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 After the wolf falls over, I carefully observe my surroundings.

An unreal situation, I should be in complete confusion right now. However, I’m strangely calm. It’s as if I’m ignoring any confusion, and it enables me to act indifferent.

I gather what was left by the wolf.

I also manage to get things for the corpses that the wolf had killed.

There was no sense of guilt. If it’s something necessary, then my emotions will numb. I think of nothing but what I need to do in order to live.

The items these corpses carried are indispensable if I want to live―― That’s the answer my mind though of.

I equip the stolen items.

Leather gloves go on my hands,  I cover myself in a cloak, and attaching a leather bag to my waist. I put a knife with an odd shape in between my belt, and hold a one handed sword in hand.

I’ll steal what I can, so I move my hands back to the corpses.

In the end, I look at the spot the wolf vanished.

The long sword used to fight with the wolf had fallen over there.

I want to take the long sword, but it’s at least twice the weight of the one handed sword so walking around with it isn’t realistic. But what interested me wasn’t the long sword, but the glittering green stone.

There are many similar types of stones on the corpses.

At present it’d be too heavy for me to carry. So instead of pointlessly risking my life to bring them along, I decided to leave them.

But, the color of this stone, it’s very similar to the color of that wolf’s fur.

A single conjecture appeared in my head. It sounds absurd, but I had some conviction. I think that when monsters are defeated here, they leave behind this stone.

It was sentimental.

I feel like I might develop some strange sort of affinity with the people who were killed.

I pick up the stone, and stuff it in my pocket.

「Now, what do I do……」

I did what I could.

There has to be some sort of way to intercept any hostile creatures that appear.

The next thing I have to decide is whether to 『Wait』, or『Move』.

The cut on my thigh is shallower than I thought. My body must’ve reflexively pulled back. However, no matter how much pressure I put in order to stop the blood, I still have trouble walking.

If I move then I’ll bleed, and I’ll definitely lose stamina.

The stamina I lose is directly connected to the danger to my life. Moving will surely put me at risk.

But, waiting here would be terrifying.

If I wait for someone to save me, then a terrifying incident like before can occur.

Monsters too but――, above all, the thought of the humans I seek help from killing me takes root in my heart.

If someone waited here and asked for my help when I appeared, then I’d only find it suspicious.

That’s why, I decide to『Move』.

「Maybe I can walk if I use the sword like a cane……」

I check the condition of the sword.

It isn’t fit to be a cane.

「Something better, if only there was a better『Tool』……」

When I say that, I again look around――



―― and, a『Display』becomes visible in midair.

「Eh, what……, eh?」

My confusion accelerates. The unreal feeling accelerates. A dry laugh comes out of my throat.

It’s like a piece of garbage stuck to my eye, and at a distance that I could reach it clearly said『Display』. No matter how much I moved my vision, just like a game icon, that『Display』doesn’t disappear.

I’m now certain of it. That I’m seeing this 『Display』here.

That’s right.

「Ha, hahaa, It’s like――」

―― it’s like, a game.

I vaguely felt it.

Illusion. Labyrinth. Monster. Giant insect. Giant wolf. Adventurer. Swordsmen. Bow and arrows. A magician’s flame. Light after death. Gem. Message after battle.『Display』. Item.

They’re all things that frequently appear in games.

With inverted colors, as if it were an illusion that was dangling from the ground, I soon recognized it.

There’s also some fun in recognizing it. My fear lessens, but even then I still want to run. It felt like it was straight from a dream.

「…… Then first, me. Please 『Display』me」

For now, I say some words that fit what I desired.

【Status】 (TL: This was in english and the next one was japanese)

Name:KanamiAikawa HP4/51 MP72/72 Class:


Str1.11 Vit1.03 Dex1.01 Agi2.02 Int4.00……――

「…… , it’s hard to understand. Can’t you make it easier to read.」


Name : Aikawa Kanami   HP4/51 MP72//72 Class:

Level 1

Strength1.11   Vitality1.03 Dexterity1.01   Agility2.02 Intelligince4.00   Magic2.00 Potential7.00

Conditions : Confusion1.01   Bleed0.52

Experience : 805/100

Equipment : One handed iron sword   Otherworldly clothes Elven cloak Leather gloves   Otherworldly shoes
Throwing knife with cursed mark

「Ah, it became Japanese」

The『Display』responded to my off hand complaint.

It’s less organized than when it’s English, but being easy to read is most important. I read what was written in Japanese under『Status』. 

What especially caught my attention was the『【Items】Empty』. If I take it at face value then it means that I’m not carrying anything right now. 

「Uuun. But I’m carrying dried meat and water……」

Regardless of that, it still showed.



No matter how many times I check, it looks like I’m not carrying anything in the end.

「But, I get the general idea……. Since, I like games……」

The idea is whether I meet the requirements or not.

So I’m not satisfying that strict game like requirement.

「Equipments are probably the things that have a direct influence in battle. The so called parameter…….」

Nothing other than that is equipped. In other words, it’s not the things that I am carrying on me.

「Can it be, some type of infinite bag?」

I once again confirm the things on me. If it’s a game, that type of things is quite common.

I repeatedly move things in and out of my bag and pocket.

However, nothing happens.


Go in go in go inー……

With a silent prayer, I hold up the dried meat at an empty space. I was only half serious, but it seems like this was the correct action.

The space warps, and the dried meat is swallowed.


I immediately pull my hand away.

It was a sight that caused a psychological fear.

「All right, 『Display』『items』」


Dried meat

「Hahaa. Un, it’s really game like」

Half in joy, and half in fear.

However, with this I was finally able to understand the rules for『Items』.

If I have the intention and hold it up in the air, then I can probably store it wherever I want.

「This makes it a lot easier……」

I once again look over the corpses again. There were many things left that I couldn’t carry. 

Confirming『Item’s』other rules, I throw items into the air one after the other.

By the way, I couldn’t put in the corpses of the adventurers and small bugs.

I don’t understand the reason for it, but it must’ve gone against one of the conditions.


Dried meat   Water pouch Antihemorrhagic   Oil Numbness needle Antidote   Oria’s greatsword Leather bag Leather gloves   Leather shoes Cloth Wooden bow Iron knife Unlabeled arrow   Lighter Smartphone Small stone Branch Tenth rank magic stone   Ninth rank magic stone

By the way, the smartphone and lighter were in the jeans I came in. The moment I found my smart phone I tried calling, naturally it didn’t work. Furthermore, the time is off by a few years, it’s highly possible that it received some sort of impact and broke. But, as a small mercy the light and alarm functions still work.

「I put in alot…… It helps that a name is attached to the things I don’t know about. But, is there no way to lower the difficulty like in games. No, it already helped a lot…….」

Just seeing that the thing that looked like nothing but power be displayed as『Antidote』caused me to grin.

「All right. I’ve got to try a lot mo――」


As I thought about devoting myself to testing things, the echoes of a beast’s roar came from the corridor.

「――re, let’s save that for later」

Because of the good things that’ve been continually happening, I forgot about it. Even now I’m in the midst of danger.

For the time being, I use the『Antihemorrhagic』(I wasn’t sure how to use it so I applied it in the same way I’d clean a wound with water), and I begin walking away from the roar using the sword as a cane.

In order to not burden my body, I pay close attention to my surroundings before progressing.

I confirm my『Status』, with the bleeding coming to a stop my HP also started recovering.

I felt the danger to my life disappear, and I managed to obtain some leeway.

Making use of the leeway, I begin conducting many experiments.

I can’t put things in and out while walking, but there are still other things I can try. I think of many words and say them.

「Status, Help, Map, Save, Log, Chat, Log Out, Log In, Skill――」

Thinking their might be a new『Display』, I begin saying any game words that come to mind.

The one I wanted to display the most was『Help』but there was no response. There was also no response from the online game terms『Log』and『Chat』.

The one that responded was 『Skill』――


Innate Skills: Swordsmanship1.01   Freezing Magic 2.00

Acquired Skills: Dimension Magic5.00



There are two『???』 on the display. The one who made this system must’ve neglected parts.

But the『Magic』I saw surprised me.

Before I knew it, I’ve already become a magician. I happily think of the word『Magic』and it appears on the『Display』.


Freezing Magic : Freeze1.00   Ice1.00

Dimension Magic : Dimension1.00

I didn’t have much expectations, but there ended up being three magics. I felt like jumping up because I can use magic. Why I can use magic, I have no idea, but if I can use it then I will. If I think about it like a game, it isn’t strange to start with some beginner skills.

 ――That’s if I think about it like a game……

My thoughts are going out of control. I shake my head to stop my thoughts, now it’s time to test them out.

That’s the best that I can do right now.

「Ummm, come out! Freezing magic《Ice》」

Along with a yell, I hold my hands out. What I imagine is an image of ice flying out of my hands.

After chanting the magic I felt like something was coming out. And so, the palm of my hands become cold, and I feel something gathering.

It definitely did gather――, but it’s too slow.

The water that gathered was probably taken from the atmosphere, and by stopping the movement of the molecules the heat is taken and ice is formed.

However, the ice that took 10 seconds to for is only the size of my palm. Of course, it didn’t fly out as well. No matter how I see it, this can’t be used to attack. 

「……Eh, that’s it?」

Just what is magic……, Ugogogogo……    (TL: Think it’s a reference to a Final fantasy game)

This is probably everyday magic. It wasn’t the flashy thing that I expected that could be used against giant insects and animals, how regrettable.

But, I was finally able to get ice, so I take out cloth from my『Items』and make a clean cut on the ice. I then put that on my burn marks, but a pain broke out so I immediately threw it away.

Freezing magic《Ice》. Honestly, it’s completely useless.

Next is,《Freeze’s》test. However, this also ended in a similar result. The temperature around me slowly decreased, it’s effect is quite light.

I’m pretty worried about the last magic《Dimension》. If I recall, I think that Dimension should mean size or dimensions. I don’t have confidence. But, from the previous freezing magic trial, I can guess what would happen.

Maybe a warp zone will appear and I’ll be able to get out of this labyrinth, but it’s hard to think that there’s a magic that would easily get me out of this situation. In the end, since I’m not able to clearly guess what would happen, I need to have a safety plan.

If done pooly, it’d be scary if a black hole appears.

However, since I was already at it I decided try other magics.

「Healing magic, white magic, magic acquisition, new, new magic, first aid, burn, cure――」

Unfortunately, nothing worked.

I was hoping for some sort of healing magic, but it doesn’t seem like I’m equipped with it.

But on the way, an interesting『Display』appears.

【Skill Point Allotment】

Swordsmanship1.01   Freezing Magic2.00 Dimension Magic5.00

Current skill points are 0

Looks like it’s zero.

It’ll probably increases with my level.

【Level Up Menu】


Requirements have been met

When I thought of my level, this『Display』appeared.

However, the「Requirements have been met」gave me a bad premonition.

Rather than automatic level up, it’s most likely an optional level up. And so, it’s also possible that the method to do it is strict.

For now, I’ll try searching for a different way to level up faster.

「If I can, please let me level ―― Ow!」

My right arm suddenly got hot and I let out a voice. 

I look at my upper arm, and blood was flowing from a cut.

「―― Where!?」

I survey the surroundings and spot movements in the corner of my vision.

It was a distortion. A『Distortion』the size of a basketball in midair, it vibrated along with a small sound. Looking closely, the silhouette of that『Distortion』is close to that of a bug.


My thoughts immediately change.

From thoughts of everyday life, to game like thoughts. It’s because of my numb feelings that I can take that game like efficiency.

It’s because that wasn’t normal, it’s because I’m『Here』that I can do it.

I aim at the『Distortion』, and I move the sword in hand upward in order to cut it. However, the slash was narrowly avoided.

After confirming it was dodged I begin running. I return on the path I came from and take distance from the『Distortion』.

If the first hit miss, or if it continued standing, at that time I won’t force myself to continue, as I’ve already decided before to『Move』.

It isn’t an unexplored path I move through, but a path I had already taken before.

I hear the sound of wings coming closer. Relying on the sound, I calmly estimate my distance from the enemy.

Right behind me. It’s only natural since it’s chasing me.

In that case, what’s left is the timing. I’ll be able to counterattack with what I currently have.

I make a plan to counterattack in my head. It might be useless since it’s a game, but I still believed that there was merit to the plan.

When the『Distortion』came close, I take out the water filled pouch from my『Items』and dump all of its contents behind me.

The sound of wings is distrubed, and a shriek echoes out.

It seems the plan was effective.

Since it was a creature with wings I guessed it’d be weak to water, so I chose to attack with water. Because it’s a bug in a game, because it’s a battle in a game, for those reasons it shouldn’t have worked. With the『Distortion』covered in water I was finally able to make out its shape, and it’s speed continued dropping.

After making sure of that, I fire magic at it.

「Freezing Magic《Freeze》」

The magic only lowers the temperature, but it’s likely that the『Distortion』is weak to the temperature. It’d be best if I can take it down from a long distance with this magic.

「…… I don’t expect it to freeze, but will it fall」

The movements of the『Distortion』weaken.

It continues flying to me in a futile struggle, but it never made it.

I『Observe』it, in order to not miss a thing. I have to be on guard until the very end.

【Monster】Darkling Fly : Rank2

In response to my『Observing』, a『Display』came forward.

The『Display』appeared at the『Distortion』with that information written on.

This Darkling Fly-san is a monster that will probably disappear. Nevertheless, the『Display』continues indicating that a monster is here.

There was no longer a need to hurt it. Time passes and the Darkling Fly’s movements dull. I aim for when it’s weak, and bring the sword down on it.

Along with a light, the Darkling Fly that fell to the floor disappears, and only dull transparent stone is left.

By the way, that dull transparent stone is a『10th Rank Magic Stone』according to the 『Display』. I also check the change in experience. Putting it together, I understood that the Darkling Fly is a low ranked monster.

「Maybe using my MP and tools on a rank 2 monster was a waste…….?」

My left over MP is 68. There’s still a good amount left, but I wouldn’t know what would happen if I end up wasting it.

I continue forward on the path I returned on, and turn to a new corridor.

While walking, I continue the level up that was interrupted before.

I tried out many things, but in the end I wasn’t able to level up and I remained at level 1.

It seems there’s some special conditions you need to meet in order to level up. But seeing the excess experience pile on is frustrating. 

And so, I recall the battle from before.

A surprise attack from a hard to see monster. If it wasn’t a rank 2 monster, and instead a higher rank monster, then I could’ve possibly lost my life.

It’d be better to test the『Display』at a safer location. With half hearted caution, if I’m taken by surprise then everything would come to nothing.

I walk while thinking of those things, and I hear a distant sound.

A giant insect is lying in wait at the corner ahead.

That’s the first monster I encountered when I came here. A giant insect monster with two grotesque horns. 

【Monster】Ripper Beetle : Rank 3

I can guess it’s attacks from the name, but it’d be better to not move with only a preconception. I lower my posture so that I can react to anything that happens.

The Ripper Beetle also noticed me. I slowly close the distance.

It’s a rank 3, but I don’t know how dangerous that can be.

After closing some distance, the Ripper Beetle suddenly charges. However, it’s far too slow when compared to the giant wolf from before.


A sound like iron hitting iron is made, and the sword breaks.

I might’ve hit a bad spot. But it was unexpected for such a heavy edged weapon to break. I even tried to act cool with「Sei!」, it’s vexing in several ways.

It’s movements itself aren’t so bad. It’s slower than the giant wolf and Darkling Fly. I think of another plan in my head, and I take out a tool from my『Items』.

The Ripper Beetle only continued its charges.

I easily avoid its charges. I poured oil on it the first time I dodged, and on the second time I used the lighter to ignite it. 

I thought it’d take several times to ignite, but luckily it worked on the first try. The Ripper Beet became wrapped in flames as it writhed in pain.

「U, Uwaa……」

It was quite the ghastly spectacle.

In response to the high temperature, the Ripper Beetle’s limbs disconnected from the joints.

Soon enough it stopped moving,  I tried stabbing it with the sword a few times. After stabbing it several times the Ripper Beetle became light and disappeared. At the same time a black stone falls down.

The fallen black stone showed as 『Black Insect Stone』on the『Display』. It was different from all the 『Magic Stones』until now, it looked somewhat special. 

I pay close attention to the black stone in my palm as I『Observe』it.

【Black Insect Stone】

Different from an ordinary magic stone, a magic stone composed of insect attributed magic.

As long as the monster is an insect, it can drop from any monster.

Th, the details came out……

It’s too convenient.

I soon look at all the other things that I didn’t know about.

I’ll start with the equipment.

The ones with the long names,『Elven Cloak』and 『Oria’s Greatsword』, seem to have special effects attached. The『Elven Cloak』guards against high and low temperatures, and『Oria’s Greatsword』will show it’s real worth when fighting a stronger opponent. It’s like a magic item.

It also has its offensive and defensive ability displayed. I’m not sure how much of an influence those values have, but it’s important that I can see the values.

And so, I look at the details of the magic that concerned me the most.


Consumption MP1

The foundation of dimension magic. In accordance to the user’s ability, it assists in grasping the space.

It’s just a support magic.

I was hoping it’d be a warp magic that’d let me return to my original world, but it wasn’t that convenient.

「Dimension Magic《Dimension》」

For now, I’ll first confirm what it does.

The moment I recited the name, my five senses sharpened. Moreover, the things called the sixth sense had enveloped the surroundings. And so, I am able to clearly make out a space of about 10 meters. It surprised me that I was also able to get information from the corner ahead that I couldn’t visibly see.

「…… Th, this is nice」

I was able to gain many advantages with the『Display』, but I understood in an instant that this magic was the best.

Gaining the ability to plan against enemies is the best help I can get. I felt the danger to my life immediately decrease.

I measure the time I can keep《Dimension》active, and with its outstanding ability to plan against enemies, I advance on the path while avoiding monsters.

While walking there are times I find things, and times I try testing the system.

With《Dimension》active, I won’t be taken by surprise attacks. If it’s within the effective range, then it’s impossible that I’d overlook a monster.

And with a speed like never before, I progress through the labyrinth.

Naturally, my expression and steps both lightened up. 

The magic《Dimension’s》power is immense. However, it’s possible that this would give birth to negligence.

I managed to obtain a magic that gave an overwhelming advantage.

Without considering this game like labyrinth, I became overconfident.

――It was around 30 minutes after walking that the situation worsened.


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