The head teachers speech ended up working out, and on that day, Nihsino’s desk no longer smelled of poop. Also, no other acts of bullying were carried out. But rumors of the uproar must’ve already been passed to the neighboring classes.

Having lost the means to make use of violence and of destroying his belongings, the bullying immediately stopped. And since he is a futsumen with no amicable relationships, it’s impossible to use his relationships against him. As a result, his peaceful uneventful life continued.

Kin kon kan kon. With the sound of the bell, sixth period comes to an end.

And in its place, the culture festival preparations began.

All the desks are moved to the back of the class and having lost his place to sit, now then, what should I do today, Nishino racks his brain. With no job to do, all he could do was stand in the corner.


There are five days left until the school festival. Two of those are days off.

The rest of his classmates were getting even more fired up.

For he who aims to be a riajuu, he has to blend in no matter what. Preparing for the culture festival together as a class, that’d be a precious memory to recall past your thirties. Not knowing what he should do, an emotion similar to impatience starts welling up.

「Class rep, I can help if there’s something that needs to be done」

He asks the class representative that he just interacted with in the past few days, Shimizu, if there’s something he can help with.


While talking with her classmates about the arrangements, she was surprised the moment she heard Nishino’s voice. Why is he talking with me, a silent complaint was made in her heart. 

「u, uhhhhh…….」

She looks around the classroom while trying to find something suitable for him.

To her side, the classmates she was discussing arrangements with speaks.

「It’s Nishino right, you can speak a foreign language can’t you?」

It was one of the girls he met at the italian restaurant that were with Takeuchi-kun the other day. 

「Well, more or less」

The futsumen meekly responded.

And so, she gleefully continues.

「In that case, how about writing the menu in a foreign language? Something that can fit the atmosphere? Ah, but english would be lame, is there something else?」

「Ah, that’s good!」

Shimuzu gets on board.

「It was New York, annnd, what was the other place? They spoke something other than enlgish right? I thought it was a pasta like name or something」

She puts her finger on her chin and begins groaning.

The one to Shimizu’s side continues.

「It was Napales wasn’t it? That’s great. Write it in Italian」

A malicious hue rose on her eyes.

Even if the trip wasn’t a lie, their classmate was just a dull futsumen. Not english, but italian, there should be no way for him to be able to read and write it. However, the one who said it was possible was the person in question.

For Shimizu who has pride in her academic ability, it was unacceptable for someone who was lower in the school caste to have stronger language abilities. Of course, if that was a lie, then everything would be exposed, it was an insult she felt obliged to pay back.

「Then Nishino-kun, I’ll leave the menu’s translation to you. In italian」

「In italian!」

Shimizu and a part of the group of two cheerfully spoke.

On their faces were grins filled with bad intent, however, it did not reach him who has no experience with the opposite sex. To him it was just an ordinary smile of a cute girl. In fact, by putting their expectations on him his motivation rose. To him, the class representative Shimiuzu was still a pretty person protected behind his belief that humans are fundamentally good.

It’s for that reason that the futsumen nods full of confidence.


「Everyone! Nishino-kun is going to write the menu in Italian!」

With perfect timing, when the whole class could hear, Shimizu yelled out.

In their last final exam, her english score was bad. It was the first time she received a score lower than 80 since entering the school. This is why she is full of energy at this moment. She isn’t aiming for Tokyo University of Foreign Studies just for show.

Last month, she scored a D on her cram school’s mock test. It was out of the range.

「Ehh! Seriously!」「Amazing!」「Oioi, are you serious about the Italian!?」「Waa, how exciting!」「Italian, how cool!」「Seriously? I’m gonna have like some super expectations?」「Me too me too!」

With the culture festival right around the corner, the anticipation they’ve been holding back had made the class’s unity magnificent. Especially from those at the top of the caste, they continued cheering. Regardless of being a young man or woman, hip-hip-hooray, they were needlessly raising the energy. They even went out of their way to stop their work.

Nishino nods in a better mood because of this.

「Okay, I’ll give it my best」

He somehow looking glad.

Compared to the making the advertisements before, the fact that he was put in a job of a somewhat higher grade had made him want to give his best effort. He parts from Shimizu and begins preparing what he needs to work. 

He gets the finished menus written in japanese that are on top of the lockers. In order to replace these he uses the remaining materials to begin his translations. I’ll do it, I’m gonna do this. He grasps his pen while firing himself up.

It was something that happened soon after. The phone in his pocket began vibrating.

Nishino’s phone that rarely rung was now vibrating. There was no chance of it being a friend he kept in contact with after school. Eighty percent of the time it’s Marquis. The remaining twenty percent are wrong numbers and spam. Just the other day he received a call from a bank scammer. Something about it leaking.

「…… It’s me」

Lowering his voice, he answered the call.

『Sorry. But there’s a job I need you to do』

「I’m hanging up」

As expected, it was Marquis.

With a single word, Nishino quickly separates the phone from his ear.

And then, from the other side of the phone, a frantic voice begged.

『I, I’m beggin you! Please don’t hang up! Please!』

「…… What is it? I’m at school right now」

『You remember that incident with the mafia right? It’s a continuation of that. And it’s the first front end job in a while. The other party is at wits end, and they have an influence to match. This is also something that will be beneficial to you!』

Marquis quickly spoke of the reward. In order to have conversations like this, he cool headedly carries out his work in an orderly fashion. Even though Nishino was in school, there was never an instance in the past where Nishino forcefully hung up. It’s because of that that Marquis has a high opinion of Nishino.

It’s because of how honest he was being, and that he mentioned the reward first, that Nishino couldn’t help but hold some doubts. Just what happened, he thought of cutting the line, but continued due to curiosity.

「And that is?」

『The person you killed the other day, do you remember?』


『There is another group that arrived to japan in order to meet with him. They like to  cause trouble in the bars in Tokyo. The client is someone who has something to do with this problem』

「…… Who is it, that fool」

『Even without knowing how they look, you should’ve at least heard the name. It’s a member of a rock band that’s been appearing on tv and magazines. He’s called Taro』

「I see. In a drunken stupor, that rock fella got carried away. Then he bumped into them for show, and now we’re here」

『Always being able to get it really helps』

Marquis continues as he notices that Nishino’s tone had become a bit better.

「Isn’t it fine letting them die?」

『Aah, I’d usually agree with you. However, who that rock fella’s surrounded by, I can’t really say it, but there are some well known people there. If we leave it alone, then it’ll become something very troublesome later on』

「Marquis. Did you pick up another good for nothing stray?」


With Nishino’s murmur, a shiver was transmitted from the other side.

「…… How much?」

『Y, you’ll do it?』

「There won’t be a next time」

『Sorry, I’m really sorry about this! I’m in your debt』

On the other side, Marquis gives words of gratitude filled with emotion.

「I’ll be heading over right now」

『Understood, I’ll prepare the best product in the store』

「…… The same as always is fine」

The conversation ends there.

Nishino cuts the line. From looking at the display that has warmed up from his cheek, the length of the call was 2 minutes 53 seconds. For he who ends up getting free calls from past months,  this was an unusually long call.


He quickly ends his translation. Getting ready to go home he puts the paper he had been writing on into the vinyl jacket with a plaid wrapper into his bag. 

And then, right when he was about to leave, the class clown calls out to him.

「Aree-? Nishino-kun, where are you going?」

His face had the same value as Nishino if not lower. However, his position in the class caste is the upper middle. This status was the result of acting the fool. That is why even with all their classmates present, he is allowed to make this statement.

Pu Kusksu, Along with his voice where the sound of the others giggling. Boys and girls, those on top and bottom of the caste, it didn’t matter how they looked. This light statement was a critical hit.

For everyone who saw  this occurrence, it looked like futsumen lied and took on a job that he couldn’t handle. It was only natural. As if it was planned by god.

Everything is Marquis’s fault.

「Was that really a call just now? It wasn’t an alarm?」

The class clown continued.

No matter the time they always press forward. That is the role of the class clown. If they cannot perform this, then they’d lose their status as class clown and end up as an ordinary futsumen, or perhaps they’d fall to a busamen.

The school caste is merciless, and now it’s trying to drag him to the bottom of the pyramid.

The class clown understood this, and there was no mercy in his words. If he bullies Nishino, for as much as his part is, he will be able to rise through the caste. Once you step onto the path, there is no leaving. That is the law of the class clown.

「Sorry, but some urgent business came up」

「Hee! That’s tooo baad!」

The lively shout of the class clown.

In response, the whole class let out a laugh. One part has already been laughing since the beginning. With their hands on their mouths, they mercilessly continued. 

But, Nishino himself had not realized the reason. Instead, the fact that they were having fun looking at him actually made him happy. He felt glad that he could make the class laugh.

What a fool.

「Sorry, but I’ll be leaving early today」

With the laughter of his classmates behind him, Nishino hurries to Roppongi.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

The Roppongi business district, in the basement of a multi tenant building just a little ways off, there was a narrow bar of 20 tsubos in size. For the people in the neighborhood that are informed, they know to never approach it, and there are rarely any visitors that do not know of it.

It usually opens up at 8 in the afternoon, but it is currently 7 in the afternoon, and there was already someone inside. The ones inside were the bartender and master of the bar Marquis, and the one he called for, Nishino.

And also, the japanese man that was the main reason that Nishino was called.

「O, oii, will it really be fine with this brat!?」

Having arrived earlier, Nishino had already finished his drink.

He arrived nearly a dozen minutes late. Having just arrived, the untidy man yelled in a rough voice. His age is in the mid twenties. A person with medium length brown hair, and a height that surpasses 190cm.

Even with sunglasses on, the quality of his face was still visible. Nishino’s classmate Takeuchikun is also a model class ikeman, but there is a clear distinction between the two, that is due to the limits of being an asian ikeman.

With clothes that matches his face, nothing he wore was less than 20000 yen. Even the thin gray shirt, it’s from some sort of brand.

It’s easy for the man to be mean to Nishino because of the difference in wealth.

「Are you messing with me? My life’s on the line here!?」

The man loses his temper.

Being told the best bodyguard in the country would protect him, so he came here before going to the police, but what greeted him here was a boy younger than him. A student with a dull and very unreliable looking face.

「I paid a high price!? Don’t mess with me!」

The man kicked the chair to his side with his boots. Garan Garan a piercing sound is made as the chair is blown away.

Seeing this, Nishino could only mutter, good grief.

「Marquis. It seems that I wasn’t called」

「Wa, wait a minute! Please! I’m begging you !」

Marquis lowers his head until his forehead rubs on the counter.

Although he continually humbles himself towards Nishino, in reality, he had high self-esteem. Not to the degree of Francesca. But it’s because the futsumen understood this that he was unable to hide his doubts since the time he got the call. 

「…… Just how big is this debt of yours」

「I’m really sorry. Sorry, but please……」

Marquis continued with his head lowered. It seems like he can’t let this matter go. Beads of sweat where coming out of his head. He looked like a boiled octopus to Nishino.

「Well it’s fine. I’d be troubled if I didn’t have a place to drink」

Looking at his state, Nishino tilts the glass he held.

Kokuri, a quiet sound comes from his throat.

If Shimizu was present, she’d get goosebumps all over, don’t say such gross things? That’d be shoved in his face with a straight face. These actions too, because he’s asian, because he’s a futsumen, they don’t look good.

「Sorry. You’re a big help…… 」

「But, there won’t be a second time」

「I understand. This idiot won’t do it again」

As for the reason, he continues.

Marquis understands what type of dialogue the boy Nishino prefers. Therefore he could only remain obedient and convey his inner thoughts. Rather, he doesn’t have the leeway to lie at this point. And having a third party here is convenient.

「I also want to stay even with you」

「…… Fine then」

With those words, Nishino decided to accept this matter.

If anything else was said, then the futusmen planned on returning home. It is one of the many troublesome aspects of his personality. Doing that is cool, is what he honestly thinks, but in truth it was only troublesome for other people.

「Aah, thanks」

Marquis’s desperateness was on display.

It was quite pathetic.

But, from his appearance, he is a giant nearing two meters.

A muscular body that was visible through his black suit jacket. With an upper arm that was larger than Nishino’s thigh. A laceration ran through his right eye and it reached the top of his cleanly shaven head. 

「O, oii, you guys!」

It must be because of that. The fact that a large black man, that you’d rarely find in a small asian country, was lowering his head to the boy called Nishino, that the man cried out in surprise. He turned his attention to the futsumen who he disregarded since the beginning.

「I came here because I heard the best bodyguard was here」

He moves to the counter seat besides Nishino.

And he says while glaring at his face from above.

「Hurry and let me meet that bodyguard. People with the most dangerous reputation on earth are aiming for my life. They’re a crazy bunch that even the police would be useless against. They’d even shoot a rocket launcher in broad daylight!?」

He shoves his hands into his pockets and brings their heads to a distance that their foreheads might touch. From an outsider’s perspective his expression seemed to be one of someone on their last legs. Cold sweat was oozing down his skin. 

To this, Nishino opens his mouth with a tone as if asking for tomorrow’s weather.

「You, do rock don’t you」

「Aah? What’re you saying, you shitty brat!」

The man maintained an expression that was on the verge of fighting. 

It’s only natural. Single edged eyelids with uneven teeth, and cheekbones that partially stuck out. Within the highschool males of the world it’d be the ordinary among the ordinary. If such a man spoke to a shining rock star without so much of a smile, then of course he’d receive scorn in return.

Above all his attitude wasn’t good.

「You lookin down on me? Aah?」

「Am I wrong?」

No matter how much he was shouted at, Nihino’s pace did not crumble.

There was not even a bit of fear in him.

The man responded to this with his frustration reaching its peak.

「Haven’t you heard my song? The music I make is rock itself. Everyone worships a formless rock as rock, and they chase after it without being able to grasp it. But I’m different. My rock has shape」

Such comical lines said with a deadly serious expression, this is the privilege of a cultured person.

「…… I see」

Whatever was just said, Nishino was unable to comprehend.

Marquis too.

「That’s why I can’t afford to die here! My rock, there’s no way it can fall apart now! So hurry up and take him out! This so called, b, bodyguard that will protect me!」

The attack received last night was certainly no lie. The yelling, the angry dialogue with Nishino, thoughts of the overwhelming violence afterwards, quivering in fear. The trembling was unseemly. 

The entire reason for this was the last attack. A woman he associated with was murdered in his home. On top of both hands and legs being sawed off while alive, her skin was peeled off and she was left on top of the bedroom bed.

The hemostasis must’ve been done correctly.

As when he returned home, that woman was barely conscious.

「Up till I came here, within the shaking train I searched up the term rock」


However, Nishino had no idea of the man’s background. The man’s fear was no concern of his as he continued to speak indifferently.

For Nishino, there were certain aspects of this job he was curious about. And so, with the protection target in front of him, these questions grew more.

For Nishino who wants to be a riajuu, the one in front of him is everything he aims to be.

「But, what rock is, I don’t know」

「Do you want to learn about rock?」

「Is it bad wanting to learn?」

「Is it wrong to learn it?」

「If you want to learn of rock, then listen to the piece I made. That is rock」

It’s probably because his mind was getting excited. The man’s words became more heated.

「…… Is that so?」

「Society says a lot. Rock is freeing yourself from old customs, denying classical music or melodic melodies. Or even denying the times. But you know? That is a shitty definition made by those shitty critics.  Don’t associate with that. Researching it is also a waste of time」

「Then does the term rock have any meaning?」

Nishino indifferently asked.

To this, the man affirms with a loud voice.


The powerful words of denial echoes through the store.

「Rock is, the energy that comes out when you’re giving it your all, your brain juice, like that. There’s no connection to anything else, it’s your very own world. Yes, it’s a world! That’s what I made my music on」

「Your very own world, can I understand by listening to your music?」

「Didn’t I already say? It’s the energy from your brain juice. The word rock, it’s exactly as you just heard, you don’t need the word to understand, that’s only necessary to explain to the bunch who can’t learn, in other words it’s something like the training wheels on a bike」

「Training wheels?」

「Aah, training wheels. That’s the key word」

「…… What’s with that」

Nishino had no idea with what the man was saying. That’s an example of a person who thinks he’s a genius. For those people, explaining something to others is extremely fatal. The fact that the other side is an ordinary person is extremely relieving because of that.

You understand, he looks up to Marquis as if asking.

Not being able to understand either, the one on the other side of the counter shakes his head.

However, only the person in question, being able to understand everything, being forced to give up on everything, the tragic hero.

「Ha, hahaa, don’t make me laugh. For me, to have finally obtained it, to think that I’d start over from here, who cares about the mafia! For these stupid things to happen from a small fight in a bar……」

The man crumbles in place.

「How did this happen……」

It must’ve been hard bearing with yesterday’s attack.

His mind exhausted, he falls on both hands and legs. Looking closely, there were bandages peeked out from the space between his shirt and trousers and on his ankles. He must’ve been injured at the time of the attack, Nishino also understood this with a single glance.

「Damn it, why why, why is it me!」

With no other sounds in the store, the man’s cries echo out.

Nishino who was beside him looks to Marquis.

「You want me to guard this?」

「Humans, when they see their death they become like this」

「Didn’t he pick a fight on his own?」

「Picking a fight with the mafia on my own, isn’t that the greatest rock?」

「I see. I feel like I was able to understand this rock a little」

To be frank, Nishino was the type to leave him alone.

However, work is work. He confirms the future plans with Marquis.

「And so, what show we do from here? With this rock fella」

「He has a hotel to go to. Move there for now. I haven’t confirmed the details yet, but there’ll also be police and some others there. Well, it’s probably unnecessary for you」

「You want me to guard the whole time?」

「The attacking side has already made their preparations. Preparations for negotiation too」

「Is it fine with this?」

「Unfortunately the one being protected is in great trouble. Otherwise you wouldn’t have been contacted」

「Okay. Leave it to me」

「Hearing that from you is relieving, to be honest, there’s nothing better than that」

Maquis spoke with a big smile.

The finish exchanging information to the side of the one whose life was targeted by the mafia and immediately begin moving.

After leaving the bar they get into a car.

The ones who are moving are Nishino and the man. Marquis is left housesitting.

On top of being in bullet proof cars, the police are in a formation covering all around. It’s frequently done with important escort targets. Like this they move onto the main road. 

Nishino and the man left Roppongi.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

After several dozens of minutes of the shaking car, they arrive at a hotel room inside of Tokyo. It was a room prepared at the top most level. There were no other guest rooms and it was only Nishino and the man on this floor.

The room has its own elevator and in order to get into it they need to move in from a floor down. Furthermore, at that place there are fully armed police along with several other people hat Marquis prepared, and even if there was an acquaintance, without the man’s permission it was impossible to enter the room.

「Are, are you really the bodyguard?」

The man asks Nishino as he sits on the wide sofa.

「How many times do I have to confirm it? If you don’t like it then I’ll leave right now」

「How old?」


「…… you serious」

The man takes a side glance at Nishino, haa, and breathes out a sigh. He curls up while on the sofa, with his elbows on his thighs he puts both hands onto his face. As if implying, I’m done for.

On the other hand, for the one who had the sigh directed towards him, he disregards the man’s gaze, after all he is working. On the other side of the low table and sofa the man sat on, he was lightly sitting on a different sofa with a ballpoint pen quickly running through several papers. 

Being curious, the man raised his head and asked.

「Oi, what’re you doing?」

「Preparations for the culture festival」

Nishino’s tone was as indifferent as ever.

Not liking the way he was replied to, the man’s voice grew wilder.

「…… Aaah? Preparations for the culture festival?」

「It’s at the beginning of next week. Are you also coming?」

「Y, you bastard, what do you think of a person’s life…..」

Unable to endure, the man made a fist.

He was ready to throw a punch at any moment.

「Getting worked up at every little thing is annoying. Even that Marquis isn’t so stupid. They’re moving in order to improve your situation. If negotiations go well, then you and the other side can give up and they can return to their country without any trouble」

「And how won’t I get worked up like this!」

Gattsun, a brisk sound reverberates, the man kicked the low table.

The ball point pen in Nishino’s hand slips out and draws a line through the white paper. The already half done menu had a line running from top to bottom and the black ink exerted it’s powerful presence.

The menu he was preparing became useless in an instant.


「…… Ah? What is it, you bastard」

In response to Nishino’s dissatisfied face, the man directed a fierce scowl towards him. Due to the anxiety he felt he couldn’t help but direct his anger towards Nishino.

「At times like this, can rock help you?」

「Aah? What kind of jokes are you making?」

「Just the other day, I realized something」

「Realized? Haa? What’s with that」

「If you died, many people will surely shed tears. Being greeted with such an end, must be a humans happiness, is what I realized」

Nishino spoke while folding the now useless paper.

「…… I want to live like you」

「Like me? Impossible. Just give up. Things like this generally never happen. What kind of misunderstanding are you having」

Even if he kicked the chair, even if he kicked the table, even if he followed every single action of his. The futsmen understood that it was impossible to reach that man’s position.

「Aah, you’re not wrong」

The infinite possibilities within an ikeman.

The limited options given to a futsumen.

Being shown the disparity between the two upset Nishino a bit.

「More than that, Oi! Hurry up and get in contact with that Marquis guy. Those guys will definitely come no matter how many cops there are. If I’m together with someone like you then we won’t even match the shit on their feet」

「…… Wait」


Nishino’s movements came to a sudden stop.

His uneven eyebrows shook. His eyes moved to the windows, but a curtain was there obstructing the view. With only a moment of worry, he makes his decision.

Sarasara, he runs the pen through the paper.

He presents this to the man.

Written on the paper was, run to the aisle.

「…… Aah?」

「Hurry up」

Nishino hardened the tone of his voice a bit.

The situation was properly conveyed with that.

「Y, you serious!?」

The man gets up from the sofa in a hurry.

But as soon as he took his first step, the living room window was broken. Ropes were hung down from the upper floor and several people came in by using it.

A shrill scream came out of the man’s mouth.

「Hi, hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii」

It wasn’t rock at all, but it was a nice high tone.

On the other hand, As if saying, good grief, Nishino calmly gets up from the sofa.

「This is Japan you know」

The broken glass attacked the two.

However, after reaching a certain point, pitari, like the leaves of a tree caught in a spiders web, it came to a stop. The small pieces of glass stood closely together, it was as if a new wall was just born. The various sizes of the broken glass made a pretty sight as the light reflected off it.

「Don’t move!」

Nishino yelled at the rock fella. However, he did not hear a thing. He ran as fast as he could and left the room. Having left the living room behind, there was now a wall that blocked Nishino’s vision. 

「Damn it……」

The futusmen turned to follow.

And then, the intruders made their move. They began shooting in an L formation covering all sides. The sound of the firing gunpowder layered on top of each other. A group of a dozen people entered and began shooting their heavy weapons. 

The target was Nishino.

It was an unwarranted volley for only a single person. There was no hint of arrogance in how unreserved they were with their fire. It seems that his existence was already known by the other party. As a result, it was an attack that had the order and discipline of a trained army. 

「You’re in the way」

The futusmen swung his arm, and at the same time several of the invaders soared through the air as their lives came to an end. Large amounts of blood spilled out and dyed the hotel room in a deep red. The blood reached not only the bed and walls, but also the ceiling.

However, the intruders did not waver.

Two people then dash out of the room in order to chase the rock fella. The remaining 10 continued facing Nishino without letting up. Bullets of many sizes flew out with loud noises.

Just like the glass, all of the bullets came to a stop in midair as if caught by an invisible membrane. Not a single shot reached Nishino’s body. The large quantity of metal pieces floating in midair could’ve been seen as a piece of art.

「This is why I don’t like people with lots of money……」

Nishino decides that the elimination of this group is top priority. He leaves the protection of the man to the people below. With only a single exit to this place, he didn’t think they’d be able to take him back. 

If it’s only two, then it should be fine to leave them alone. 

「You must be underestimating me if you think weapons of that degree would kill me」

Once, twice, the futusmen waves his hand and at the same time the invaders heads go flying. Several people fall with a single swing, their numbers shrank in the blink of an eye. At seeing them fall all to easily, even they began to waver.

After losing two thirds they decide to retreat.

「…… As if I’d let you run」

Nishino indifferently waves his arm at the retreating invaders.

He advances step by step to close the distance, and then tilts his head. Finally they throw their weapons and begged for their lives, but it was done merciless with a single stroke. It was like that that the invaders were annihilated in only three minutes.

At the same time the last person fell, the glass and bullets that were floating fell onto the bed. Losing their invisible support they made a ruckus as they scattered upon the bed. The many sized pieces of metal scattered on the floor and formed what looked like a carpet.

「……Now then」

Once they all fell down, there was no other sound.

This is fine, and he moves in the direction the man ran away.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

「You let him escape?」

Hearing that report, Nishino’s brows warped a bit in frustration. Even his usual indifferent tone now had some irritation mixed in.

「S, sorry. It seems there was a traitor in our forces……」

The one speaking to him was a police officer that wasn’t in uniform.

He earnestly lowered his head.

The location is the exclusive entrance a floor down from where the battle took place. The ones here are several dozens of cops and the people that Marquis called, they were the front line for this matter.

On the extravagant hall of the hotel that others would boast about with a floor to match, there were traces of blood splatters and guns. The violence that had occurred was on display. In the corner were the remains of the two intruders.

「So they took him as he was going down」

「Y, yes……」

「…… Understood. I’ll deal with the rest」


As soon as that was said, Nishino turned to leave.

It was then that the officer called out to him.

「U, umm」

「…… What?」

「Excuse me, b, but we were told from the people above to get along with 【Normal-san】, sorry, but, if it’s fine, can we exchange business cards?」

He spoke while holding his business cards out on both hands.

「Pass those things through Marquis」

「Ah, pl, please wait」

The futsumen turns back while ignoring the officer who raised his voice. He continues walking while disregarding the others who looked in interest. After moving a fair distance he goes to a corner and takes out his phone from his pocket.

The line connected to Marquis.

After two rings, a familiar voice came out of the speaker.

『What is it?』

「The rock princess was taken. I leave tracking the marker to you」

『Aah, got it』

The ones who deal with the aftermath began moving at the entrance. In order to not be a hindrance and avoid those police officers, Nishino leaves the floor. As soon as he reached the end of the elevator hall he got a response from Marquis.

『They’re moving in a car』

「Where are they heading?」

『Let’s see. In this direction…… the Shinagawa pier?』

「Understood, I’m heading to the pier. I’ll leave the data transfer to you」

『Aah. I’ll send it in real time, it’d help if you could confirm it on your side』

「Roger that」

As soon as the line was cut, a map was displayed on the phone’s screen.

A red light shined on a certain spot and it appears to be drawing a straight line through the main street.

Confirming the direction, Nishino leaves the hotel.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

「Wa, wait! There’s no reason to kill me!?」

Dozens of minutes after the raid on the hotel.

The rock princess was tied up with a rough rope that was connected to an unknown place. At a glance it looked to be a warehouse. A high ceiling and containers stacked all around, it’s easy to assume it’s used as a loading dock.

「Be quiet」

A rifle was thrust at his cheek.

His body violently stiffens at the touch of the cold metal.

Other than the one who stuck out his rifle, their were 4, 5 others that were armed. Only the man who raised his voice appeared to be japanese, the others seemed to be from various other countries. They had various skin types from black, yellow, and white.

「I, I will! I will! So, d-don’t shoot me!」

In front of this varied line up the frightened man became even more full of fear.

To hell with pride. The man might wet his pants at any moment from the overwhelming fear, he was at his very limits. He recalled a scene, one from a few days ago. The horrifying end of a woman he associated with.

It was a dread he could not erase, and his heart was dyed in despair.

「Please, don’t kill me. Please, please don’t!」

His rock spirit, and his future dream, they were both crushed when faced with his fear.

And he begged for his life with his all.

However, his desperate wish was not conveyed to the others. A man with a large knife approaches. A number of others hold his body down and push out his head.

It was as if he was put on a guillotine.

「Wait, please! Don’t kill me! Sorry! I’m sorry! I’ll do anything! Please don’t kill me! Please! Please don’t! Please don’t kill me!」

Sensing his end, the man endlessly pleas for his life.

「If you tell me to lick you feet I’ll do it, if you tell me to lick your penis I’ll do it, so please, please don’t kill me. If you want me to show my ass then I’ll show it as much as you want, please, please. Do, d-d-d-don’t kill me please!」

The knife hit the back of his neck.

The man who hit him smiles.

Even without being able to understand each other’s words, the two were able to understand what they were thinking. A sadistic smile overflowed on the dark skinned mexican’s face, as for the rock fella, he experienced a never before felt fear.

「Please, st, stop, don’t, please don’t, please」

Tears, mucus, and saliva spilled out. He lost the pride that kept up his ikeman appearance. His hair was disheveled and unorderly. His bodily fluids were spilling onto his prided jacket and formed a stain, but he didn’t even have the time to think of it.

「No, no, I, I don’t want to, please, please don’t」

His sphincter finally loosened, and the urge to urinate pressed forward. The sound of flowing liquid echoed in the warehouse. At the same time, a warm liquid spread on the man’s lower half. It was a warm feeling that reminded him he was still alive. 

But he knew that he’d soon lose this sensation, and his face became pale.

Although it was too late, the rock star finally understood the preciousness of life.

In the hand of one of the people was a camera meant to capture every second. In the future, it was planned for the video to be passed worldwide through the net. It was for that reason that the man was brought all the way out here.

The cameraman gives the go sign.

In response, the man holding the knife placed the knife on the targets neck.

The others in the surroundings held their guns while grinning.

A shrill scream reflexively came out of the man’s mouth.

It tears through the neck skin, and begins entering the muscle.

It was that instant.

The ceiling crumbled.

No sooner than that, the arm of the man holding the knife was blown off.


The screams piled on top of eachother. 

While the blood was gushing out, the knife man’s back shook as he fell over. Not sure of what happened, the others began looking around. It was something unexpected for them.

As if to respond to the increased vigilance, a voice called out.

「Sorry, but I’ll have you return my princess」

A single person came down from the hole in the roof.

Suta, a light sound was made as he landed.

It was Nishino.

「Eh, ah, eh…… you……」

The rock man saw this in a state of shock.

His face was covered in snot, tears, and saliva.

「I told you to wait. And since you didn’t listen, it became like this」

「You, c, came, to help me……」

His exposed face was miserable. Blood from his neck, drool from his mouth, and urine from his crotch, and finally shit started leaking out. But he didn’t care for his appearance and desperately begged for his life.

「H, help,help me, I don’t want to die! I still don’t want to die!」

With no other hidden meaning, it was a genuine plea. With his layer of reasoning torn off, he plead as if it was the instinct of an animal. It was a request from the rock fella who became an animal.

It’ must be because of that.

「…… Leave it to me. You won’t die」

「He, help me! Help me!」

In contrast to the man who tried to get his face closer, the futsumen advanced forward.

Ikeman are unfair, he continued while thinking that.

「I promise that you wouldn’t die, so there’s no reason you’d die」

The fustumen tried to show off at this critical moment. After hearing many times that rock is rock, he though, then why don’t I show some rock, and acted with that in mind. 

He points his gaze to the people who took the man.

「Sorry about my companion」

Nishino mutters and swings his arm.

Only several seconds.

While being as rock as he could, he removed all threats to the protection target.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

Several minutes have passed since Nishino finished up. Police officers came rushing into the warehouse. With the situation already finished, they began cleaning up.

As if the scene wasn’t their concern, the phone in Nishino’s hand begins vibrating.

Picking up the line, the one on the other end was Marquis.

「Haa, let’s end it here, see you……」
『Thanks for your work』

「What do you want?」

『You really are, do you have to be this unsociable at moments like this?』

「How about your end?」

『Thanks to you crushing that side, we were able to smoothly progress the talks. Well, thought we ended up paying a bit, the one who paid wasn’t me. If he thinks about it as a life experience, then it ends up  being cheap』

「I see. Then it’s fine」

『And with that, this case is closed』

「The case is closed, is it」

『What, once you start learning, Japanese can be quite interesting』

「It’s great if you’re making progress」

『Thought I look like this I’ve been going hard at it』

Hahaha, Marquis’s laugh is heard from beyond the line.

With this matter settled, he’s been able to calm down.

「I understand the situation. See you later」

『Aah, I’ll definitely return this favor at some point. Thank you』

With no words after receiving gratitude from Marquis, Nishino cuts the line.

I can finally return home, he hangs his bag down and lets out a sigh. The time was already past two in the morning. By the time he returns home and lies down it’ll likely be around 3, he plans to take a rest until 5 in the afternoon. He thinks of the schedule for tomorrow as he moves his legs back home.

There was the figure of a person who immediately chased after the futusment.

Someone then immediately chased after the futsumen.

Speaking of who it was, it’s this matters rock star.

「O, oii……」

「…… What?」

A vague voice called out. The one who was called had doubts as to who it was. But with no other presence in the vicinity, it seems he finally noticed. 

「Do, you have some time?」

「I don’t particularly mind……」

The words that came after were a surprise to Nishino.

「Your name, tell me」


With such a vague voice, his behavior was very admirable. He wipes his face and returns to his usual ikeman self. However, that face that was full of confidence since they met was now nowhere to be seen.

「Like I said, your name. Y, your…….」

He continues.

「Someone said【Normal】, but that can’t be true right?」


For a moment, Nishino’s face stiffened upon hearing his nickname. However, taking into account all that happened, there’s no way he can lie to the one in front of him, now then, how should he handle this.

Ignore it and return?

It’s somewhat troublesome.

At this, the ikeman continues by himself.

「M, my name is…… Ogata Tarousuke. Um, you, you know? I don’t really say my real name in the media, I don’t think you’d know if you weren’t a zealous fan, so, I, I, just thought I’d say it」

Ogata Tarousuke spoke in a blunt manner. He took a glance at Nishino and immediately separated his gaze, however, soon enough he took another glance and continued to repeat these actions.

It seems he has an interest in the existence known as Nishino.

「A, aah……」

Not being sure of the reason, Nihsino felt a bit guilty.

As a result of this guilt, Nishino also said his real name.

「…… Nishino, Nishino Gokyou」

「Fuun? …… That name, well, it isn’t bad」


What was it he wanted to say.

However, the ikeman appeared to be satisfied with that. By hearing his name, he seemed to be more than satisfied. A slight smile appeared on his face, however, he then put some strength into it.

「And, this, my business card…..」

「…… Thanks」

He takes the silver colored metal card that is the size of a cash card from his pocket. With his casual outfit, he goes out of his way to straighten his posture and hand it over to the futsumen.

Regardless of the intent, he tries to present it like it wasn’t a big deal. However, different from paper, what the human named Tarousuke gave was something that would be given as a sign of friendship, or perhaps respect, it was a platinum business card.

His name and address was engraved in the metallic plate that had high purity. The manufacturing process was exceedingly simple. However, the choice of font was something else, for the first time seeing it it looked very cool.

「Is it made of platinum」

Nishino looked at the card with a growing interest. 

He was just able to witness a paper and platinum made card. He was handed one before in the lobby by the police officer. However, this was his first time getting a metal business card.

「I, it’s not like it’s something great」

At the futsumen’s unconcerned mumbling, the ikeman hurried a bit.

「Haa, let’s end it here, see you……」

Soon enough, Tarouseku turned back.

However, after progressing only a few steps he stopped, and taking another glance at Nishino he speaks in a small voice.

「…… I though, I’d at least give my thanks. Th, thank you」

He said it as if he had just remembered, he then quickened his pace and leaves the area.

After getting apart, he was soon surrounded by people, and it became quite lively. In response, the ikeman wore the confidence and pride he had when they first met. There was not even a sign of the urine and feces he let out not too long ago.

「What was that」

In any case, with this it was another case closed for the futsumen.

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