The village took about half a day to reach, but even with it being so far, it’s much nicer than I expected. Most of the houses are made of wood rather than stone, there’s a pasture, and together with the farming tools it felt like the countryside, but in terms of size it’s about the same as the town of Lauravia.

We walk through the village greeting whoever we pass and move to the large building at the very center.

We met with the client, the village chief, but the Walker house’s chamberlalins already finished all the arrangements. From the negotiations to the contract, everything was done before I knew it. Although I’m the party leader, my input was never needed.

With the subjugation having been decided to be done immediately, we leave the village chief’s house.

Not too far from the building Lowen is once again playing with children. He probably had nothing to do while we were negotiating with the villagers. He shows the kids his sword techniques and they raise their voices in admiration, and put in a good mood, Lowen continues showing them one technique after the other.

Ignoring him, I spread the map I received on the ground.

Dragging Reaper who was playing nearby, we began surveying the location.

Having dragged Reaper who was playing nearby along, both of us begin surveying the location.

「―― Magic 《Dimension Multiple》!」

「Me too magic 《Dimension》!」

With dimension magic users in the party there’s no for anyone to scout in person. Thanks to that there’ll be no cases of anyone going missing.

In order to gather information on the geography I spread my mana throughout the village ―― to the nearby mountain range ―― and finally to the abandoned castle. To my side Reaper groans out  「Mumumuu」. It seems like the range of Reaper’s mana isn’t the same as mine. It probably only reaches the foot of the mountain.

As I watch over her I once again spread 《Dimension Multiple》, grasp the structure of the abandoned castle, and search for where the dragon settled down. The castle has a distinctive giant withered garden. It’s about three times the size of the castle I visited in Lauravia. The owner of this castle may have had a fondness for greenery.

As I think about such things, I continue using my magic to search even deeper inside.

It didn’t take long to find the dragon. It’s magnificently sleeping on the throne. 

It’s curled up on the throne meant for humans. Surrounding it are the large amounts of produce it stole from the villagers. Other than that, there’s nothing there.

An unflattering sight. In most fairy tales a dragon would be guarding the gold and silver treasures it stole, but this guy doesn’t have a single shiny thing. 

Ocher colored scales and a filthy body. Not a single treasure to be found in this abandoned castle that is on the verge of collapse. The crops at its side only add to the image of its frugality.

【Monster】Drav Dragon:Rank 26

It looks like I can also 『Observe』 the monsters outside of the labyrinth.

Thankfully it’s only rank 26. If going by the numbers, it’s no match for me since I managed to get through the enemies up till the thirtieth floor.

 「Darkish Dragon……, discovered……」

 「Eh, eh? Onii-chan. Where, where?」

Hearing that I discovered it, Reaper asks as she restlessly looks around the area.

With no other choice, I strengthen her 《Dimension》 with my mana. This would be a dangerous action if it were two normal mages, but for us it’s possible. Not only do Reaper and I have a 『Link』, our mana attribute and quality is similar. This is possible as fellow users of 《Dimension》.

「Reaper, not there. North north of west…… Yeah there」

「Oh, here. Oohー, there’s an awesome castle there! Giant lizard spotted!」

Reaper managed to find the dragon with her 《Dimension》.

Snow sees that Reaper and I have found it and excitedly declares our departure.

「Nn, all right. So it’s in that direction. Then let’s go. ―― Lowen Araith!!」

Lowen stops chatting with the kids once he hears Snow’s shout. He tells the kids he’s leaving, and they give a parting remark of 「Do your best, Master」. It seems like Lowen also had the kids here call him 『Master』.

In such a way, we enter the mountains.

Generally, a dragon subjection would require many preparations, however we’re all currently wearing lightweight equipment. Thanks to the fact that all our necessary equipment is in 『Items』, we can ignore the preparations and quickly move forward. 

While walking through the mountain path I talk with Snow while once again gathering information on the subjugation target.

 「At this pace we’ll really end it in a day…… The Drav Dragon’s subjugation……」

 「Nn, that’s why I chose it」

 「Still, it’s a mystery why a dragon that’s so close by hasn’t been killed yet」

 「It’s not a mystery at all. Rather, it’s only natural that the Drav Dragon hasn’t been subjugated by now」

 「Natural, what do you mean……?」

 「It’s a dragon not worth the cost. Although it’s strong the reward is little. That’s why it’s left alone. Unlike a typical greedy dragon, this one doesn’t have any greed. Other than stealing the minimum amount of crops needed, it does nothing else worth noting. And the crops it steals are truly only what’s necessary. Because of that, the reward for defeating it isn’t worth it. And despite of that the dragon’s strength is no different, no one wants to deal with it」

Apparently there are many reasons it’s been left alone.

Although the country wants to get rid of it, the priority is rather low since it doesn’t cause much trouble. In other words that means it’s ――

「―― A clever dragon」

 「Wrong. It’s impertinent」

Snow denied my praise in an annoyed tone.

 「It’s only because the other dragons died that it threw away its pride and secluded itself. An impertinent fellow」

 「Umm, there were other dragons in the past……?」

 「Un. There were three others when the area was first being cleared. Well, Glen Nii-san killed the others……」

At the end, when Glen-san’s name came up, Snow averted her gaze a little.

Right now I have 《Dimension》 sharpened for the upcoming battle. It’s only because of that that I realized that Snow lied.

「Those three must’ve been dangerous」

「They were the typical greedy dragons. They roasted villages, layered towns, ate people, stole treasure. Attention was quickly put on them and a large bounty was placed. They turned the tables on countless bounty hunters and knights, but in the end they met an unsightly death」

「Humans versus dragons……. It’s like a fairy tale. No matter how strong the dragon is, it will one day be defeated」

「…… Right」

Snow nods somewhat sadly, and goes silent. She must have some sympathy for those dead dragons because of the body and dragon blood she has.

「And, how should we fight this Drav Dragon? It looks pretty strong……」

「A head on fight. It’ll probably end one sidedly」

「No, that may be so but…… Shouldn’t there be more, tactics or something……」

「This party is made up of vanguards…… Doing it like that is best」

It doesn’t look like Snow chose a head on battle simply because she wanted it.

It’s the result of taking into consideration how unbalanced our party is.

「I see…… We should find someone who specializes in magic to ――」

「There’s no need. It’s fine with only us」

However, Snow swiftly shut down that worry.

「Eh, why……?」

「Umm, th, that’s because――」

Snow searches for her next words in a troubled state. Although she vigorously rejected adding anyone, it doesn’t seem like she prepared a reason. That reaction also managed to confuse me.


「Yo, you’re wrong? Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that. ……Are, are you angry? You’re not angry right?」

And then, having only hardened my face a little, Snow’s attitude makes a complete change. That servility resembles Glen-san. They aren’t related by blood, but it’s clear that they’re siblings.

「No, I’m not angry. I’m not angry, so calm down」

「Thank goodness…….  The reason I said there’s no need is because we have more than enough excellent mages in 『Epic Seeker』. Th, that’s right! How about bringing Teiri next time?」

「That’s true. If Teiri-san is here our options would increase…….」

「Un, let’s do that」

I agree with Snow’s desperate excuse.

She happily nods to my reply. It looks like she’s happy that my opinion was the same as hers. …… Ever since before, my bitter smile hasn’t left. I know that this is just how Snow operates, but it’s that type of behavior that I’m the worst at dealing with.

I’m not sure if I should tell that to Snow.

If I do, it might end up like the night of the ball again.

In regards to Snow, if her issue isn’t cut from the root then it won’t be settled. The engagement with a noble, the duty to the Walker house, Snow’s weakness ―― no, there might be something that existed before all of that……

「Haa…… 」

With problems continuing to pile up, I let out a sigh.

「Kanami……, is something wrong? Are you fine?」

Snow worriedly snuggles up to me. It was the action of a sweet girl, something I never imagined I’d see when I first met her. However, that figure only causes me discomfort.

If I were to put it bluntly, this charming Snow is not like Snow.

The current Snow is forcing herself. That smile has nothing but servility.

This is, probably the biggest reason I can’t accept the current her.

「I’m fine. More importantly, let’s go through our tactic for the fight against the Drav Dragon. Even if it’s a head on battle there are still many things to consider」

「Nn, okay. Then ――」

While coming up with a strategy with Snow, I use 『Parallel Thinking』 to think of something else.

About what to do in order to bring back the original Snow.

If I were to deal with the issue of her engagement, then maybe she’ll get better.

However, that’s difficult for me to do since I’m too uninformed on the arrangements of the nobles of this world. The only thing I can think of is acting like her fiancee in order to buy time. But even then I don’t know if that will actually work. And also, it’s possible that doing that would accidentally cause us to really get married.

Acting as a fiancee is a last resort. While talking with Snow I try coming up with some other method…… but in the end, I couldn’t come up with a reasonable plan and we arrive at the abandoned castle where the Drav Dragon lives.

The mountain path was steep but none of us were tired.

Our stamina isn’t normal, after all we’re accustomed to the even harsher labyrinth. As for Reaper, rather than begin tired she’s energetically flying around.

It seems like she can’t restrain herself in front of the abandoned castle’s. I grab Reaper’s neck and we enter the castle grounds. After a bit of walking, we quickly arrived at the large outdoor garden. 

There isn’t a single vibrantly colored flower. It’s green from end to end, but the bright yellowish green interwoven into that deep green gave the garden a unique beauty.

Although desolate, it has a mysterious sense of unity.

The entrance lies across that overgrown world of green. Since the giant gate was destroyed, the dragon shouldn’t have any problems entering and exiting with its giant body.

If there was a mage that specialized in attack magic with us, then we’d be able to stay here and use 《Dimension》 to attack, but there’s no one like that this time around. With a final confirmation on our tactic, I take out everyone’s weapons. By the way, this time I followed Alibaazu-san’s advice and brought a great axe and log for Snow.

After preparing ourselves we cautiously enter the castle. We go through the collapsed moss covered entrance, ascend the stairs, and arrive at the entrance to the throne room.

 ―― And then, we meet the Drav Dragon.

The moment we entered the throne room, the Drav Dragon spread its wings. It’s been awake ever since we entered the castle. From this I can understand that it has a keen sense of awareness.

At first, the size of its body overwhelmed me. I’ve fought with many large monsters until now, but it’s my first time seeing one this large. It looks like one of the dragons that appear in western fairy tales, a giant lizard with wings growing on its back. Its body is about fifteen meters,  but it’s even bigger with its wings spread. The ocher scales that cover its body are riddled in wounds which show the many times it was on the verge of life and death.

As the pressure prevents us from moving, the dragon turns to us.

It’s head is giant. It can swallow the four of us whole.

The reptilian eyes of the Drav Dragon meets mine. And then, for some reason, they turn to Reaper.

Reaper and me. The dragon shows a great interest in the two of us.

A sound from deep within the Drav Dragon’s throat rings out. It’s as if a timpani is being struck, and all the while, it continues gazing at Reaper and me.  I feel something off about that and a quiet sound leaks out.


I don’t feel any hostility. Instead, I feel intelligence in the dragon’s eyes.

This dragon, towards Reaper and me, it ――

「―― Kanami!!」

All of a sudden, Snow’s yell snaps me out of my daze.

Lowen is already at the front with his sword drawn. In a panic I regrip my 『Crescent Pectolazuri Straight Sword』. According to the plan we made Lowen and I are supposed to be the first ones to charge in. Snow and Reaper are supposed to be on guard for any surprise attacks from the back.

The Drav Dragon expression changes at Lowen’s hostility. Those eyes of intelligence change into ones of a beast, and its gigantic mouth opens up. And then, a roar as if ten thousand symbols had collided.

I dash to my left in order to avoid that roar. Lowen went right.

In response to our actions the dragon flaps its wing causing a wind to stir.

It isn’t just any wind. It’s a wind caused by the highest rank monster ―― a 『Dragon’s Wind』. A gust loaded with large quantities of mana assaults us.

A brutal gust ―― however, to me a wind with mana loaded in is nothing but an opportunity.

「―― Magic 《Di Winter》!」

I alter the gust composed of mana. The Drav Dragon simply flapped its wings, it looks like it’s just a crude use of magic, but even then the magic art is very detailed.

As expected of a mysterious dragon, however, the more detailed it is, the larger the effect. I turn the assaulting 『Dragon’s Wind』 into a 『Simple Wind』, and I success at holding my ground. However, Lowen was unable to respond and was blown away. As I though, Lowen is helpless against magic attacks.

But even if magic is his weak point, Lowen is still the 『Strongest Swordsman』. Although he was launched away he used a stone pillar to kick off, and using his superhuman physical ability he maintained his position.

Seeing that we managed to make it through the wind, the Drav Dragon swings its claws at us. We dodge those claws filled with enough strength to kill and without a moment to waste, the Drav Dragon swings its tail crushing a pillar on the way ―― It’s target is Lowen.

At an extreme speed Lowen places his hand on the incoming tail, and in the same way as if he were climbing over a fence, he gets over the tail.

And with the introductions over, our formation is complete.first round over, our formation is complete.

From the Drav Dragon’s point of view Snow is at the front. To it’s right is me. To its left Lowen.

And at it’s back――

「―― I got your back!!」

Reaper’s scythe tears into the dragon’s back. However, it was too shallow.

Compared to the Drav Dragon’s large body, the scythe is far too small a weapon. But even then damage is damage. As the dragon roars out in pain, it turns to its back.

「Hihii, you turned! Then, now you’re 『Grim Rim Reapers』 prey! ―― Magic 《Dimension  Nightmare》! Magic 《Foam Deeps》」

Reaper had grown while I wasn’t looking. She’s using magic I’ve never seen before. The scythe is wrapped in a black mana. I want to analyze it, but we’re in the middle of a boss battle right now so that’ll have to wait.

The Drav Dragon attacks with its tail and claws, but it’s impossible to catch her due to her teleportation. To begin with, as long as I can validate Reaper with 《Dimension》, Reaper has no physical form. Even if she’s hit there won’t be any damage. However, not knowing that, the Drav Dragon continues its useless attacks.

「―― Magic stake《Impulse break》」

With the Drav Dragon’s turned around, this time Snow attacks with a full force strike at its back.

Still, in the end it’s only a log with vibration magic loaded in. Compared to the Drav Dragon’s intricate magic, it’s far too primitive. However, it’s because it’s primitive that it has an undeniable strength. That log swung with Snow’s stupid strength has enough power to shake the dragon.

With an opening in the Drav Dragon’s stance created, Lowen and I attack.

「――『Mana Freezing Conversion』」

「――『Mana Substance Conversion』」

Our swords extended in order to match the enemies size. And then, those long swords cut the Drav Dragon’s arm and feet. Since the dragon isn’t skilled at small movements it had no method to oppose the attacks from all four sides.

Next, as a finishing attack Reaper fills her scythe with a black mana and swings. Only for that instant do I stop tracking Reaper with 《Dimension》.

The Drav Dragon’s back is torn into. The wound reaches up to its left wing, just a little more and the wing would have been ripped off.


The Drav Dragon falls as it roars. Crouching down, it repeats shallow breaths. Having judged that it received a fatal blow we drop our attack.

Of course, it’s not as if we let down our guard. If the opponent were to attack, whoever is on the other side would attack using the opening it creates and with that it’ll lose its chance to move.

No one moves, and the throne room fills with silence.

With shallow breaths, the Drav Dragon shifts its head ―― It’s eyes point to me.

It stares at me, as if it’s trying to say something.

This dragon is trying to tell me something. That’s what I feel.

However, I can’t understand. No matter how good my talent and observation ability is, there’s no way I’d be able to learn the language of dragons on the spot.

But even then, I lower my sword, and in order to understand the dragon’s will, I take a step forward.

If, if there’s a way to complete the quest without killing the dragon, then ――

「Wrong, Kanami. Don’t lend a hand to that」

Snow’s voice echoes in the throne room before I can act.

That voice was the Drav Dragon’s sentence. Raising her giant axe, she plans to put an end to it at once.

「Ah, wait, I’ll be the one taking the dragon’s head! The 『Dragon Slayer』 is me――!」

Lowen takes on the role of ending the dragon, he draws his sword and steps forward.

And Reaper ―― Only she was different. She lowered her weapon in the same way as I did, and she’s looking at the Drav Dragon with a meek expression.

…… What’s with this difference?

In order to figure it out, I wanted to communicate with the dragon just a little more.

However, it was all too late. Snow and Lowen’s attack reached the Drav Dragon.

A great axe hammers into its cranium crushing it. A sword wedged into its neck causing large amounts of blood to spill out.

Like this, the Drav dragon’s life ende ―― it didn’t.


Snow raised her voice in shock. With its terrifying vitality the Drav Dragon smashes the great axe and sends Snow flying.


Furthermore, with its neck in tatters, it flaps its wings launching Lowen into the air.


Lowen and Snow receive a direct hit from the Drav Dragon’s attacks, and without any mercy they collide on the wall and floor. Their reactions were delayed because the attack was far too unexpected.

Luckily, Snow is a dragon newt. She won’t be too hurt thanks to that sturdy body.

However, Lowen is different. Although he’s the boss monster of the thirtieth layer, his body is no different from a humans. He crouches down and vomits blood.

The Drav Dragon then compares the damage it’s done to the two, and chooses to attack Lowen.

I immediately break into a run. Putting magic into 《Di Winter》, I try to slow the dragons movements if only a little. I try to make it to Lowen before the Drav Dragon ―― but, I won’t make it in time. It’s a terrible position. At this rate Lowen will ――

「―― Onii-chan, Lowen! Don’t look at me!!」

At that moment, I hear Reaper’s voice.

I realized what she wanted and I undo my dimension magic. My mana that was filling the thorne room disappears, and only Reaper’s mana is left.

And then, Lowen also turns away. We can’t be aware of what will happen here.

As long as we aren’t aware, Reaper will be invincible.

「Do it, Reaper!!」

「Got it, Onii-chan!!」

Together with Reaper’s reply, a thunderous roar resounds.

I understood that the Darv Dragon rammed it’s body at the location Lowen was at.

Not a second later, I reactivated 《Dimension》.

I spot Lowen and Reaper collapsed in a corner of the throne room.

Reaper used her teleportation and by materializing for a moment she was somehow able to save Lowen.

「Reaper, I’ll leave him to you! ―― Magic 《Di Winter》!!」

I’ve been running at the dragon ever since I removed my gaze from Lowen. It notices my approach and turns its body in order to intercept.

I can’t expect help from the other three. There’s no other option but a one on one.

I hold out the sword extended with 『Mana Substance Conversion』 horizontally and swing.

The Drav Dragon’s body shakes and magic is squeezed from the depths of its body. And then, it draws in a breath as if shaving its life away, and spews a blazing flame from its mouth.

「―― Magic 《Freeze》!」

I make a barrier of frost to push through the flames.

A flame of this level should be fine. After all I have the 『Red Talisman』 which boosts my fire resistance, and above all, I know of a far more terrifying flame.

I pass through that skin-charing flame and what waits is the Drav Dragon’s claws.

I stop the attack with my sword. Of course, if I only stopped it then I’d be thrown away. The only one who’d be able to resist that would be Snow with her ridiculous strength.

Changing the shape of my sword with 『Mana Freezing Conversion』, I imitating a shield and the surface of the sword spreads causing the claws to slip off the ice surface. This isn’t something Lowen’s 『Mana Substance Conversion』 can do, but a feat only possible by 『Mana Freezing Conversion』.

The ice chips, and white sparks fall.

And then, I successfully make it to the Drav Dragon’s bosom and once again swing my sword.

What lies before that swing is its neck. Because of Lowen’s blow it shouldn’t take more than a single hit. I have to aim for that.

I climb on top of the arm of the Drav Dragon’s repelled claw. With this I gained some height. Now I just have to swing at that wounded neck ――!

The Drav Dragon senses what I aim for and expands its wings. Using that mana filled gust the dragon takes off into a low flight in order to shake me off.

However, I expected that, and it’s easily avoidable. Just as I expected, the Drav Dragon is using magic in order to fly. It’s necessary in order to move the giant body. There’s no doubt that it’s a high level magic.

And I alter that flight magic with 《Di Winter》, and the Drav Dragon’s posture collapses.

That opening is more than enough. I leap into the air and extend my sword to the limits of 『Mana Freezing Conversion』, this time I slice the Drav Dragon’s neck without hesitation.

Aiming for the wound that Lowen made, the sword successfully tears into the dragon’s flesh.

The Drav Dragon’s neck and body are separated in midair.

A bloody rain falls and fresh blood dyes the kingless throne.

Right after, the Drav Dragon’s giant body falls to the floor, and a thunderous sound echoes in the room.

As I land I make sure to check that the enemy is truly dead.

It’s life was cleanly severed. I feel no life nor mana. However, the Drav Dragon isn’t turning into light and disappearing. That’s expected as turning into light and disappearing is a phenomenon unique to the labyrinth. It seems like such a magic art is inscribed into the labyrinth.

This is the first time I could carefully look at a monster’s corpse.

It certainly gives off the feeling of death. The proof of the extinguished life is right there. Confirming that the enemy is no longer, I check up on the safety of my companions. But before that, Snow approaches me out of worry.

 「Kanami, are you okay!?」

「Aah, I’m fine. Uninjured」

「As expected of Kanami……. Uninjured even with a dragon as your opponent」

Snow looks at me in bewitchment. It’s like, she’s looking at a 『Hero』. Please don’t look at me with those eyes, more importantly there’s something I want to ask her.

「……Hey, Snow. Could it be, that you could understand that dragon?」

If I’m not mistaken, it looked like the dragon got angry when it heard Snow’s words.

「……Eh? U, uun. I can’t do something like that」


To ascertain if that was a lie or not I strengthen 《Dimension》, but I stop myself. That isn’t something that should be used on companions, and confirming it won’t change a thing. ―― That dragon, it’s already dead.

After my conversation with Snow ends, I go and check on Reaper and Lowen’s situation. 

At an end of the throne room Reaper is rejoicing at the fact that Lowen is safe.

「Thank goodness……, Lowen……」

However ―― she’s missing everything below her right knee. Lowen looks at that with a pale face and trembles.

「Re, Reaper……. Going that far, why, for me……」

Why? ……. Because Lowen taught me. To decide for myself. That’s why, I decided. From now on, no matter what happens I will save you Lowen」

「Save, me……?」

「I’m ignoring that mission to 『Kill Lowen』! My mission is to 『Save Lowen』, that’s what I decided! That’s why just like I said, I’ll save you even if I have to use my life. Because Lowen is my precious playmate!」


Reaper laughs.

It’s only because I’m linked to her that I could faintly understand the situation.

Reaper is magic, but she was made based on a human girl. It’s because she was faithfully made in a human’s image, that the pain she feels is the same as us. In other words, while bearing the pain of having her leg plucked off, she’s laughing for Lowen’s sake. I can’t look on any longer and call out to the two.

「Reaper, are you okay! Can you get your leg back with magic!?」

「I’m okay. Just a little longer and it’ll return. It’s easy since you gave me a lot of mana Onii-chan」

「I see……. Feel free to use my magic without restraint……」

Although it’s a relief that her life isn’t in danger, the pain conveyed to me through our 『Link』 is nothing to scoff at. To her side, while wobbling, Lowen reaches out his hand to Reaper.

However, that hand does not touch Reaper’s body.

「Kuu, pathetic……. Even if this body has weakened, how, pathetic……!」

The hand that slipped through strikes the ground, and Lowen mutters in shame.

It’s true that that shameful sight from before was unlike Lowen. Although he’s a Guardian specialized on person vs person, it’s strange that he wasn’t able to respond to the surprise attack of a dragon on that level.

During the time he practiced with me his ability to see ahead was close to foresight.

It may be that Lowen was weakened far more than I thought by the lingering regrets that were resolved these past few days. While regretting the naive judgement I had in the morning, I use items and magic to help out Reaper and the others. It’s during that, I notice. The irregularity in the muttering Lowen――

「Just a little more and I would’ve died……! If I died I’d 『Turn into a Monster』, and then everyone, everyone would’ve……!!」

Lowen puts strength into the fist hitting the ground.

A crack forms on the stone ground, and an abnormal mana begins welling up in his body.

A terrifying pressure. I know he isn’t an enemy, but even then a cold sweat runs down.

It feels as if the strength of the weakened Lowen is gradually coming back.

In other words, Lowen regrets what just happened enough for it to become a 『Lingering Regret』 ――

「Lo, Lowen. You don’t have to worry about it. These things happen」

「No, that was a fatal error! Me 『Turning into a Monster』 isn’t my problem alone! If I 『Turned into a Monster』 then I’d lose all reason. Then calling me a monster would truly be fitting. If I 『Turned into a Monster』 here, then something much more terrifying would’ve happened!」

Lowen continues blaming himself. After hitting the ground a countless number of times, he covers his face with both hands.

Reaper kindly accepts that Lowen.

「Really, Lowen you worry too much……. Even if you 『Turned into a Monster』, we’d stop you. Because we’re friends, at least believe in us that much」


With those words, Lowen’s mouth loosens and he goes silent.

For Reaper’s sake as well, he could no longer afford to whine.

And so, a silence befalls the throne room, and together we leave the castle.

We completed the dragon subjugation quest. Defeated a formidable opponent, and everyone is safe.

However, I feel an inexpressible unease from two of our companions ―― from Lowen and Snow.

Lowen’s strength as a Guardian increased, and Snow’s smile was even more foolish compared to the morning.

I couldn’t do anything but hold onto that unease as we returned to the village.


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