I’m sorry.

This is the always aiming for a happy end Warinai Tarisa here.

In various ways the main story has finally completed its first stage. By the way, With the end of this third volume, it might look like it’s the end of his life, but the story will continue. It will still continue. Rather I want it to continue until they reach the deepest part. It’s a story like this, but please continue reading (Serious). Please…….

…… There were many times I thought of not writing a story like this from the beginning if I was going to end up starting the afterword with an apology. But, this is the story I wanted to write. Holding cheat abilities in a different world together with a girl (this is important) and together they will laugh and regret, win and lose, and there are times that things go well and times that things go bad ―― that’s the story I wanted to write.

From here on this afterword will become bright. After all this fourth volume is a new chapter with a different stage and name, please expect a lot from the many activities of the reborn protagonist Aikawa Kanami.  It’s something like that.

Although it was written in the main story, the stage of the next adventure isn’t Valt or Whoseyards, but the country of Lauravia. Since it is a different world, I thought of adventuring to many countries. One day, the protagonist will complete his trip through all five countries of the Allied Nations. Naturally, there’ll be flirting with cute girls everywhere. …… Good for you, Kanami.

Of course, with the fourth volume there will be a new heroine and new Guardian, please look forward to that as well. The new heroine is the girl who one first in the web novel popularity poll. I understand the popularity of the new Guardian, but I still don’t get her popularity. If there’s a fourth volume, then maybe, she will be on the cover? In her case, she different from Maria who was on the third volume, I have no idea what kind of expression she’ll be making.

And, speaking of the third volume cover…… I wanted Maria to have tears of blood coming out with a smile on the cover, naturally I was scolded. However, in exchange, I believe a much more amazing cover came out. There are many parts with deep meaning that are to my taste, I can’t raise my head enough to Ukai-san for being able to receive such a beautiful  illustration. Maria with red cheeks throwing flowers into the flames, and the protagonist who sits in a chair in the back. Not only me, but Maria would also be satisfied with this amazing cover. It’s precisely, a cover stuffed with 『Maria’s Happiness』. If Maria were to win, then it would be just like that. …… Good for you, Maria.

Thanks to Maria and the cover, I’m able to make a truly bright afterword. If the volumes steadily continue like this, then some day, the time might come where I can say 「Good for you, Dia」 and 「Good for you, Lastiara」 and 「Good for you, Palinchlon」. It will be a wonderful thing.

Although I received Illustrations that I desired in the third volume, my overflowing desires don’t stop. Nothing changed from the time since the afterword of the second volume ―― aah, next I want to see an illustration of that scene between Lastiara and Kanami published……. I can’t bear how much I want it……. It’s just a little longer, but I also want to say 「Good for you, Snow」…… ―― and that’s my current state.

A slogan for the steady continuation of the volumes is ―― A heart pumping adventure with the cheat protagonist summoned to a different world and the girls overflowing with charm. Now, will he dive to the deepest part of this gigantic dungeon, grant his wish, and return to his world! The first, second, and third volume are now on sale! ―― something like this. …… Advertising is difficult.

Before I knew it, it became an afterword filled with greed. Forgive me.

Although I’m like this, please consider continuing your support. The reason I made it up to this long desired third volume is thanks to all the people who obtained a volume, and all the people who supported and gave me advice on the web. Everytime I take a published volume in hand, my body shakes in gratitude. 

I’m truly thankful to everyone. And I pray that we meet again in the fourth volume.

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