On the way back to the surface, Lastiara tried digging for information.

I’ve managed to continue while avoiding it, but I could no longer avoid the name of Dia that popped up before. I’ve already given up on the idea of hiding it, so I obediently talk about DIa.

「――Hee. So before getting teaming up with Maria and me, you teamed up with that Dia」

「That’s how it is. But, it’s not like I was trying to hide it. She’s hospitalized and I don’t know when she’ll be coming back, so I was at a loss as for when to mention it. She also holds a considerable amount of magic」

「Still, for there to be a magician who Sieg trusts that much……」

「Aah, she’s a top rank magician. Her level might not be enough, but it’ll immediately catch up. She has the ability to keep up with us」

I praise Dia without holding back.

Looking simply at numerical values, then she’s a person more capable than Lastiara. Above all her personality is good. 

That’s right. A good personality. That’s something very important.

「But, people with abilities like ours, there’s shouldn’t be many」

「No, I’m serious」

「No no, it’s because Sieg’s assessments are sweetー. ……Un. I’ll have to see it, and properly evaluate it myself」

Lastiara continues moving forward.

She wants to be introduced to Dia today.

They’d meet eventually. But with not much of a choice, I nod my head.

Since we have time, we decide to head to the hospital Dia is in.

On the way, I guided Lastiara who couldn’t hold her expectations in.

It wasn’t so far to the hospital. From the labyrinth entrance of Valt, it doesn’t even take an hour.

Just like last time, I walk to the building that Dia is hospitalized in.

However, on the way, I notice that something in the surroundings was strange.

The hall felt strangely well ventilated. To be more accurate, the wall is full of holes.

Having suspicions as to who can do such avant-garde remodeling, I enter Dia’s room.


Dia’s room was an even worse scene than the hall.

Holes were opened everywhere and they were closed up with boards. On top of the bed and walls having changed color from begin burned, the furniture and utensils were also damaged.

There was no longer any sign of the safetyiness and cleanliness that was here the last time I came.

In that completely transformed room, Dia sat on top of her bed as if nothing had changed.



Dia and I exchange our greetings. It looks like Dia doesn’t mind this disastrous scene.

「H, hey, Dia. This, just what happened?」

「Aah, this room…… Sorry, because of this, the cost to repair it will be added. I’ll take it from my share, so can you pay the receptionist?」

「That’s fine. It’s natural since it’s Dia’s money. More importantly, can you tell me what happened?」

「Uuun. ……Enemy attack?」

In a half question, Dia returned the question. There’s no way I’d understand from hearing that.

「An enemy attack came? In the hospital?」

「Aah, that Alty. I fought with the one who was behind Teeda at that time」

「So that’s what it is……」

I can accept that.

But, I can’t see the image of Alty starting a fight. Rather ……

「Did Alty pick a fight?」

「Eh, ummm……, that’s, she didn’t even raise a hand. Everything, is damage from my magic」

「I thought so……」

「My bad. We reconciled, but by that time it was already like this」

「No, it can’t be helped. If I didn’t get an explanation then I also would……. And, did you learn a lot of magic? I heard from Alty」

「Aah, I was taught a lot! I can adjust the fire power of《Flame Arrow》, and my sense for holy magic returned. I’m not the same me as before anymore!」


Adjustment of her firepower. With Dia’s endless supply of MP, it’d be fine to shoot at full power.

With my honest impression, Dia acts embarrassed..

But, that face of Dia hardens. When she looks behind me, her face goes blue.

「――Eh, huh? Why, here…… ?」

In contrast, Lastiara waves her hand and gives her greetings.

「It’s been a long time. Sith-san」

Lsatiara said「Been a long time」to Dia. And also, she changes to the composed mannerisms that she has with the knights. It seems, that the two are acquaintances.

「Eh,wh, whwhwhwhwhy, why is Lastiara-san here?」

Lastiara was feigning innocence in a composed state, and Dia was the exact opposite. In a panic she makes a commotion as she gets up from her bed, she even takes a position for battle.

「I am also surprised. To meet with Sith-san in such a place」

「――!? It can’t be, Lastiara-san came to bring me back!?」

「Please calm yourself. I have only come here as Sieg’s companion. It’s nothing more and nothing less」

「Lastiara-san is Sieg’s companion?」

In comparison to Dia who was ready to chant magic at any moment, Lastiara approaches her with a delighted tone, and in gentle movements she takes her hand.

「Eeh, therefore, it is not what Sith-san believes it is. Don’t worry」

「Re, really…… ?」


Lastiara gently smiles. Being lured in by that, the strength in Dia’s body disappears.

Lastiara’s act of feigning innocence is as skilled as ever. She dealt with Dia’s vigilance in the blink of an eye. Once I see that their conversation has reached a stopping point, I make my way in.

「Dia, it’s true that Lastiara’s my companion. …… More importantly, you two begin acquainted was a shock to me. Where did you meet?」

I ask while looking at the two’s faces.

As Lastiara was about to answer, Dia interrupts in a panic.

「In, in my hometown! We aren’t such deep acquaintances!」

Since that interruption was far too unnatural, I look at Lastiara’s face for confirmation.

For an instant a strange expression appears on Lastiara, but it soon becomes her usual cheerful smile. And so, she confirms Dia’s words.

「That’s right. We have only been acquainted for a short amount of time」

「Aah, short acquaintances. But, Lastiara-san, over here I go by Dia, so please call me that」

「I see. Dia-san」

I felt a discomfort in their conversation. But, I won’t question it. From what I can see, that’s something Dia doesn’t want to be known.

If possible, I don’t want to do anything that’d trouble Dia.

「It’s good that your acquaintances. Because from here, you’ll be companions who search the labyrinth together」

I pretend to not notice, and continue the conversation.

When Dia hears companion, she speak in a high pitched tone, and goes to shake Lastiara’s hand.

「I, if you’re Sieg’s companion, then you’re also my companion. Don’t worry about me, and please continue  to call me Dia」

「That’s right. If we’re companions, then let’s stop this formal speech. ――I’ll be in your care from now on, Dia-chan」

With such an answer, Lastiara shakes the hand. She tightly squeezes as if to not let go

「Pl, please stop with the chan, since I’m me, if you can then that way of …….!」(TL: Dia refers to herself with ore, I’m also using she in the narration even though it isn’t specified)

Dia panics as her gripped hand is strongly shook. Lastiara continues to adore that hand. With her expression and eyes, it was as scary as a beast licking its lips after catching its prey.

「Sorry, since you’re face is so pretty, I just did it. Then, ――I’ll go with Dia-kun, but maybe……」

「Don’t use any!」

「Fufufuu. Okay, Dia」

From what I can see from Lastiara, Dia’s「I’m not a girl」only grows more suspicious. However, I plan on treating Dia like a man, so I don’t jump into this dispute. 

Also, if I had treated her as a different gender at this point…… It’ll trouble me.

I thought I’d have to intervene considering their different personalities, but it seems that worry was unneeded. In relief I take a seat on one of the hospital chairs, and watch over the two.

Afterwards, I tell Dia that Alty would come to teach her magic. In addition, I explain the situation with the twenty-fourth floor.

Because Lastiara and Dia’s way of using magic ismlar, their conversation bloomed into a magic discussion. The two were thinking of ways to capture the twenty-fourth floor.

I don’t really know of the magic the twouse, so I could only listen from the back. With no other choice, I’ll think about it once I return home.

Maria probably already finished making the meal and is waiting.

However, because of Alty’s problematic statement, it can’t help but worry if I’ll be able to act like usual with Maria. I have to do image training right now, or else my attitude might be exposed.

Behind the two who continued their magic discussion, I continued thinking of ways to deal with Maria.

I continued that until the sun sets.


After finishing Dia’s visit, and finishing our search preparations, we return home.

「Welcome back, Master」

Maria goes out to meet us with a smile.

But, what was under that smiling face, I had no way of telling.

Before I knew it, she managed to gain powerful flame magic. She might also love me. Whether she really does is something I can’t imagine.

「U, un…… I’m back, Maria……」

I avert my eyes and answer.

Even though I did so many simulations, it was still an awkward greeting.

Although I don’t know about Maria, I feel like she can see right through me with her『Insight』. If I talk too long then Maria will see the feelings I hold towards her. Right now, I’m not able to meet her eyes. 

「Maria-chan, I’m backー!」

Together with a cheerful voice, Lastiara hugs Maria.

For an instant, Maria looked at me with puzzled eyes, but thanks to Lastiara that was interrupted. While thanking Lastiara, I move to my room in a hurry.

And so, that evening went as usual, together the three of us ate the meal Maria prepared. But, it was obvious that something was off.

The seams of our party were being torn apart.

Lastiara’s  faint smile increases by thirty percent, that’s because of my distant treatment towards Maria, and Maria keeps a watchful eye in order to find the reason――

On the occasions Maria looks over here, I turn my face.

I could feel that my face is faintly red.

Although Maria is young and short, her face is well proportioned. At the time we met it was because of the environment that her appearance was poor, but after cleaning up there was no problem with classifying her as a cute girl. Different from Dia and Lastiara, it’s a realistic type of cuteness. Black hair and eyes are something I feel affinity towards, and that familiar feeling stays in my mind.

Once it entered my mind, it became difficult to ignore her charm.

Therefore, through the use of《Dimension Gladiator》, I avoid meeting Maria’s gaze and somehow manage to make it through the meal.

After that, in the same way as usual everyone goes to their own rooms and begins their preparations to sleep.

……The first thing I have to do is get over the first night.

Even knowing of Maria’s love, I have confidence that I’ll somehow be able to manage it.

That night, I felt like the wind was strangely turbulent, but I was able to sleep in peace.

――And so, the next day.

「Master, take care」

「Un, I’m off……」

Because of the conversation from yesterday, Maria’s「Take care」made me unable to settle down. In order to not see Maria’s face as much as possible, I head to the《Connection》on the twentieth floor. Lastiara also follows after.

Lastiara’s equipment is heavier than the one from yesterday. Although Lastiara like running around in light equipment, in order to defend against the heat from yesterday she’s now wearing an overcoat on top. Water that’s always ready to drink and an antidote hang at her waist.

We pass through the light purple magic door, and exit into the cold room with nothing in it.

We head to the staircase, and then I notice someone.

A single man with wind magic covering his body, the『Celestial Knight』Hein-san.

Hopes-san isn’t here today. It looks like he’s waiting alone.

And so, something was different from before, his attire is imposing. Last time he was only equipped with a single silver sword, but two extended from his waist today. Furthermore, there is a large silver gauntlet on his left hand. Although he isn’t wearing any heavy gear, smaller arms are littering his body. What especially stands out, are the ten rings on his fingers. It’s noticeable when a man wears a large quantity of rings.

「I’ve kept you waiting, Mistress……」

In the same way as before, Hein-san bows.

But I felt that those gestures were cold.

Somethings different. It’s not the number of people or gear―― but『Something』 is definitely different」 

That’s what I thought.

And so, before I could figure out the identity of it’s true form, Hein-san and Lastiara begin talking.

「Hello, Hein-san. Are you alone today?」

「Eeh, today it is only me」

I check for any hidden people with《Dimension》. Lastiara looks over, and I confirm Hein-san is alone with a nod.

After confirming that Lastiara continues the conversation.

「Will you challenge my knight Sieg to a duel today as well?」

When hearing duel, Hein-san stiffens a bit. And with several nods, he gives an answer.

「Eeh, that’s right. That’s correct. I’ll have to go for a duel. However, before that, there is something I’d like to say」

「Something to say?」

「Eeh, to your knight Seigfried Visitor 」

Hein-san says that and looks towards me.

In order to listen to the conversation, I take a step forward.

「What do you have to say. Hein-san」

「No, fighting isn’t everything. For example, if I am able to prepare what you desired, then you could recognize your defeat. That type of conversation」

A gentle tone, Hein-san tries to appeal for no violence. Certainly, if it can end with a negotiation, then I’d also prefer this.

Hein-san continues his negotiation with an impeccable smile.

「Therefore, may you please tell me what it is you desire」

「What I desire…… ?」

「Whether money or fame, as long as I can then I will prepare it. If you seek pleasure like the Mistress, then I’ll prepare whatever pleases you wish. ……Therefore, will you admit defeat in this duel?」

A very reasonable proposal.

However, unfortunately, I don’t desire neither money nor fame. What I desire is only one, only to『Return』. To return to my one and only family. That is my only wish.

At present, the only possibility I have of granting that wish, is at the『Deepest Part』of the labyrinth.

With the information I’ve gathered until now, no other possibility appeared. Thus, what I desire is the ability to be able to pass the labyrinths depths.

At present, the only ones that I can think of with that ability are『Lastiara』『Dia』『Alty』, only those three. I have no reason to throw my victory to Hein-san and lose one of those few assets.

「Sorry. What I desire is something Hein-san can’t prepare」

「I can’t prepare it?」

「The thing I desire is at the『Deepest Part』of the labyrinth. Therefore, you cannot prepare it」

I declare. Hein-san knits his brows with my answer.

「『Deepest Part』…… That『Miracle』? You desire the『Miracle』at the deepest part……. ?」


「Certainly, that’s something that can’t be preapred……」

Knowing of my objective, Hein-san became troubled, and he faces downwards.

And so, after thinking for some time, his words leak out.

「The worst……」

Those words trembled.

It wasn’t the gentle and clear voice from before, but a voice that leaked out from the depths of his stomach.

Hein-san slowly lifts his head, and he shows me a sad expression.

That face without a single flaw in it, was now nowhere to be seen. The sad face that an ordinary human shows when they run into an incident――an expression of sadness.

That sudden change threw me into confusion.

However, Hein-san doesn’t mind my agitation, his sad expression melts away and he continues his words.

「Aah, it’s the worst. What you wish for, to me it’s the『Worst』. It’s fine to wish for a miracle. But, this labyrinth――only here isn’t good. Aah,――what a bad location

「What do you mean……」

I didn’t understand what Hein-san was saying, so I try to ask.

「It can’t be helped.――Let us duel」

However, Hein-san doesn’t answer, and demands for a duel.

「I, don’t mind but……」

「The same as usual, if you win, then it’d be fine for me to not show my face again?」

「Yes, that goes without saying. But――」

I felt a disconfert like a bug crawling up my back, so I try to stop the conversation. However, Hein-san doesn’t permit that. Talking without break, the conversation doesn’t end.

Then he throws another rule at me.

「Then, if I win, you and the Mistress must leave the allied nations

At the time he said those words, Hein-san’s smile returned.

A charming smile, he declared that in the gentlest voice yet.


I wasn’t able to immediately understand.

From the conversations until now, Lastiara was only supposed to return home. However, what Hein-san wished for was something completely different.

In that case then everything changes.

I take a step forward in order to refuse.

「――《Sear Wind》」

However, that step was not permitted.

My foot doesn’t reach the ground, and my body was assaulted by a floating sensation.

One of Hein-san’s rings break, the dark magic turns into a gust, and my body is blown away. It wasn’t until I lost my sense that I realized Hein-san had attacked me.

I was negligent because of Hein-san’s amicable nature, and my response was delayed.

A sense of discomfort was definitely there, but there wasn’t enough tension to see it coming.

「――Di《Dimension Gladiator》!!」

I deploy my magic while I was blown away by the wind, and I gather the information of the surroundings. It didn’t take even a second, I figured the position of where I was thrown, and the wall I was thrown too.

With a shock, I absorb the impact of the wall using both my hands. I was barely able to defend.

And so, while still stuck on the wall, I grasp the situation of the room.

First, I see that Lastiara was blown to a far away wall and she’s now unconscious.

She’s probably not dead, but from a light check I can see that one of her arms are broken. Unlike me, Lastiara wasn’t able to properly defend.

It wasn’t that Lastiara’s response was worse than mine. What was worse was the position she stood in. I was about ten meters away from the wall, but Lastiara was blown to the wall right behind her, she probably didn’t even have time to think.

I can’t get Lastiara’s assistance anymore either. I have no choice but to leave her alone and focus on the enemy.

Hein-san draws both his silver swords and closes the distance.

I also take out my treasured sword from『Items』, and put my feet on the ground, and so, before Hein-san could arrive I construct a magic that could give me the advantage.

「――Magic《Foam》《Di Snow》!」

Numerous magic bubbles are created.

Hein-san who sees that calls forth a magic. At the same time, another ring breaks.

「――《Zitteruto Wind》」

Together with those words, a gentle wind comes out of Hein-san’s silver sword.

That wind, it didn’t have the pressure of the gust from before. However, that was enough. The gentle wind advances, and it washes away my magic bubbles

Although Hein-san couldn’t clearyl comprehend what the《Foam》was, he immediately stops them from producing.

And so, deciding to focus on my sword, I put more strength in《Dimension Gladiator》――but then I notice that my magic sense is in disarray.

The gentle wind Hein-san creates is interfering, and I’m unable to properly pick up the information from the surroundings with《Dimension Gladiator》.

I clench my teeth, and with an inadequate support magic I meet with Hein-san.

Hein-san’s swords rush in from the left and right. When I stop one sword, I had to dodge the other by twisting my body.

I had no experience in dealing with twin swords, so I can only rely on reflexes and intuition to dodge.

I knew that if I hesitated then I’d immediately regret it.

In order to take Hein-san by surprise, I move one hand behind, and I take out my spare sword from『Items』.

I use my own swords to defend against Hein-san’s swords.

Hein-san shows a somewhat surprised expression. With that opening, I force the swords away, and land a kick in his abdomen.

Although the kick itself wasn’t powerful, I was able to take distance from Hein-san with it.

For the time being, with the distance I made, I『Observe』in order to gather information――

【Magic Stone Ring Of 『Violent Winds』】Ring that holds the power of 『Violent Winds』

【Magic Stone Ring of『Scattered Winds』】Ring that holds the power of『Scattered Winds』

【Magic Stone Ring Of『Divine Winds』】Ring that holds the power of 『Divine Winds』――……

――Among the ten rings, magic stone ring of『Divine Wind』breaks apart.

「《Sear Wind》!」

Hein-san takes in the surrounding wind, compresses it, and he release that mass towards me.

Once again, the fired storm easily lifts my body, and it tries to throw me far away.

However, I was able to confirm that magic when it appeared this time. Without losing my balance, I effortlessly defend against the wall.

Because I managed to cleanly defend against it this time, Hein-san doesn’t pursue.

With a distance between us the attacks stop coming and I’m able to regain my composure, I then call to Hein-san.

「Hein-san! What’re you planning!」

In order to prepare a new magic Hein-san takes in the wind from the surroundings, and he answers my call.

「No matter what you say―― it’s a duel. Nevertheless, it isn’t one of those tepid duels sworn at the『Line』. A violent one, a real duel to see whose wish makes it through 」

It was a gentle voice. No matter how dreadful the contents of his words were, that voice was terribly gently.

After coming this far, I no longer think it can end with words, and I realize my remaining sliver of hope has been cut.

「Kuu! ――Magic《Dimension Gladiator》!」

In order to finish this, I’ll have to defeat Hein-san.

However, as I tried to construct the tactics for that――I receive a shock.

I realize that this is my first real competition against another human, and I recall the anxieties that come with that.

――Up to where is it fine to attack?


Should I aim to make him faint? That’d be the best. However, the enemy isn’t weak enough that I can aim to make him faint.

In that case, should I resolve to take one or two arms? Maybe that much would be fine. But, I don’t have confidence that I’ll do it without hesitation.

Should I prepare to kill him? Aah, that’s right. That’s the biggest problem.

――The problem, this is a human and human killing each other.

If it was a monster than I can injure it without worry. Even if it’s a human-type, I can make the excuse that it’s a monster.

However, I can’t make any excuse if I kill Hein-san.

If it’s a tactic then I can make one in an instant, but I couldn’t come up with this answer. My body stiffens, and I’m unable to take the best course of actions.

Using that opening, Hein-san finishes his magic.

「Even if I have to cut off that leg, I’ll make you listen…… !」

Words full with Hein-san’s resolve reverberate.

The surrounding atmosphere warps. It is difficult but I still managed to see numerous『Distorted Lines』floating in the air.

And so, Hein-san points his silver sword here, and shouts.

「――《Wraith Wind》!」

The『Distorted Lines』tears through the air like a blade.

In order to avoid it, I focus on《Dimension Gladiator》. However, the gentle wind in the air was still interfering with me. It wasn’t as if I was completely denied, but a small irregularity was born. And my magic is one where a small irregularity could be lethal

I felt it would be dangerous to rely only on magic, so I extend my hand into『Items』to take out an ingredient. From there I chose a small bag of flour, and I throw it.

The bag that hit the『Distorted Lines』is cut, and a large amount of four acts as a makeshift smokescreen.

The flour takes shape in the air, and I’m able to clearly see the『Distorted Lines』. In exchange, my vision was somewhat restricted, but it’s better to take notice of those unseen winds.

I dodge the『Distorted Lines』and run through the smoke screen at full speed to get closer to Hein-san


Hein-san chants his next magic, and the smokescreen in the air is blown away.

However, by that time I’ve already dodged all of the『Distorted Lines』. And like that I cut into Hein-san.

I didn’t have the resolve to kill. It’s not something a human with a weak mind like me can do. However, having heard「cut off your legs」, I also planned so as I swung my sword. It is something that the current me can compromise on.

Sword and sword collide as small sparks are created.

There was no space between us.

Even if I did gather information, the gears equipped on Hein-san are too many, so I don’t『Observe』him. If I fought from mid range then he’d use his magic wind to blow me away. In that case I have no choice but to take a close range fight.

The peculiar dual swords are a threat, but it isn’t something that would decide the match.

And then I pour my remaining MP into《Dimension Gladiator》, in close range combat victory is decided by who lands a hit.

And so, when the sparks created suprass ten, Hein-san’s expression changes.

With an unfitting click of the tongue, he takes his distance from me.

Instead of pursuing I stand my ground. Since I know the reason Hein-san moved away. In the direction of Hein-san’s unpleasant expression, Lastiara lets out a groan. It seems like she’s about to regain consciousness.

Along with relief, I once again ready my sword.

If Lastiara were to awake now, then the situation would take a complete turn. If Lastiara were to participate in this struggle, then even Hein-san would have no chance of victory.

Therefore, all I have to do is wait for Lastiara to wake up.

Seeing that I’ve taken a defensive stance, Hein-san lets out a deep breath. And so, he returns the duel swords to their sheathes, and slowly expresses himself.

「To think, that the boy would make it this far…… My plan has deviated……」

Although in a regrettable manner, it looked like somewhere in Hein-san’s words there was some delight.

It seems like he’s glad that his plan had deviated.

I’m unable to read Hein-san’s intentions at all today, I answer while strengthening my vigilance.

「Hein-san, why did you do this…… ?」

I wanted to know.

For someone as amicable like Hein-san, what were his true intentions when he took us by surprise.

「…… Really why was it. Because I saw the boy enjoying himself while playing with the Mistress probably」

He returns his words in a frail voice.

「Enjoy playing with Lastiara…… ? What about that…… ?」

If it’s that, then why did he desire to drive Lastiara and me away from the allied nations.

I can’t find any connection to that with my current information.

A fleeting smile appears on Hein-san as he listened to my question.

「I was wrong……」

And so, his expression warps, and he blames himself. I could only watch on in surprise.

Hein-san looks sane. He looks it, but it didn’t feel like it from our conversations. As if I were accompanying Lastiara in a good mood, I feel that sort of instability.

That’s why I was at a loss of words. 

But even then, Hein-san continues talking.

「Boy…… At this rate, the Mistress will die. At the end of Christmas, she will be erased from this world. Therefore, I beg of you. Please run away with her…… ! Before Christmas begins, from these allied nations…… !!」

At the end, Hein-san said Lastiara would die.


La, Lastiara will die…… ?

With a thump, my heart begins throbbing.

Leaving me behind, Hein-san began speaking like a broken dam.

「My words no longer reach the Mistress. They don’t reach! That’s why, I have no choice, even if it’s through force…… ! Boy, please――, please, don’t listen to the Mistresses words! The Mistresses words seem honest, but in fact, everything is『Artificial 』. That expression, those emotions, her way of thinking, everything is『Artificial』. I also took part so there’s no mistake. Not that existence  of the crooked, unstable, and inhumane『Lastiara』, please listen to the true feelings of『The Girl In There』……!!」

I have no idea what he’s saying.

On top of being sudden, his words are also abstract.

『Artificial』?『The Girl In There』?

In other words, Lastiara isn’t speaking of her true feelings.

「Take her out no matter what…… A distant place that isn’t here, for a happiness that a boy and a girl deserve……」

A murky charm flickers in Hein-san’s eyes. Together with the blonde hair and beautiful face, that charm causes goosebumps to rise.

With those final words, Hein-san disappears into the darkness of the staircase.

I could only see him off.

I couldn’t even chase after him.

More than the fact that I couldn’t leave Lastiara behind in the dungeon, my feet couldn’t move in my confusion.

And so, I look towards Lastiara who woke up. She lifts up her beautiful and supple limbs, and her glistening hair runs down them. Although in the middle of a filthy labyrinth, it felt like a divine sight.

Yes. It’s true, that felt『Artificial』.

It’s something I’ve always thought about. Her beauty is not realistic.

No, it isn’t only about beauty.

That unstable character, unstable way of living, unstable heart―― All of it felt like it was the creation of someone else. That’s why, the credibility in Hein-san’s words, to the word『Artificial』grows. I can no longer think the prediction of Lastiara’s death is simply a lie.

…… Aah, I’ve lost even more leeway.

Even though I managed to tolerate Maria’s situation, a new problem dropped in, and the pain in my head grows.

――At this rate Lastiara will die?

――Maria likes me?

Aah, why, why do these problems keep piling up.

It’s shaving away at my heart.

The skill『???』I’ve manged to keep away, is now slowly coming closer.

Still――I need to put on front. But, I know that I’m reaching my limits.

I put my hand on my head and recall Hein-san’s words.

 ――「The end of Christmas」――

I suddenly remember the date.

In a little more, than week long pre festival will end, and Chirsmtas will begin.

It’s something I’ve known since before, yet the uneasiness won’t banish. I can’t get Hein-san’s words out of my ears. I feel fear towards the approaching Christmas.

Because I haven’t used the skill『???』in a long time, before I knew it irrational feelings filled my chest. And all those feelings tell me.

As if to say, intuition. Or also known as foreboding. To say it in a grander way―― I felt fate.

Once Christmas ends, everything will be『Settled』―― and, for some reason that’s what I believe.

That was not only about Lastiara, but Alty and Maria, and everything in me would also be settled. Of course, there is no logical reason for my thoughts.

However, I definitely believe in that.

The bewilderment along with that ominous premonition, my eyes meet with Lastiara who got up.

The girl said to die in a few days had sparkling golden eyes. A beautiful spark that wouldn’t fade even in death. While captivate with that abnormal beauty, I am reminded of the remaining days.

―― Two days, until Christmas

Two more days……

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