Ibusou v3c3 part 1

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Part 1

Hyu~ Hyu~ go Kanami.

Just wanted to get that out of my system.
For people who didn’t see my last post I changed the name from Isekai Meikyuu to Ibusou since I’m pretty sure that’s the shortened form used in Japan.

Rest of the chapter should hopefully come out tomorrow.

Now for some granblue updates! Finally got Nier and she’s insane, I’m gonna go all out on dark primal now. Also, I can one button this event so if the rest of the chapter doesn’t come out tomorrow, then it’s probably because of this. Gotta grind that damascus to uncap my fallen swords.

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  1. raidoukureha

    Thanks for the chapter!

    and congrats for getting Nier, it’s she your first evoker? Mine is Fraux.

    1. mao

      Nah, my first was haase.

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