―― I swore…… ? What…… ?

I slowly opened my eyes, and with a heavy head, I check my surroundings.

「This is…… ?」

A place I have no memory of. A small wooden room equipped with enough furniture to cover only the bare necessities. Cool air flows in from a single window that’s been left open.

It’s a simple but calming room…… I though.

In that room is a single man.

A man with an indomitable look, he sits in one of the few chairs provided. His name should be ―― Palinchlon. 

That’s right. He is the person I owe my life to, Palinchlon Legacy.

「Oh? Your up, Kanami. Perfect timing. Your sister also just got up. I’ll take you」

Seeing me awake, Palinchlon closes the book he’s holding, hits my shoulder in a friendly manner, and exits the room.

I jumped out of bed and follow after time when I heard him say he’d take me.

But at that moment, my body stiffens.

As if having chosen a wrong wire, as if the limbs of a doll had been put on backwards, I feel a discomfort.

 ―― Something is strange.

But, along with that coiling discomfort, there is also a refreshing sense of freedom. A feeling as if space had been opened inside my heart.

It felt as if I was forgetting something very important. Forgetting something very precious.

But, because of that, my body feels lighter. It was such a mysterious sensation.

「Kanami! Hurry up!」

「A, ah! I know, Palinchlon!」

However, that sensation disappears with Palinchlon’s voice.

Thinking I can’t keep the person I owe my life to waiting, I leave the room without thinking too deeply about it.

And so, when I see what’s outside of the room, I remember where this is.

This is the headquarters of the guild 『Epic Seeker』.

The room from before is the guild’s medical room, 

Why didn’t I realize that when I woke up, I can’t help but wonder.

However, I can’t afford to do that right now.

Palinchlon continues walking ahead. I have to catch up, otherwise I’ll be mercilessly left behind.

Although it should be familiar the hall feels like a new sight.

While walking, I confirm that my condition isn’t normal.

It was like a listlessness after having slept for many days…… a dream-like state. As if, I’m still inside a dream. I shake my head over and over again, and follow after Palinchlon.

After going up a number of stairways, we arrive at a certain room.

Palinchlon stops in front of that room and urges me to enter.

As urged, I open the door.

The size of that room was greatly different from the medical room. From sight it appeared to be five times its size. Several bookshelves line the walls giving it an intellectual feeling. And in the deepest part lies a big bed. A black haired girl sits on that bed while looking out of a window.

Aah, that’s right. This girl is ――, that oaths ――

「Your sister Maria-chan is also safe. Thank goodness, Kanami」

I hear Palinchlon’s voice behind me.

Si, sister? That’s right. This black haired girl is my sister. More important than anything else, the one I will protect even in exchange for my life ―― the sister my dead Mother entrusted me with. Her name ―― Maria.

「A, aah……. Thank goodness. So Maria was also safe……」

For some reason, the moment that name came out of my mouth, a pain ran through my head.

「Aah, it was a great fire, but she was saved. It seems like there weren’t any victims」

During the conversation, my hazy conscience gradually begins waking.

That’s right. Maria and I encountered a great fire, and Palinchlon saved us.

Finally escaping my dream-like state, my memories become clear.

And so, I recall the events of this different world one by one.

This is the second time Palinchlon saved me. The first time was when we siblings were lost in the labyrinth of this different world. And the second time, when we were saved from the 『Great Fire』.

If I remember correctly, there was a burning house. That’s the only thing I can vividly remember.

But it’s shocking that there were no casualties. I feel like there were at least one or two casualties.

「―― 『Nii-san』? You came?」

Maria notices our visit and faces us.

「Aah, it’s me. You look calm, Maria」

「No, you can say that I’m calm but ……」

Maria and I begin talking.

At the same time, a sense of relief envelops me. That was, strangely enough, a very profound sense of relief.

「Did you get any injuries?」

「No, I didn’t get any injuries but……. For some reason, my head hurts ……」

Maria places her hand on her head.

However, this happens often. My sister had a weak body since we were young, she spent a lot of her life hospitalized. That didn’t change since coming to this different world. No, due to the sudden change in environment, it may have gotten worse. 

Suddenly an ornament on Maria’s arm catches my attention. It’s a 『Bracelet』 Palinchlon gave us 『Foreigners』 in order to help us with our discomfort. As long as we have this, Maria and I will be able to adapt to this world, and we won’t have any trouble with the language. It also seems to have the effect of stabilizing our rampaging magic power.

One for Maria and one for me, I didn’t hear how much it cost from Palinchlon, but there’s no doubt that it wasn’t cheap. My debts to Palinchlon don’t end there. Right now, Maria has two 『Artificial Eyes』. These were also prepared by him for Maria who lost her eyes in that 『Great Fire』 . From their high quality, it’s easy to tell with a single glance that even one of the 『Artificial Eyes』 is expensive.

I have to work even harder in order to repay my many debts to Palinchlon. 

While making such resolve, I pat Maria’s head, and lay her body on the bed.

「If your head hurts, then you should take it easy for a little longer……」

「Yes. Thank you, Nii-san」

Maria’s cheeks turn red as she’s lied down. As expected, her health doesn’t appear to be good. I can tell that she has a fever. Since long ago, my sister had constantly gotten sick.

I contemplate over Maria’s body while holding her hand.

But then, Palinchlon’s voice interrupts me.

「Would it be fine for the charming sibling love to end there? There are lots of things that have to be done today」

「Things to do…… ? Sorry, Palinchlon. Was there something going on today…… ?」

「Isn’t Kanami supposed to enroll in the guild 『Epic Seeker』 today? It might have been forgotten because of the great fire, but since it looked like Kanami’s body was in good shape it’s been decided to go as planned」

「Ah, aah, that’s right」

I remembered. In order to pay for Maria’s medical expenses, I have to earn money. And it wasn’t too long ago that Palinchlon introduced me to this job. That is the guild 『Epic Seeker』. In one of the Allied Nations, it is a legitimate guild that belongs to the country of Lauravia.

With my ability, I should be able to work here as one of its members.

「That’s right. Nii-san was going to enter the guild……」

Maria also confirms it as if she had just remembered.

「Aah, that’s right. You two will have to earn a considerable amount of money to live in this world. And for that, I think it’d be best to join my guild. On top of a pretty good income, it has many connections. Above all, you’ll be under Lauravia’s protection, I think it’s something good for you two. Wouldn’t it be for the best if Maria-chan can take her time getting treated?」

「Thank you, Palinchlon. Like this, we will also be able to live in this world……」

I give my thanks to my benefactor for this far too perfect job.

「Wait a minute. Isn’t it a little too early to be relieved? You still have to take the guild’s entrance exam. Just because it’s Kanami that doesn’t mean that you can unconditionally enter. If you don’t take the exam, then everything we talked about won’t happen」

「Of course. If anything I’d rather you be strict on me」

Palinchlon replied as if it were a threat, but that’s just what I wished for.

Palinchlon returns a wide smile to my reply overflowing with determination, and he leaves after saying 「Follow me」.

After informing Maria that I’m leaving, I chase after him in order to undertake 『Epic Seeker’s』 exam. In order for us siblings to obtain a place in this different world ――


The surrounding walls are made of stone and the ceiling is left open. Soft sand has been spread on a round area cut off from the rest, this is 『Epic Seeker’s』 training grounds.

In the training ground that is about the size of a school ground, all members of 『Epic Seeker』 are gathered. Consisting of men and women of all ages, there are about thirty guild members. Some have giant swords that are taller than themselves, and others hold canes and wear old robes.

Even though I’m at Palinchlon’s side, I break into a cold sweat when I receive their stares.

After Palinchlon confirms that all the members have gathered, and after a number of greetings, he begins speaking.

「Now then, introduce yourself. Kanami」

「Eh, uum, my name is Aikawa Kanami. A level 14 ice attribute mage. I can also use a sword, more or less. Nice to meet you ……」

As I’m told, I introduce myself so that everyone can hear.

The guild members reactions vary. There were people that earnestly listened, and there were people that ignored it.

But after hearing my level, the faces of many shined.

「So that boy is level 14. Palinchlon abducted another capable kid again」

「How polite. And his face is also pretty. But, that burn on his neck is a bit regrettable」

「A mage, and he can use a sword. Uuun, it’d be bad if they were both half-assed」

Each of them evaluated me as they liked. It doesn’t feel great. If anything it feels like I’m on display, and I wish for it to end as soon as possible.

I peek at the reactions of the surroundings, and among them was a single person with a remarkably bizarre reaction.

A girl with long hair that flutters like the ripples in the sea looks here with wide eyes

From the small horns that peek out of that beautiful hair I can tell that she is a beastman.  There’s also a tail coming out from under the thick folk clothes she wears.

「…… Eh? …… Sieg-san?」

The beastman girl open her mouth and looks here in dumbfoundment.

「Ah, so Snow is here……」

Palinchlon call out to the beastman girl. And so, with a short 「Sorry. I have to go and greet the guild members」, he heads for the beastman girl and begins talking to her.

Palinchlon is the guild’s top person. There might be some message he needs to give her.

As I see the two deep in talk, one of the guild members approaches me.

「Yo, Kanami. I’ll be seeing you from now on」

This isn’t the time to be looking away. I immediately reply in order to give as best an impression as I can.

「Yes. I’ll be in your care」

With that as the trigger, the other guild members approach me one after the other.

「Nice to meet you, Kanami. I’m Teiri, and also a party leader」

「Ah, your trying to get ahead of us. Boy, I’ll teach you the sword later. You’d best stop with that magic. Also, you should join my party」

「Oi oi, don’t try to turn someone with magic power into a muscle head……」

「Kanami-kun, Nice to meet you~」

A mage with a bright expression, a giant swordsman, a youth with a bow on their back ―― various people in joke like clothing surround me. Although I know that I’m in a different world, being approached this closely is a bit frightening.

「Ahaha, I’ll be in you care……」

I answer with a forced smile. I’m relieved that my face didn’t cramp.

「All right. Everyone, that’s enough」

As I’m mingling with the members, Palinchlon claps his hands to gather everyone’s attention. It seems like his conversation with the beastman girl called Snow ended.

The girl moves even further away and takes a seat in a shady location.

I thought of greeting her if possible. Of course it’s also because she’s good looking, but for some reason, I feel that talking with that girl is important. Strangely enough, it feels like I’ve met her somewhere before……. 

「Kanami’s enrollment exam still hasn’t ended. Isn’t it too soon for this, everyone?」

Palinchlon begins speaking of the exam. I immediately expel the thoughts about the girl and refocus. For the sake of my little sister Maria as well, I can’t afford to fail the exam.

「Oi oi, Palinchlon. Of the people you brought along, not a single one failed. Just forget about that exam already and let him join my party」

The giant swordsman heckled.

From where he’s standing and what he’s saying, that man appears to have an impressive position. Above all, I could tell that he’s not a normal person from all the wounds on his body.

「No no, that’s still not guaranteed? Anyways, I have an important announcement, so be quiet」

Palinchlon continues at his own pace, but the interruptions don’t stop.

As I heard it was a guild under the country, I had a stiffer image of it, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case. It has an at home atmosphere.

「Hurry it up already. I’ll be having that child enter my party」

A woman with a cane looks over with a smile.

It seems like the conversation has turned into which group I will belong to.

However, Palinchlon ignores the flow and says his next words.

「―― While unfortunate, Kanami won’t enter anyone’s party?」

Hearing that, the guild members make a  questioning expression.

They all wanted an explanation. In contrast, Palinchlon continues at his own pace. He answers in a very simple but enjoyable manner.

「After all, Kanami will become 『Epic Seeker’s』 Guild Master」

Although they understand those words, it took a while for anyone to respond.

And so, after several seconds of silence, the training ground was encased in voices of surprise.

「Ha, haa!?」

The first to raise their voice was me.

After that, together with the doubtful voices of the other members, an explanation was sought.

「Wa, wait wait. Palinchlon, isn’t this joke going too far?」

「Just what’s going on, to suddenly make him the Guild Master」

We were all in agreement. This sounded like nothing but a bad joke.

However, Palinchlon’s nonchalant expression from before remained.

「Kanami is, the 『Hero』 that the sub-masters Rail and I chose. As initially planned, the empty seat at the top of 『Epic Seeker』, will be given to the 『Hero』 that is Kanami」

And so, my position as the Guild Master was asserted for a second time.

And it was with the exaggerated expression of 『Hero』.

「Are you serious…… ?」

The atmosphere cooled down once everyone understood that Palinchlon wasn’t joking, and the giant swordsman standing at the very front questioned Palinchlon with a glare.

The atmosphere is tense, as if it would blow at any moment, but Palinchlon replies in an enjoyable manner.

「Kanami is strong, his character is also good. Above all, he has the qualities of a hero. Thus, as  appropriate he will become the Guild Master. If anyone has any complaints, try beating Kanami. Right now, in place of an exam, we will be having a round robin」

With Palinchlon’s provocation, the guild members thirst for blood increases.

And that bloodthirst hits Palinchlon and me. Unable to withstand, I yell at Palinchlon. 

「Palinchlon, what are you saying!? Are you, are you stupid!?」

Seeing me oppose it in a panic, a part of the pressure lessens.

It’s then that a composed woman takes a step forward and expresses her opinion.

「I’ll acknowledge that there’s talent. I can understand that from looking at this child. Certainly, he may be someone that will stand above us in the future. But for now, this is too unreasonable. Palinchlon」

「The guild won’t be able to work properly under a forcefully placed Guild Master……」

At this rate it will probably turn into a battle against everyone.

I tried explaining with sound logic in order to get Palinchlon to rethink his decision.

However, Palinchlon wouldn’t accept.

「Our 『Epic Seeker』 is always in disorder, one way or another you all will probably accept it.  After all, Kanami is the very person we’ve been waiting for」

―― It’s been decided.

I understood that Palinchlon had no intention of pulling back, and so the preparation to convince everyone through strength and not words advanced. It’s then that someone holding a specialized weapon steps forward with a glare.

「Don’t glare like that. About the round robin that’s about to begin, I’ll rethink it if Kanami gets even a single scratch」

Palinchlon adds another condition in the round robin. This proposal only further agitates the members.

「You’re really saying that ……」

「Don’t look down on us」

「Don’t blame me if that boy dies」

And so, they each move away as they leave dangerous remarks.

As an organization, they are unable to oppose the decisions of Palinchlon who’s at the top. However, it’s clear that they would express their dissatisfaction in this round robin.

I resolved myself to take the exam, but I didn’t expect this development.

Not giving up, I once again try to persuade Palinchlon.

「Wait! Wait wait, Palinchlon! I won’t agree, it’s like the guild members are saying. To make me the Guild Master all of a sudden, that’s weird!」

「Eh, but you said you’d enter the guild didn’t you?」

「I did say that but! I meant as a guild member!」

「I didn’t say a single thing of  becoming a guild member. I’ve always talked to you with the intention of becoming the Guild Master」

「Haa!? Y, you swindler!」

「How mean. I didn’t tell any lies. But, well, I guess you can say swindler」

Without any intention to negotiate, Palinchlon wards off my words.

And while warding it off, the preparations for the round robin continue. A line is drawn on the sand using a sword’s scabbard, and a simple field is made.

With the field field done, Palinchlon turns back to me. And then, with the most serious expression today, he entreats me. 

「Kanami, please. Please become the Guild Master. Something to this degree wouldn’t be much for you. It can’t even be called a 『Trial』. If It’s Kanami, I believe you’d be climb over an even more amazing 『Trial』」

I couldn’t find a response to those earnest words.

One way or another I thought of repaying him, so there’s no way I can refuse such a genuine wish. After a sigh, I couldn’t do anything but nod.

「Haa…… I get it. I’ll do it ……. But, after it ends, if the guild members don’t consent, then I’ll withdraw from this」

「Fine then. So that’s where you’ll compromise. But, don’t go easy ok?」

「That’ll be rude, I won’t hold back. Mostly……」

Seeing me give up, Palinchlon gets a training sword from the training grounds.

And then, he throws it over. As I grab it in midair, I mutter.

「―― 《Di Winter》」

After expanding the magic I specialize in, with resolve, I enter the simple field.

However, when I look at the members in waiting, I begin feeling depressed.

「An office job would’ve been nice……. Sorting documents and the like…… 」

While grumbling of the dream that wasn’t granted, I draw the sword from the scabbard.


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