Continuing from the second volume, the pages this time are filled to the brim. It’s been a while. This is Warinai Tarisa. 

The 『Lauravia Country Arc』 has begun. I believe the people who read will understand, but this is the so called 『Tournament Arc』. The hero will challenge, and at the same time the worries of many characters will be resolved. A very righteous route.

And so, the heroine Snow Walker finally makes her appearance. Her personality is constantly going back and forth, I won’t say she showed her all, but I believe this volume should’ve shown a bit of how she is. And of course, she will also be involved in the 『Fighting Tournament』. Rather, I feel like there are almost no named characters that aren’t involved in the tournament. It’s kind of like a festival.

Finally I’d like to extend my gratitude for letting me take out this fourth volume. The reason the protagonist hasn’t retired yet is fully thanks to all the readers. Truly, thank you very much.

And also, I’m happy to say that the legendary Rpg 「Wizardry」has accepted a collab. I’m super grateful. To be able to see the protagonist and the heroines in a game, let’s all play it. It’s a dungeon RPG worth playing.

……There isn’t enough space to talk, so I’ll end it here for now. Until next time.

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