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I’m sweating even though it isn’t hot. My breathing is strained.

My limbs are as heavy as lead, my visions wavering.

All of that is because of the abnormal condition『Poison』.

It’s been about fifteen minutes since I started using《Dimension》, since I fought the rank 1 monster.

I’ve been avoiding all the monsters I came across, but I happened to find a monster that didn’t move. I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t use《Dimension》, but it was a large frog buried under a pile of rubble.

The name was simply Big Frog, since I thought there was no danger and it was an opportunity to gain experience, I used the sword to smash it.

The Big Frog’s life ended in that single blow, but it’s body fluids clung to my body.

Now the important thing here is that my body is filled with injuries, so when it went all over my body that’s including my wounds.

When the Big Frog’s body fluids entered my wounds, I fell into『Conditions : Poison』.

I went pale once I saw I was affected by poison, but I immediately used the antidote I had in my tools.

However, the poison didn’t go away.

It wasn’t until I confirmed the details of the remaining antidote that I discovered something grave.


A general antidote. A compound that is effective against the poison of a『Poison Bee』

Has 5% detoxification chance against any other poison

It looks like there are lots of antidotes.

In other words, if it’s as『Displayed』, then the probability of my poison being cured is five percent.

As expected, I used all of the antidote and didn’t manage to hit that five percent.

「No more antidote…… This, is bad, this is bad, this is bad……!」

Thanks to《Dimension》I’m able to recover myself.

I lost the leeway I made from《Dimension》.

I continue sweating as my vitality keeps falling.

I tried putting the ice from《Ice》in my mouth to melt, but the water I took in didn’t manage to restore my HP.

I tried putting the ice from《Ice》in my mouth to melt, but the water I took in didn’t manage to restore my HP.


Name : Aikawa Kanami   HP17/51 MP61/72


Strength1.11   Vitality1.03 Dexterity1.01   Agility2.02 Intelligence2.01   Magic2.01 Potential7.00

Conditions : Confusion1.09   Bleed0.21 Poison1.00

It’s been 30 minutes since my HP was restoring, but now it’s at 17.

A poison that doesn’t just take my endurance, but also shaves my life by 1 every few minutes, my impatience is beginning to affect my mind.

「Haaa, haaa, haaa…… !」

My breathing is rough, my conscience is dimming.

At this rate I’ll die.

I search for a solution in the corner of my head.

If it’s about plans then there are many, but the possibility of success is low.

I consider the plans and make my choice. I sacrifice my remaining MP to strengthen《Dimension》.

This is something I confirmed when I used《Ice》to rehydrate. It’s the same magic, but it’s power can strengthen or weaken depending on the amount of MP used.

「――Dimension magic《Dimension》!」

The range of my perception increases by several times. It was felt like several cameras were put up in the corridors.

Within the labyrinth overflowing with unique monsters, I focus my conscience towards what I’m searching for.

My perception increased by fifty times, and then I find an area with a corridor that is very different.

That corridor was maintained. An even floor with a mineral coating. Lights are fixed at certain intervals, it felt like it was man made.

I further expand my perception with that area as the focus.

And then, I find several humans walking on that maintained path.

It’s then that I stop《Dimension》.

The MP I have left is only a single digit.


Name : Aikawa Kanami   HP16/51 MP9/72 Class :

「pPuhaa! Haa, haa haa…… !」

I found people.

Furthermore, the people were passing each other without fighting.

I remember the conversation I had when I was attacked. 「Your in the labyrinth, and it’s『Outside The Regulatory Area』――」, that’s what was said. In other words, the path I’m walking on right now is 『Outside The Regulatory Area』so fights happen, but that path is『Inside The Regulatory Area』so there aren’t fights. I believe the possibility of that is high. Rather, I had no choice but to bet on that possibility.

「I’ll use the minimum needed for《Dimension》, and I’ll make it to that path in one go…… !」

I continue forward to the maintained path relying only on the direction.

I also stop checking my remaining HP, the only thing I do now is continue walking while searching for people.

The antidote I had was stolen from a corpse.

Whether it’s given, or stolen, nothing will begin if I don’t meet with people.

With bloodshot eyes, as if relinquishing my conscience, I only continue moving my feet.

Luckily I didn’t encountered monsters, and I managed to make it to the maintained path in a straight line. But, I didn’t call out to the others.

I carefully observe the maintained path and use《Dimension》while hidden to check on the people.

I don’t want to be cut right after I raise my voice.

First, the three men who are closest to me, I use a miniscule amount of MP and eavesdrop on their conversation with《Dimension》. With this my remaining MP is 4.

「―― Hey, let’s try going to the seventh floor today?」

「Sounds nice. I’ve been feeling on form recently. If we go that far then we should also make some profit」

「I also agree. I’ve been thinking it was about time to expand our scope in the labyrinth」

The men walk down the path with a lively conversation.

From the conversation of these three, I understood that the men make money through the labyrinth.

None of the men looked respectable. If it were my world, then the freighting faces they have would make them suitable for a job that starts with Ya.

It’d probably be hard to talk with them.

What I desire is a one on one talk. An ideal appliance would be younger, a woman, and kind outer appearance, but there weren’t any people exactly like that.

However, there’s no point in aiming high if I’ll end up dying.

The poison is still decreasing my HP at this moment.

I use the last of my MP (I say that but it’d be scary to have my MP at 0 so I leave 1), and use《Dimension》to search for someone close to those conditions. 

Within about 200 meters, I found four groups of people. If I said it in game terms it’d be four parties. 

First, the group of three men from before. Next, a group of five that is a mix of men and women and they also wore various different outfits. And then, a four man group of people with silver armor. At the end, there is a pair of girls――

With no hesitation, I decide to get in contact with the two girls.

The two looked calm and gentle. Perhaps, they might help me if we talk it out.

But the group of five and the silver armored group are in the way, I should hide and let them pass.

I hold my breath and wait for time to pass.

And then, I continue waiting for the girls that look to be the safest 

「―― Oi. The one hiding over there, come out」

The silver armored group immediately saw through me.

The mixed group of five didn’t notice, but the silver armored group saw me even though I’m in their blind spot.

My heart jumps when they call out. However, this group was the second one I considered going to.

I renew myself, and organize the conversation in my head.

I leave the one handed sword hidden and go out onto the maintained path.

「Fumu, it’s just a thief?」

A tall man said as if it was nothing.

The group of four in silver armor looked much wealthier than anyone I’ve encountered so far.

But, within the group of four there is a single girl, and it pulls my attention. She appears to be my age, and her height is also close. And also, terrifyingly……, yes, terrifyingly beautiful. Long hair that shines like white silver, and facial features that are akin to a doll――

I immediately remove my gaze from the girl. The unrealness of her appearance had robbed me of my sense of reality.

I decide to call out to the men. I put my eyes on the tallest man in the group that looked to be sincere.

「I’m no thief. My condition is poor so I ‘ve been taking a rest」

「In that case, it should’ve been fine to rest on the『Correct Path』. Don’t lie about something so easy to figure out」

The man denied what I said. I felt some anger in his tone.

It seems this maintained path is called the『Correct Path』, and it’s also fit to rest on. I kept piling up my caution, and in the end, not going on the path had the opposite effect.

I went pale as I realized I made a mistake from the beginning.

「I, I have a reason for not resting on the『Correct Path』. I don’t have any ill intent. Please believe me」

Judging that lying will have the opposite effect, I take a sincere approach.

For someone sincere like him, rather than hiding, it looks like lying would make him angrier. If he’s the way he looks, it’d be better to match myself to that.

「Fumu. Certainly, even if it is an ambush being alone is」

The man’s face softens a bit after hearing my pleas.

The other men add on to this.

「It’s a single child. Either Way, there’s no problem」

「The majority lose their way after recklessly challenging it. Or perhaps, the party he carried baggage for was annihilated, since he is alone」

The men were coming up with convenient explanations.

To begin with, since I’ve been injured all over I don’t look like much of a threat.

I watch over them as much as I can so I don’t stir them up.

「There’s no need to frighten the child. It is against our chivalry」

「Shut up already, Hein. Right now we should be paying as much attention as we can shouldn’t we? I’ve just been confirming it as my duty. How about it, aren’t I enthusiastic about my work?」

A somewhat joking atmosphere comes out.

After hearing the word『Chivalry』, I begin thinking that these people are good natured. Their wealth shows from the outfits they are wearing. If I’m going to gamble then now’s my chance.

I resolved myself and try to consult them about the poison.

「U, umm, actually――」

「――You, are interesting」

However, those words were interrupted by the voice of the girl.

Before I knew it, that terrifyingly beautiful girl was already standing besides me.

And so, those fairy-tail like golden pupils capture me. It is far too beautiful, and those terrifying pupils shaved away at me.

The men were surprised at the girls sudden movements and they raise their voices.

「U, umm, my lady, is there something you require…… ?」

「Aah, sorry. It isn’t anything important」

As the girl spoke, she came even closer to me.

I wanted to raise my voice. I wanted to yell don’t come closer.

However, my throat is dry, so the words sticks, and they don’t come out.

「Wa, wait a moment. Please refrain from touching other explorers!」

One of the men spoke loudly.

「Just a little, is fine isn’t it. I can’t touch anything else, so please let me talk with this explorer-san for a bit」

「That’s so but……」

 As if the men consented to the girls words, no more objections are raised.

The men stay silent, and the girl get close enough to the point where our faces can touch.

「You, you really are interesting ―― 」

And so, the girl whispers in a way that only I can her.

「―― How interesting. Enough to be jealous. I really, really, am jealous」

A whisper that only I could here.

That small pristine voice cause my back to freeze.

The girl knits her pretty brows. From that greedy expression, I understood that she really is jealous of me.

It was done at an angle that only I could see. Therefore, the men could only watch over us.

「How nice, how nice, how nice how nice how nice――」

The girl continues whispering as if casting a curse.

While muttering the curse from her lovely lips, I could do nothing but endure.

「Did something happen? Or could it be, you saw something with『Those Eyes』? 」

One of the men asks after growing impatient.

As if it was a chance, the girls face makes a complete change. The jealousy that was close to madness disappears, and in exchange a doll like expression appears.

And so, the girl smiles, and she turns to the men.

「Eeh, something like that」

As if that curse from before was a lie, the girl spoke in an innocent voice.

「Is that so. And, what kind of interesting skill does he hold?」

「No, it isn’t that. It seems, this person, is affected by poison and losing vitality. I thought of using healing magic」

「Eh?」I let out my voice at the conversation I didn’t have.

As if the sun had finally shone on me, my blood begins flowing in my frozen body.

「Aah, I see. So it’s that」

「Then, the veeery kind me, will go help a person」

The girl says that and turns to me, and she begins to chant her magic.

「『Songs of Caressing Sunlight』,『Like An Illusion, Turn The Soothing Water To The Unreturned Blood』,『Hold Over Heaven And Earth』――」

A pure white light flows out of the girls hand, and it covers my body.

At the same time, the parts of my body the light encased had eased the weariness and pain I’ve been feeling. As if what happened until now was a lie, my body becomes light.

I could only watch over that magic. Since I heard it’s healing magic, there’s no need to oppose it.

「――《Cure Full》. There, all done」

The girl finishes expelling the light and looks at me with a smile.

That smiling expression didn’t have an ounce of jealousy.

And so, with a 「let see let’s see」the girl checked over my condition.

「Fuuun, heeee, hoooo. That『Confusion』, is not a bad status. You really are interesting. Ahh, it’s too late to treat the flames so the scar will remain」

The girl nods as if it is something praiseworthy. And, she said『Confusion』as if natural.

I check my status.


Name : Kanami Aikawa   HP51/51 MP1/72 Class :


Strength1.12   Vitality1.03 Dexeterity1.02   Agility2.02 Intelligence4.00 Magic 2.01   Potential7.00

Conditions : Confusion1.00――

『Bleed』and『Poison』disappeared, but『Confusion』remained.

Can the girl also see this『Display』?

It might not be the same thing, but it’s certain that she’s able to somehow see this『Confusion』.

With a thin smile, the girl speaks in an overfamiliar manner that only I could hear.

「We’ll meet again, Aikawa Kanami. Ah, my name is Lastiara. Remember it」

「My lady, is something the matter?」

The men come closer after seeing that the healing magic was finished.

「No, it’s nothing. Aah, helping people feels good. Now then, let’s go deeper, we do not have much time」

The girl named Lastiara returns to her polite speaking, as if to imply there’s nothing else to say she separates herself from me. I immediately let out my voice.

「Th, thank you very much……」

「It’s fine, since you’ll return the favor at some point」

Lastiara responded with a carnivorous smile as if she caught her prey.

Of course, it was done at an angle that only I could see.

「See you, kid. Take care of yourself」

「Go straight ahead to return」

「That right」

The other men also responded with smiles. They didn’t feel that madness from Lastiara. And with a sense of security and accomplishment they smile at having protected something weak.

I try to get away from Lastiara as soon as possible.

「Yes, you really helped me. In that case, everyone, see you again」

With that I go onto the maintained path――the『Correct Path』, in the opposite direction of the men. The men who saw this waved their hands with no suspicion. It seems that the exit really is in this direction.

With a forced smile, I separated myself from the silver armored group.

To be precise, I ran away from that girl Lastiara.

At the time we parted the girl continued looking at me. The creeping chill I feel on my back didn’t disappear even when we separated. 

That’s what I think of as I move at a faster pace.

If I look at if from the results, they’re simply a gathering of good natured people.

When I think about how my leg was cut and I was used as a decoy, that belief strengthens. But, especially the girl called Lastiara, it left me with an indescribable anxiety.

According to the good natured people, I can walk as I please on the『Correct Path』.

I soon pass by the two girls from, but I didn’t call out to them.

After hearing that I’d find the exit this way, I just couldn’t stand still. And I do see people coming from that direction.

En route, I pass by many other groups.

There were many people who looked at me, but no problems occurred.

And so, after progressing dozens of meters through the『Correct Path』, I finally arrived at the exit.

「I did it, I did it……!」

The burning sensation of the sun on my eyes, a lively but gentle breeze, and a smell that is incomparable to that of the labyrinth.

It finally feels like I made it to the surface alive. finally felt like I made it to the surface alive.

With my joy on display, a man calls out to me.

「Oi oi, you’re overreacting」

The man smiled in a friendly manner. But, a dangerous weapon―― a sword is at the man’s waist, my body stiffens.

I don’t feel any hostility from the man. Because he’s standing up at the entrance it’s possible that he’s a guard. He wears gear that is fitting for a defensive position.

As if ice had fallen on my thoughts, my joyous emotions are quelled. And so, I begin to speak with the man.

「Eeh, I faced quite the hardships……」

I chose harmless words in order to not offend him.

「Fuuun, it’s true that you look all beat up. If it’s at this time, it’s very close but you should still be able to use the water service」

The man says that and points his thumb off in the distance.

「Thank you very much. I’ll be going now」

After hearing the words『Water Service』, I bowed my head while my insides were in joy.

「It’s fine, this is my job」

I walk in the direction the man pointed.

He said that our current conversation is his job. I don’t know if it’s a public job or not, but he did end up helping me.

After walking for a bit, I found a well.

It discouraged me that it wasn’t what I thought it’d be. But, it’s true that this does help me.

The structure was the same as the wells from my world so I didn’t have any trouble drawing water.

I replenish the water in my leather pouch that was in my『Items』. Next I wash my clothes. With a wet cloth I wipe the spots with mud, and I clean it to an extent I think is fine. I wavered over if it was fine to wash a blade with water, but the smell bothered me so I rinsed it.

While washing, I think of that man from before.

Because there weren’t many people, the danger of being heard is quite small. His looks and personality aren’t bad. And that I was able to get information quickly made me see him in a more favorable light.

After repeating a simulation of a conversation several times, I approach the man.

「Really, I feel much better. You really helped me out」

「Aah, the only place with a water supply by the labyrinth entrance is this『Whoseyards』」

「…… Hee, is that so. So it isn’t there at other places?」

「Aah, there are various types of knight nations. And within the five countries that are by the labyrinth this one is the wealthiest」

Uuun. Words I’ve never heard before are being flung around.

Honestly speaking, instead of the current world―― In other words, I wanted to talk about my original world. But I know that I’m in a world that has『Magic』. My desire thins as it’d only give suspicion in return. I’m still not at the point where I have to risk everything.

I try to make an expression as if I knew what he was saying.

「So『Whooseyards』, is the place with the most money?」

「That’s right. There are many places that were made specifically for the labyrinth. What is it kid. Is this your first time in this country?」

「Eeh, something like that」

「It has been easy to go in and out of the five countries recently」

「Right, would you know of a place that I can learn about this country?」

「Let’s see. In that case you should go straight from here to the center plaza.There’s a map there. There you should look for the national library. Once you get used to it then you should go to the guild and church」

「I see. Thank you very much」

I deeply lower my head and give my thanks.

「It’s fine, since it’s my job」

The man responds to my thanks with some embarrassment.

I shouldn’t extend the conversation any more than this. Since he says it’s his job there’ll probably be another chance to talk with him. Let’s leave before he grows suspicious.

「Well then, see you」

「Aah, see you again」

With a light wave of my hand, I aim straight for the central plaza.

After walking a certain distance I turn back, and I’m finally able to see the whole labyrinth.

The labyrinths true identity is a giant and mysterious ruin.

In the center of that is a giant tree that reaches the sky, and there are several old looking structures at its roots. The branches of the giant trees are decorated by ominous looking gems, from a distance they look like flowers blooming in the prismatic colors. Those ornaments are far too big and irregular. Perhaps there’s an empty space inside of those unnatural ornaments, maybe it’s also part of the labyrinth.

I was overwhelmed by the existence of something that could only exist in dreams.

As if the giant labyrinth held a will, it felt like it was looking down on me. I felt a strong solemn pressure.

And at the same time, I felt a mysterious affinity.

That I’ve always known of this labyrinth since before, that it’s already been decided that I’ll always be associated with this labyrinth, a strange premonition――

I move my head in order to shake off that feeling.

With the labrynth to my back, I continue walking. If I didn’t, I felt like I’d once again be swallowed up by the labyrinth.

I continue to reflect on the joy of getting out of the labyrinth, and quicken my pace in order to separate from it.

It’s a world I’ve never seen before, but I didn’t lose my way.

Since the road is well made. It was to an extent that was hard to imagine from the way people dressed. At the end of the street there were what looked like pretty minerals used as demarcations. It was the same for the『Correct Path』, but this one continued on.

Maybe jewels aren’t so valuable in this other world.

While walking down that magical like street, I look at the houses at the sides.

Some are made of wood and others of stone. The street looks like a royal road from an RPG game. The culture leaned more towards western culture, and if felt like the middle ages.

The people walking on the street are lively. There were also various amounts of people. People that wore something like a smock, and people who walked with the sound of heavy steel equipment hitting each other. There were people with various types of skin colors walking around, and at times I there were even people with beastly figures.That is to say, half beast half human. There were some with sharp fangs, some with ears that stretched out horizontally, and some with fluffy tails and beautiful wings, the street was a melting pot of magical like races.

It felt like what I thought was common sense and what wasn’t are now mixing together.

At the same time, Gorigori, I hear the sound of losing something important.

Even though there are so many people, it feels like there’s no one here. Even though the sky is this wide, it felt like I was being locked up. An overwhelming sense of isolation assails me. Like the time I was lost in a department store when I was younger, a despair as if the world was ending.

There’s no mistake, this isn’t the world I belong to. That merciless truth is thrust in front of me as I see the scenery.

My heads going in circles. My balance is collapsing, my feet are faltering. I don’t want to acknowledge it, but with it right in front of me I can’t deny it.

That’s right.

The terrifying things, here, they will――

【Skill『???』is out of control】

Mental stability earned in exchange of emotions

+1.00 correction to confusion has been added


A notice appeared on the『Display』.

I look at the『Display』in a calm manner.

It was exactly as the words said. In exchange for my impatience and anxiety, I obtained a clear mind.

I’m worried about the『???』, but this skill ended up helping me. If I didn’t have this calm, then right but now I probably would’ve been in that giant wolf’s stomach.

Once again, I survey my surroundings.

Not a single person I know. Not a single building I am familiar with.

It’s vivid, it’s real, but the all too big scale of it feels unreal.

With the grand fantasy like specatable, I obtained the proof that this is definitely not my world.

The wishful thinking hoping it was some sort of heart pumping plan, or an attraction from a froeign country, or some unexplored location on earth, had not disappeared.

――Aah, but it can’t be helped.

What’s more important right now, 「Then, what should I do」.

If I stand in a daze then nothing will be solved. I calmly think of my next actions.

「First, the signboard」

I slap my cheeks to fire myself up, and I walk through the street with confidence.

Luckily, my clothes didn’t stick out.  There are many adventures with cloaks carrying swords in hand.

After walking for several minutes I reach the central plaza. The size was like a baseball dome, there are also water fountains and stone benches in certain spots.

In the center stood a big signboard.

There was not a single person who looked at it. Rather, there were barely any people that stopped in this plaza. It might be considered a normal street unless there is some sort of event happening.

There are several giant maps on the signboard, as well as the country’s history.

A splendid sculpture stood next to it. It might be a stone monument regarding the country.

With the intention to memorize everything, I look at the signboard.

From what I was able to read on the signboard, this country is 『A Country for the Labyrinth』.

A clear condition that seems to have been custom made.

If I want to return, then I’ll have to make it to the hundredth floor.

I continue reading the rest.

Where I’m at right now is the country to the north of the labyrinth『Whoseyards』. The country of nobles with a history of the knights who follow the path of chivalry.

I write down the location of where I am on the map of Whoseyards.

Whoseyards is divided into a hundred parts, and each part his a number attached. It’s a custom that the smaller the number the more nobles that live their.

By the way, this is area twenty first. From here, if I progress to the area twenty two then I’ll reach the shopping district, if I return to area twenty then I’ll find the public institutions.

With that information, I head to the library in area twenty.

The library was built to stand out as if it was the town’s symbol, so I didn’t lose my way.

While hiding my anxiety, I enter the building. The one in charge only looked for a bit, but didn’t do anything to stop me.

It was a spacious western styled building made of wood. Very quiet, no different from the libraries I know of.

I pick out books that I think would help and take a seat on the provided tables.

However, when I spread the books, I began suspecting the fact that I could read.

To be more accurate, the truth I’ve been averting my eyes to was now forced in front of me.

「Why, can I read these letters……」

I muttered.

In response to that, the people who were quietly reading books raise their heads and look over.

「…… Excuse me」

I lower my head a bit and apologize.

The people looking over lose their interest, and I also return to the book in front of me.

To begin with, it’s strange that my apology just now was conveyed.

From what I can see, there are caucasian’s with blonde hair, and even people with bushy animal ears. The people who probably shouldn’t know Japanese responded to Japanese.

And the book spread in front of me is strange as well. Looking carefully, It’s written in strange letters that aren’t English or Japanse. And yet, I know what it’s saying.

It’s translated from Japanese to the strange language, and from the strange language to Japanese.

The words that come out of my mouth are also conveniently replaced.

If it’s『Magic』, then maybe that much is possible. But, if this were to happen in my world, then it would be necessary to have brain surgery. To fiddle with the brain, to push and pull on memories and personality.

That is――, that is very very terrifying――

【Skill『???』is out of control】

Emotions will be exchanged for metal stability

+1.00 correction to confusion has been added

――Uu……, again……

The grimy fear that had been building up disappears, and I regain my calm.

It’s true that I’ve been helped by the skill『???』, but it’s also true that it gives me a bad feeling.

I believe the condition for its activation depends on my emotions.

I’ll try to restrain my emotions as much as I can, I can’t afford to let my strong emotions take over.


With a deep breath I『Calm』myself.

I know. Of course, it isn’t a normal『Calm』. It’s an abnormal『Calm』.

No, perhaps it isn’t even a『Calm』, it may be something else.

My anxiety remains. But right now I have no choice but to depend on it.

The confusion in my status continues adding up.

It’s apparent when I look at my status.


Name : Aikawa Kanami   HP51/51 MP1/72 Class :


Strength1.12   Vitality1.03 Dexterity1.02   Agility2.02 Intelligince4.00   Magic2.01 Potential7.00

Conditions : Confusion3.00

In contrast to the shown confusion, the inside of my head is clear. Maybe the skill『???』has an effect that invalidates confusion. However, seeing the『Conditions : Confusion3.00』on the『Display』scares me. Those letters stir up my anxiety.

It’s on my mind, but thinking about it any longer won’t help.

Right now all I can do―― is continue reading books.

By learning of this world, the countries, the culture, and the labyrinth, I should be able to find a solution.

And so as long as time permits, I immerse myself in the world of books.

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