Early the next morning. Snow came to wake me up.

She smiled as she saw us siblings sleeping on the same bed. As if amazed, as if jealous, as if yearning―― it was a mysterious smile. Now that I think about it, this is the first time I’ve seen her smile.

And so, after greeting Maria, Snow immediately takes me out. It seems like she’ll teach me the guild’s work starting from the morning. We head for the prepared guild master room, and Snow diligently stuffs the guild’s basics into me.

The morning of the first day ends with studying, and at noon starts the guild’s work.

Dozens of members have gathered at the training grounds and we go over the plans for today. Just as Palinchlon had said from the onset, today the role of giving 『Epic Seeker』 instructions fell on me.

Naturally, I tried refusing. However, Palinchlon said 「It’ll be easy for Kanami and Snow」, and he quickly disappeared.

Only the left behind members and the young guild master and sub-master, Me and Snow, remained.

Snow and I pondered. About what hands we had to play, and the best method to use them to manage the guild efficiently. Otherwise, it’d be inexcusable to the members here.

And so, the answer we reached after thoroughly thinking is――


―― A mountain of documents.

I frantically move my quill pen through the mountain of documents composed of various reports and requests.

I check over the flow of the guild’s goods, how to improve the use of funds, and look over the allocation of personnel. To do that, I need to update the necessary documents in order.

And while doing paperwork on a desk, I’m also giving instructions at the 『Site』.

With my cheat like dimension magic, I’m able to grasp the situation at the 『Site』 while still in my seat in headquarters. On top of that, with 『Intelligence』 strengthening the level of a human’s limits, it becomes possible to do those things in parallel.

「…… Kanami. Orders for the Teiri party」

My assistant Snow quietly muttered to my side.

In response to that, I sort out the information I pick up with 《Dimension》.

At the scene several kilometers north-northeast, I perceive Teiri-san’s party chasing after a certain robber in real time.

「Un, I see it. Let’s see, Teiri-san will take the next left, and stand by at the third turn. The others can continue their chase. In twenty seconds they will reach Teiri-san―― no the target will come flying out in about seventeen seconds. Tell her to be careful while intercepting with magic. The other members will probably arrive several seconds later. Like that they’d surround the target」

「…… Nn, I’ll tell」

Snow gloomily speaks to the magic stone she holds. The contents of what she said were the same as what I just said. By using the magic stone, she’s able to get in contact with Teiri-san who is several kilometers away. I continue working on the documents while making sure that what she transmitted was accurate.

Of course, while working on the documents I also confirm whether Teiri-san had captured the robber.

With 《Dimension》, I can see the robber who was being chased be surprised that Teiri-san got ahead of him, and that he’s captured as the other members come from behind him.

「…… So?」

「There’s no problem. Teiri-san confined the target with her magic, and the other members encircled behind and captured the target. With this, the Teiri-san party request is over. It finished faster than I expected」

「Well of course. There’s no way the robber would have thought that his opponent was someone who grasped the whole town」

「But, can’t Palinchlon do something similar?」

「If you’re talking about Palinchlon’s 『Cursed Arts』, then you’re wrong. That has lots of strict conditions. And it isn’t as accurate as Kanami’s. It can’t do something like this」

「So that’s how it is」

I heard Palinchlon is the greatest user of detection magic in the continent, but it looks like my dimension magic’s precision is greater.

「I’ll be blunt, this is abnormal. This is what Palinchlon wanted us to do…… ?」

「Looks like it. When hearing of Snow’s ability and my ability, he must’ve pictured this combination. It’s a good thing it went well. With this even if it’s only in form I’ll be able to act like a master」

「No, this, is many times more capable than other masters…… As expected of Master……」

「Snow, please don’t call me master. I don’t know why, but it’s unpleasant when a girl like you calls me that. Can’t you call me by my name?」

「…… Nn, roger」

Snow obediently consents once she saw that I really did dislike it.

Snow is fundamentally submissive. In fact, it’s to the extent you can call her weak willed.

「Ah, I found another robber」

While talking, I catch 《Dimension》 a crime breaking out.

「…… Ue. Another?」

「Close by is, Wolzak-san’s group is close so get in contact with him. We’ll earn some points with this」

「…… It’s a bit annoying」

「No, no no, it’s work Snow. For the sake of the people who live in Lauravia as well, we have to catch the robbers」

「…… Nnn. …… Something bothersome is bothersome. That’s, not even something requested of our guild」

Snow is obedient, but she’s also a person who finds most things annoying. She dislikes getting serious, she hates tiring things, and she will skip out on as much as she can. ―― It’s to an abnormal degree.

「Even if you say it’s bothersome, all Snow has to do is repeat what I say right?」

「I thought only repeating would be an easy job, but it’s more annoying than I thought」

「Oi, don’t forget that I’m filling the documents that Snow was supposed to…… ? Will you stop helping……?」

「It’s hard when you put it like that」

「Just get in contact with him already」

I bring up the fact that I’m shouldering many of Snow’s jobs, and Snow gives up and begins talking to the magic stone.

Wolzak-san who’s walking around the town hears Snow’s call and responds.

I strengthen the 《Dimension》 around Wolzak-san and turn it into 《Dimension Multiple》, and I capture the movements of his mouth and vibrations of his voice.

It looks like Wolzak-san has the spare energy to capture the robber.

His status looks fine. The robber’s level is low, and Wolzak-san’s HP is more than enough. It shouldn’t be a problem even in a direct confrontation.

「Un, I’m in your debt. Then right now, hury to the market at sixty-seven. I’ll navigate you once you’re close. By the way the target’s level is 5, and there aren’t any stand out points, so please please confront them directly」

「……I’ll tell」

Snow repeats my instructions.

Wolzak-san receives the instructions from the magic stone, then that giant turns and goes to where the target is. Confirming the movements of the two with 《Dimension》, I bring them closer as if controlling chess pieces.

Not long after, the two collide, and robber is apprehended. Because the difference in strength was evident, the battle was finished in an instant.

Wolzak-san takes the captured robber to shop what was damaged.

Having the goods that have been stolen returned, the shopkeeper breaks into tears of joy. If it stayed like that, then perhaps the losses that would’ve been incurred would be devastating. That’s what I understood from that expression. And, I was also happy that we could prevent that.

What’s left is to take the robber to the security bureau. It was only an incident that lasted a few minutes, but another one of Lauravia’s citizens was saved.

「Thank goodness……. The person in the shop is also happy……」

「…… Really」

However, I wasn’t able to share this feeling with Snow.

With an expression of it doesn’t matter, she looks out at the sky through the window. When Snow has nothing to do, she has a habit of basking in the sun like this.

「If you have spare time, you can help with the documents」

「It’s fine. Thanks to Kanami I’ve already finished an amount you won’t get angry about」

「Aah, so that’s where Snow’s standards are」

「I don’t like doing my best like Kanami」

I’ve understood plenty of Snow’s character in this single day.

She takes a stance that is incompatible with the Guild Master that is me, but it’s not like I don’t understand those feelings. When I was still going to school in my original world, I took the same exact stance as Snow.

Right now, the reason I’m doing my best is wholly due to the circumstances of this different world. If it wasn’t for these difficult circumstances, I’d probably be the same as Snow.

「Still, I really can’t stay calm if I don’t see Snow. I’m a newcomer, and there’s a possibility that I’ll make mistakes」

「That’s, Palinchlon’s fault for causing it. The fact that he made an outsider fill documents, is enough to quit」

「That’s true. The fact that a fresh newcomer is filling these important documents, there’s a lot of strange things about it……」

「That’s how it is. Therefore, I’m not in the wrong. I’m not in the wrong, so I won’t try anymore than this」

「Ah, I see……」

Without blaming Snow, I turn back to the documents in silence.

In reality, just with Snow’s magic stone transmissions, she’s already doing the work of dozens of people.

The color outside the window is tinged red, the sun has begun setting. It’s not long before I’m don’t with the paperwork that started at noon. The quest given to the guild’s many parties are also ending.

For the time being, I believe that it was a good showing for my first day as guild master.

I psyche myself up for the final stretch and tackle the remaining documents.

Once I finished filling the documents, I sense someone enter 『Epic Seeker’s』headquarters with 《Dimension》.

With the sun setting, most of the members have already returned.

Among them is also Teiri-san. She’s holding a report of that mission from before.

I see that she began talking to Pailnchlon at the entrance, and I leave Snow behind to go to where the two are. In order to report the results of my first day, and if possible to get an evaluation from them.

I walk along the inside of 「Epic Seeker’s」 headquarters until I can hear Palinchlon and Teiri-san―― I pick up their voices.

「How was it? Isn’t Kanami an excellent Master?」

「Eeh, more than you. Accurate information was given at a terrifying speed. The whole information gathering process is completely useless now. Because of that, the request that were prepared to last seven days were finished in only a few hours. At this point it’s cheating」

「Kanami and Snow, their talent is outstanding enough that the guys at home will want them if they hear about them. Since it’s a combination technique. Something like that is only natural」

「Natural you say……. But, they still lack experience. Without connections, they won’t be known」

「It’s fine as long as the members compensate for their connections and experience. Those two are obedient, they’ll surely listen to their seniors. Don’t worry about them becoming known. I’ve already prepared a lot」

「You put an amazing amount of thought into this……. You’re really doing your best for Kanami-kun, Palinchlon. It’s my first time seeing you this desperate……」

「Fufuu, if I look desperate, then I have to try even harder. After all, I just want to return to my homeland in peace……?」

It’s a bad habit. I spread 《Dimension》, and even though I didn’t want to I still eavesdropped. In order to not eavesdrop anymore, I quickly get approach the two, I’ll first speak with Palinchlon. 

「――Palinchlon, the documents are almost done」

「Ou, Kanami. So, how much did you finish?」

「How much? Eh, umm, mostly everything……」

Not including the part I left aside for Snow, I finished all the documents I was handed.

However, Palinchlon made a face as if he couldn’t believe what he heard.

「Ev, everything……? You’re talking about that mountain of documents right?」

「Aah, I am. Weren’t you the one that said doing that is the guild master’s job. That’s why I finished all of it today」

「…… Wait. Wait wait, that’s weird. That’s isn’t something you can easily finish right!? There were documents you only had to review, but there were also an annoying amount of documents that needed calculations!」

Certainly, there was that.

The guild’s logistics, its expenditures, the cost of an individual, various kinds of income―― if it’s the sorting of those numbers, then it’s already done. 

「Maybe, it’s because the arithmetics that I use are fundamentally different. And I do excel in bookkeeping and mathematics……」

「Yo, you’re seriously saying that……?」

「Yo, you’re seriously saying that……?」

「Also, if I use 《Dimension Multiple》, I can look at multiple documents at once. And if my level goes up, I think I’ll be able to think of multiple things at once……」

It’s something I’ve recently began feeling, but it’s clear that the level of my thoughts has gone up when compared to my original world. The speed of my thoughts as well, but above all the form itself had been altered.

Splitting my thoughts and being able to work on things in parallels is probably one of the effects of that alteration.

「Could it be, did Snow seriously help?」

「No, Snow was umm, she didn’t really help much……」

Rather, I also did Snow’s part.

Snow seriously taught me various things in the morning, but everything was so that she could push the rest onto me. Starting at noon, she neglected her work.

「No, it would be strange if Snow did help, this speed is…… A level going up shouldn’t cause something like that……. No, however, with the characteristics of Kanami’s magic power, is that type of thing possible? Or is it the characteristic of dimension magic―― No, is it the 『Repayment』?」

Hearing what I said, Palinchlon begins thinking in earnest.

「Anyway, I finished. Has today’s work ended with this?」

「Ah, aah. However, the work you finished today, was work for seven days……」

「Eh, only that was seven days worth…… ?」

I was surprised. Certainly, I was taken aback at first with that amount. However, thinking it was the usual amount for a day in the organization, I challenged it head on. I’m a little let down that only that much is seven days worth.

Seeing me like that, Teiri-san who’s to the side interjects.

「Palinchlon. It’s not magic, it’s Kanami-kun himself, what’s strange about it……?」

「So you say……. I was also suprised……」

And so, looking at me with eyes as if looking at some mysterious being, I answer with a bitter smile.

「Umm, then, is it fine if I focus on assisting the other members?」

「No, it seems like their work was also finished. In Teiri’s report, everyone has completed their quests. That’s also thanks to Kanami’s assistance」

Apparently, the missions that were given for today, were also meant to last seven days.

「Umm……, isn’t it too little…..?」

I honestly question the amount of work. Like this I won’t know what to do tomorrow.

「No, since it’s Kanami’s first time being guild master, I’m sure it didn’t go as well as you wanted…… But even then, this is by no means a little. It’s the workload of a regular guild……」

「Re, really……?」

I finally began to understand the significance of this.

The value of my ability. And, the value of being able to give directions with the assistance of Snow’s magic.

It’s an anomaly that speeds up a guilds management by seven times its original speed.

Palinchlon makes a difficult face and continues.

「I’ll negotiate with the country and get more work to do for next week. Until then, please continue with the labyrinth capture……. That also more or less contributes to the guild…….」


I obediently agree. It’s then that Teiri-san raises a question.

「Pailnchlon, what about us?」

「You guys can do the same as usual, and do whatever you want with your left over time. It’s fine if you get some quest from public institutions, or you can even form party’s and go wherever」

「I understand」

It seems like I was too enthusiastic on my first day. Now everyone in 『Epic Seeker』 has lost their job.

Like this, the three of us decided on what to do, and we break up.

Afterwards, I move to the training ground. Over there the member who have nothing to do had gathered. I wanted to apologize for being too enthusiastic, but they reponsded 「There’s no need」. It seems like almost everyone there thinks it’s better to finish work early. Rather than blaming me, there are many voices that praise the value of the accuracy of my directions.

And so, just like that, I deepened my bonds with the members. We have a revenge round robin, I teach about magic―― and little by little our distance shortened.

After parting with Snow at night, I have a meal with Maria and we sleep together again, and so my first day in the guild ends. There could be no better beginning than this――


The second day of my life in the guild.

Since I was too enthusiastic on my first day and now there’s no longer any work to do, I head to the labrynth’s entrance.

By the way, Snow said something ridiculous like 「I spent all day looking at the sky」 so she was forced to work. Palinchlon also said we should pair up.

「Now then, it’s time to capture the labyrinth」

「…… Uuun, annoying」

「Snow, this is also a part of the guild’s job. Palinchon said, expand the 『Correct Path』 and defeat Guardians」

「He didn’t say that, but I wasn’t playing on doing it seriously. It’s mostly going to be hunting easy monsters while searching for treasures inside the labyrinth」

「Nnn, there’s a possibility that Kanami’s easy monsters, are annoying monsters to me」

「No really, you can do that if you wantSnow. Since I plan on doing most of it alone. It’s fine as long as you watch my back」

As always, I let Snow skip out. Honestly, I don’t have many expectations for her with how lazy she is. However, because at the very least she has some sense of duty, she’ll probably lend a hand if I get in trouble. In other words, she is insurance.


Snow Walker has joined

 I enter the labyrinth with Snow as I look at the 『Display』.

A dark damp corridor spread out across the entrance. With a foul stench, and a unique lighting  that allows sight of the path, some part of me felt nostalgic.

I’ve returned to the labyrinth again.

For some reason, being caught up in that 『Great Fire』caused me to think of the labyrinth as something very nostalgic.

「…… Kanami, what’s wrong?」

Before I knew it, I stopped my legs, and Snow raises her voice out of curiosity.

「No, it’s nothing. Let’s go」

「…… Un」

I shake off those feelings that can hinder my labyrinth search, and continue on the corridor.

Last time I’m sure――…… That’s right. I remember having gone to the twenty fourth floor.

My last memory is that the search up till the twenty-fourth floor was harsh, and that the level spiked at the nineteenth floor.

However, that last memory is blurred like an old black and white photograph. The most important points are blackened, and I can’t remember them well.

It must be because of the shock of being wrapped up in the 『Great Fire』 that my memories before and after it are hazy.

However, I won’t complain. Recollecting myself I decided on today’s plan to search the labyrinth.

The level of my company, Snow, is 16. There isn’t much of a difference in our statuses. But, her endurance is probably several times higher than mine. She also has a lot of magic skills, so I can’t tell her true strength.


Name : Snow Walker   HP530/530 MP229/240   Class : Scout

Level : 16

Strength10.22   Vitality10.02 Dexterity5.24   Agility5.43 Intelligence7.92 Magic10.86   Potential2.62

Innate Skills :Dragon’s Divine Protection1.09   Optimal Action1.89 Ancient Magic2.04   Mind’s Eye1.07 Blood Magic1.00  

Acquired Skills : None

The objective for today is to get up to the nineteenth floor where the level spikes and reestablish the 《Connection》 on the twentieth floor. Because I was caught up in that great fire, access to all of my 《Connections》 have been severed. It’s because of that that I to challenge it from the first floor. It’s annoying but it can’t be helped. I want to get to the twentieth floor quickly.

But, since the 『Correct Path』 reaches up till the twenty-third floor, it should be an easy journey. To say even more, for searchers at the level of Snow and I, there isn’t an enemy that can match us on the single digit floors.

After walking through the labyrinth for several hours, we managed to reach the tenth floor without any problems. And so, we enter the tenth floor, and the first thing we feel is shock at how barren it is.

「――Hu、huh。There’s nothing at all」

「…… Not long ago it was a sea of flames. It looks like it’s really true that the tenth floor’s Guardian died」

「Is that true? If it is, then that’s amazing. Defeating a Guardian, isn’t that a hero. Just what kind of person defeated it…… ?」

Even with my shallow knowledge, I know that the existence known as Guardian’s are something terrifying. A boss that not even the strongest searcher party could defeat, the Guardian’s became an existence like that of a legend.

「It certainly is amazing. But, it was probably Kanami」

「Ha? Me? Why?」

「…… It’s nothing. Just talking to myself」

「No, for talking to yourself, you sure made it so that I can hear」

「Any more than this is annoying. Let’s move on」

「…… Haa. Okay」

I reluctantly agree. When Snow says the words 「Annoying」, the conversation won’t continue any longer. Yesterday, that was deeply ingrained into my bones while we were working together. Therefore, I won’t ask anymore. It’s contents are most likely linked to the conversation about my memories we had on the first day. It’s not something I want to hear too much about.

We walk through the tenth floor in silence.

There is no trace of the blazing flames from before, and the contrast it caused only made the floor feel even emptier.

Those haughty flames will never return. Thinking that filled me with emptiness.

It’s something unrelated to me and yet…… For some reason, it’s very sad…… 

「――Magic 《Connection》」

While enveloped in odd emotions, I set a magic door in a corner of the room. And so, I cover it with a cloth from 『Items』 so that it doesn’t stand out.

「…… This is dimension magic?」

「Aah, with this we can come and go from the guild’s office」

「But, wouldn’t other searchers use it?

「Mu, certainly. Then, I’ll do this. ―― magic 《Ice》」

I gently freeze over the door with freezing magic.

The door from 《Connection》 is fragile, it can easily break. Originally, it shouldn’t be able to be frozen. However, since it’s a 《Connection》 I constructed, and I fully grasped the method to construct it, it’s possible for me to freeze it so that the door doesn’t break.

Since it’s a magic that was made with a different image from the regular ice, if I had to say, then it’d be fine to call this new magic 《Ice Lock》.

「…… You froze it?」

「If it’s forcefully thawed then the door will break. The only one who can thaw the door, is the me the practitioner. ―― I’ll name it, magic 《Ice Lock》 probably」

「What a weird name. But is it better than nothing?」

「Either way, the door in the tenth floor won’t really be used. Let’s hurry and set one on the twentieth floor. If it’s there, I’d be able to set it in peace because average searchers shouldn’t be able to reach it」

「…… Mu. Isn’t it fine to end here for today?」

「Nope. Let’s go, Snow」

「…… Mumu」

While admonishing the grumbling Snow, we move further into the labyrinth――


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