Ibusou v3c5 part 1 + Update

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Part 1

Well I’m back again. Things to note in this chapter are that from now on things that appear in parenthesis are the literal translations of whatever it’s next to. This mostly applies to magic but it happens to normal things every now and then.

Now for the update part. I was considering stopping but I’m going to continue again. The biggest issue I have is that I don’t like my translations since I know I’m making tons of mistakes from the Japanese translations to the options in my grammar and that really annoys me. For this reason I won’t re-translate the beginning but maybe I will just edit it around to make some parts more readable. If I ever get enough confidence in my translations in the future, that’s when I’ll go and redo the beginning. So for anyone reading just be aware that there are probably lots of mistakes, but then again, this might not be too bad a thing as it can be considered an incentive to buy an official translation if it ever comes out. (^_<)~☆

And to end off on some personal notes. Soldier bullet grind sucked, don’t think I’ll ever beat proud+ gil, my roulette so far is going meh(no Christmas characters, but I did get kenkyuu man in pg ticket), looking forward to versus and Relink looks really fun, can’t wait to spark rat(I want monkey along the way) and hopefully my luck is good enough to get new Yuisis and that genderbent bubs.

Phew~, just venting some stuff. Since there isn’t much left to this volume I’ll see if I can get it out before the year ends.

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  1. Fexvo

    Thanks!I am just glad that u are back :].

  2. sd dd

    Please never stop lol, your translations are valued by many.

    Nishino gives me life fuel.

  3. Anonymous

    Your translation is lacking? Far from That, i find them quite fine actually. I mean I understand that you as the translator see stuff and errors I can’t see as a reader and wanting to improve on that is quite a noble thing but even so don’t sell your work short,you’re doing a faaaar better job that the previous translator,and all of us reader do enjoy your translation and are very thankful for you for having translated this ln

  4. Anonymous

    Welcome back! We are happy as long as you feel happy! The road to to improvement is long for any skill, everyone has to start somewhere!

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