Ibusou v5 Illustrations

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Ok, this is the last post. All the illustrations are already linked in the comments for v4, but posting them myself makes it feel like I reached a milestone.

Hopefully I get Rei in my single draws…..

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  1. Hacker Demonhunter

    ugh, I guess we will have to wait then. Oh, finally Kanami finally get himself Lastiara at volume 13 which takes like forever to get her. Thanks for volume 4.

    1. Tommy

      Do you know when he get backs his memories, like which volume? or he doesn’t…

  2. Highest emperor

    Thanks a lot for the illustration

  3. Anonymous

    So… U dropped Nishino huh ?

  4. Anonymous

    Umm, im im really looking forward to the next volume so dont mind me asking but, when are you planning to translate vol 5 ? Just wanna know your plans since i’ve been visiting daily to check haha

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