Ibusou v4c6 part 2

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Part 2

So one chapter left but it’s pretty much finished.
I’m also probably gonna make a page for terms. Right now I have everything on a doc but it’s a mess. I really need to organize it.

Now for some granblue stuff. Naru comes march 3!!!!! Naru and bubs both look really cool, can’t wait to play them. New gbf event is ok, it’s not bad but I expected more since it’s the anni event, but I really like the raid song. Hopefully the second part is better.

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  1. Simon Villasmil

    The last part is about the tournament?

  2. Nanae Ryou

    so this is the last page for volume 4?

    1. soradoomsday

      he did say there is one chap left so no. after that chap there is the Afterward which will have the last page of vol 4

  3. Hacker Demonhunter

    This arc should be the most interesting in the story, it isn’t twisted like the 1st arc. Thanks for the chapter.

  4. soradoomsday

    thanks for the chapter
    from the covers this arc is at least 3 vols long so I can’t wait to see how things would proceed

  5. Highest emperor

    Thank you very much for the update

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