「What’s this……?」

It’s something that happened on the way to the twentieth floor, while walking on the 『Correct Path』 of the fourteenth floor.

I come to a stop when I spot a monster moving at a high speed with 《Dimension》.

That monster is moving at a speed unfitting of the fourteenth floor. Thinking it might be a strong enemy, I immediately 『Observe』 it from a distance.

【Monster】Line Skitter : Rank 1

Contrary to my expectations, it’s actually a low rank monster. Now it’s unfitting of the fourteenth floor in a different meaning. It’s figure is that of a small blue rat. But, its brilliance is not normal.

Curiosity wells up in me, and I decide to chase after it. Snow still has a face that looks like she’s about to sleep, but I leave her and walk in the direction of the Line Skitter. 

However, because the Line Skitter is running in no specific location, getting close isn’t so easy. But by pursuing the Line Skitter, I gradually begin to understand the rules of where it runs to. And so, I conclude that no matter how much I walk around I won’t be able to encounter it.

With no other way, I keep Snow waiting on the 『Correct Path』 and begin my independent actions.

After all, if I run seriously, Snow won’t be able to keep up. This is the difference in our statuses so it couldn’t be helped. I specialize in speed, and Snow specializes in endurance.

After warning Snow to not sleep on the 『Correct Path』, I chase after the Line Skitter with all my strength.

Predicting which corridor the line skitter will take, I move ahead of and close our distance little by little.

After a few minutes, I successfully face the speeding Line Skitter. 

As a test, I take out a sword from 『Items』 and slash at it.

However, the moment it was about to be cut, the Line Skitter increased its speed.


It only permitted that single swing. With its speed the Line Skitter easily avoids my sword, passes by my side, and disappears into the dark corridor.

Right away I try chasing after it. But the moment I remember the speed of the Line Skitter when it avoided my sword, I stop.

That Line Skitter’s top speed is probably faster than mine.

That has to be some kind of special boss. One way or another, it feels like a boss monster.

Understanding that just chasing would be useless, I return my sword to 『Items』. While a bit excited, I grope for some other way to use my magic and 『Items』.

My most trusted magic 《Di Winter》 won’t have any effect. That’s a magic meant to counter an enemy facing me. It won’t have much of an effect on an enemy that is running away.

The same goes for 《Di Over Winter》. Although it does have a deceleration effect, to begin with, it’d be difficult to keep the Line Skitter within its domain. I can increase the magic power consumption to increase its scope, but even then the chance of success is low.

What’s left is to use《Ice Arrow》 for a long distance attack, but with that speed I’m not confident I’ll hit it even with 《Dimension Gladiate》 up.

Therefore, the only option I have left is a trap type magic.

I take out water from 『Items』, and make a large pool of water on the path the Line Skitter will pass. I then place 《Di Snow》 on top of that. Of course, I still haven’t activated it.

If the Line Skitter runs on the ground, then the likelihood of this trap working is high. And since it’s rank 1, even this shoddy trap could work.

After making five of the same trap, I grasp the Line Skitters location, and I chase after the Line Skitter in the same way as before in order to drive it to the traps.

I have to be as fast as possible. The foundation of the puddle trap is 《Di Snow》. If other monsters step into it, then the traps would become useless.

After chasing the Line Skitter around several times, finally, the Line Skitter moves into the field of traps.

――I focus all my nerves on the timing to activate the trap.

And so, the instant the Line Skitter sets foot in the puddle, 《Di Snow》 bursts out.

A chill came out, and in an instant the puddle had frozen over. Of course, that goes for the Line Skitter’s foot as well.

「All right」

After confirming I captured it with 《Dimension》, I hurry to its location.

Over there is a Line Skirt crying Pii Pii while trying to escape from the ice. It looks like it really is a monster with nothing but speed.

My conscience hurt a bit. However, while repeating that it’s survival of the fittest in my heart, I cut the Line Skitter’s body with my sword.

【Title『Bright Line Sprinter』 Acquired】

+0.05 correction to agility has been added

I 『Observe』 the dropped magic stone.

【Crescent Pectolazuri】

Assembly of magic power of running as fast as a flash

Rare drop by the monster cursed to run faster than anyone

Once I understand that it’s a rare magic stone from its explanation, I feel relieved that I got something in exchange for my labour. Having achieved my objective, I return to Snow.

However, in spite of having warned her so much. Snow is at the edge of the 『Correct Path』 with her eyes shut. As expected of her, her breath is not that of someone sleeping, but it’s obvious to the eyes.

「Snow. I told you not to sleep……」

「…… Mu. Nn, un? Uun, I’m not asleep I’m not asleep」

「Just now, wasn’t your response delayed」

「Don’t worry about it. More importantly, did you defeat it?」

Snow quickly changes the topic. It’s probably because Snow has a tendency to find most things annoying that my warnings were useless.

「Aah, I caught it in a trap and defeated it. It dropped this」

「…… O, oou. This, even among the five countries of the Allied Nations, it’s something rare that might not even appear for a whole year. If I remember, its name is 『Crescent Pectolazuri』?」

「Aah, that’s right. It was quite difficult」

「Even if you defeat it, that doesn’t always drop. That’s why, it’s super rare. Good for you, Kanami」

「Is that so? Then, I was lucky」

This time around my luck was good. In reality, the fact that I even sensed the Line Skitter with 《Dimension》 is a coincidence in itself.

「…… All right. We got something good, so let’s go let’s go?」

Snow pretends to be motivated and continues through the labyrinth. Having taken a nap on the 『Correct Path』, it’s obvious that she is trying to avoid getting scolded by me.

「Haa. True, let’s keep going」

Honestly, I wanted to lecture her for about an hour. That there are monsters that can enter the 『Correct Path』, that it’s possible other searchers would attack, and that lots of unexpected situations could occur.

However, with Snow’s character, there’s a high chance that it’ll all be for nothing.

While thinking of a way to correct Snow’s character, I walk down the corridor.

Like this, while having encountered some fortune, we progress even further into the labyrinth――


I did say that Snow doesn’t have to fight, but that promise was broken on the nineteenth floor. As expected, unforeseen situations are unavoidable, with monsters surrounding us Snow had no choice but to fight.

The enemy is the nineteenth floor’s Carmine Minotaur, but Snow easily beat them by herself. As a result of being a dragon newt, she has strength higher than what’s shown on her status, and she fights while wielding two weapons that surpass her own height that she borrowed from me. But, her treatment of them is far too rough, the lives of several weapons were destroyed…… still.

With that overwhelming power, I didn’t have to worry about Snow. Her working as the sub-master of the guild directly under the country isn’t just for show.

And since I don’t have to worry about my companion, I can increase the pace of my labrinth search.

We successively proceed to the twentieth floor, and arrive at a space as empty as the tenth floor. Just like in the tenth floor, I quickly set a 《Connection》 at a corner of the room. With this, we can take a shortcut to the twentieth floor whenever we want.

「――All right, with this the marking of the twentieth floor is complete. Our objective was fulfilled」

「…… All right, then let’s return. So, let’s end it here for today. End it end it」

「It’s not the end yet, but we should return. I’ll have someone from 『Epic Seeker』 with recovery magic fix us up」

「……Re, recovery? You’re still, going to force me to work?」

「You, you’re not even working that much. Let’s go already」

Using 《Connection》 Snow and I move to the office  in 『Epic Seeker’s』 headquarters.

And then, I use 《Dimension》 to search for a member who can use restoration magic. Because most of the work was done yesterday, it’s easy to find members with free time.

I call out to a member with holy magic and get my wounds healed. But even then, there weren’t any tough battles, so the most I got were scratches.

The mage who was curing my wounds was ominously grinning while do so. When I asked for the reason, they said that their reason for living is to heal the wounds of strong people. As expected of the ones in charge of recovery in 『Epic Seeker』, they’re all somewhat strange in the head…….

After confirming that our HP has been restored, I once again try going to the labyrinth. However, Snow complains about the restless challenge.

「…… Br, break」

「It’s useless. Our health is in perfect condition. There’s no reason not to go」

「…… Going continuously like this, wears the mind. ――Th, that’s right. Take out that 『Crescent Pectolazuri』」

「What about this?」

I take out the 『Crescent Pectolazuri』 from 『Items』 and show it to Snow.

「Take it to our blacksmith. Ask if it can be processed into a new weapon. If it’s a rare magic stone like this, then it should make something interesting」

「Aah, so 『Epic Seeker』 has its own blacksmith. Certainly, that does sound interesting」

I agree to getting new weapons. Today too, I lost several of my swords. Especially since Snow was heartily damaging them. I don’t think it’s a problem since they’re mass produced, but looking in the long term, it might be about time that I need to get an expensive one.

「Alright let’s go. Let’s have a lot made. Since I’ll be watching from the side」

「Don’t you mean sleeping?」

With a bitter smile, I accept Snow’s proposal.

And so, we head for the workshop positioned at the edge of 『Epic Seekers』 headquarters.


「Umm, excuse me」

I give a greeting and enter the workshop full of black smoke.

It looked spacious from the outside, but the inside was narrower than I thought. Various work machines are scattered around, there are also several workbenches and hearths. The temperature is high, and the soot and dust filling the air made it bad. It’s a place I don’t want to stay in for long.

「Hee, huh? A customer is it. Eerr, you have some business?」

A long haired man gazing at a sword deep inside the workshop notices me and replies.

「I brought a lot of magic stones, so can you make them into something?」

「Yes yes, I see. It’s fine it’s fine. I have a lot of time anyways」

The long haired man leaves the sword he was gazing at and walks over while tying up his hair. And so, when his face is exposed, the many scars on it shocked me.

One eye was crushed, and both ears were chipped. Many burns are left on his face, and just looking at it is painful.

「Ni, nice to meet you……」

「Ara, I surprised you. It’s no surprise for people who see thi―― wait, isn’t it our Master. You didn’t have to come to this dirty place, you could’ve just called?」

「No, it’s only natural as I’m the one who needs something. And it isn’t a request as the master. I came for a request as the individual Kanami. Errr……, Alibaazu-san?」

「Alibaazu Rivers. You did well memorizing it. I didn’t even challenge you in that round robin」

「I did my best to memorize everyones name.」

Alibaazu-san and I shake hands and introduce ourselves. I then quickly check Alibaazu-san’s status.


Innate Skills : Holy Magic1.34

Acquired Skills : Elemental Magic0.23   Smithing0.89 Swordsmanship0.07

Those skills aren’t very blacksmith like. Instead, it leans more towards combat. Although its level isn’t high, his magic power is still top of the line. It’d be fine to even call him a mage. There’s the possibility that he used to be a searcher in the past, but after getting an injury he turned into a blacksmith and as a result his combat skills weakened.

「So, what is it that Master brought today?」

「I brought something that Snow said is rare」

Saying that I take out the magic stone from 『Items』.

Since I finally got the chance, I show all the rare things that I gathered.

Alibaazu-san’s eyes sparkle at the various magic stones that were spread on the workbench.

「A, amazing……. Even at the country’s exchange, this is something rarely seen……」

「They’ve been building up. Can you make sturdy weapons out of this?」

「They’ve been building up. Can you make sturdy weapons out of this?」

「Please. Lots of weapons were damaged, so I’m troubled right now」

「I don’t even want to imagine a monster that can damage your weapons. But, I can repair your damaged weapons? And if you brought them along then it might be possible to reuse them」

「Eh, you can?」

「But instead of fixing them, it’s almost always cheaper to buy them」

「Uuun, I’ll be taking them out」

I rejoice at the fact that there’s a place so close by where I can repair my weapons and I take out my damaged weapons from 『Items』. Since I’ll be cooperating with the members from now on and I’m not planning on hiding my abilities, I boldly take them out in front of Alibaazu-san. He was a bit surprised, so I give a short explanation.

And so, as I’m taking out many things from 『Items』, I discover a broken sword I have no memory of. It’s blade had warped and ―― it looks old. Its edge was melted as if it were thrust into magma.

【Damaged Treasured Sword of the Araith Family】

Offensive Ability 1

An offensive ability no different from an iron pole.

However, it has the title of 「Treasured Sword」 attached. From its name alone it should be  something good.

But I don’t really remember how I obtained it. However, there are times when I put things laying around in the labyrinth into 『Items』. It’s probably something I picked up during one of my labyrinth searches.

Without thinking too deeply about it, I place the 『Damaged Treasured Sword of the Araith Family』 on the table.

「This should be all」

「That’s a lot」

「Haha, sorry……」

「Let me see, I’ll be taking a look」

I also look at the weapons together with Alibaaza-san. Knowing the difference between what can and cannot be repaired will be helpful in future labyrinth searches.

By the way, Snow is sitting while holding her knees in a corner of the room and she fell asleep like that.

「From what I can see, these swords will be good. Something can be done with a some polishing. But, these huge ones are no good. They’ve been damaged at the root, the edge is also a mess. It’d probably be better to melt them down into materials」

「I see」

It doesn’t look like there are any problems with the weapons Snow wielded.

The condition of the weapons Snow wielded seem to especially bad.

「What’s left is…… Nn, nn? This, could it be…..」

From among the broken weapons, Alibaazu-san takes the 『Damaged Treasured Sword of the Araith House』.

「Can something be done with that?」

「No, this is a sharp sword. Since it’s made of scarce ore, there should be some inscription but……. But it’s in terrible shape, the inscription is unreadable……」

「Errr, I think I’ve seen 『Araith』 written on it before……」

Thinking it might be of some help to its repair, I disclose the information on 『Display』.

「Araith, that…… ? But that’s unrelated to the inscription……」

「What meaning does Araith have?」

「Eh, well, I believe it’s that famed noble house. The house of the master swordsman Sir Fenrir Araith that produces many excellent swordsman」

「Hee, that’s amazing」

Alibaazu-san’s eyes don’t leave the sword as he answers my question. He’s very interested in the mysterious blade.

「Uuun. But, forgive me, I can’t fix this. Its ore is far too special」

「Then, it’s fine to melt it and use it as materials」

It’s only something I found so I give a half-hearted response.

But, at that instant, for some reason a chill ran down my back. Why was that.

「No, It’d be better to hold onto it. It’s impossible for me, but there may be hope with the blacksmiths in Whoseyards」

「Haa. Is that so」

It’s not like I have some sort of attachment to this sword. Turning it into materials would’ve been fine, but Alibaazu-san’s eyes, it looks like it’d be wasteful to do that.

It’s not like I have some sort of attachment to this sword. Turning it into materials would’ve been fine, but Alibaazu-san’s eyes, it looks like it’d be wasteful to do that.

「The other interesting thing is this magic stone. The 『Crescent Pectolazuri』. If you sell this, you’d be able to play around for three years, are you really sure?」

「Eh, that much!? 」

It was much more expensive than I thought. One of my objectives is to pay Maria’s medical expenses. I’d be able to settle that objective by selling this magic stone.

「But, you’d be able to make something good if you use it. If used as a sword’s coating, it’d make something sturdy. I personally think it’d be better as a ring or necklace, to make this magic stone into a magic item」

「But I need a sturdy weapon more than a magic item…..」

「Well, from this disastrous sight, I can understand your feelings. Making weapons is more in my nature so that’d help. Then, I’ll be looking after these broken weapons and magic stones」


Afterwards, Alibaazu-san and I record the exchange of the weapons and decide on a date for the delivery. When I request if I can get the weapon as fast as possible, Alibaazu-san thinks for a bit, and comes up with a plan.

「If you want the job done faster then it’d be best if I got more help. That way the quality won’t drop. If I invite the blacksmiths I know in town, the job will go faster. But if I do that, it’d be quite expensive?」

「No, that’d still be cheaper than if I keep breaking weapons. Please do it as fast as you can」

「Understood. In that case, the price would be this……. I’ll exchange the leftover magic stones for money. Since Master is busy」

「That’d help」

「Well then, I’ll start immediately on Master’s and Snow’s weapon. That’s in the contract. You can hear about the market price and details from Snow. She’s like that, but she is well informed about these things. If it’s an unfair price, then feel free to make a complaint」

「Snow is…… ? I understand」

I move my eyes to Snow who is sleeping in a corner of the room. I thought about asking those things from the sub-masters Palinchlon and Rail-san, but it seems like Snow would work.

「And now, for the most important topic……」

「Important topic, is it?」

「Aah, we’ll be making a weapon, but, we’ve yet to decide on the most important part」

And I thought we just finished most of it, but from the perspective of a professional blacksmith, it seems like the most important part has yet to be decided.

「The most important…… ? Just what could that be……?」

「The design!」

「Ha, haa……. The design?」

「Aah, the appearance, the ornaments, that’s what’s most important! To make it as beautiful as possible! If the sword is beautiful, then Master’s magnificent sword skills will shine right!?」

This person, he’s no good…….

Though he was a serious person, but as expected of 『Epic Seeker’s』 personal black smith. There’s no normal person here.

「It’s a weapon I’ll be entrusting my life to? Instead of its appearance, please focus on the quality」

「It’s exactly because you’ll be entrusting your life to it! The moment your life is extinguished, as fresh blood spills in the air, but you held an uncool sword, you wouldn’t be able to die like that would you!? A heroes death, has to be beautiful!」

「No, I’m getting a weapon so that I don’t die. I won’t think about that when I die……」

「You can’t do that, Master! What you accomplish while you’re alive is important, but the way you die in is even more important!?」

「The time while your alive is more important. Its appearance doesn’t matter, so please make it durable and simple」

「No way! Making a cool sword for a cool swordsman, that’s my reasons for living!」

「This is the Master’s command. Please make it while prioritizing the durability」

「Hahaa, too bad, but that doesn’t apply to 『Epic Seeker』. Violating orders is an everyday thing for us! Especially when it’s about romance!」

「Hahaa, too bad, but that doesn’t apply to 『Epic Seeker』. Violating orders is an everyday thing for us! Especially when it comes to romance!」

Although it’s an order that should be better for him, Alibaazu-san continues opposing it.

「Then, let’s forget about……」

「That’d also be bad in its own way! And I finally, got the chance to make Master’s sword!」

「In that case, please work on it seriously. It’d also be annoying for me to have to go to a further workshop」

「Kuu, there’s no helping it……. For now, I’ll make it durable, and then I’ll devote myself to ornaments, how about it……?」

「As long as it’s only somewhat heavy, then I’ll leave it there. But, I won’t pay for it」

「No other choice…… I’ll deal with the payment myself……」

「Paying yourself……. Don’t you have the option to just give up on it……?」


「So you don’t」

Alibaazu-san spreads a thick paper on the workbench, and begins making a concept drawing with his quill pen.

「If you have any request, now’s the time to say them. I’m thinking of making it a simple sword with a white undertone. I’ll make it durable. I can put silver there, and the characters can be engraved using blue gems. ―― How is it?」

The moment I see the sword, I am captivated by its magnificent form.

「There’s nothing that particularly sticks out……  But, for my taste, I’d prefer the color of the characters to be greener. It’d give off a more refreshing feeling」

「So Master likes honest designs. I understand, I’ll take it into account」

「What’s left is the uniformity and its flow. An unbalanced sword is hard to use, so please make it symmetrical」

「Uuun, I prefer asymmetrical but…… There’s no helping it. I’ll make up for it with the ornaments」

Alibaazu-san’s and my own taste clash as we come up with the ideal sword.

It seems like I was drawn in by Alibaazu-san and got exctied myself. That’s understandable as at my baseI like games.

After a long while, Alibaazu-san and my discussion on the weapon comes to an end, and before I knew it, it was already dark.

Having said all that we want, we part with great smiles on our faces.

「Well then, Master. It’s my first job in a while, so I’ll do my best」

「Yes, thank you very much. ――Snow, it’s over. Let’s go」

I hit the nape of the sleeping Snow. Because she had no interest in the long conversation, she had completely fallen asleep. Alibaazu-san sees that and chuckles, and with a bitter smile I drag Snow out of the workshop.

With this, the labyrinth capture after the twentieth floor should be easier. Honestly, today’s search was like playing around. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say the real thing starts after the twentieth floor.

After leaving the workshop, Snow and I go to the town.

We buy materials and go to church to prepare for the real challenge.

My level becomes 15, and as always I put all bonus points to magic. Since that would increase the time I can use 《Dimension》, and it’d increase its precision, I couldn’t think of a better option to use them on.

Like this, while dreaming of the new sword I’ll obtain, I return to the room that Maria is waiting in, and my second day comes to an end.

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