Ibusou v3c4 part 1

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Part 1

It feels like its been forever since I last posted. At first I thought of reading some other novels to see how other people translate, but then I ended up reading through the whole thing.(・д・)
Well, for this chapter I’m going to try using mostly english.

Also, I changed Aria to Chant, and although it doesn’t appear in this chapter I’m changing Dimension Gladiator to Dimension Gradient. Saw that when I read the manga translations and then I went back to the old translations to see what they translated it as. I must’ve been playing spartan in gbf at the time and confused Gladiant with Gladiator.

And one last word, 術式 , I’ve been translating that as formula, but I think it can also be spells, or arts. Input is appreciated otherwise I’ll probably keep it as is.

Rest of the chapter should come out tomorrow.

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