Ibusou v4c3 part 2

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Part 2

Apparently ibusou got onto the anime japan list for turning a manga into an anime. While a part of me thinks it’d be great if this got an anime, another part of me feels like if it did get one it probably wouldn’t be good. How good an adaption is depends on the studio, and nowadays it’s just way too easy to mess up the source material. Either way, it probably won’t get in top 10, but still pretty cool that it’s on the list.

Also, I think I’ll translate the web novel side story. I might put it out before the next chapter. The main side story is the guardian if route, a take on what would’ve happened if Kanami stayed put in the labyrinth the day he was transported to that world. But I can only do the first part since following ones spoil the future arcs (︶︹︺).

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