Ibusou v4 Illustrations

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So in the short amount of time I had since I posted the afterword, I’ve been thinking.

Instead of going right to Ibusou’s fourth volume, maybe I should translate Nishino and edit(not retranslate!!!!) the old volumes of Ibusou since who knows if they’ll disappear one day.

I’ll think it over for the rest of the day and then decide, but right now I’m leaning towards Ibusou v4 because of that huge cliffhanger and I personally like it more, but it has been a while since I last did Nishino.

Feel free to comment if about it if you want, but I’ll be the one deciding in the end. (・`ω´・)

And for anyone who likes seeing illustrations of future volumes like I do, I’ll be linking them in the comments.

Also, happy new year everyone, forgot to say it. Well, it’s still new years eve for me.

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  1. Andy

    Happy new year

  2. Aufa Azi Nepu

    Welp, for me of course continuing this would be my most desirable thing, but it’s your choice. And wow, thanks for the treat. What an awesome new year, i just sleep after patroling and now i found this

  3. Jorge L. Alva

    Nishino pleases…..

  4. Highest emperor

    Of course continuing translation Isekai meikyuu no saishinbu wo mezasou will be most i love

    Please grant my wish 🙏

  5. soradoomsday

    if it’s what i want then surely it will be contiuning ibusou, please pamper us a bit more, but the last choice is of course yours to make and i will respect it even if you choose to go full nishino for the next month

  6. kedaxx

    Of course Ibusou!!……….I’m gonna wait as long as needed and totally respect your decision, if its wouldn’t favorable for me 🙂
    But in the end of the day its you, who translates the novel I love, and I understand that other novels too could be great and should be translated! Thank you for your kindness. Happy New Year! 😀

  7. Jake

    Thank you and happy new year!

  8. MightyPantsu

    Happy new year! Personally, I think Normal-san needs some love.

  9. Kontra

    Nishino 😀

  10. sd dd

    +1 for nishino

  11. Highest emperor

    Also it will be good if you add afterword in volume 1 Ibusou (if there are)

  12. Reuel Bishop

    Ibusou please.

  13. Anonymous

    Of course this will be Bai’s since this is an ibusou post no reason for nishino fans to click on this unless they read both volumes

    I checked every single post for information about nishino so nishino please

  14. Jackoeb


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