The shouts between Lastiara and I come to an end, and a loud laughter comes from behind.

「Hahaa, hahahaha!! Brother Sieg! Well said, that’s more than enough! Aah, how wonderful! No matter how many times it’s seen, the birth of a new hero always makes my heart jump! Aha! AhahahahaHaHaHa――!!」

It’s fine to laugh, but I’ve satisfied the conditions you presented, so please hurry and move. Being honest, we’re reaching the limits of this stalemate.

Sure enough, Fedelt yells out as he stomps through the floor.

「Wh, what! What are you saying! Lastiara Whoseyards――!!」

While Fedelt returns to the platform, he calls out to the other young woman.

「Reki-sama! It doesn’t matter if you get somewhat violent!」

From what I heard from Hein-san, the woman appears to be the senate representative.

The senate representative calmly responds.

「Fumu, but the ceremony is in progress……」

「It doesn’t matter!」

「Well, if that’s what you say……」

As the woman mutters something, Lastiara falls to her knees and holds down her throat.

「Ku, Uuu――」

In order to not permit any further remarks, it seems some kind of magic stole her freedom.

「Now, knights! Capture the scoundrel who misled the Saint with falsehoods! The ones who have stopped this life have committed the crime of treason towards Whoseyards!!」

Confirming that Lastriara can no longer move, Fedelt lets out his loudest voice today, and commands the surrounding knights. They no longer had an option.

In response, Palinchlon talks back with a laugh.

「Hahaa! Your decision was too slow, representative Prime Minister-dono! Just perfect! You did well coming, Hein!!」

And so, with a sound someone enters from the back.

The one who entered was just like Palinchlon said, Hein-san. However, he’s riddled with wounds. There are tears and blood stains all over his body. On top of that, behind him are the other『Celestial Knights』. 

It seems, it seems that Hein-san who was preventing the other five『Celestial Knights』had been driven up to here.

「Wh, what is it, you all!」

Fedel is suprised. Considering his current state, he might not know of the things that happened outside.

I am also surprised. It’ll be bad for the enemies to increase here. It differs a bit from the plan.

However, I soon understood Palinchlon’s aim.

With Palinchlon to my back, he points his sword to the newly appeared『Celestial Knights』. Hein-san sees that, and without any hesitation he moves next to Palinchlon, and protects my back.

The guests in the surroundings make a stir as they witness the movements that had no hesitation.

Following Lastaira’s rejection of the ceremony,  two『Celestial Knights』are now protecting my back.

They have no idea about what’s happening.

「Hein, Palinchlon! What are you planning!? Do you plan to disobey the country!? 」

Fedelt asks the two for their reasons.

In response, as the two remain at my back, they only give a short answer.

「I became a knight that serves the Mistress. That is all there is to it」

「Uuun, I’m also the same」

Hearing that, Fedelt’s face further warps.

And so, in a low voice, I hear the two talking from behind.

「Palinchlon, are you also lending a hand?」

「Palinchlon, are you also lending a hand?」

「Brother Sieg has splendidly fulfilled the conditions, and I see an interesting vision. I’ll also follow along, Hein」

It seems, Palinchlon is genuinely cooperating in rescuing Lastiara.

「Thank you. Hein-san, Palinchlon」

I give a short thanks. Palinchlon returns an earnest voice to that.

「However, Brother. There are still a lot of enemies before you can take her? That’s why, let’s stir them up some more. After all, the trust between the countries is brittle. It’s fine to just add a little more on top」

The vision that Palinchlon sees,  I can also see.

In a loud voice, but with no roughness whatsoever, I address everyone here.

「…… Please listen. From what you have all seen, I may look like nothing but a fool who knows nothing. But, there is something that even that fool understands. That is, that the girl over there does not wish for this ceremony. In this ceremony, she is frightened that she will disappear! Her freedom stolen, her wishes twisted, and to meet an undersided end! Is that something that should be done to a person!? Is that the country’s will!? Is that, the teachings of the Revan Faith!? Do your hearts, feel no pain to that!? Is that, is that really fine――!?」

Those words were not prepared.

It was nonsense influenced by the scene. On this occasion, it didn’t matter if it was a foolish theory, or childish sophistry. The goal is not to convince―― but to cause hesitation.

Naturally, Fedelt unflinchingly raises his voice.

「As if, such nonsense is reason enough to throw the country’s decision into disarray! What you all are doing is nothing but treason! What you all are, is nothing but criminals!!」

Fedelt also understood Palinchlon’s goal. It was to question the lawfulness of the ceremony in order to influence the guests. And so, he continues his appeal for cooperation.

「――Forgive me for this ineptitude, but I request the cooperation of the armed knights. Cooperation to arrest the criminals!」

He emphasizes that we are evil as a remainder. Since even if its on a whim, he’d be in trouble if someone ended up cooperating with us.

But, that was the same as admitting that if there’s even a little bloodshed then there’d be trouble.

I’m convinced that the guests are his Achilles’ heel.

However, with the appeal from Fedelt who worried not of his appearance, several armed guards stand up.

The bunch who believe they can get a debt from Whoseyards. There’d be trouble if it’s the guests themselves, but there’s no problem if it’s the guests’ guards, and Fedelt welcomes that.

The power balance shifts. Fedelt who sees that makes a faint smile.

However, an enormous magic power envelops the temple and throws Fedelt’s calculations astray. That magic runs through the whole room, and it freezes the legs of the ones who stood.

With her magic surging, Dia speaks while positioned at the center.

「Eeh, that certainly is true. It may be strange to talk about morals having come here. It is by no means something good to alter a country’s decision based on personal feelings. However, what that boy says is interesting. I am not thinking of lending a hand. But, just a little more, I would like to hear the conversation between that living god and boy. Is that unreasonable, acting Prime Minister Fedelt-dono?」

It must be my imagination that she looks somewhat annoyed…….

Of course, Fedelt bares his anger at Dia’s presumptuousness.

「Apostle-dono, your pranks have gone too far…… !」

He directs a sharp glare along with words filled with anger, but Dia show’s not a hint of worry.

Deciding he has no time to worry about Dia, Fedelt yells out to the knights at the entrance.

「『Celestial Knights』! What are you standing there for! Hurry and move!」

In response, a voice is heard from the entrance.

「Kuu, there’s no other way…… !」

「However, Hein and Palinchlon are!」

A low seasoned voice, and the dignified voice of a woman are heard.

I rejoice at the person that is easy to disrupt that is here――Aiming at that, I turn back, and call out.

「Radiant-san! Lastiara is suffering over there! Does that look like happiness! Is that the scene you wished for! Is that really fine with you!?」

Pointing at Lastiara, I called out to Radiant-san.

And then, in place of Radiant-san, the Black Knight besides her refutes.

「Wrong! That’s wrong, Hein, Palinchlon, Radiant! Think back, the『Celestial Knights』, are knights for『Saint Tiara』who will descend! Do not mistake that!」

In a seasoned voice, they try to persuade the other three knights.

However, I refute without yielding. I will absolutely not hand over Radiant-san.

「That’s the first I’ve heard of that! That type of thing! At least, the『Celestial Knight』that I know of Hein Hellvilleshine is different! He is not a knight for『Saint Tiara』! Isn’t that right, Hein-san!?」

In order to negate that persuasion, I swing the conversation to Hein-san.

「Ah, aah! Of course! The one who I serve, is not that great figure from the past, not『Saint Tiara』! The one I will protect with my all is not a dead person, but, the Mistress who is living there right now! I can finally say it with my chest out! I am the Mistresses’ knight――!!」

In spite of suddenly being handed the conversation, Hein-san skilfully responded.

He delightfully declared that he is Lastiara’s knight. A shout as if to say, that is his everything in life. I can see faint tears rising up.

While giving thanks to his responsiveness, I pile on more words.

「It’s just as you heard, Hein-san is Lastiara’s knight! Then, Radiant-san! Whose are you!? Lastiara’s knight, or 『Saint Tiara’s』knight, right here, right now, please choose! What is it!!」

In order to not give her any time to worry over it, I use the momentum to instigate her.

「Kuu――!I am!!」

Radiant-san raises a wavering voice, and then a young girl’s voice is raised.

「Se, senpai!?」

Ragne-chan’s voice. She raised a scream when she saw Radiant-san point her sword to the Black Knight beside her.

It would’ve been fine as long as her worries rendered her unable to move. However, Radiant-san changed sides faster than expected. It greatly affects the surroundings .

While Radiant-san approaches us, she shouts to Ragne-chan.

「Ragne, you are young! This is advice from a senpai! I’ve blundered, but you have to properly battle Sieg and I, and properly be defeated! Since you are working for the sake of your homeland, don’t force yourself!!」

She then went to persuade Ragne-chan.

The joyous miscalculations continue. If Ragne-chan is unable to move with this then the power balance at the entrance would make a sudden reversal. With the situation changing, the『Celestial Knights』at the entrance, talk to each other with sweat dripping down.

「Of course, Oji-san has to carry out official business. Really……」

「I’m the same」

「In essence, there are only three of us……」

Hopes-san who raised a voice filled with bitterness, the magic specialized『Celestial Knight』, and the Black Knight, those three.

With a reluctant face, Hopes-san talks to the Black Knight.

「For the knights who were prepared for times like this, three are switching sides? What should we do, president. You think we can win with this lineup? I don’t want to, our magic compatibility is bad……」

「If it’s outdoors then there are methods……, but the others would be dragged in here……」

Fedelt sees the『Celestial Knights』that are at a loss, and with impatience he speaks to one of the guests.

「Glen! ――No, Laruavia’s『Strongest Hero』! Capture them!!」

「E, eeh! Me!?」

With a pathetic voice, the man in the front seat answers.

The man stands, and in a fluster he approaches. A man with red copper hair and a face void of spirit. If I didn’t mishear, then『Glen』was certainly called out. What that name implies, is the strongest labyrinth searcher.

That man with that pathetic voice, is this world’s strongest……?

I begin sweating at the abrupt entry of the enemies fighting power, and a girl to the seat next to him pulls on the hem of his clothes. And so, something is said in a low voice.

「…… Nii-san, let’s watch over from here」

The one there is the Dragon Newt Snow Walker.

We met in the labyrinth a few days back, the girl I once formed a party with. Snow-san called Glen with Nii. They are siblings who look nothing alike, but as they’re sitting side by side on the guests seat, then it must be so. In a low voice, she speaks with her eyes directed here.

「…… If you carelessly move, then it can affect what happens afterwards. ……Also, that person isn’t a bad person」

「Eeeh, even if you say he isn’t a bad person……. But, if that’s what Snow-san says……」

It felt like my eyes met with Snow-san.

It’s that same amazed face as that time of parting, when「You’re not fit to be a searcher」was said.

「Excuse meー!We’ll passー!」

And so, Glen replies to Fedelt in a loud voice.

「Glen Walker!!」

「Because, wouldn’t it be a direct confrontation with the『Celestial Knights』! I have no idea what’d happen! If someone dies, I don’t want anyone getting angry at me later!」

Fedelt raged at the unexpected answer from the strongest. However, it was an excuse in his pathetic voice with his heart put into it.

That’s right, many people though the same. No one knows what would happen. That’s why, they have no choice but to keep a careful watch.

Having the name of strongest attached, with his words as their representative, the flow in the surroundings change.

Fedelt feels that danger, and immediately gives up on Glen, and then he calls out to the next guest.

「Then, Sword Saint-dono――!」

Sword Saint? Somehow, it seems like a person with an amazing nickname is here.

It’s a nickname I’d be excited at if I heard it during peaceful times, but it’s not something I wanted to hear right now.

In response to Fedelt’s call, a troubled like voice comes from one of the guest seats.

「Acting Prime Minister, I have the motivation. But, just like that Glen said, if I do then quite the amount of dead will come out. Also the killing intent being fired from an unexpected person is bad. Seriously bad」

While looking at Dia who’s at the center, the elderly man returned a pathetic voice.

Although Dia is applying pressure throughout the room, her gaze remains focused. She continues glaring at the elderly man called the Sword Saint.

It seems that this elderly man, regards Dia as the most dangerous opponent here.

Frank words are returned. 

「What a bad reputation to give, Areis Jii-san. LLooking at it objectively, I believe that boy is not necessarily wrong. That’s why, I just want to hear them talk for a bit?」

「Objectively, is it. Not too long ago, you were such a modest child…….Could it be Sith-san, you fell for the black hair over there?」

「Uu! This shitty geezer……!」

It seems the two are acquaintances.

Their gazes give off sparks. But, from what I can see, it doesn’t look like that Sword Saint is going to move soon.

Fedelt sees that, and calls out to another famous figure.

I don’t think they will try to stop us. Instead, it somehow feels like it’s making our situation better.

With voices flying throughout the temple, the surroundings become even noisier.

Because of the answers of the lifeless Glen and the Sword Saint, the atmosphere in the room became restless.

In response to Fedelt’s calls for cooperation, there were many unfavorable answers.

In the end, the important people of the various countries began speaking as they pleased. At this point, there’s no longer any of that rigid atmosphere of the ceremony left. And so, the surrounding priests and knights, are now unable to move due to the words flying about from the various countries representatives. ――It became exactly as Palinchlon expected before breaking into the temple.

Naturally, Palinchlon at my back gets carried away.

「Hahahahaa, Prime Minister-donooo!? With this, if you go at it wouldn’t it be about fifty-fifty!? Hein and Brother Sieg are stroooong! Hahahahaa!!」

「Palichlon, you bastard! Kuu, that’s why I opposed accetping those knights from those barbaric countries!」

Fedelt curses

And so, in order to bring the situation under control, he tries to raise his voice even further―― at that time, a thunderous noise resounds from the platform.


The face of the woman on the platform grimaces, and she takes her distance from Lastiara.

「Haaa, Haaa, haaa――!」

While out of breath, large amount of sweat flows out of Lastiara. From what can be seen, she removed the magic that the woman affixed, and she is trying to let out her voice. Fedelt who sees that raises a doubtful voice.

「Reki-sama’s barrier was!?」

The woman answers with a sigh.

「No, it’s amazing, this『Jewel Cruz』. To forcefully break the barrier in that condition. Any more than this is impossible. It can’t be held down」

「That can’t be!」

「Rather, I’d like to be praised for holding it for several minutes」

Fedelt approached the woman with a complaint. On the other hand, the released Lastiara, staggers up, and makes a resolved expression.

And so, she declares in a voice that echoes throughout the room.

「Haaa, haaa, haaa――!In the name of Lastiara Whoseyards I command you! My knights Siegfried, Hein, Radiant, Palinchlon! At the time that Saint Tiara descends, pierce my heart with those swords!!」

With a clear will, Lastiara rejects the ceremony. A declaration of embracing death before becoming Saint Tiara.

There was no『Artificialness』felt in there. Judging that it was Lastiara’s will I shout.

「Understood, Lastiara!」

Lastiara’s knights follow after.

「Good first words, my Lord! At the very least Sieg and I will do it!」

「If that is the will of the girl Lastiara!」

「I, I won’t let the Mistress die!」

Many guests witnessed this exchange.

People who looked on in interest, people who looked on in displeasure, people whose hearts were moved, people who felt nothing, various responses were shown. Extending《Dimension》, I pick up on the commotion of the guests.

With the one undertaking the ceremony rejecting it herself, I felt the number of people who were willing to lend a hand decrease. ――Now, the power balance had completely changed.

And so, while staggering, Lastiara starts walking.

Staring straight at me, she slowly descends the platform, and advances step by step.

Fedelt sees that and goes to stop Lastiara―― Palinchlon and I go to stop that Fedelt――

「Wait! Don’t move now, Fedelt!」

Furthermore, a voice calling for him to stop came from the woman on the platform.

In response to that voice, Fedelt comes to a halt.

The result, without anything preventing her, Lastiara continues walking through the carpet at the center of the temple. As for Palinchlon and I, we missed the timing to jump out and could now only stand still.

The timing was missed but――it reached its conclusion. One of the organizers in the woman, had given up on Lastiara’s participation.

Naturally, the surrounding guests, priest, and knights, don’t try to lay a hand on Lastiara. No, they can’t lay a hand.

During that time, I pick up the voice of the two who grind their teeth on the platform with《Dimension》.

「Why did you stop me, Reki-sama!」

「If we do not stop here, then Palinchlon will surely move」

「However, if it’s just him by himself then――」

「That boy as well, he is most likely not normal. Above all, a melee fight between fellow『Celestial Knights』, is something that should not occur in this setting」

「But, if Reki-sama participates then any amount can be recovered…… !」

「If even one of the representatives dies, then it would be our loss. In addition, losing the seven knights here would hurt. At least, we cannot interfere inside of this temple. Without any sacrifices, suppressing that boy and the『Jewel Cruz』, is no longer possible」

The woman shakes her head, and continues admonishing Fedelt.

「Even if we obtain the piece that is Saint Tiara, with the many things would be lost, it is the same as putting the cart before the horse. For the sake of the plan as well, we must endure. If we endure, then the『Jewel Cruz』and『Celestial Knights』, it is possible that they would one day return to Whoseyards. ――With Hein and Palinchlon’s betrayal, and that boy having appeared here uninjured, this battle was already lost」

The woman calmly finishes explaining the situation to Fedelt.

While biting on his lips, Fedelt glares here.

With a gaze mixed with anger and hatred, he glares at the irregular that is me.

It seems that he finally recognized his unfavorable position. The man named Fedelt, is no longer a threat. Removing my gaze from the platform, I point it towards Lastiara.

While staggering, Lastiara arrives to me without anything to prevent her.

The completely exhausted Lastaira smiles weakly.

While smiling, to the companion that is me, she gives a short thanks.

「Thank you」


I also return a slight smile, and grasp Lastiara’s hand.

And so, Dia who appears to be displeased for some reason comes out from her back. It seems that she was following behind Lastiara. Just as originally planned, it looks like she will follow us from here.

Having recovered Lastiara, we turn to our backs, and there is Radiant-san in her wolf form. With her back pointed here, she urges us to get on.

Having seen Lastiara’s condition, it seems she decided to become her feet.

「Radiant-san, can you let Dia get on. She’s Lastiara’s ally」

After a moment, the wolf lowers her head.

She must’ve realized Dia’s low physical ability. Without any difficulties she manages to get on Radiant’s back together with Lastiara.

At that time, angry voices are heard from the priest accompanying Dia, but she ignores them and continues staring at the entrance. Four『Celestial knights』are standing in the way.

First, Hein-san speaks to his former companions in a threatening manner.

「Please move aside. If you do not, then I will release my magic here. If that happens, then there’s a possibility this temple would collapse. The ones who would be troubled if the guests are injured, are the ones over there?」

Hein-san aims his hand with a cold expression, he spoke the words that Palinchlon arranged. In response, the Black Knight lets out a deep breath, and steps aside.

Seeing that their superior had given way, the other three follow suit.

It was at that moment that the conditions have been perfectly met.

Along with a final declaration of victory, I give a command to everyone.

「―― I’ll be taking Lastiara Whoseyards! Hein-san, Palinchlon, Radiant-san! Let’s go! We’ll rush out in one go!!」

The one who ran before anyone else was Radiant-san.

At a speed the eyes couldn’t keep up with, she jumps out of the room with the two girls riding.

Following after that, Hein-san, Palinchlon, and I run out of the temple.

Naturally, the enemies that are the four『Celestial Knights』pursue us. However, no attack immediately come. It must be because we are still near the temple. If we fight here then it’s possible that the shock would reach the temple’s inside.

However, not being concerned with the enemies worries, Hein-san performs an aria while running, and fires a magic storm.

「――《Sear Wind》!!」

The magic that Hein-san turned to fire, blows away the four pursuers.

And so, immediately facing forward, he once again runs at full speed.

We have to descend the stairs, exit the corridor and entrance, and returning on the path we came on.

However, once we reach the entrance, for some reason Radiant-san came to a stop outside of the cathedral. Not knowing the reason for it, I get closer with some doubts. Hein-san and Palinchlon as well, it seems they are the same.

However, those doubts clear up once I see Dia who sits on Radiant’s back.

Certainly, once I saw Dia’s ascending pillar of flame magic, I understood. 

With the three of us exiting the cathedral, and at the time we lined up at Radiant-san’s side, Dia’s magic that was being continually compressed is activated.

「――《Flame Arrow Full Flower》!」

Dia’s magic pillar of flame explodes, and flaming petals fall through the air. Following that, the petals that exceeded one thousand turn into flame arrows, and filling up the air, they pour down on the cathedral like rain.

Dia’s《Flame Arrow》, is no longer a magic laser like before. Having received lessons from Alty, it looks like she became able to control her fire power. They are in the form of a standard flame arrow.

Those countless flame arrows, destroy the cathedral’s entrance. Furthermore, the cathedral’s windows are also destroyed, from what can be seen from here the cathedral’s entrance had been completely crushed.

If it’s like this, then they shouldn’t be able to pursue us so easily from inside.

After confirming that, I shit my attention to the caster that caused that disastrous scene.

What stood there is a proud Dia, and she looks over here while kneading even more magic.

「Sieg, should I do more? If you want to destroy it, I can destroy all of it?」

「N, no, that’s plenty. Doing any more than this, would just gather resentment」

「Okay. Wolf-san, it’s fine now. Let’s continue」

With a voice calling out to Radiant, Dia’s group runs ahead.

Palinchlon bears his laughter, and Hein-san’s eyes open wide.

I was in a similar state as Hein-san.

「Let’s go, Hein-san. With this, we’ve earned a lot of time」

However, we can’t stay astonished forever. We immediately restart our escape.

And so, as we descend the large staircase, it turns into a battle with the knights who were waiting waiting.

But, with us three as their opponents, the knights had a lot on their shoulders. There were also knights who simply couldn’t move seeing me together with the『Celestial Knights』.

While mowing down the knights, we descend the staircase.

The female group in the least is the same. To begin with, there is no one who can keep up with Radiant-san’s speed when she’s a wolf. If they manage to get close then they’d only be fired at by Dia’s magic. At a glance, the three male group over here is safer.

I feel relief. The fact that we can escape, is certainly real.

Making a smile in delight, I talk to Hein-san. In order to confirm his plans after escaping Whoseyards.

「Like this we’re thinking of escaping to the southern country of Griad. What are you two going to do?」

「Escaping to the south is it……. A wise decision. If possible I’d also like to follow along. Even like this I hold some influence, I’ll be sure to show my usefulness」

Hein-san wished to accompany after hearing my plan.

「Ah, I’ll be leaving halfway. But I’ll follow along until then」

Palinchlon lets out a different answer. An answer that helped me.

It may be cruel after having had his cooperation until this point, but I don’t think of the man named Palinchlon as an ally. This time our interest matched, but my true opinion is that I don’t want to spend even a second with this dangerous person. Therefore, even now I haven’t undone my vigilance towards him.

I return a nod to the two, and show my affirmation.

And so, after scattering the surrounding knights, and exiting the courtyard with the water fountain, we run through the path held between the conifers. At the bridge gate, a group of knights were waiting, but Radiant-san easily jumps over them. Of course, we couldn’t do something like that, so Hein-san fires his magic to breakthrough, and we forcefully make our way through.

The six of us safely leave the bridge. What follows is a wall of citizens waiting for Christmas.

The citizens who see the giant wolf are astonished, but because they are packed, a path isn’t immediately opened.

With no choice, Radiant-son forces her way through by moving on the roofs of the stalls to the side.

The citizens raise screams and panic. For those of us who run on the ground we take advantage of that panic, make our way through the gaps, and chase after Radiant-san.

When we reach the buildings at the end of the path, the six of us climb up and link up. It’s there that we continue our escape from Whoseyards through the us of the roofs.

There are people who enjoyably point and look at us as we run. It seems they are misunderstanding that it’s some sort of Christmas program.

I look behind to check our pursuers.

The knights who were chasing after us stopped at the wall of citizens. And there’s no one there with the physical ability to follow after us through the rooftops.

With a sense of relief, I call out to Radiant-san.

「……Fuu. Radiant-san, for now can we please go to Valt. I want to meet up with a companion who is at my house. After meeting up, we can make a straight escape for the southern country of Griad」

Seeing Radiant-san return a nod, I confirm the success of the Lastiara rescue plan.

――It ended.

Within the hypothesized results it was an outcome close to the best. It’d be fine to call it a huge success.

There was a bigger hole in the ceremony than I thought. That was fortunate. No, it may also simply be that I was too strong. At this point, there is no human in this world that can match me. Those thoughts were only due to how huge the success was.

Without being damaged, and with no deaths in the enemy, I managed to rescue Lastiara.

I know that I still can’t afford to relax, but a grin naturally appears.

Dia and Lastiara who notice that, look over and also smile. The dress of the two flutter in the wind. The smile of the two in the pure white outfits was so pretty that it was unfair.

――Aah, thank goodness.

Really, thank goodness I was able to protect their smiles. What’s left is to reorganize in the southern country, and reopen our labyrinth search. Furthermore, in our current state, it’s highly possible that Hein-san and Radiant-san will cooperate in the labyrinth search. My companions increased in one go, and with this I’ll surely be able to make progress in the labyrinth.

The specialties of the two knights are fit for the labyrinth search. With Hein-san’s wind magic, there will be no more troubles with aviation type monsters. With Radiant-san’s wolf transformation ability, then companions who specialize in slow magic can fight while riding her just like now, the strength of the party would make a steep jump.

If it’s like this, then Maria participating in the labyrinth search is no longer a dream.

Believing that I can give Maria a good report, the corners of my mouth further open.

Let’s search the labyrinth together, I finally have the confidence to say that to Maria.

――Really, thank goodness……

I thought the risk of recovering Lastriara was high. But, now that it’s done, there were no losses and instead the amount of reliable companions increased. 

Dia has completely recovered, and she returned as a magician better than before.

Lastiara has regained herself, and she will once again adventure with me.

The loyalty Hein-san and Radiant-san have towards Lastiara is guaranteed. They can be trusted as companions.

And so, adding Maria it’d be a six man party.

It turned into a large family for just one party, but to me the large number of people isn’t a bad thing. If there are《Connections》, then it’s possible to capture while modifying the party. It’s not necessary to always challenge with the full six. 

If our companions increase from here, then it’d be possible to search the labyrinth with various rotations.

Aah, my options are increasing.

I feel joy in my heart as I realize the choices in the labyrinth grew.

Everything is going well.

Compared to the half-hearted me from a few days back, the current me is completely different.

If it’s the current me than I can loudly say it.

That if I well up a little courage, then I can obtain wonderful things.

That if I do my best, a result worth my best will be returned.

I want to convey that.

That even if it’s an unbelievable different world――a story like ending is waiting for me. I want to tell those things to the past me.

Running on Valt’s highway, I aim for my house that lies on a hill.

Maria is waiting in that house on the hill.

If it’s the current me, then I feel like I can even face Maria’s feelinghvshjs.

Face everything that I’ve been avoiding, even the problem with Maria’s. I was able to gain that confidence.

That’s just how much composure I feel in my heart.

That’s why, I wanted to meet with Maria.

Aah, I want to quickly meet with Maria, and then――, and then――!

However, what my swelling expectations meet is――,

『Smoke』rising from the hill where the house should be.

『Something』is burning on the hill, the large amount of smoke fills the air.


My festive feelings cool in an instant.

The composure that was in my heart, now felt as if a pitch black liquid fell upon it.

I turn pale, without thinking of anything, I simply run to the house.

Going ahead by myself, I ascend the hill, and arrive at the origin of the smoke.

I arrive――and see.

What is burning, was my house.

A crackling sound as the house is burnt like a campfire, and two girls watch over it. Sensing that I returned, the two girls face here.

The two girls are Alty and Maria.

While Alty smiles, 「Sieg came」she conveys to Maria.

Maria finds me, and innocently smiles.

However, that smile soon disappears. Looking behind me, her expression stiffens.

While Alty whispers something, she consoles Maria’s by caressing her face.


With their backs turned to the fire, the composure of the two is strange. The loving eyes Alty has towards Maria is strange. The killing intent Maria holds when seeing Lastiara and the others is strange. Strange. Strange strange strange.

――Everything is strange.

The insides of my head go pure white.

And so, a voice resonates in that pure white head.

A very clear voice. As if crying, as if saddened, as if pained――Maria’s voice.

「Give, Master, back…… 」

Maria mutters as she looks over.

Eyes that have sunken further than once before. And she looks over with those vacant eyes.

My heart greatly jumps, and a heavy thump rings out.

I felt a small pain in my chest.

That is a pain I haven’t felt since the start of the Lastiara rescue plan.

Thinking about it now, today, the only thing that damaged me――was only Maria. Only Maria, and she is now over there…….

With that fact, I feel a chill.

In front of the allies that should be Alty and Maria, I felt fear…….

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