buying a suit…..」

Matsuura-san was the same.

「But there are a lot cheap ones, and not many good ones……」

The futsmen passed the blame from his face to the suits.

If it was the usual him, then he’d be more honest. However, he was in a hurry right now. I have to make my fustumen self into an ikebana by today, no matter what. His impatience was flaring.

It’s for that reason, with his strange answers, the ikmen’s pride was fired up.

Recently, with Nishino as his opponent, Takeuchi-kun has been indiscriminately igniting.

「Ah, aah, so it’s that. I see」

After his burst of irritation, a wave of calmness cooled him off.

In Takeuchi-kun’s mind, something began shining.

Without waiting for Nishino, he carefully continued his words.

「In that case, how about Matsuura-san and I help you choose?」


To say nothing of Nishino, even Matsuura-san was surprised.

She looks at Takeuchi-kun with dots for eyes.

On the other hand, for the one who it was proposed to, it was a charming invitation.

「…… Is it fine?」

For the number one ikemen in school, there’s a big change in having him choose with his senses. He also has experience as an amateur model in a fashion magazine. His fashion sense is among the best in Tokyo.

This was a life saver for Nishino.

「How about it?」

「Then by all means」

「Aah, leave it to me」

Compared to the time in the yakuza office, the futsumen was quite obedient. After seeing him like that, a bud of sadism sprung up in Takeuchi-kun. How dare you get carried away the other day,and I’ll return the favor of seeing me in my underpants.

The ikemen was now burning in the fires of revenge.

But there was no way for the futsumen to realize this.

「Um, Takeuchi-kun, t, th, the date with me……」

「Sorry Matsuura-san. But Nishino saved us from a dangerous spot, so I thought about repaying the favor. Sorry about this Matsuura-san, but can you accompany us for a bit?」

「…… Un, in that case」

Matsuura-san nods with a bitter face. To her, Nishino was nothing but an obstacle. On the other hand, for Takeuchi-kun Matsuura-san was nothing other than something to get revenge on Nishino. He comletely treated her like a sex friend, but the person in question hasn’t realized.

「All right, then let’s hurry to the store」

「Thank you, Takeuchi-kun」

「Don’t worry about it. We’re from the same class aren’t we?」

The ikemen smiled in satisfaction.

And even for the futsumen of the same sex, it was a facinitaing smile.

「Then, umm…… the suits are below?」


Only being on the above floor for a bit, Nishino made his way back to the floor below.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

That day, the suit of suits trembled in fear.

How can this be, the shittry brat I saw off not too long ago, not even an hour passed, but he came back to my castle. And he brought friends this time.


At that moment, he went to his backyard to conceal himself.

But it was too late, before he could make it, he heard the voice of the customers.

「Ah, excuse me, that employee their, can I have some time」

It was Takeuchi-kun.

With a loud voice, he called for the employee Sasaki.

「Y, yes, welcome……」

While thinking of many things, the suit of suits walked to them.

「What are you looking for?」

「Excuse me, I want to pick a suit for my school friend」


「If possible could you get a kiton one, do you need the size?」

Another strange one came, Sasaki kept it in his heart. Compared to the previous customer, he was much more better looking than Nishino. From Sasaki’s experience, in another 10 years, even for an asian he’d make a great suit model.

However, the order that came out of his mouth denied the suit of suits the time to think.

「…… Is it fine?」

「Eeh, he’s the one who’ll buy it, and he really needs it」


Takeuchi-kun points at Nishino

It was the figure of a futsumen.

「Do you really intend to buy it?」

It’s because of that.

That he asked again.

This time it was Nishino himself.

Don’t come again, like so.

「Aah, then I’ll leave it to you.」

He didn’t know what kiton was, but if Takeuchi-kun said it then it can’t be wrong, the futsumen who suits didn’t suit nodded. It was because of that pointless self-important behavior that Sasaki’s pride was stimulated

「…… Understood」

In this case I’ll take out the most expensive product and embarrass you.

At that moment, they formed an agreement.

The will of the suit of suits and Takeuchi-kun came together.

I’ll set the stage.

Sasaki urged Nishino to the measuring room.

「Please head there so I can take the measurements」


With a large nod, without knowing anything, the futsumen moved with the employees urging.

Takeuchi-kun who saw him off felt like he’d burst out laughing at any moment.  A grin rose on his face. On the other hand, for Matsuura-san with little knowledge in mens clothing, as for whether the given order was fine, she wasn’t sure.

「Ta, Takeuchi-kun, what is kiton……」

She was nervous because of her timidness.

She is usually more stable.

But Takeuchi-kun was extremely calm as this place was like a home to him. After seeing the unsightly view of Nishino who went off to get his measurements, he wondered just what would come out. Just thinking about it put the ikemen in a good mood.

「Well the person himself was troubled that everything was cheap, right?」


For the timid Matsuura-san, because she was with someone with an abundance of pride, she wouldn’t feel embarrassed. But just thinking that she could go red with shame had made her flustered.

But for the sly ikemen, everything was done in order to lock up Nishino. He couldn’t help but anticipate the moment for him to finish the measurements and return.

Like that the two repeated their unseen dialogue.

It was only several minutes later.

With the measurements done, Nishino and the suit of suits return.

「Oh, you’re back」


Takeuchi-kun reacted to the view in front of him.

In Sasaki’s hands was some sort of sample, and at the same time he returned to Takeuchi-kun and Matsuura-san, he presented it to Nishino, after the measurements he had to select the cloth.

「Now then, please select one of the cloths 」

Usually, there’d be more preparations and samples, and a better explanation. However, that was all thrown away, and he hurried to make Nishino choose a cloth. Among the lined up cloths, there were also other brands from different  stores. It was as if the kiton didn’t matter.

「……Then, this one」

However, Nishino did as he was told without realizing, he chose his favorite one from the available options.  A white base with a red checkered pattern. You, with that face you’ll just look like a comedian, but Sasaki stopped himself from saying it.

「I’ve received your order」

With a nod from the suit of suits, he indifferent heads to finish the preparations.

In his mind, his thoughts were occupied by methods of how to drive that boy away.

「Hee, so this is what Nishino likes?」

「…… Something that’s a bit lively is better」

He knew that his face was plain.

However, the direction of his effort was misplaced.

It was way too adventurous.

「Fuun? It’s fine! I think it’ll really suit you」

「Is that so?」

「Aah, that’s right. You also think so don’t you Matsuura-san?」

「Eh? Ah, umm…… U, un」

Matsuura-san nodded at Takeuchi-kuns urging.

「I think it really suits you! I seriously think it’s a Nishino-kun color!」

Seriously, for the person in question, those words were uplifting. While unfamiliar with it, it was uttered in a charming  voice. And following that, Nishino-kun color, those words were said in distaste. She was offended that he interrupted her date with Takeuchi-kun.

Matsuura-san was more aggressive than her usual tone.

「…… I see」

With that, the futsumen who thought everything was fine, was clueless to the others. The ikemen Takeuchi-kun, and the one he was going to confess to Matsuura-san. Having received an endorsement from both of them, there was no way he wouldn’t listen. Moreover, he was also eager.

And he decided on his next words.

「Then, with that」

The order was settled.

In a natural way, the suit of suits returns his template response.

「It will be ordered from this brand. Along with the ordered cloth it will be this much, will you be paying in cash? We also accept cards」

What was displayed was 659,700 yen.

Sasaki did his best so that he could say this one line. A brat like you won’t be able to buy it. The number on the calculator was passed to Nishino and his friends present also saw it, it was firmly listed.

Confirming that sum, Takeuchi-kun had a smile. He thought there was no way Nishino could pay the sum, how would you refuse it, he was looking forward to it with his smile.

The only uneasy expression that rose up was Matsuura-san. However, she was only worried about herself. With an uneasy expression, her gaze went back and forth between Nishino and Takeuchi-kun. And she thought, Takeuchi-kun will protect me from the shame.

All three were different.

With this and that.

And without knowing what they wanted, Nishino indifferently answered.

「Then in cash」

「……I, is it fine?」

He couldn’t process what was just said.

And the response of the suit of suits lagged behind.

「I am still a student. So the cards upper limit is strict」

With a short mutter, Nishino walks to the cashier. He reaches for the wallet in his pants. Being filled with bills, it was an oddly thick and long wallet. Since he likes to keep it folded in half, he went out of his way to buy it earlier today.

There was no way to say it. Otherwise it was fraud.

「P, please wait!」

From here on, without explaining the circumstances, he’ll skillfully correct the course of the conversation. For the suit of suits Sasaki, this was a never before experienced hardship.

It was a victory for the futsumen with the ability to pay.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

The problem was after the payment came through.

「Y, yo, your change」

「Aah, thanks」

After receiving the change, Sasaki broke the news to Nishino.

「Your order will arrive in three weeks」

「…… Eh?」

Nishino’s face was dyed in surprise.

The truth was that he wouldn’t be receiving what he ordered today. It should’ve been obvious when he was choosing the brand. However, for the futsumen who didn’t know about that, it came out of nowhere.

「H, how is that?」

The futsument didn’t think that clothes he ordered wouldn’t come in the same day. He doesn’t love the major chains for nothing. Even when trousers are adjusted, it doesn’t take longer than 40 minutes.

「How is that?」

「I’d like it today if possible」

「…… Today, is it?」

The shoulder of the suits of suits tremble.

「If possible, then today……」

「It’s impossible」

「…… I see」

While dressed in calmness, he nods. However, Nishino was greatly flustered on the inside. If he can’t get it today, then for what reason did he spend all that money, it was a pointless shopping session. Rather, if he could only take the picture today, then everything would be fine.

「No matter how much we hurry it will take three weeks. It’s because of the brand that dear customer has chosen, along with the measurements from before, tailoring it in their home country is required. That’s why the fastest would be three weeks」

However, Sasaki’s words were merciless.

He had only exchanged two mails with the one he’d send the picture to.

There was no way he could keep her waiting for three weeks.


The futsumen lamented, for what reason was this all for.

He needs to get a suit no matter what. Why did I need a suit, why was it a kiton brand, everything came falling down. 

It was his first exchange with the oposite sex, and he was going mad.

「You explained it before, but that mannequin in the front should be wearing that right?」

「Certainly that is also kiton, but what about it」

Nishino continued at his last hope.

「I’ll pay as much as you want. That’s why, I just need to take a single picture, it’s fine as long as you can only see the front, so can you match the size? Including the necessary expenses, I’m willing to pay extra」

「…… Yes?」

Another outrageous order was thrown at him.

「Please, I need a suit no matter what. That suit, it’s kiton」

「But still, dear customer. That is……」

「Please, I’m asking you. I’m begging you」

The futsumen’s expression was desperate. At all costs, he had to have a suit while the sun was still up.

Sasaki was bewildered by this. What is this shitty brat playing at.

By the way, before anyone noticed, Takeuchi-kun and Matsuura-san had already disappeared from the counter.

「No, even if you say that…..」

「I need a suit. If this isn’t enough, then I can prepare more」

Nishino had to take a picture before the day was over, and he’ll make full use of his money. He took the money from his wallet and piled it up on the counter. Even money that wasn’t in his wallet and in envelopes instead. He saw before that suits were expensive so he prepared.

「D, dear customer!?」

Sasaki became flustered at this. Looking back at his 20 years of experience, this was the first time he had cash piled up on the counter. His company was a dull boy in his teens, no matter where you look in a department store, this could be something unprecedented.

Without minding his confusion, Nishino continues.

His pleading doesn’t cease.

「The price doesn’t matter. That’s why, please……」

Suit, suit, suit, his passion was completely directed towards them

「…… Dear customer」

And so, the futsumen’s desperate pleas touched the heart of Sasaki.

Just how much does this boy love suits.

It wasn’t too long ago that he once drove him out, but even then he returned with friends. And now, with an eye popping amount of money piled up, he is working as hard as he can to get a suit, the employee lowers his head.

Certainly he may be a shitty brat that can’t tell the difference between a good and a bad shirt. But, how about the time I was the same age as him, now then, what to do. He must understand the difference between dumbbells and kiton. Nay, that is definitely possible.

In that case, for what reason is he obsessed with suits at that age.

Suitsxxxx, Sasaki’s heart was moved.

A person’s heart, is something that can be moved in unexpected directions.

And so, for a sharp person, it is even more so.

「I undestand……」

If it was a normal employee, then they’d be troubled, and they’d refuse. The money being handled is much. And if something was damaged then it would be very grave. The position of the store and the one in charge would also be troubled.

However, Sasaki Mikio was different.

I’m not called the suit of suits for nothing.

I’m not entrusted with this flagship chain for nothing.

He too, is only a man in love with suits.

「…… Can you do it?」

Nishino’s expression changed to surprise.

「Eeh, leave it to me, I promise to deliver the best」

In a complete change from the cramped business smile he had, he looked at Nishino with a gentle smile.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

Nishino’s intense drive for the opposite sex had managed trouble many people in the department store.

With his luck, his passion was conveyed to the employee Sasaki. The name suit of suits is certainly no nickname that is spoken with alcohol. It was something with unparalleled respect, and overwhelming backing.

Also, he had an unparalleled amount of service time in the shop. He knows some people. If he called out, connections that shouldn’t have been would gather one by one. 

He could affect many places if he willed.

Of course it applies to the stores selling the suits as well. He can call from hundreds of other businesses as well. Even the best district within Tokyo with a history of more than 300 years. There were all sorts of things there.

That is for example, he can replace cheap shoes that where dirtied with finely crafted leather shoes. For example, he can get his hair cut by a proper beautician. For example, he can get the greatest picture at the greatest angle. For example, he can get a makeup artist that can make an ordinary futsumen shine.

There are many other things as well.

Ignoring his main work, he will take a photograph for the fustumen.

Of course, the project took some hard labor. The raw ingredients where poor, and there was the challenge of the clothing with bad compatibility. It forced hardships on everyone. Even an older lady who brought a bento was added, not like that, not like this, it became a scene with many opinions flying around.

Furthermore, the conduct of the person inquisition was getting more and more irritated, as expected, the situation was tense.

Nevertheless, with one goal in mind, everyone worked their hardest.

They continued persevering in order to reach the goal.

They did their best.

Eventually, the time was 5 in the afternoon.

Along with the technology they had, on top of the 12th floor, the shutter came down by the photographer who ran an antique camera store, and the project was completed. Click, there was nothing left, and the brilliance was captured in the currents of electricity.

Nishino was satisfied, and after seeing the picture, he sends it to the yet unknown beautiful italian girl.

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