A, aah…… 

Aah, thirsty…….

My head feels empty…… Like I’m inside a dream…….

As if it were a dream ―― my point of view feels distant, and my body is lagging a step behind. And I slowly slip out of the darkness of that sleep.

Because I believed that I needed to wake up.

And so, a wooden ceiling enters my vision. However, it’s dark. Because of the darkness, I don’t have much confidence as to if it really is wood.

I move my head around in order to look for a light. Because I can’t move my body, all I can do is move my head to check the surroundings. First I check the bed that I’m laying on. To the side of the bed I discover a table with a candle and pitcher on it. It seems like the only light in this room is that candle.

Besides that table is an unfamiliar man sitting on a chair.

A robust man with countless scars carved on his face, he appears to be around his forties. From his clean appearance, I can tell that he is an important person with a respectable position.

The robust man notices that I woke up and calls out to me.

「…… So you woke up, Siegfried Visitor. I’ll first introduce myself. My name is Rail and I belong to the guild that reports directly to the country of Lauravia, 『Epic Seeker』. Because of your ability, I am obligated to always be present」

The man named himself Rail.

Lauravia is ―― it should be the south western country of the Allied Nations. Still, 『Epic Seeker』 and 『Rail』, they are things I’ve never heard of.

I have no idea why I’m in front of this man that I’ve never heard of in this unfamiliar country.

「You must have many suspicions. But if there are good suspicions, then there are bad suspicions. There are many kinds. Thus you are being restrained」

Hearing that I’m restrained causes me to panic, I try putting power into my body―― however, my body doesn’t move as I want it to. It’s as if something is weighing down my arms and legs.

I gradually began to understand my situation.

From what I can gather by surveying the surroundings, I understood that this was no situation to act foolish in.

My right hand is off of the bed and blood drips out of a cut on the tip of my finger. In a corner is something burning that gives off a scent that, and that fills the room with smoke. It isn’t a strong smell, but I felt that it wasn’t something good for my body.

It’s clear that my current condition is strange. Not only are my thoughts dull, but my body is also strange. No matter how many times I try forcing myself to move, nothing happens.

「I understand that you’re confused. However, calm down. First wet your throat. I will prepare some waters」

Seeing me struggling on the bed, the man called Rail takes the pitcher in hand.

「I, don’t need it……」

I have no idea what could have been put in there, so I deny it with my cracking throat.

「I see. As long as you can speak」

Saying that, the man returns the pitcher to the table. He had no intention of pushing the water onto me. Perhaps, the water really was prepared with good intentions.

I struggle to maintain my composure and recall my own ability. I forgot about the basics.

I check if anything was done to the water in the pitcher by 『Observing』. Next I check the man’s ability.


Name : Rail Senks   HP312/322 MP0/0 Class : Fighter


Strength11.22   Vitality10.19 Dexterity6.79   Agility4.02 Intelligence6.60 Magic0   Potential1.09

Innate Skills : None

Acquired Skills : Deserter1.03

His name isn’t a lie. And I can tell that this man is one of this world’s influential people through his status.

「Excuse me, Rail-san……. Can you please explain the situation……」

I try to be polite and ask for an explanation.

「Mu……, you quickly regained yourself. As expected……」

Rail-san shows his admiration and continues his words.

「First, I’ll teach you about the location. This is the building in the center of Lauravia. The headquarters of the guild 『Epic Seeker』. As it’s the guild directly under Lauravia, it’d be fine to think of yourself as being on the palm of Lauravia’s hand」

Thanks to Rail-san’s explanation, I begin to understand the situation. I recall what happened before I woke up. If I’m correct, I rescued Lastiara, returned to Valt, killed Alty, and lost to Palinchlon.

However, right now, what’s most important is ――

「I’ve understood the location, thank you very much. And, is there a child other than me that is being restrained?」

「I heard about your companions. Currently, Lastiara Whoseyards, Diablo Sith, and Sera Radiant are at large. The girl called Maria is being restrained here」

「Is that girl that is being restrained safe…… ?」

Rail-san said he 「heard」. However, it’s uncertain just how much he heard. Choosing my words, I ask about my companions.

「She didn’t die. More importantly――」

「Hey, Rail. So Brother Kanami finally woke up」

Just as Rail-san was about to answer, the sound of the doors being violently opened interrupts.

A cheerful voice echoes throughout the room. A voice I’ve heard before. One I would not mistaken.

Palinchlon…… ! Palinchlon Legacy…… !

「Palinchlon, so you’ve been 『Monitoring』……. Certainly the boy woke up but……」

Rail-san turns back, and with a loathsome expression he glares at the one who just appeared.

Full of curses, I move my throat.

「a, aAh, Pa, Palinchlon! You, yooooouUU――!!」

Putting enough strength into my limbs to tear them off, I try to stand. I forcefully gather my disordered magic power and try to construct 《Di Over Winter》.

Of course, I don’t manage to stand, nor can I construct any magic.

But even then, I move my body in order to defeat the man before me.

「Don’t get so angry, Brother Kanami. Here, I brought something delicious. First have a meal」

Palinchlon makes his appearance from within the darkness, he laughs as he displays the bread in his hand.

「Don’t screw with me! Don’t screw with me, Palinchlon!!!」

Towards that frivolous attitude, I couldn’t hold in the anger that welled up.

I couldn’t hold in the anger that welled up towards that frivolous attitude.

If it wasn’t for him, everything would’ve been settled. If he didn’t betray ――, If he didn’t cut Dia ――, and if he didn’t appear in the end ―― !

Then everyone, could’ve been enjoying themselves in the southern country of Griad……!!

It’s frustrating. Having lost to Palinchlon, is far too frustrating.

I convert these emotions into a magic cold to freeze all my restraints and rampage. In order to attack the man in front of me, I deploy dimension magic at its max output. 

The shackles and chains restraining me shake.

As a unique metallic sound rings, they try to nullify my power. However, with my magic power exiting, I manage to move my body only a little.

「――Wha!? He had three times the amount of  magical locks, and five times the amount of shackles! There’s no way he should be able to make any magic! There’s no way he should be able to move! Wa, wait, wait you two!!」

Rail-san felt the waves of the magic power I fired off, in a panic, he stands and gets in between Palinchlon and I.

You’re in the way. Rail-san who cut into it as well, but also the 『Magic Locks』 and 『Shackles』 are in the way. 

Twisting my body to its limit, I produce a cold and try damaging the 『Magic Locks』 and 『Shackles』.

「Rail, leave it to me. This way I’ll also be able to get familiar with my new power. ―― Magic 《Variable Relay》」

However, before I could damage them, Palinchlon places his hand on my head.

「Kuu, again…… !」

Palinchlon’s magic power flows out of his body, I immediately feel my thoughts growing cold.

「It’s just some medical magic. Only a sedative. Well, calm down, Brother Kanami」

I immediately check my status.


Conditions : Confusion9.81   Tranquility0.45

It doesn’t seem like it being a sedative is a lie. From the limits of what I can see, I’ve only regained my composure. It’s not an abnormality worth using the skill 『???』…… It shouldn’t be.

But that’s not to say that all of my anger has been erased.

However, I am able to understand that if I fight Palinchlon in this restrained state, I would lose even if make the first move.

With a cool head, I decide that it’d be better to negotiate.

Palinchlon guesses that, and he takes a seat on the chair near him and speaks.

「Now then, let’s begin. Our fun, fun interrogation time」

Rail-san looks at our conditions, taking a breath, he falls back in a worried manner.

After confirming that, Palinchlon continues.

「Right now, Brother Kanami must have a lot of suspicions. About what happened these past few days, I was able to understand most of it through the 『Line』, so there’s no running away. ―― So I say, but I don’t know anything other than these past few days」

And so, Palinchlon speaks to me like someone in a police drama.

「Fourteen days ago, the boy named Siegfried Visitor, suddenly appeared from within the labyrinth. Yes. Suddenly appeared from within the labyrinth. This is the question. Therefore, the actions of this boy past those fourteen days are unknown. I checked the 『Line』 of the five countries of the Allied Nations, but there’s no memory of the boy entering the Allied Nations, nor memory of entering the labyrinth. In the truest sense, the boy 『Appeared From Within The Labyrinth』」

Palinchlon is trying to divulge my true identity and origin. I understand from the way he’s speaking.

On the other hand, I can make use of that.

My thoughts swiftly move as I listen.

「In regards to this, the upper stratum of the Allied Nations have suspicions as if to Siegfried Visitor is the Guardian of the thirtieth floor. If someone reached the thirtieth floor, then someone like Teeda or Alty would appear. And, it’s assumed that they would also be able to stroll around the town. After all, there are two previous cases. From the top’s point of view, it could be the same」

I understood that I was being bunched with Teeda and Alty, so I deny it.


If I’m treated like a monster, I feel I’d meet a terrible experience.

「Even if you say it’s wrong. Currently, Brother Kanami is being treated like a monster. Those 『Shackles』 are proof of that」

With a smirk, Palinchlon acts as if it’s unfortunate and points at the shackles on my limbs. Without any agitation, I calmly think of an explanation to give.

「I’m a magician with dimension attribute……. I also have the dimension magic 《Connection》. If it’s with that magic, then I can invade the labyrinth without leaving a record. There’s no mistake, I am a human……」

Deciding what I can show, I reveal the existence of 《Connection》.

In truth it is something that should be hidden, but smaller sacrifices must be made in order to avoid larger ones.

「You’re wrong. 《Connection》 was learned after meeting with the young lady Maria. This was also confirmed with the shopkeeper of the magic shop」

「…… What about it. I’m saying that it’s possible to do something like that with dimension magic」

「I see. With a dimension magic similar to Brother Kanami’s 《Connection》, it’s possible to invade the labyrinth. Then, that magic――」

「There’s no reason to say. I’m just saying that there are many methods to enter the labyrinth without leaving a record」

Just hinting at the possibility is fine. In order to claim the possibility that I’m a human and not a monster. That should be enough.

「Well, of course」

Palinchlon shrugs his shoulders as if giving up. He doesn’t appear to be vexed.

As always I can’t see his objective. I can’t see anything at all about where his priorities lie.

I thought he was simply a hedonist, but at times I see strange obsessions. And just when you think he’s moving accordingly, he simply says it’s his hobby and moves along. In terms of negotiation difficulty, this is definitely top class.

To start, I’ll try asking about my companions. 

Right now I have to take lead of the negotiations.

「Palinchlon……, how’s Maria doing…… ?」

「She’s being restrained」

Palinchlon gave a short answer.

「Let me meet her……」

Being restrained was expected. I let out my demand as calmly as possible.

Upon hearing that Palinchlon’s expression changes.

It’s serious, but somewhere inside of it, it looked like he was enjoying himself.

「That’s no good. You two are very very important guinea pigs. There’s no merit in letting you meet」

「Gu, guinea pigs…… ?」

Hearing those words, a cold sweat begins dripping down and my face warps.

Ever since coming to this world, those words were the ones I feared the most. From the time I was level 1, I dreaded that possibility, the possibility of having my action limited.

I raised my level, and erased the danger of those words from my head, but it comes out at this timing of all things.

「Aah, she’s the first in humanity, the first existence to fuse with a Guardian. It’s only natural to treat her as a guinea pig right?」

My heart strains and cracks form. Blood spills out from those cracks, and a pain enough to make me want to scream run through.

「Wa, wait! Please wait, Palinchlon!」

With anxiety and panic, I raise my voice. 

Just that is no good. If it’s just me then I’d be getting what I deserve. However, Maria is different.

Maria doesn’t deserve any of this. I’m the one at fault.

It’s my fault for not fulfilling any responsibility while rescuing her.

I’ve already been causing Maria’s unhappiness. And yet, once again, I’m causing even more unhappiness to Maria.

「What’s up?」

「Maria is a child! And also, a weak girl at that! Maria didn’t do anything wrong! Please forgive her! Maria isn’t a child that should be given any more unhappiness!」

「Hahaa! There’s no way she’s weak is there? Thanks to brother Kanami, that became a monster that has no match even if the opponent is a Guardian right? Aah, every single thing is thanks to brother Kanami」

「That’s right, it’s my fault! I’m the one in the wrong! But, Maria hasn’t done anything wrong! That’s why, forgive her! Becoming a guinea pig is fine! That before was a lie! I’m not a normal human! I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you so―― just leave Maria alone!!」

Throwing away my shame and honor, I yell.

There was no space for flexibility. Negotiations have long left my head.

The only thing left was the reality that even though I said I’d make Maria happy, I was already throwing it away.

「Brother Kanami, isn’t a normal human? I’ve already known that. Also, in exchange for the young lady you’ll become a guinea pig? What, stupid things are you saying. You’re both already guinea pigs. There’s no way we haven’t looked into you right?」

Hearing Palinchlon’s response, it felt as if I fell into the bottom of an abyss. A fear as if falling from far above the clouds with nothing on hand.

Although I tried being calm, I realized I wasn’t calm at all.

At the moment I was defeated by Palinchlon, everything had already been decided. Maria and I have fallen into Palinchlon’s hands, we have no freedom. No room to negotiate. That has already been decided.

「a, AAah, aAAAh……」

Embracing my anguish, I moan.

At this rate, Maria will become some guinea pig.

Everything is my fault. It all started when I selfishly helped Maria.

Although foolish I held out my hand―― and the result, Maria will now fall into a fate more terrible than dying as a slave.

An experimental animal. Even with my poor knowledge, I understood that they are an existence with less dignity than a human or slave.

And whose fault is it, that she fell to that?

Mine. If I wasn’t here, then none of this would have happened.

I cause unhappiness wherever I go. If Maria never interacted with the labyrinth, she never would have caught Alty’s eyes. If it was like that, then she wouldn’t have been restrained together with me.

Now that I think about it, Dia is the same. If Dia was never involved with me then Dia’s arm would never have been lost. The two who I’ve invited into the labyrinth, those two have now become unhappy.

It hurts. Even though I can bear it when it’s about me, wrapping other people up, that uneasiness is much worse.

No good. Likes this, I’ll be unable to bear it. The skill 『???』 will activate.

I’ll change my viewpoint. Remember the good things.

It’s still, not over. It’s too early to despair.

I have companions. Lastiara is still there.

If it’s her, then she would puff out her chest and say I 「helped」. She would say she’s glad I was there.

And she is safe. Also, her strength and personality are guaranteed. When her health recovers, and she learns about the situation Maria and me are in, she will definitely come to save us.

It’s still not over…… !

I end my groans, take repeated deep breaths, and gather the information required to break free from this situation.

「Nn, how regrettable. There’s still hope left. ―― About the Lord and the others」

Palinchlon sees that and expressionlessly mutters, then with what appears to be him shaking, he speaks.

「Now then, will the Lord and the others come to save you? The Lord, and the Apostle, it’s not like they’d immediately recover」

I quickly realized that he is trying to crush my hopes and return a firm reply.

「There’s also Hein-san, and Radiant-san……」

「No, Hein died」

「――D, died?」

With a short reply I’m informed of his death, Palinchlon then moves onto his next words.

「Sera won’t help since she’s guarding the Lord and Apostle. And for the Lord’s group who lost their strongest piece that is Hein, they have no method of rescuing Brother Kanami」

The conversation continues as if nothing happened.

However, the continuation of the conversation doesn’t enter my head.

「Wa, wait. Hein-san died…… ?」

「Aah, that idiot gave his life in order to let the three escape. And, he died」

Once again Palinchlon gave a short answer.

I feel my composure collapsing. My palpitations increase, and a disgusting feeling sweat runs down.

There’s no reason to believe in Palinchlon. Believing in the words of one’s sworn enemy is nonsense. However, contrary to my will, my breaths become shallow.

「Ha, haha, hee……. That Hein-san died? That Hein-san?」

Implying Hein-san’s strength in my words, I try to brush away Palinchlon’s words.

Even among the 『Celestial Knights』 Hein-san has the ability to compete for the position of number one or two, there’s no way I’d believe he died.

「Aah, he died. Hein reached his limits the moment he reached the cathedral. That’s all to it」

Only when speaking of Hein-san’s death, that Palinchlon had no smile at all.

「Your lying. There’s no way I’d believe something like――」

「Hein died, and Fedelt wants to continue his plans as before. With such a situation, isn’t wanting the rescue of the Lord and the others cruel?」

The unlikeliness of a rescue is pointed out. And, he continues as if there is more.

「Rather, the one who has to go help is Brother Kanami. As the hero who saved the princess from Whoseyards, it should be your responsibility to help the lord. If not, then it won’t be long before the Lord and the others fall into Fedelt’s hands?」

That’s right.

It’s not as if everything ended with taking Lastiara out of the cathedral. Instead, the life on the run is the true performance.

In my plans, living on the run through the use of my 《Connection》 should have been easy. However, Lastiara’s group doesn’t have me.

No matter how out of the norms Lastiara and Dia are, it’s uncertain if they have any method of staving of the waves of people that can be sent by a country. Perhaps, it might even be tomorrow that Lastiara and Dia are captured by Whoseyards.

「Do you think, that those clumsy three who are ignorant of the world can escape the pursuers that Whoseyards sends? There is not a single cunning one among them」

A smile with bad intentions appears, Palinchlon stands.

And so, while speaking, he slowly moves to a coroner of the room.

「I also want to participate in the capture of the 『Jewel Cruz』 and 『Apostle』, but with the 『Hero』 and 『Half Guardian』 in hand, I’d better not be greedy. Since the experimental materials are already enough」

A sound of flesh and water intermingled is heard. A sound that causes a psychological fear.  

Palinchlon takes something from the corner of the room in hand, and slowly returns.

I can’t see it clearly because of the dark. Palinchlon makes it back to his seat holding some kind of round object.

「First, I’ll prove myself with Hein’s corpse」

And so, Palinchlon places the light of the candle by that round object, and I see it.

 ―― That is a human’s severed head.

The head of a good looking man with blonde hair, is now sleeping with a gentle expression.

I can’t mistake it. The head of Hein Hellvilleshine.

「Ah, aAaAh, aAAAh…… !」

The vivid golden hair hangs down to his eyes, many scratches are etched on his cheeks. Red blood flows from his mouth―― and, there is nothing below the neck.

A fairy tale like beauty, is now a severed head that had its life ruthlessly taken.

「Hahaa. With the 『Materials』 I have, making an existence that surpasses Lastiara Whoseyards isn’t a dream. There’s no longer a reason to get involved with the Lord or Apostle!」

Palinchlon call Hein-san’s head 『Materials』.

, Maria and I are probably counted among those 『Materials』 as well.

Clearly understanding that the path of a guinea pigs awaits, my face warps. I can tell even without a mirror. In fear and sorrow, my face turns into a tragedy.

I try to think with my uselessly shallow knowledge.

With the severed head before me, a scene of a dissection appears.

From a time when I was young, the picture of a dissected frog was reflected in a school textbook, and now I will be replacing it, a small scream rises from deep inside my throat.

―― I will also……,  die in the same way as Hein-san…… ?

In a different world with no family, I will die without even being able to protect my human dignity?

And the girl just like my sister that I swore to make happy will follow along?

I will leave behind Lastiara and DIa who I was supposed to protect, and die leaving things unfinished?

―― Die…… ?

From the head of Hein-san that is thrust before me, I feel the end.

The end. In other words death.

Death. Death. Death.

Death ――

【Skill 『???』 is out of control】

Emotions will be exchanged for metal stability

+1.00 correction to confusion has been added

From my heart that doesn’t wish to die, that is activated.

The current me does not have the power to oppose it.

And still, it didn’t end.

The skill 『???』 continues its explanation.


Conditions: Confusion10.82   Tranquility0.12

Confusion has crossed 10.00, it’s something I’ve been instinctively avoiding ――

【Skill 『???』 is out of control】

Confusion has reached 10.00, the limit of skill 『???』 has been crossed

Collected confusion will be replaced by the original emotions and 『Repaid』

――Everything will be repaid.

「eh, Eh? a, aA, AAh……――」

Ha, 『Repaid』…… ?

A new 『Display』 is reflected on my retina. I was unable to comprehend its meaning immediately.

However, I felt it before I understood it.

Everything collapses.

A torrent runs through my thoughts. Various ill feelings violently blow through. The emotion I’ve felt before return.

The despair when betrayed and thrown before the ferocious beast』 assaults me. 『The isolation when alone in this different world, as if it were the end of the world』 gushes forth. 『The humiliation when toyed around with through unjust means』 bites on. 『The discomfort when my world was being forcefully rewritten』 wraps around. 『The fear of death before a powerful enemy』 freezes my spine. 『The many times my mind was contaminated with magic』 comes back. 『The awakening love towards Lastiara』reoccurs.

All the feelings I felt when close to death, are returned together――

「A, aAa, AaAAAAaAAaAAaaaa!!!!」

I scream.

The repayment is nothing lukewarm.

It’s forcefully repaid, with added interest.

All those emotions intertwined and fostered each other. It is not simply addition. The ill feelings had multiplied, and they all submerge my heart.

That day, when I first lost my way in this different world, when I wandered in the labyrinth, when I was tricked by others, the state of mind right before I was eaten by the wolf returns, and that is thrown together with all the ill feelings I’ve had until today.

That is an amount far past what a single human can handle.

「Wh, what. Brother Kanami, all of a sudden――」

「aAAAAa!! N, No, no no, I hate it! Why! Why, why, why this!! Did I do something wrong!? Why, Why aaAA――!!」

Palinchlon said something. But it felt distant.

However, even if I heard it, I had no room to comprehend it.

――Br, breathing hurts.

No matter how much air I breathe, none of it goes to my chest. It won’t let it become easier.

My diaphragm convulsions. At the times it convulses the air in my lungs exit. Losing oxygen, I panic, I try moving my lungs again, but my diagram convulses even more. Beyond the  convulsions, pain runs through, and I suffer in agony as the pain fills my body.

「I, is Hein’s copse, that bad for Brother Kanami……!? No, is it 『Death』 itself that’s taboo……!?」

A distant voice, as if it was even on the world itself.

During that time, enough sweat to cause worry flows out, heat is stolen from my body that wasn’t even warm to begin with.

Yes. my body is not warm. That’s certain. And yet, for some reason I can feel my brain burning, my sweat doesn’t stop. Those muddy feelings cause my brain to believe it’s hot, and in response sweat falls down like a waterfall in order to cool itself.

As if, being forced to drink boiling oil, and take an ice cold shower without clothes.

Unbearable. I can’t bear it. As soon as possible, I want to lose my conscience, but the pain won’t permit that.

I know bearing through it would be painful, but I can’t stand my body breaking, I put strength into my body. Clenching my teeth, I twist my neck to its limits. And not as a metaphor, but it really felt like my eyes would pop out.

It hurts, it hurts, it hurts.

It hurts enough to die――!

I will really die――!!

「This is bad. The boy is an irreplaceable existence, this isn’t slowly shaving away at him, Palinchlon! At this rate the boys heart will be broken!!」

「I know! Just be quiet for bit, Rail! Che! To think I’d be forced to use Teeda’s mental magic to treat this!」

Aa, aAA, aA, people can――

From just a state of mind, people can feel like dying this much?

In dramas and mangas, I’ve seen many characters go into shock after meeting with disasters. They looked very painful, but I didn’t believe in them.

I didn’t think that from just a problem of the heart, it would be so painful.

It’s because of my inexperience, that I wouldn’t know this unless I faced the same experience.

None of that was an exaggeration. 

And there were no exaggerations in them. 

It feels like my breathing would stop at any moment. My heart is being worn out. The pain is making my conscience distant. I want to tear out this painful throat. And cut the carotid artery beyond it ―― If it’s to be released from this pain through death, then right now I can extend my hand.

A, Aa, die, I’ll die, that’s right. If I’m going to die, I’ll make it easy. Easy……. 

I aim for the hope that is 『Death』, and extend my hand ――

【Skill『???』is out of control】

Emotions will be exchanged for metal stability

+1.00 correction to confusion has been added

The hand reaching for my neck stops.

Ah, eEh, eh?

It hurts. Let me make it easier.

I don’t want this. That’s why, let me die――

【Skill『???』is out of control】

Emotions will be exchanged for metal stability

+1.00 correction to confusion has been added

Stop, please stop…….

That isn’t enough. Don’t you understand…… ?

Even if I use the skill 『???』 ten times, there is no way the 『Repayment』 of these feelings would be erased. After all, the interest of these feelings would only be added on.

【Skill『???』is out of control】

Emotions will be exchanged for metal stability

+1.00 correction to confusion has been added

【Skill『???』is out of control】

Emotions will be exchanged for metal stability

+1.00 correction to confusion has been added

【Skill『???』is out of control】

Emotions will be exchanged for metal stability

+1.00 correction to confusion has been added

At this rate it will cross the 『Repayment』 threshold again, it’d only return with interest.

There’s no meaning to it.

Don’t you even understand that?

Aa, AAh……. aAaAA, in other words…….

―― In other words, this skill 『???』 is a defective product.

The 『Repayment』 will come again…… !

【Skill『???』is out of control】

Emotions will be exchanged for metal stability

+1.00 correction to confusion has been added

【Skill『???』is out of control】

Emotions will be exchanged for metal stability

+1.00 correction to confusion has been added

【Skill『???』is out of control】

Emotions will be exchanged for metal stability

+1.00 correction to confusion has been added

No good. 

One more time, and I won’t be able to bear the 『Repayment』.

I’m, already――

「―― Magic 《Variable Down》!―― Magic 《Variable Relay》!!」

Palinchlon’s tries to suppress the skill 『???』.

Just a little―― It’s truly just a little, but an impure light passes through that mud like darkness.

「Brother Kanami! Hold onto hope, I’ll be troubled if you die!!」

The man I hate the most, is yelling at me to 「Hold onto hope」. Using an enormous amount of magic power, magic is constructed in order to save my mind.

It’s my first time seeing a human like desperateness on Palinchlon.

「Don’t despair! It’s still not over! Hold onto your conscience! Keep listening to my words!!」

Palinchlon’s magic binds my conscience to the world. 

A repulsive but strong magic power flows into my body. However, that magic power is washing away at the ill feelings inside of my body. As Palinchlon’s magic power flows in, I feel the pain in my body lighten. My anxiety disappears, my palpitations end, my sweat is drawn back.

It’s just a bit, but room to think is made in my thoughts.

「Ah, aAh……」

I barely manage to hold onto my mind.

「Haa, haa…… I did say the 『Twentieth Trial』 starts here, but isn’t this too much…… ?」

Slightly opening my eyes, I see Palinchlon with no leeway as he breathes with his shoulders

Without hiding his panic, he wipes off the sweat on his head. Rail-san who restrained himself was the same.

「Pa, Palinchlon, can it be executed even with the boy in this state?」

「…… It’d have to be tuned in order to be more gentle than planned. Without allowing any hope, Brother Kanami’s mind would die out first」

『Executed』,『Tuned』, those words enter my ears. However, I didn’t have the energy to analyse the meaning in those words.

I’ve passed the danger of death, but my body still won’t move. Along with the exhaustion in my mind, my body has also reached its limit.

The magic of Palinchlon who stabilized my mind, will now toy with it.

Not a magic to extend life like before, but an unpleasant magic fitting of Palinchlon.


Even if he saved my life, accepting that Palinchlon is going to toy with me is difficult. I try to fight against it with all I have. However, nothing comes out of it. The restraints are one thing, but above all, my mind and body are broken at the thought of a repetition of the skill 『???』.

Palinchlon notices me trying to put strength into my body and makes a troubled face.

「Brother Kanami, you have to accept this…… If you accept it, then I’ll help the young lady Maria. I’ll promise to definitely help her……」

At the end of his troubled face, Palinchlon says he will 「help Maria」.

Reinvigorating my mind that’s on the verge of death, I reply.

「a, aAh……, as, if I’d believe that……」

「I’m not lying. I’ll protect my promise. The words leaked out just now, but it’s true that if Brother Kanami dies then we will all be troubled. If Brother Kanami resists until death, then we’d be very troubled. That’s why in exchange of suicide, I’m saying that I’ll help the young lady Maria」

Palinchlon has none of the usual attitude that makes a fool of people, and he speaks in a sincere tone. It seems that the rampage of the skill 『???』, had changed Palinchlon’s thoughts more than expected.

「…… As if I’d believe, something like that. ……But, I already――」

No matter how drastically Palinchlon’s behavior changes, I can no longer trust him. However, in this situation, I cannot help but latch onto those sweet words.

「Already, have no choice」

In truth, in contrast to Palinchlon who’d be troubled if I die, I feel like resisting him with my life on the line. But, that’d only end with Maria being dragged in. I have a duty to do my very best for Maria.

That’s why, I make a threat with the last of my strength.

「Li, listen, Palinchlon! If, you break that promise, I will kill you! I will make sure to kill you! No matter what happens I will kill you! I’ll kill you――!!」

「To not mention killing until this point, Kanami is really kind. No, really……」

However, with a cool face, he wards it off. Rather, instead of threatening, it seemed to relieve him. 

And so, having lost the last of my strength, I lose the ability to open my eyes.

「In regards to the young lady Maria, don’t worry so much. I also have the promise with Sister Alty……. Well, she probably won’t be helped in the way that Brother Kanami desires but……」

I begin losing my conscience.

Most likely, after this, my flesh and blood will be invaded with Palinchlon’s mental magic. I’ll turn into something like that Lastiara and Hein.

「…… Are you, going to tamper with my heart?」

Within my hazy conscience, I confirm it with a quiet voice.

「Don’t worry so much about it, I won’t come in contact with the source of Aikawa Kanami. Since that’s also something important to me. I’ll just change your course a bit, and cause some misunderstandings」

What do you mean 「a bit」.

It’s because of that 「bit」, that everyone has met with a cruel experience…….

「Will I become like Hein-san…… ?」

「No, Hein was a bit different. If I were to say, it’d be something like Sister Alty and the young lady Maria. Something stronger than that, I’ll also be adding the power of 『The One Who Stole The Natural Law Of Darkness』」

「Yo, you…… !」

In a place I can’t imagine, Palinchlon’s evil deeds had increased. To even lay a hand on Alty, I feel a shock along with anger.

However, I don’t have the strength to fight.

Palinchlon’s magic swells, and that magic flows into me.

「Now then, let’s begin. First are Brother Kanami’s skills. These are too problematic」

Palinchlon’s magic permeates my whole body, I lose my free will. Without obtaining the permission of the body’s owner that is me, Palinchlon extends an evil hand into my mind.

Together with the power of 『The One Who Stole The Natural Law Of Darkness』, it was something stronger than the power of Teeda from before.

At the end of what felt like a long but short time, I see a 『Display』 on the underside of my eyelids.

【Skill 『???』 Has Been Sealed】

【Skill 『???』 Has Been Sealed】

I try to maintain my conscience as long as possible, but I’ve reached my limit.

I can’t tell if it’s close or far but I hear a voice.

「Fuu…… with this those suspicious unique skills were dealt with. In the case that Brother Kanami despairs, it can be dealt with through magic. But, even then the 『Repayment』 will hurt」

The 『Display』 and the voice, the information reaches my brain, but I couldn’t understand what they meant.

I felt, a drowsiness as if I haven’t slept for numerous days……. 

「Now then, next is――」

My conscience sinks into a slumber.

There’s no resistance whatsoever. And while sinking, I confirm my status in the end.


Confusion : 7.29   Memory Alteration : 2.00   Mental Contamination : 2.00   Recognition Inhibition : 2.00   Seal : 4.00

That’s overkill.

Seeing my own 『Conditions』, I’m amazed at how much care Palinchlon put.

And so, my conscience is finally released.

 ―― Like this, my battle in this different world ends.

The time spent fighting was two weeks. The results of my labyrinth search was reaching up to the twentieth floor.

At the end of Christmas on the fourteenth day I was defeated by the 『The One Who Stole The Natural Law Of Darkness』.

That body was captured by Palinchlon Legacy.

In the end, the skill 『???』 was used more than ten times, and everything was 『Repaid』. The companion that is Maria has been captured together, and the whereabouts of Lastiara and Dia are unknown.

…… This is the result of all the accumulated 『Settlement』.

The results of the hard fought battle of the simple high school student that lost his way in this different world.

Having lost my conscience, on the way to the bottom of the darkness, I ridicule my own pathetic results.

―― Aah, what should I have done for it to have gone better……. 

It wasn’t directed at anyone. A response wasn’t expected.

It was simply a soliloquy.


And yet, it felt as if a voice was returned within the darkness.

I no longer know whose voice it is.

However, something about it was nostalgic……, it feels like a very important voice…….


I don’t know how long it’s been. I don’t know where this is.

But alone in that pitch black space, I review.

―― I failed.

In the end, what was the cause of my defeat.

I don’t think the battles where the problem. The labyrinth capture shouldn’t have been the problem either.


I know…….

What wasn’t good was my connections with other people.

I did not open my heart to anyone. Although I used them, I never thought of seeking help. Because I never felt the need to open my heart.

Because of that policy, I lost the composure in my heart many times.

Because of thoughtlessly looking at statuses, I recklessly thought of myself as the strongest existence. I thought I’d be able to manage one way or another, the expression of relying on others was not inside of me. Of course there’s Maria, but even that Dia and Lastiara, I looked down on them as weaker existences than myself.

Now I can understand.

I should have consulted with someone, let out my complaints. I should have shown my emotions without any lies. The ideal ones might have been the bar manager or Kurou-san.

If I consulted an adult with an unshakable will, then the outcome could have been completely  different.

By only mingling with young humans overflowing with ability, I exceeded my own capacity.

For people with talent, I feel as if they all have some mental defect somewhere. I should have tried harder, to find a person with average abilities that I could rely on.

But still, I passed my days while avoiding interacting with my companions hearts, and I let all of my debts gather on that Christmas day.

At the point I had too many debts, on that day, who from Lastiara or Maria should I help.

In short there was too much. I unreasonably helped those who couldn’t be helped, and it ended with Palinchlon making use of that opening.

―― It ended. It was my loss.




…… But, if.

If there’s another chance, then I will never make that mistake again. I will absolutely not.

I’ll open my heart, trust in others, not tell lies.

I’ll show that I can live as 『Aikawa Kanami』.

I won’t escape to the liar that is 『Siegfried Visitor』.

So I swear.

Next time I will definitely ――, I won’t take the wrong path ―― !

Never again――, never――


However, that oath disappears in the darkness.

Even if there is a next time, I will probably not remember that oath.

But even then I swear. I can’t help but swear.

For the sake of my sister who’s waiting, for the sake of the companions I couldn’t help, and for my own sake, I continue swearing into the darkness.

―― And so, as long as I have this oath, the story will not end.

The wheels are still turning.

Until my wish is granted, the sound of those tumbling wheels will not cease.

It’s only natural. I still haven’t arrived at the deepest part. 

The reason for the labyrinth. The structure of the world. The origin of my power. The memories of a distant past.

I don’t know a single thing―― therefore, it will continue.

It will restart with 『Siegfried Visitor』 becoming 『Aikawa Kanami』 .

With the stage changed to Lauravia, forgetting my own wish, imprisoned in the cage of a 『Trial』―― it will continue.

My labyrinth search, hasn’t ended yet ――

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