Ibusou v4c1 part 1

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Part 1

Lucky! Cookie! Vicky!
Vikala is now my spirit animal.

Really did have to spark her in the end… but with that out of the way I can talk about what I decided to do.

I decided to translate the first chapter of Ibusou since the cliffhanger was killing me, and after that I plan on doing what I mentioned before, the translate Nishino while attempting to improve the editing(Not retranslating!!!!) of the previous Ibusou translations. Well, that’s what I’ll be trying at least.

And finally, somethings to note about this chapter. First, I changed magician to mage. Sometimes I just completely forget about the right word until it just hits me. Next is the word beastman. I feel like this is also another case of the magician mage thing so it might come to me later. And last, I change Palinchlon’s Nii-san to Brother due to the way he says it, but in this chapter I left the other Nii-san as Nii-san. If I do change it to brother, I fear that in the future I’ll have to find words like big bro to try and match things like onii-chan, but maybe some people prefer the English equivalent, if there is any. I don’t, but this just makes it inconsistent.

So that’s all for now and the rest of this chapter should come out tomorrow.

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  1. Aufa Azi Nepu

    Thanks 😊

  2. Highest emperor

    Thanks a lot and waiting for improve the editing of the previous Ibusou translations with afterword

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