Ibusou v4c2 part 1

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Part 1

What a fine day this is to skip out on guild war. So anyways, I’ll probably be splitting the ibusou chapters from now on. Why you might ask, well I’ll tell you why.

Splitting chapter => more post => more awareness => more clicks => more money => more motivation => more chapters => more post =>…

I call this, the circle of happiness, everyone wins here. Well, joking aside I like this novel and I want it to do well so hopefully this prevents me from disappearing like I do every now and then.
And there’s no need to worry, I’m not going to split it at every split I’ll mostly keep it at two parts or three if it’s a really long chapter.

So some new character designs and illustrations came out and I’ll be posting them, but be warned, they are huge spoilers. It’s so huge a spoiler that just remembering it makes me think about how hugely I spoiled myself. Every second that passes I continue regretting the huge spoilers, but that’s me. Now imagine these links are like that red button thing. Will you press the button and be huuugely spoiled, or will you continue on as usual without ever knowing what was in them. The choice is yours.


By the way, I’m rocking that Kanami and Lastiara picture as my phone wallpaper (⌐■_■)

Sorry for writing so much, I’m just trying to avoid doing my homework right now.

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  1. Anonymous

    so many spoilers, thanks for hardworks. It seems the LNs and WN story will be different I guess

  2. Highest emperor

    Thanks a lot for the chapter, that spoilers so good and make me can’t wait for more lastiara x kanami relationship :3

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