The first opponent, a hot-blooded knight girl.

She’s quite young even among the other members, but she tells the giant swordsman 「There’s no need for leader to come out」 and enters the field.

I immediately 『Observe』 and check the status of the girl carrying a rapier.

The girls level is 12, and her only skill is swordsmanship. If it’s a pure swordsman, then they’re no opponent to me.

….. As always, this is just like a cheat ability.

Although I can only see the status of the living creatures of this world, that’s already cheat enough.

I ready my sword once I grasped the girls strengths. This is probably an opponent I won’t have trouble with even if I were to cancel my support magic. Although her body’s strong because of her level, there’s nothing else worth mentioning.

「Then let the first match, begin」

The girl charges the moment Palinchlon gives the signal.

「HAaAAh ――!!」

For now, just as I promised, I won’t hold back.

First, in order to not injure the girl, I use the bottom of my sword’s hilt to hit the hilt of the sword the girl is swinging. At the same time, I sweep the girls legs, and grab the sword that’s now in midair with my left hand. With a sword in both hands, I thrust them before the eyes of the fallen girl.

Checkmate. The difference in speed and ability was too much. Taking her weapon was easy.

「Eh? eh, what happened ――、eh?」

Leaving the girl who didn’t know what happened behind, I declare my victory.

「With this it’s my win right?」

「Aah, no matter how you look at it it’s Kanami’s win. Now then, next」

Palinchlon approves and moves on to the next match.

However, the expression of the members that Palinchlon called for are grim, and a next challenger doesn’t come out right away. Now that they’ve seen a bit of my true ability, they likely understood that it isn’t so simple.

Anticipating the next match, I take the hand of the depressed girl in order to pull her up.

「Are you fine?」

「Eh, ah, un. I’m fine……」

In a daze, she stands as I pull her hand.

She must’ve finally realized that she lost. Staring intently at my face, her words leak out.

「Th, this is, the 『Hero』 Palinchlon-san chose….. ?」

For some reason, those words had a strange heat in them.

Feeling a chill along my spine, I use 《Dimension Gladiate》 to avoid the girls gaze and get away.

At any rate, I wait on the field for the next opponent hoping for this round robin to quickly come to an end.

The next opponent is also a woman.

Since levels and magic exists in this world, there isn’t much of a difference in the capabilities of a man and woman. However, it’s true that handling a sword is difficult, and because of that men have an easier time with it.


Name Teiri Rinka   HP212/222 MP201/205   Class : Mage

Level : 19

Strength4.41   Vitality5.15 Dexterity3.32   Agility3.21 Intelligence7.21   Magic11.09 Potential1.33

Innate Skills : Wind Magic1.67

Acquired Skills : Magic Combat1.12

I can tell that she’s a pure mage from her status and outfit.

But even though she’s employed as a mage, her body’s strength isn’t inferior to the swordsman from before.

There’s no question that this Teiri-san is a member with a high position. She probably thought that she’d be an appropriate opponent after having seen my battle with the girl. After saying a word to the other challengers, Teiri-san takes the field.

Unfortunately, with such a status it’d be difficult to even touch me.

There is also the matter of it being a bad matchup as a pure mage.

「Then, begin」

I approach Teiri-san at the same time as Palinchlon’s announcement.

Of course, Teiri-san constructs her own magic because as a mage it’d be over if I get close. However, 《Di Winter》 does not permit that.

The constructed magic is shifted ―― and when activated, only a decaying wind comes out.

「―― Wha!? My magic is!」

I put my sword on the neck of the surprised Teiri-san. 

「Umm, do you want to continue …… ?」

「…… It’s my loss」

Teiri-san gives in with a very serious expression.

As she leaves the field, she talks with the giant swordsman.

「Oi, what was that. You couldn’t use your magic?」

「There was a strong interference. It was only an instant, so I don’t know anything but that」

After exchanging information, the giant swordsman walks to the field.

Also quieting the other members with a single word, he enters the field. From that, just like Teiri-san, I can tell that he’s quite the figure.


Name : Wolzak Aldo   HP340/351 MP0/0 Class: Swordsman

Level : 20

Strength10.40   Vitality5.85 Dexterity8.26   Agility10.31 Intelligence7.09   Magic0.00 Potential1.12

Innate Skills : Rebellious Spirit1.21

Acquired Skills : Swordsmanship1.56

His name is Wolzak. From what I can see, among the challengers he’s the one with the highest level.

From the eyes being directed at him, I can tell that this swordsman is the one with the most trust. And his presence is more than enough to match that.

Wolzak-san readies the conspicuously large great sword and speaks.

「Sorry but I’ll be going all out. It’s not like I don’t want you to accompany us. Rather, for your sake as well, I plan to win here. Since suddenly becoming the Guild Master would be worse……」

Meeting gazes with the wound ridden giant, his reply was kind and gentle. Paying closer attention to his status, I realize that his intelligence is about the same as the mage from before. And that intelligence now peeks out.

「You’re a kind person. Thank you」

Although it’s an impression that could be said to be the worst towards a newcomer, I’m grateful towards Wolzak-san for being this considerate.

「Haa…… If it wasn’t for that shitty sub-master’s unreasonableness then it would’ve been a warm welcome…..」

And so, while insulting Palinchlon, Wolzak-san closes the distance between us. To match that, Palinchlon makes the cheerful declaration of 「begin」.

Together with those words, Wolzak-san runs.

It’s a speed that doesn’t match his body. As if a large four legged animal were attacking. In the blink of an eye, Wolzak-san already reached me and he swings his great sword horizontally.

My sword would break if I receive this ―― with that judgement, I makes some distance and dodge it by the tip of my nose.

「Chi! Try avoiding this!」

Next, in order to break my sword, Wolzak-san begins swinging his sword like a storm.

He isn’t holding back at all. Any normal person hit by this would be instantly killed. However, I felt no trace of killing intent.

Wolzak-san only attacked after having judged that I could receive it. And so, it’s in this situation that I find my chance.

Even if the exam were to end with me getting a wound right now, these results should be enough.

At the beginning, I thought that I would get at least one wound when fighting against the experienced members. However, at this rate it will really end with me uninjured.

I got over the top class mage Teiri-san, and had my true ability acknowledged by the highest level Wolzak-san. This should be more than enough proof to enter the guild.

And it wouldn’t work out for anyone if I forcefully enter an angered guild.

I’ve fulfilled the minimum of what I owe to Palinchlon. 

Giving myself such an answer, I choose an appropriate magic.

「I’ll be using some magic. ―― Magic 《Foam》」


Wolzak-san who sees that clicks his tongue. However, he continues his unrelenting attacks.

「―― I’ll break through it!」

With magic bubbles clinging on, Wolzak-san further increases the speed of his swings. But, the bubbles that are clinging on convey the trajectory of his sword with even higher accuracy than his own to me.There was no longer a way for his sword to hit.

While dodging his sword, I learn of Wolzak-san’s habits and read the trajectory of his next swing.

And so, that storm like sword grazes a layer of skin on my cheek.

Blood flows from a shallow cut.

「―― Ah、I was grazed」

I immediately move away and point out the wound on my cheek. Palinchlon declared that 「it would be a loss with a single injury」, and that condition has now been fulfilled.

Wolzak-san see that and clenches his teeth in a vexed manner, and after letting out a large sigh, he answers.

「No, that just now doesn’t count. It’s a complete loss for me ……」

With few words he acknowledges his loss and slowly leaves the field.

From his state, he must’ve figured out that I purposely got myself injured. I didn’t plan to hurt his pride, but it may have ended worse like this. Forgive me, I can’t afford to beat everyone so lopsidedly, this is for the sake of my life from here on.

「Wolzak-san acknowledged his defeat so, it’s Kanami’s win」

Palinchlon cheerfully declares my victory. I immediately object.

「Palinchlon, you said it’d be over with a single injury. This should ――」

「That bastard, so Palinchlon can be boastful…… !」

However, one of the members interrupts. And following that, other members begin speaking out.

「It looks interesting. I think I’ll be trying next」

「No, I will!」

「So the leaders were defeated…… Interesting…… !」

For some reason, the excitement in the training ground swelled at the end of the third battle.

It may be that many of the people here were attuned to battle to begin with. However, more than that, somewhere in the eyes they see me with, something is strange.

Palinchlon laughs as he points a finger towards the members with swelling tension.

「These guild members livelihood is fighting. There’s no way it’d end with a single wound is there? That was just a provocation」

Many members agree with Palinchlon’s words.

「That’s right, I’ll be bad if it ends there! I still haven’t fought!」

「What are you saying with that injury? Of course, you’ll keep fighting as long as you can」

「Hey, is it fine if I go next?」

I look at the hot-blooded members, and my cheeks cramp.

It’s then that Wolzak-san’s voice cuts through.

「Wait you all! ―― Glen’s sister, you go first!」

Everyone’s eyes move the the beastman girl. For an instant the training ground becomes quiet, it’s during that time that the girl shakes her head and answers.

「…… No. I wouldn’t even win」

After hearing that Wolzak-san replies with a serious expression.

「Are you really saying that?」

「…… Eeh. Really」

「I see……」

In the end Wolzak-san finds an appropriate place to sit in.

「Do as you like, you all. I’ll be watching」

And so, he gives up and begins watching.

Palinchlon looks on with a smile, and then urges the continuation of the round robin.

「It looks like the party leader gave his approval. Now, who’s next!」

Lured in by his voice, the members begin waiting for their turn.

「I, I’ll be, doing this with everyone…… ?」

Breaking into a cold sweat, I had no choice but to defeat all the members.


In the end, I was unable to make myself lose.

Since Wolzak-san was looking at me with a sharp gaze the whole time, and Palinchlon would immediately say anything if it was too obvious that I was going easy.

All I could do was try to end things as gently as possible while holding back as much as I could.

「―― All right. That’s it for today. Then, since no one won, it’s decided that Kanami will be the guild 『Epic Seeker’s』 Guild Master!」

I won against mostly everyone uninjured, and without reservation Palinchlon inaugurates me as the Guild Master.

「Wait, Palinchlon! Let me go again! I feel like I’ll be able to touch him next time!」

「No no. It’s already dark and time is limited. That’s it for now!」

Several members try to interrupt, but Palinchlon forcefully brings the round robin to an end.

As the members being breaking up, they each leave me some words before leaving the training ground.

「Wow, you’re really strong, Kanami. Will you have another match with me in private tomorrow?」

「Eh? Eeh, that’s fine」

I answer while baffled at the members friendly voice.

「Don’t be so stiff, Kanami. No need to add san or other honorifics with us」

「Thank you……. I understand, I’ll do so from now on」

I felt almost no dissatisfaction about me becoming the Guild Master from them. For people who live in battle, they might not have any problem with someone being at the top as long as they have power.

「Ah, Kanami-kun. Teach me about magic later okay」

「Ye, yes」

Following the smiling mage, a middle aged swordsman strikes me on my shoulder.

「Your ability as Master will be tested from now on. Well, you have the support of these fellas so don’t worry」

「Haa, I’ll do my best」

Of course, not everything went favorably. There were some people with grim expressions.

「Oi, I still haven’t acknowledged you……」

「Ah, no, I believe that’s a natural reaction」

「I’ll be challenging you five more times, so clear your head and wait for me」

But, they left laughing in the end. Just when I thought people with normal thoughts had come, their reaction was more like a child who found a worthy opponent. 

After that, although there were many abusive words, there were almost no people who held any clear spite. At least, none of the behavior I expected to happen when someone appears out of nowhere and becomes the top position in an organization occurred.

Although I sense something strange with the members, I answer with a forced smile.

And so, after speaking with all the members, only Palinchlon and the beastman girl Snow remained. This whole time, the beastman girl was spacing out while looking up at the sky with a gloomy atmosphere.

I immediately seek an explanation from Palinchlon who stayed behind.

「…… Is, isn’t this strange?」

「Good for you, Kanami. It’s a huge promotion?」

「But it’s a terrifying one. And what’s with this grand welcome, both of these things are unbelievable」

「The only ones who’d let something like this happen are pretty much only us. In any other guild, this definitely wouldn’t be allowed」

「I didn’t think it’d be normal because it’s Palinchlon’s guild, but just what was that…… ?」

I still can’t come to believe it. 

Although I showed off my power in the round robin, there was no other reason for the member to consent. This phenomenon would never occur in my world.

It must be a difference in the culture of this different world.

But even if it’s a culture that doesn’t bother with the finer details and instead let’s ability speak for itself, this welcome is still strange

「『Epic Seeker』(Those who seek an epic) is exactly as its name says, it’s a guild with the goal of finding a hero」

「And isn’t that, not normal……」

「Guilds under the country are started with some sort of policy to benefit the country. For example, 『Protecting the public order of Lauravia』, 『Obtaining treasure for the sake of Lauravia』, 『Training the talented people of Lauravia』, many policies like that. And, our guild is one that is 『Searching for a hero for the sake of Lauravia』」. Of course, because of such a stupid name, we’re a gathering of eccentric people. And on top of that, the interviews are mostly done by me.

「…… Then of course strange people would gather here」

「No matter what our members say, they are all  strange people that dream of a hero. Coupled with Lauravia’s principle of strength, there isn’t anyone who’d say anything about Kanami with your overwhelming strength. ―― This guild existed for this very moment. And, these are the member I gathered under my eye for this moment. I’d be the one troubled if it didn’t go so smoothly」

Palinchlon explains the strangeness of the guild 『Epic Seeker』.

Somewhere inside he appeared proud. It was like a child boasting about his toy. I felt a similar atmosphere from the other members as well. Anyways, whether it’s good or bad, this guild is childish. Palinchlon laughs at the end of his explanation.

「Become a hero here, Kanami. Make use of this guild and spread your name」

「Is that your wish?」

「Rather than a wish……, I’d say it’s more of a hobby. I want to try meeting a hero. And for that I have hopes in Kanami. Although born a 『Foreigner』, I believe that the human Kanami has the 『Makings of a hero』」

The always aloof Palinchlon is now showing a rarely seen earnestness.

「Your expecting too much of me. To begin with, I don’t even know how to become a hero」

To me a hero is an existence inside of fairy tales. In modern society, a hero would probably be something like a sports player. I don’t know what type of hero Palinchlon and others desire.

「No, the preparations for that are finished so don’t worry about that. Great people from a great country already made some enjoyable plans. I thought of copying that. If I remember correctly the plan is ―― 『Kanami happily becomes the Guild Master, and with unparalleled power you will reclaim the untrodden labyrinth, expand the『Correct Path』, and inherit the title of strongest searcher from Glen. And in the future, gain victory in the『Fighting Tournament』. Your name will ring throughout the continent, and while helping people as the hero you will make a triumphant return to Lauravia. Biding your time, you will participate in the war to the country’s north as the supreme commander at the front lines, there as the hero you will descend and become a living legend. 』 ―― something like that」

Palinchlon explains the amazingly absurd plan in a theatrical manner.

「Wh, what’s with that? I won’t do that. Especially that war. I definitely won’t be involved in a war」

「Hahaa. No, it’s all mostly a joke. What’s real is the labyrinth capture. If it’s that, you won’t earn any spite from others, and you can work at it at your own pace. For the sake of your sister Maria as well, having strength will always help won’t it?」

「…… Well, if it’s just capturing the labyrinth」

A labyrinth exists in this world.

They often appear in games, a dungeon where the further you advance the stronger the enemies get. Because the enemies are weaker in the shallow areas, it’s a suitable place to gain strength.

「If you have any time, I hope you can expand the 『Correct Path』 for the sake of Lauravia and the guild. If that’s impossible, then next would be crushing the thirtieth floor’s Guardian. It’ll be perfect as long as you can leave some kind of honor or achievement in 『Epic Seeker’s』 name」

「…… If I have time. I did think of contributing something to Lauravia for protecting my sister and me」

「What’s left is contributing by gaining victory in the 『Fighting Tournament』. It’s been years since Lauravia began lagging behind the other four countries. The heroic activities everywhere and being the supreme commander in the war to the north were a joke」

「I’d be a problem if they weren’t jokes……. I’m fine as long as I can protect the world I’m surrounded by. I’d rather die than be involved in a war between countries」

「Kukuu, is that so. Got it. Nevertheless, about the things we talked about, it’s all just a plan. Right now you have to devote yourself to duties of Guild Master. Forget about the labyrinth and expansion of the 『Correct path』 for now, it’d be fine for you to only think about how to get stronger」

「You’re right. Although the position was forced on me, if I’m gonna do it, then I have to make sure I do it right……. Otherwise it might end up bothering the other members……」

「Aah. If you don’t take over it quickly, then we won’t make it in time……」

Palinchlon’s expression becomes a bit serious.

「Won’t make it in time? ―― Aah, speaking of which Palinchlon, weren’t you some type of commander in your home country?」

From Palinchlon’s serious expression, I try guessing what Palinchlon is worried about. I heard that Palinchlon would soon be leaving the Allied Nations. I want to take over before that time comes.

「More or less. I’ve been doing whatever I want and now I’ve been forcefully summoned. I wanted to stay in the Allied Nations for a little longer, but there’s no helping it」

Normally, a summon by one’s home country should be considered an honor. But from the expression Palinchlon is making, that honor seems to be completely hated.

「I see. So Palinchlon won’t be here anymore……」

「While I’m not here, you’ll have the veteran sub-master Snow’s help」

「Veteran sub-master?」

And then, Palinchlon calls the beastman Snow who is at a corner of the training ground.

「She’s been the guild’s sub-master for six years. If it’s about 『Epic Seeker』, then she’s more well informed than me. Here, Snow. Introduce yourself」

As urged, the beastman girl approaches me, and holds out her hand.

It’s a very pretty hand. Just like a girl, a white and soft hand.

『Epic Seeker』 is an organization with three sub-masters and the seat of Guild Master empty. The ones sitting in the seats of sub-master are Palinchlon and Rail-san. Both of them are influential adults with strength and wisdom.

In other words, this beastman girl, is also influential enough to hold a seat among those two.

I slowly grab the held out hand.

「…… Dragon newt Snow Walker. Nice to meet you, Guild Master Kanami」

「Umm, nice to meet you. Snow…… chan?」

I wasn’t sure how to call her. If it’s as it looks, then she should be at an age were being addressed with chan would pose no problem. However, after hearing that she’s been the sub-master since six years ago, I’m not so confident that she’s as old as she looks.

「We’re probably, around the same age. It’s annoying, so call me whatever you want」

「Thanks. Then I’ll go with, Snow. Feel free to call me whatever you like. There’s no need for honorifics」

「Then, Kanami. I also won’t use honorifics」

It seems like she really is as old as she looks.

Which means, Snow became the sub-master around the middle of her teens.

「Kanami, Snow. Make sure to cooperate and manage 『Epic Seeker』 together. That way it’ll be fine while Rail and I aren’t here」

「That means, that the two of us, will be running the guild? Do you really plan to make us do this even thought were this young?」

My expression warps as I picture the scene of the situation without the two adults.

「It’ll be fine. Everyone will acknowledge it with Snow’s cooperation, and most importantly her lineage is good so no one will complain. As for Kanami, you were recognized by almost everyone on the first day. Yup, there’s no problem」

Palinchlon answers in a relaxed manner. Snow and I motionlessly glare at that.

Sorry to interrupt your fun, but I’m full of worries right now.

「Don’t glare like that. I’ll leave the rest to you, Snow. Just as promised, it’s fine as long as you support Kanami. Since quite some time ago, I’ve been looking forward to the two of you working together.」

Noticing that he was being stared at, Palinchlon moves away as if escaping. And then, he talks to Snow in a suggestive manner. 

「―― As long as you honor that, you can do whatever you want」

Leaving those words, Palinchlon exits the training ground.

And so, under the dark silent night, only Snow and I remain.


Using the light of the stars, Snow and I construct our magics.

Since we’d be associating for a long time I decided to confirm our strength today.

Snow places her hand on a boulder on the training ground.

The next instant, at the same time as the boulder shakes, a small crack is formed.

「…… This is the magic I specialize in」

Saying that, Snow makes the boulder shake even more, and splits it from top to bottom.

I understood because I had 《Dimension》 deployed. The nature of the magic Snow specializes in is 『Vibrations』.

「You made the boulder vibrate?」

「Un. My attributes are 『Nothingness』 and 『Fire』. And, I can do even more interesting things by combining my magic’s characteristics with 『Ancient Magic』」

Snow takes numerous magic stones from her bosom, loads them with magic power, and scatters them in the surroundings.

A quiet mutter. And then, that mutter reverberates several times over throughout the training ground.

(If combined with your magic, it will become an amazing weapon. That’s what Palinchlon said)

As if there were several speakers, I hear Snow’s voice from the scattered magic stones.

「Amazing. By controlling the vibrations, you’re making sounds from the stones?」

(That’s right. Using my 『Leftover magic power』 in the magic stones, and applying 『Ancient Magic』, I’m able to reproduce sound. It’s because I can do this, that I faced many difficulties)

Snow makes a light sound with her fingers, and the vibrations stop.

「Can, you use this from far away?」

「I can. This is how I will support. That is the promise with Palinchlon」

The abnormality of Snow’s ability causes me to break into a sweat.

The methods to contact other in this different world are poor. In case you want to contact someone far away, you have to use the 『Line』. And even that 『Line』 can’t transmit information this smoothly. If remember correctly, there’s nothing that can transmit the voice itself. In other words, Snow herself has technology several times more advanced than what this world currently has. It’s like being the only one with a phone in a world that uses carrier pigeons.

「With this magic, there’s a lot of interesting things can be done. So you’re going to assist me using that?」

「…… Un. I’ll support」

Snow nods, and with her drowsy eyes opening a bit, she continues in a determined voice.

「I will protect my promise with Palinchlon. But as promised, I’ll then do as I like」

「Aah, of course ――」

I thought of negotiating our freedom within the guild in order to come to an understanding. However, Snow continues her words without giving it any thought.

「A while ago, you said your name was 『Siegfried Visitor』, not 『Aikawa Kanami』. It’s likely, that your memory from that time was erased with Palinchlon’s mental magic. That bracelet is probably a key to that magic’s formula. You should destroy it as soon as possible.」

Snow says the name 『Siegfried Visitor』, and that Palinchlon erased my memories.

I was shocked. In both the meaning in that name, and about my memories.

「He? Eh, uum……, eh? What do you mean?」

「For now, that bracelet is the most suspicious. At that time, you didn’t have a bracelet」

Snow walks up to my side and places her hand on the bracelet.

「Wa, wait a second! This is important to me! I’ll be in trouble without it!!」

I brush Snow’s hand away and put some distance between us.

This bracelet stabilizes my magic power, and helps me understand the language. There’s no way I’d remove it.

 ―― That’s right. It’s an 『Important Object』 that I can’t afford to remove, no matter what happens.

「It’s all a lie. You’re also being played around with by Palinchlon」

Snow speaks to me with a stern expression.

However, I can’t understand what she’s saying. I don’t understand what 「Being played around with」 means.

「Sorry, Snow. I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. That’s why, I can’t believe it」

I deny it.

Snow hears that and lowers her extended hand. And then, she quietly mutters.

「…… I see」

A weak mutter without the conviction she held before.

Hear that weak voice I begin regretting my denial. As an excuse, I start explaining how I’m actually free.

「Umm……, to me, this bracelet is a very important object, that’s why I can’t remove it. Also, to suddenly being told something like this ……」

「It’s fine. But, if the time you believe in my words arrives, destroy that bracelet. If you do, you will probably obtain the opportunity to regain yourself」

Snow doesn’t force it.

She has no intention to press her own opinion. Just like her name, she has a personality as cold as snow. And so, also like an excuse, she continues her words.

「I’ve done what I could. I warned you. …… Remember that」

「…… I understand」

I nod. Remembering it won’t be a problem. From the expression she has, I could tell that those words were out of worry.

Snow and I face each other in silence. The first to break that silence is Snow.

「It’d be annoying to continue this conversation any more. We’ve seen our magic, so let’s end it here for today」

「That’s true. It’s about time to end it」

「Follow me. I’ll guide you to your room」

「Eh, ah, un」

I chase after Snow as she leaves the training ground.

Speaking of which, I haven’t heard of the place that Palinchlon is staying at. Actually, I haven’t heard anything since I entered the guild. It seems like that explanation was entrusted to Snow.

During the time it took to reach the room, I ask about something I’m curious about.

「Hey, who did you hear 『Siegfried Visitor』 from?」

「…… Kanami」

However, I don’t have such a memory. To begin with, I shouldn’t have met with Snow before today. The amount of people I met since coming to this different world are few. And I don’t think I’d forget the faces of those few people. And that goes even more for a girl with such characteristics ――

「Then, does Snow know the meaning of 『Siegfried』 or 『Visitor』…… ?」

「Meaning? I don’t know anything but your name」

「I, I see」

『Siegfried』 is the name of a famous hero in my world, and 『Visitor』 translated literally mean visitor. A name for a 『Foreigner』 who got lost in this different world. 

But, the only one who should know that is me who came from my world, and it doesn’t seem like that meaning was passed onto Snow.

However, I understood with this. Snow doesn’t know of my world. But she heard the name 『Siegfried Visitor』. However, there’s no clue as to who she heard it from. Just who did she hear it from, as I try thinking of the source, Snow stops walking in front of a certain room.

「…… Here」

Snow enters the room. I follow after her.

It was a spacious room.

Equipped with only the necessary furniture needed, it has few traces of life. For a newly prepared room there are a lot of things inside, especially a large amount of accessories. It’s like a girl is living here.

「Is this my room?」

「Uun, my room」

My observations weren’t wrong.

「Why are we in Snow’s room?」

「For you to sleep. The Guild Master’s room, still isn’t ready」

「N, no way……」

I place my hand on my head. Palinchlon is probably the one that decided this, and inside my heart I curse him.

「I thought you’d say that. If there’s a problem, I’ll sleep on the roof」

「On the roof? That’s also no good. In that case, I’ll sleep in the corridor」

「…… I thought you’d say that. I can sleep no matter where I am, but you won’t agree. Aah, annoying, really annoying. …… Then I’ll compromise」


Just as Snow said, she gets closer while looking annoyed. And then, she reaches out her hand as if to touch me ――  but I sense a strange magic power from that hand and jump back.

「―― Wha!?」

「…… Unfortunate 」

「Unfortunate. Right now, you just tried to use magic on me……」

「Because it’s annoying I thought I’d use magic to knock you out. But, it failed. And I was the stronger one when we first met」

After a sigh of regret, Snow takes off her thick coat, throws it in the room, and rolls onto the bed. Even though I’m still here, she’s now only in her underwear. Wearing what looks like a camisole on top, a healthy pair of thighs are on full display.

Those sudden actions stunned me.

The girl in front of me is beautiful. I’ve thought so since we first met.

Just like her name, her skin is as white as snow. Covering that white skin is her long blue hair reminiscent of the horizon between the sky and the sea. And, those light sakura colored eyes give off a refreshing feeling. She holds a charm akin to that of a calm ocean.

Above all, that face that wouldn’t lose to a pro model is poison to the eyes.  And those voluptuous breasts are bigger than anyone else I’ve met today. Naturally, she isn’t wearing a bra, and because of that I can clearly make out the shape of her breasts.

She’s way too indifferent. I immediately avert my eyes while thinking so.

「…… I’ll sleep in the corridor. There won’t be a problem as long as there’s a roof and a blanket」

「Then I’d be the one feeling bad. At least sleep in a corner of the room」

「Then, I’ll sleep in my sister’s room. After all, this is just Palinchlon’s harassment」

「…… Is that so? That might be it. Then, do that. But for now, just as Palinchlon instructed, I showed you this room. Remember that」

「Aah, got it. I’ll remember…… Then, good night. Snow」

「…… Un, good night」

After exchanging our last words, I leave Snow’s room, and I finally feel like I’ve understood a bit about Snow.

Snow doesn’t force her own opinion. If it looks like it will turn into an argument, she’ll immediately pull out.

While thinking of the person called Snow Walker, I head for Maria’s room.

On the way, I feel the moon light pouring in from a window and look out from it.

A waning moon is suspended in the sky. A waning moon, no different from the moon in my world. If the waning of the moon exists, then the calendar and time must be similar to my world. People living under similar stars would probably have the same ideas.

And by chance, I begin feeling a little sick.

As if everything was made to well, like living on the palm of somebody’s hands. It’s unpleasant.

No, now that I think about it ―― all of today has been unpleasant.

An unknown uneasiness is constantly lurking behind me.

The discomfort I’ve felt in the morning, it never left. When fighting, when talking, always. As if something’s wrong, as if I’m forgetting something…… that discomfort doesn’t disappear.

Bearing that discomfort, I arrive at Maria’s room.

「Maria, it’s me. I’m entering」

「Nii-san…… ? Welcome back」

Maria’s face brightens with my visit and she welcomes me in.

Even when I meet my beloved sister, that discomfort doesn’t disappear. However, I can’t possibly show any uneasiness in front of Maria. I end my thoughts about those feelings with the excuse of it being because I’m living in a 『Different World』, and I gently talk to Maria.

「Maria, has the pain in your head gotten better?」

「No, it has become better, but there’s a light pain that won’t go away. And, it’s a strange feeling. Like there’s something I’m forgetting……. It feels a bit bad」

What a surprise. Maria is also feeling the same as I am.

「…… There’s nothing that can be done since it’s because you’re not used to this 『Different World』. Don’t think too deeply about it, and take your time resting」


My sister’s body is weak. It’s no good unless she sleeps as much as possible. While patting her head, I urged her to rest.

「Hey, Maria. I don’t have a place to sleep today. Would it be fine for me to use this room?」

「Eh, of course you can. Rather, I want you to always sleep here」

「I see. Thank goodness. Then, I’ll be borrowing that chair」

「Chair? You can’t. Since we finally have the chance, let’s sleep together. The bed is big, and we’re siblings so it’s fine!」

「Eh, but ――」

「Please. Nii-san」

Maria’s spoke in a strong tone with an uneasy expression. It might be because of the many worries she has that she wants to sleep together. 

We are siblings. Sleep together isn’t strange if it’s for the sake of her uneasiness. I do feel like we passed the age to sleep together, but for now I’ll avert my eyes since we aren’t in a normal situation.

「Then let’s do that……」


Maria smiles. And so, I lie down at the side of my precious sister.

And in a loving way, Maria grabs my hand.

「Nii-san’s hand, it’s cold and comfortable……」

Now relieved, strength exits from Maria’s body. From that, I realize that during the time I wasn’t here, Maria has always been on edge Of course she was. Losing her way in a different world, losing her eyes, and waiting for her brother in the darkness…… there’s no way her heart could relax.

Until she finally touched me, Maria hadn’t relaxed a bit.

I’ve decided, if I receive the guild master room, I’ll sleep there together with Maria.

We’ll never be apart again. I’ll be by her side. Actually, it feels like I’ve made such a promise…….

While trying to recall that promise, my eyes shut, and my body slowly loses to its drowsiness. While feeling my important family to my side, I begin falling asleep ―― but even then, that discomfort did not disappear.

Even within this happiness between two siblings, there’s something that I can’t agree with.

I shake my head to expel those thoughts from my mind.

Right now I’ll rest. I first have to secure our safety in this different world.

While securing a position for myself in Lauravia, I’ll pay Maria’s medical bills. For that, I’ll have to try my best from tomorrow. I have no time to worry.

While repeating it in my heart, I fall asleep tightly gripping Maria’s hand ――

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