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――【Summon】Welcome back, Aikawa Kanami ――

White letters appear in the darkness similar to a lake at night.

However, before I can finish reading, that message is absorbed into the darkness. I unemotionally look at that.

But that wasn’t enough stimulus to rouse my hazy consciousness.

What woke me was not by sight but my smell.

A strong smell enough to hurt enters my nostrils. At the same time, I felt an uncomfortable feeling as if it was oozing down my throat.


My eyes open wide as I’m unable to endure it.

Within the white haze of my vision I make out a black wall. I strain my eyes and notice that it’s the ceiling.

I get up and check my surroundings.

I was laying down on a stone corridor. Although the light shouldn’t be reaching here, the stone wall dimly glowed. Thanks to that, I am able to get information about my surroundings.

In the corner of the corridor, there is a small altar. I look carefully, and I notice that it looks like it could break at any moment.

On top of the moss covered stone platform are what’s left of two candles. By its side is something that looks like an animal pelt, and an old fashioned arrow pierced through it.

「Wh, what is this…..?」

As if forced, my words leak out.

「I don’t understand……. I feel sick……」

My heart throbs. It felt like it’d jump out.

Exactly as my words mean, I don’t understand. I can’t figure out my situation.

 ――If I remember, I should’ve been sleeping on my bed at home.

But there was no warm bed here, no annoying sound from the alarm clock, and  the sunlight that spills through the curtains, or the lightbulb in the room, neither were here.

The cold and dirt stone floor. The creepy glow of the stone. The bad smell that flows into my nose.

Everything is abnormal.


I cover my mouth while waiting for the nausea to pass.

However, a thunderous roar from far away didn’t permit me to rest.


A roar containing no reason.

My skin crawled in reaction to the beastly wail filled with killing intent.

「–H, howling? Wait, wait wait wait」

I’m not sure what’s happening. I can’t even understand the words coming out of my own mouth.

While still confused, I run in the opposite direction of the roar.

I run through the corridor. The lightly glowing stone felt unrealistic and creepy. No matter how many times I turn a corner, the scenery never changes. While embracing the impatience from that unchanging scene, I continue running as far as possible.

On route, I hear a splat, it was an unsettling sound.

Feeling like I stepped on something hard, I look at my sneakers.

An insect the size of a clenched fist let out it’s dying cries.

「U, UaAAhh!!」

With that in front of me, I let out a scream.

It’s not like I’m bad with insects. But, seeing a bug with a size you’d never see while walking on the concrete streets of the city, it was a psychological disgust.

The insect on the verge of dying cries, KiiKii. As if it was calling for help.

I felt fear, and I turn my head upwards. My gaze moves to the corner that lies ahead.

At the corner, an insect the size of a human makes its appearance.

A size that didn’t fit into my common sense. Gichigichi, with an unpleasant sound, the characteristic angular appendages of an insect begin moving. At a glance, it looked similar to a stag beetle. But, those two grotesque horns, they shaved away at my sanity.


I couldn’t even raise my voice anymore. If I did, I felt like I’d meet the end of my life in the hands of that monster.

I turn back, and run.

Without ever looking back, I continue moving my legs. The road I chose wasn’t through my head, but by my instincts to get away from that monster.

I keep running until my endurance is exhausted, and I eventually begin slowing down. While I gather my breath, a modest amount of sanity returns to me.

「– UoaAaAAAahh!!」

The angry roar of a beast.

It was closer this time. How stupid, I came back to the road I ran from.

My body goes cold and I stiffen.

However, as the sound came closer, I picked up on something else.

It was the sound of people talking.


I couldn’t hear the contents. However, as if an unseen light was calling out to me, I begin walking in the direction of those voices.

My brain that was barely functioning desired, people.

As I get closer the beast’s voice gets louder, and I was soon able to hear what the people were saying.

「――Keep your distance! Keep your distance, and bide your time!!」

The man gives orders to his companions.

It was like a scene from a fairy tale. First of all, the clothes they are wearing isn’t normal.

Some are equipped with leather armor that you wouldn’t see anywhere but a museum and wooden bows. Some swing unrefined iron swords with all their strength. Some had a wooden cane with no mechanism that had fire coming out.

The unrealistic humans were now in the corridor, fighting against a giant wolf that is almost 3 meters in length.

But, I don’t have the courage to jump into that type of battle. All I can do is watch from afar.

「If you buy time, we’ll somehow manage! Keep at it!」

The one I think is the leader gives instructions to the soldier that held a long sword.

The soldier swings his long sword and brings it down onto the wolf. In response to that, the wolf rams into the soldier with a terrifying speed. Like a rubber ball, the soldier is blown deep into the corridor.

The next one the wolf looked at is the woman holding the cane. The others notice that and change their formation in order to protect her.

「Reform yourselfs! Follow-up on the empty spaces!」

With that, they move away a large distance from the wolf.

As a result of that movement, the battlefield came close to me. Even if it’s dangerous, it’s my chance.

While still in confusion. And while still in fear.

If, if I was able to calmly judge my situation, then I probably would’ve erased my presence.

However, I could only dumbfoundedly stand still. And then, my eyes met with the leader who held a short sword.

「 ―― Naa!? You, who are you!?」

With an extremely surprised face, the man yells at me. Coming back to my senses, I immediately seek help.

「That’s, I’m lost–, p, please help me!」

My feet slowly move towards the man.

The words I let out were broken, but even then I believed I manage to convey my intentions.

「Help? You, are you stupid?」

――I believed, but the man’s gaze was as cold as a sword.


I was neither affirmed or denied. I was only scorned as if that request was outrageous.

If I was my usual self then I probably would’ve noticed.

That these people don’t have that kind of leeway. That these people don’t have that kindness. Those outfits, the dangerous weapons they held, the raging beast, this situation was nothing but dangerous. It shouldn’t have been possible not to notice.

But, the current me doesn’t have the capacity to think. It was the outcome of that difference.

「Your in the labyrinth, and it’s『outside the regulatory area』. You should’ve resolved yourself, brat」

Words like a cold blade pierce into me. And then, it was no longer a metaphor, as the short sword attacked me.

A burning sensation came from my thigh.

「U, uaAAH!!!」

Understanding that I’ve been cut, I scream as I fall on my back.

「A soloist is here! Everyone, fall back! We’re moving through!」

The leader gives his commands to the others.

I couldn’t understand those words. ――No, I didn’t want to.

The woman with the cane looks at me, and without saying anything she passes by.

The soldier who was blown off too, and the others as well, they only look at me with cold eyes. They all wordlessly run past me.

In other words, the giant wolf that was chasing them, would naturally come to me――

「ーーU, ua, aaAaAAahー!!」

Dyed in fear, I try to jump away from the wolf. However, a sharp pain runs through my thigh, and I clumsily roll on the floor.

Having lost it’s latest opponents, the wolf comes closer to me.

From the giant wolf’s ferocious pupils and sharp teeth, I could only see the miserable image of my death.

My thoughts were overflowing. Various ill feelings come flowing in. I remember my experiences until now, the life I lived until now. And then–

【Skill『???』is out of control】

The many thoughts I’ve been having have now stabilized.

A +1.00 correction has been added to confusion.

–A『display』of unknown origin appears at the corner of my eyes.

However, that doesn’t matter right now. It’s not like I’d be able to understand what that『Display』is. But in contrast to my heart, my head had rapidly cooled down.

The overflowing thoughts settle down, and the animosity I held disappears, I was now only thinking about what to do at this moment.

With my mind clear, I choose the best option I have.

Without the use of my cut left leg, I stand on my right leg.

The wolf comes attacking at the same time. I jump to the side of the approaching wolf and run.

However, the speed of my escape was far too slow. My right arm was torn by it’s claw when we passed each other.

A numb pain assails me, but I didn’t have the time to worry about that.

At that time, a voice comes from the ones who ran to a safe spot.

「All right, this place! Shoot! Block the path!!」

A chill runs through me.

My enemy isn’t only the wolf. I remember that those humans are also my enemy.

I come up with an answer in my clear head.

――Those people! Even using me as a decoy and escaping wasn’t enough!!

In accordance with the chill, I look behind, and a roaring flame that covered the path approached me.

The wolf also notices the flame. However, too slow. The wolf who jumped in order to kill me could no longer avoid it.

Naturally, I also had no means of escaping the flame.

With us in the center of the flame, it explodes and envelops everything in flames.

I immediately guarded my head with both hands. And then, jumping as far as I could, I prostrated on the ground.

My back is hit by the explosion, and I’m blown away.

My whole body was covered in flames. It felt like all of my skin was peeling off.

My body’s covered in flames. It feels like all of my skin is peeling off.

I maintain my thoughts while enduring the sharp pain. And the bitterness and hatred I feel maintain my will.

After being slammed onto the ground, I slowly opened my eyes.

The flame that had coveted everything until now, had disappeared in an instant like magic.

But, a pretty flame wall covered the direction that the humans had run off in.

「T, th, ah–」

That was their aim, the words didn’t come out. My burnt throat couldn’t move like normal. However, both of my eyes worked properly.

Inside of the stone corridor, the path of retreat was closed off by flames, what’s left is only the giant wolf and me.

The wolf also gets up.

However, it looked weak.

It was probably because it jumped at me. The flames and damage it received were far more than mine.

The wolf staggered with its rough breaths. But even then, those eyes shine fiercely.

It hadn’t lost an ounce of it’s will to fight,「The wolf is terrifying once it receives injuries」the wolf groans and approaches me as if saying that.

I also resolve myself in the same way as the wolf.

It’s a good thing I was blown away. The wolf probably can’t see it, but there is a long sword behind me. It’s probably what that soldier used in the battle from before. It’s truly small, but if I can use it to attack it when it’s unguarded, then I have a chance of victory.

I turn my back to the wolf, and run at full strength.

At the moment I turned, I saw the wolf jump from the corner of my vision.

A sharp pain runs from my left thigh, a danger signal is heard in my head.

But even then I run. I forcefully press the leg that’s losing feeling onto the ground.

I need to get the timing of the interception. But there’s no way to predict when the wolf would be close.

I pick up the long sword as fast as I could, and I swing it down as I turn around.

The long sword was heavy enough that I couldn’t support it even with both hands. But even then, I entrusted all my strength to this gamble.

Along with a vivid sound, the long sword buried itself into the wolf’s neck.

「I, I did it–, ah, Guu!」

I was delighted with the success. However, even with the long sword in its neck, it continued approaching.

I barely avoided the claw and fang, but I couldn’t avoid the giant body that crossed over 3 meters.

An unbelievable weight piled on top of my body. The contents of my stomach reverse, and I vomited it out.

Even with the wolf’s neck torn, it still tried to eat me.

The wolf opens it’s large mouth and tries to consume me. My blown off conscience returns, and I twist my body as far as I could. And then, using the recoil I push the sword further in.


I swing my arms with the intention to blow that giant 3 meter body away.

However, only a miniscule amount of space was made between the wolf and me. But even then, there was no better outcome that could’ve happened to me. Using the space created, I quickly get out from under the wolf.

I let go of the long sword and take some distance, and then I carefully observe the wolf.

However, it doesn’t look like the wolf will chase me.

No, I felt the intention to continue forward from the body. But it’s body couldn’t keep up with it’s intentions.

The wolf was worn out. Large amounts of blood flowed out, and it’s body was burnt all over.

However, I can’t be negligent.

While still keeping my distance, I continue observing the wolf, then I notice.

The wolf’s right eye was burnt. Arrows pierced it’s back legs. The long sword it received must’ve reached its air duct as well. And it’s breaths sounded like a flute.


Words spill out on their own.

The wolf drags it’s heavily injured body towards me.

To be safe, I move into the blind spot created from the burnt eye in order to stay away from it’s vision.

Before long, the wolf’s body collapses.

The spilled blood gathered on the floor like a pond, and the sound of the wolf’s breathing thinned out. At the instant the breathing stopped, a faint emerald green light was emitted from the wolf as it disappeared.

Karan, along with a sound the long sword and arrow that were attached to the wolf fell on the floor.


I see.

It vanished.

It left no body behind. And just like a phantom, it vanished.

In place of the wolf that disappeared, a sparkling green stone tumbles on the floor.

And so, the『Display』reflects on my retina.

【Title『Deep emerald beginnings』has been acquired】

+0.10 correction to Str had been added――


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