Ibusou v5c2 part 5

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Part 5

Luna’s 3d debut is tomorrow. I’m surprised but glad it wasn’t canceled.

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  1. alexsega

    Did you like it? Now I’m waiting the 3D debut of Towa this sunday, I really liked the fact that Matsuri was the cameraman in Luna’s debut xD

    1. mao

      It was fun, but it’s ironic that the one who needed a transition screen the most is the only one who didn’t get it.

    2. Zenon

      hope trans don’t drop it

      1. lokojov

        I just hope he is all right.

        1. soradoomsday

          same, he caught the virus once, I pray he didn’t catch it again, that would suck hard

  2. Seibster

    Watching the new Hololive 5th gen debutes?

  3. Anonymous

    wanted this to continue the Ibusou Series

  4. Anonymous

    when the next update come? 🙁

  5. Anonymous

    Pls come back

  6. Anonymous

    So at this point I am assuming this is dropped. Any suggestions on someone else to pick it up?

  7. Zzz

    Hope someone can continue it

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