Ibusou v5c2 part 1

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Part 1

Changed the name of the knight tournament thing to the original japanese since I think I’m pretty sure I got it wrong.

Last time I posted I said I’d try to be faster but right after that I ended up playing games. I played ff8, and despite all its flaws it’s now my second favorite ff, the modern warefare trilogy, the ps4 spiderman, then persona 4 came out on steam so I started that, but playing that only made me want to play persona 3 again so I’m now in the middle of a persona 3 fes playthough. Just got Aigis to join so there’s still a while until I complete it. I’m also watching vtubers which is actually helping me with my japanese.

Hopefully this time I’ll actually speed up with translations. If I don’t post something in two days then that means I’m probably playing games again.

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  1. Anonymous

    Meiji wouldn’t like it if you skipped out on guild war. You will fight, won’t you?

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