Ibusou v5c2 part 5

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Part 5

Luna’s 3d debut is tomorrow. I’m surprised but glad it wasn’t canceled.

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  1. alexsega

    Did you like it? Now I’m waiting the 3D debut of Towa this sunday, I really liked the fact that Matsuri was the cameraman in Luna’s debut xD

    1. mao

      It was fun, but it’s ironic that the one who needed a transition screen the most is the only one who didn’t get it.

    2. Zenon

      hope trans don’t drop it

      1. lokojov

        I just hope he is all right.

        1. soradoomsday

          same, he caught the virus once, I pray he didn’t catch it again, that would suck hard

  2. Seibster

    Watching the new Hololive 5th gen debutes?

  3. Anonymous

    wanted this to continue the Ibusou Series

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