Good morning, or good afternoon. This is Tarisa Warinai. I thought of slowly talking about the story―― but, there aren’t many pages left for this afterward, so I can’t say much. The heroines for this time were Lastiara and Maria. However, the heroine on the cover is only Lastiara. This isn’t about being left out, it’s because I wanted to make Maria the main one on the third volume’s cover. Therefore she’ll have to wait her turn. And so, as for the second volume, the number of characters have increased quite a lot. This time the main focus was on Lastiara and Maria, but I believe I managed to express the other characters well. And since I got the character designs from the Illustrator Ukai-san. I don’t want to waste a single person. Even if my favorite is Ragne on the inside. Once an overbearing author used they’re authroity to give a provisional first place in a popularity poll, and this time the freighting girl oberaringly received a whole picture. O, of course, I don’t put my personal feelings in the story. Maybe unconsciously. Maybe.

I don’t think I’ll learn and I’ll probably do it again in the third volume, please overlook this. At any rate the third volume is a highlight, so my selfishness will probably increase. That scene in the third volume……, I want to see an illustration of that scene…… (I didn’t reflect at all)! The reason I was even able to publish the second volume, is entirely thanks to everyone who took one in their hands. Of course, along with the advice of the web novel readers, I’ve been able to receive the power to materialize my wild ideas. ――Well then, let us meet again on the third volume.

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    Thanks for the afterword

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    So sweet…..Thank you!! 😀

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    Where can i read the novel

    All i can see just a note from TL

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    Some one .. Help me

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      ? This should be the afterward for volume 2.

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