My body stiffens at the mention of the name Teeda.

However, I quickly ready my sword and shout at Palinchlon.

「Wha, what do you mean, twentieth floor! Teeda isn’t here anymore, he can’t be!」

「Aah, there is no Teeda. That’s why, I’m representing him. As his representative I will run the 『Twentieth Trial』. The True 『Twentieth Trial』」

Palinchlon get approaches as he answers.

And then, he brandishes that blood stained sword.

I had no time to think. Since Maria is in its way, I take out a spare sword from 『Items』,  and take on Palinchlon’s sword. An ominous shrill rings out.

I can only use the support magic 《Dimension》 because my HP and MP are close to their limits. And in the end, it became a battle of pure swordsmanship.

Palinchlon’s swordsmanship of one handed swings is strangely soft. As our swords continue colliding, he grabs onto my arm with his remaining hand.

Together with that move, Palinchlon’s magic power swells.

A repulsive magic power is transmitted to my skin. I instinctively judged that it wasn’t any good, and so I shave away the little remaining life I have and strengthen my dimension magic for only an instant.

I finding the weakest spot in Palinchlon’s stance and pour my strength there.

「Get awayyy――!」

I shake off Palinchlon’s grip and blow him away.

A faint gray light shines on both his hands. It’s highly likely that the true identity of the repulsive magic from before is mental magic.

「O, oou. Amazing, Kanami. That body is really capable」

Palinchlon laughs from the bottom of his heart.

Irritating. Palinchlon’s gestures, everything about them are irritating.

I reinvigorate my injured body and shout.

「What’s your objective! Aren’t you already satisfied with causing chaos in Whoseyards!?」

「That’s my hobby. And, this is also my hobby. But, I won’t tell you my objective. Otherwise you’d be able to predict my movements」

In contrast to my rage, Palinchlon returned a calm response.

That aloof attitude causes my irritation to reach its tipping point, and I then convert my life into magic power.


 HP62/284 MP0/657

 HP52/275 MP0/657――

In total I lost close to 100 of my max HP. An amount equal to the life of a skilled searcher was lost and my body piles on scream upon scream.

「Don’t mess with me! Don’t think that I can go easy on you with my body in this state! I wouldn’t care even if I kill you!」

「Going easy at this point. You really are kind. Or, are you scared of being a murderer?」

「I’m not scared! I’ve already killed Alty, I won’t hesitate any longer――!」

「Kukuu, you treat Sister like a person. As expected, Brother Kanami! Your head is strange!」

With the end of the conversation, I run forward in order to kill Palinchlon. 

However, my legs stop when I see what he takes out of his pocket.

「But, let’s see. I’ll definitely be killed if you’re serious. What cruel words, even when I have such a beneficial situation I still won’t be able to win over Aikawa Kanami. Aah, I have no confidence in my own strength. That’s why, I’ll use this」

A stone that I’ve seen once before. I 『Observe』 that strange stone――

【Guardian’s Magic Stone】

Crystallization of the magic power of Guardian Teeda

「Te, Teeda’s magic stone……!?」

I realized that it was the magic stone of Teeda that I once sold off. 

「Aah, it’s the magic stone of the guardian that Brother Kanami thoughtlessly relinquished. To think it’d be sold directly to Valt……. Well, thanks to that, it came into my hands」

Palinchlon plays with the magic stone in hand, the smile on his face deeply warps.

A drop of cold sweat falls from my forehead.

「Sister or Teeda said there wouldn’t be a problem with the affinity, but I was still scared. However, from that scene just before, I was convinced. I ―― no, only I can succeed Teeda’s will」

And so, Palinchlon puts Teeda’s magic stone inside of his mouth, and swallows.

At the same time, Palinchlon’s magic power―― goes mad. With Palinchlon as the origin, it felt as if the world had shifted. As if space itself was convulsing.

The life in Palinchlon’s eyes are lost.

The already weak light of human kindness had weakened even more, and the human called Palinchlon Legacy had been altered.

There is no difference at all in terms of outer appearance. However, there’s no doubt, Palinchlon had changed.

「Ha, hahaa, now, let’s begin, hero…….」

With the quiver of his throat, Palinchlon laughs.

That voice, it felt as if that Teeda’s voice was layered on top of it.

Palinchlon strongly regrips his sword and approaches.

Driven by anxiety, I once again 『Observe』.


Name : Palinchlon Legacy   HP501/512 MP368/392 Class : None

Level 22

Strength15.21   Vitality19.45 Dexterity12.12   Agility18.22 Intelligence10.11   Magic13.99 Potential4.89

Acquired Skills: Swordsmanship1.89   Holy Magic1.23 Mental Magic3.89 Taijutsu1.87   Cursed Arts2.54

It’s already a different person.

Several stats jumped up twice its original. The difference in magic was extraordinary.

Revising Palinchlon’s evaluation, I rethink my original tactics―― But without given the time to think, he comes attacking at a speed like Teeda himself.

I meet the swung down sword with my own. But, that attack caused my arm to go numb. It’s clearly not the strength that Palinchlon had before.

This single blow filled with strength reminds me of Teeda.

「No way…… !」

Before the Palinchlon who has become someone else, I’m assaulted by regret and panic.

I regret selling Teeda’s magic stone even though I had an inkling that it was important. And, panic at the fact that I will need to have a rematch with that Teeda.

「With this I’m like a monster! Now you can kill me without hesitation can’t you!?」

Each hit is heavy and fast. Together with the sword techniques Palinchlon already had, his strength had risen to even greater heights. It was a technique unknown to the previous Teeda, and now  little by little my defenses are worn down.

At this rate I’ll be defeated. I forcefully strengthen my magic.

「Damn ittt!! ――《Dimension Gladiate》!!」 

However, that was a poor move.

Because of the numerous times I forced myself to construct magic, my body was approaching its limit. If simply looking at the numbers, then there’s still max HP to use. In theory, I should be able to continue using magic. However, in reality my body’s condition wouldn’t permit that.

A stabbing pain in my head causes my magic to fail.

「Kuu――, Uuu, aAAhh――!!」

I shaved off too much life in a short time.

The magic I squeezed out by shaving away my life disperses.

The concentration I had when I defeated Alty would no longer return. I realized that I’ve reached my absolute limit from the pain I felt.

And a fatal opening was made. The sword in my hand is knocked away, and my legs are swept.

On top of my fallen self is Palinchlon, and taking hold of my head he strikes it on the ground. And so, a repulsive magic is transmitted from Palinchlon’s palm.

「Even Brother Kanami was unable to resist Teeda’s magic, weren’t you? ―― Magic 《Variable Down》」

Palinchlon’s magic invades through an opening in my worn out mind. That is, like once before, similar to Teeda’s magic.

At this rate my mind will be overwritten.

I don’t have the time to hesitate――!

Either way, whether he will toy with my heart, or I die of my own will, I have to use it――!!

【Skill『???』is out of control】

Emotions will be exchanged for metal stability

+1.00 correction to confusion has been added

「As if, I’d let yoooouUUU―― !」

I activate the skill 『???』 that I swore not to use even if I were to die. Brushing aside Palinchlon’s mental interference, I kick Palinchlon who was concentrating on his magic with all my strength.

I had no choice but to violate my oath. Palinchlon’s magic from just now was more terrifying than death.

I feel various emotions being lost. All kinds of thoughts and oaths weaken.

With a cool head I see them off. And then, I glare at the enemy who caused that.

Palinchlon who was kicked off displays an expression of shock. 

「Ku, Kukuu, hahahahahahaa! Really, your way too strong, Kanami!」

And then, the shock on his face turns into joy.

「――《Midgard Blaze》!」

It’s there that Maria’s magic is fired. She was waiting for the moment I was separated from Palinchlon.

However, the force of the fired off flame serpent is weak. It’s within the rain, but the influence of the injury on her eyes is also great. She already exhausted large amounts of HP and MP. Maria was also in a fierce battle.

With steam scattering about Palinchlon easily does the flame serpent. Like that, the flame is exposed to the rain as it disappears.

「Kanami-san, are you fine!?」

Maria raises her voice in a worried tone from behind. However, she doesn’t come over. Maria understood her own role. Thanks to getting over the discord she had with Alty, her head is cool. Making the best use of her experience in the labyrinth, she calmly takes the role of magician.

「I’m fine! I’ll be relying on your magic!」

If Maria loses her composure here then it will all be over. If our two on one collapses, then we will lose.

Palinchlon gazes at the two of us who have no margin for error.

「You two, it’d be bad if you were to become any weaker……. The body too, but the heart is more―― important!」

And then, Palinchlon breaks into a run.

This time he ignores me and aims for Maria at the rear. I run at full speed while bearing the pain and stand in Palinchlon’s way. However, even then Palinchlon doesn’t fight me. He tries approaching Maria from a different direction.

With blood pouring out, I pursue him. Just by putting one step on the ground, my whole body screams out. All the cells in my body send a danger signal to my brain warning me to release my conscience immediately.

Palinchlon was able to understand the state of my body.

If I continue moving around like this, then I will end up destroying myself. That’s why he’s ignoring me and aiming for Maria.

Judging that it can’t drag on any longer, I cut at Palinchlon with as much strength as I can muster. However, Palinchlon sees that attack and laughs. ―― I was read.

While laughing Palinchlon sends my sword flying, and with his open hand he strikes my stomach.

I recall the pain that had been numbed by the chemicals secreted by my brain, my whole body stiffens as if it had been struck by lightning. And so, after confirming the opening caused by that stiffness, Palinchlon turns to my back.

「u, aah――」

Pressure is applied to my carotid artery as he strangles my neck. Right now, that is the worst possible attack that I can receive.

「With this it’s over, Brother Kanami. I’ll be having you faint」

My vision is gradually dyed black, my conscience is going far away.

Within my hazy conscience, I hear Maria shout.

「Ka, Kanami-san! ―― 《Midgard Blaze》!!」

However, I couldn’t confirm that.

I feel something hot pass by my side. At the same time, Palinchlon who was strangling my neck separates.

――Thank goodness. With this I can fight again.

My fighting spirit burns, but my vision remains black. My face hits the muddy ground, and my body no longer listens to me.

I hear Maria’s scream from far off. But even then my body doesn’t so much as twitch.

I can’t…… move……. 

「It’s over here as well. With this the young lady is also secured……」

And yet, I was still able to clearly hear Palinchlon’s voice.

With my remaining spirit I raise my head, and concentrate on my eyes.

Just then, the scene of Maria losing her conscience at Palinchlon’s hands is reflected. Palinchlon mutters something to the fainted Maria, then lifting her body he places it on his shoulder.

After that, Palinchlon approaches me while holding Maria, unable to move, he holds me up with his hand.

「――Magic 《Variable Down》」

A repulsive magic power invades my body. Confirming that was all I could do.

――I, can still fight…….

Although I desperately shout inside of my heart, that fighting spirit did not appear on my body.

In response to Palinchlon’s magic, not only my vision, but the insides of my head are dyed pitch black. 

I fall to the bottom of a deep darkness…….

And so, as my conscience leaves, I hear a voice.

「With this Christmas is also over. …… In the end, the only one left standing is me. Just as planned, only me」

That is Palinchlon’s voice.

Different from the usual frivolous tone, something about it sounded regretful…….

With that voice I finally lost my conscience.

And fall into darkness.

Like this, the Christmas with the wishes of many intertwined comes to an end. 

And the foreigner Aikawa Kanami, has dropped out midway――

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