The name of the river separating the northwestern country Eltraleu and the southwestern country Lauravia is 『Fuura』.

Due to its large size and beautiful clear water, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it was mistaken for the ocean, the Allied Nations even treats it like a national treasure. The closer I got to the Fuura River, the greater the number of people I crossed. There’s no doubt most of them are here for the 『Fighting Tournament』.

The amount of people here reminds me of a 『Certain Festival』.

 ―― Certain festival……?

Those words suddenly entered my head, but I don’t recall any festival like that. However, I already know the reason. It’s probably the lost memories of the past me. I shake off the uneasy feeling and headache brought by that nostalgic sensation and continue forward.

And so, at an inlet northernmost of Lauravia, I ride a small boat through the river.

The boat containing about a dozen people leisurely makes its way to the center of the Fuura River. In the river, there are enough boats to make anyone think there’d be a war.

Small boats are attached to the giant ship in the center with a rope and raised to the hull. It looks like this is how 『Valfula』 is boarded.

It’s a difficult to enter festival. If it were any other festival I’d be able to look around free of charge, but just to enter 『Valfula』 a boat is needed.

Mixed in the crowd of people, I enter 『Valfula』 and begin looking around.

It feels no different than being on land. Countless ships are lined up without any gaps and there’s almost no swaying. Because of that, it doesn’t feel like I’m on the sea. If anything, it felt like I landed on the island 『Lauravia』.

Most of the people on 『Valfula』 appear to be dressed in good attire. As expected, the admission fee being a boat is a high hurdle.

The festive feeling quickly fades and I spread 《Dimension》. For now, I’ll 『Observe』 any strong person I come across. I’ll probably be able to find Lastiara while doing that.

Walking with the documents in hand, I read the information on the boat and the people on it. According to the documents, 『Valfula』is on an area divided into four regions. The areas are split into East, West, South, North, and I’m currently on the 『North』 area of the fleet.

The participants of the 『Fighting Tournament』 are also split into four groups, it seems like the teams that win in each area will be the ones to battle in the center theater.

I take a quick glance at the center.

A giant luxurious cruise ship stands there as if it were a fort.

With a completely different size and made of different materials from the others, it gives off a different atmosphere. To be exact, the density of mana is different. 

A part of the reason is probably because of the number of magic stones used on the ship. But, more than that, the quality of the people there must be high. 

「―― Magic《Dimension Multiple》」

I continue investigating the center.

But, I still couldn’t find Lastiara’s group. And I couldn’t even find anyone who looked like they’d be able to challenge me. To begin with, anyone stronger than 『Epic Seeker’s 』Wolzak is rare. They are all strong people who gathered from all over the world but compared to the people of the Allied Nations who search the labyrinth, they’re unrefined Now that I think about it if anyone is truly confident in their ability, they’d already be in the Allied Nations long before the 『Fighting Tournament』.

Letting out a sigh, I decide to search for any strong looking person on the documents.

The one with the highest possibility is the man crowned with the title of 『Strongest』, Glen Walker.

Right now he’s at a hall at the center greeting nobles. He did want me to get together with his sister Snow, and it seems like he gets along with Palinchlon. The possibility of him helping me destroy the 『Bracelet』 is low

The next person it’d be possible with would be the man crowned with the title 『Sword Saint』, Fenrir Araith.

He’s in the same hall as Glen-san. At a glance, he gives off the feeling of a senior past his prime, but there’s no mistaking the strength in his body. Even without 《Dimension》 I’d still be able to tell the thickness of his muscles through his clothing. His sharp glare inspires fear in the nobles. He is probably a person with an influence that wouldn’t lose out to Glen-san.

But if I’m being honest, I don’t expect much from him. He’s constantly surrounded by many nobles and guards. How do I get the two of us alone, how do I begin the conversation, I don’t know.

As expected, the only realistic option is relying on Lastiara Whoseyards and Diablo Sith.

However, I won’t find them so conveniently. I searched through all of the Fuura River with 《Dimension》, but I still didn’t find a sign of them.

And even after the sunset, the two of them haven’t appeared in 『Valfula』.

Left with no other choice, I walk to my room with 《Dimension》 still active.

According to the documents, Lastiara’s team will be fighting in the West area tomorrow morning. I have to aim for that time.

Feeling more disheartened than I expected after the trip and search, I entered the luxurious room I was given. This room is most likely used for people at the level of a state guest. It’s filled with high class furniture using magic stones that no average citizen would be able to obtain with a year’s income. At the center of that room, I draw my sword and place the blade on the 『Bracelet』.

I’m not planning to simply waste my time until Lastiara appears.

I’ll try out many things and try to discover any conditions. For example, can I restrain my body, and keep only my right hand free. In such a state, what would happen if I were to focus everything in only my right hand? I also have to test what will happen if I start losing consciousness.

Without a moment to waste I take out a rope from 『Items』 that looks like it’d work and restrain both my arms.

While using 《Dimension》 to wait for Lastiara’s arrival, I try every method I can think of.

But, in the end ―― Lastiara didn’t appear, I was unable to destroy the 『Bracelet』, and the next day arrived.


A dull pain hurts my head, I shake off my mud-like sleepiness.

When I open my eyes, what greets me is an unfamiliar ceiling.

I try getting up, but I realize that both my legs can’t move. Last night, I probably lost consciousness after trying out many things.

It’s already the day of the 『Fighting Tournament』. My left arm is tied tightly to the bed so the only arm I can move is my right, I quickly untie the tightly fastened rope. 

「People would misunderstand if they saw this……」

In the middle of that, the sound of a knock echoes in the room.

「Excuse me. Aikawa Kanami-sama, may I?」

I used 《Dimension》 to check, it seems to be an official of the 『Fighting Tournament』. In a panic I undo the binding, quickly order my clothes and open the door.

「So, sorry for the wait. I’m Aikawa Kanami」

A woman in white formal attire greets me.

The female official immediately begins an explanation in a businesslike tone.

「I have come to inform participant of the 『Ichinotsuki Allied Nations’ Knight Ball』 Aikawa Kanami-sama」

「Ah, yes. Please」

「As representative of the country of Lauravia, Aikawa Kanami-sama is exempt from the first match. A so-called seed. Therefore, please arrive at the arena at the north boat in the North area not in the morning, but the afternoon. That is all. Best of luck, Aikawa Kanami-sama」

After briefly conveying what was needed, the female official departs. As I see her off I spread 《Dimension》 to gather information and grasp the current time and situation.

The sky is completely bright. A morning with nice weather.

No matter which boat I check, each of them are filled with guests of the 『Fighting Tournament』.

It looks like the first round will begin soon.

Lowen should be preparing for his match in the South area opposite of the North area I’m at.

Reaper isn’t anywhere on the fleet. Maybe she isn’t planning to participate in the 『Fighting Tournament』 anymore. 

Snow is together with 『Epic Seeker’s』 Teiri-san. Teiri-san is comforting her in the waiting room of the arena in the West area. Close to them is Wolzak-san with an uncomforting expression.

I immediately look for the girl’s I’ve been searching for. According to the documents, Lastiara’s first match will be in the West area. However, no matter how much I search with 《Dimension》, I can’t find them anywhere.

Not seeing Lastiara’s group on the very day is finally getting to me. I searched through the whole fleet, but there’s no trace of them. Still, the first round is in the morning and there’s nothing else I can do, in the end, I walked to the West area.

I enter the ship that Lastiara’s match is supposed to occur and observe the surroundings.

The structure of the arena ship is very different from the others.

Just from looking, I can tell how robust it is, and the solemnness tells me that it was once a battleship. The deck of that giant battleship was remodeled and a round arena was placed on top. 

The structure of the arena is similar to the image I had of it. The whole thing forms a cylinder-like shape, at the center of that is an area the size of a sports ground filled with sand, and the seats are positioned to give a clear view. However, if I had to name a difference, it’d be the decorations.

It’s decorated in gems and when I look down I see many 『Lines』. This isn’t something that appeared in the arenas of my world.

The seats are all filled. Having barely made it in time all I could do was stand and watch.

Leaning my back against a wall, I wait for the beginning of the match. According to the documents Lastiara’s match is first. Only a few more minutes and Lastiara’s group will lose by default.

And so, the spectators start getting noisy, and the time of the first match arrives. However, the match doesn’t start, and the ruckus of the spectators’ increases.

So Lastiara really isn’t in 『Valfula』. I thought that maybe she had some sort of method to avoid 《Dimension》, but having come here turned out to be a wasted effort.

But just as I was about to go search outside of 『Valfula』, the voice of the host echoes in the arena.

「―― To everyone in attendance, I apologize. It was planned to hold the first match of the 『Ichinotsuki Allied Nations’ Knight Ball』 in the West area, however, Lastiara Whoseyards has yet to arrive. Therefore, if Lastiara Whoseyards is still missing after fifteen minutes, we will continue on to the second match」

An announcement regarding the treatment of the late Lastiara echoed in the arena.

Curious about the structure that let out that burst of sound, I use 《Dimension》 to investigate the surroundings.

The host standing at the center of the stage is gripping something like a mic. What it’s made of isn’t metal but magic gems. From the way it was intricately carved it’s easy to tell that it’s an item filled with magic arts. And that magic tool is connected to the 『Lines』 that wrap around the arena.

It resembles Snow’s vibration magic. It seems that with a valuable magic tool and the 『Line』, achieving a similar effect is possible. As the host speaks, the 『Line』 beneath my feet vibrates.

As I admire its usefulness, I continue listening to the announcements.

It looks like Lastiara won’t be instantly disqualified. They only delayed the match a little. Since I’m already here, I might as well wait until the end.

Maybe that excitable girl will wait until the very end to make her entrance. While thinking about such things, I use the newly opened up time to watch the matches in the other areas. With my 《Dimension》 it’s possible to look in all directions at the same time.

First I’ll concentrate on the South.

From what I can see with 《Dimension》, the ship in the South area is hardly any different from this one.

The seats over there are also filled to the brim. There’s still time before the west area begins, but the south area is progressing smoothly.

「―― Then! The first match in the south area of the 『Ichinotsuki Allied Nations’ Knight Ball』, begins!」

With perfect timing, the south area’s first match began.

In front of the composed Lowen are a mix of three men and women with their weapons readied.

I scan over the documents and learn the details of the men and women. It seems like they’re searchers who made names for themselves, there are also a lot of voices of support from the spectators. No, rather than a lot, it’s likely that all the spectators are cheering them on. 

In the eyes of the Allied Nations, Lowen is nothing more than a nameless stranger.

But there’s no sign that Lowen sensed that. With a pleasant expression, he waits for his opponents in a theatrical manner. In contrast, the three searchers make preparations to attack.

It’s easy to tell the structure of the party by looking at the formation they took. The mage like man at the back is chanting, and the man and woman with a shield and sword form a wall protecting him.

A tactic that stays true to the basics. The ones at the front will intercept anyone who tries to interrupt the chant for the large scale magic.

As long as they buy enough time the magic will come flying. However, if someone recklessly targets the mage, the two in the front will use that opening. True to the basics, therefore there are few openings.

「―― But, their opponent is Lowen」

It’s a wonderful tactic, but also a meaningless one.

The fact that I think as much goes to show the current strength of Lowen’s will.

As always, his mana is little. However, his presence and pressure has a density like I’ve never seen before. At worst, he’s stronger than the time we first met.

With a faint smile on his face, Lowen doesn’t show any intention of stepping forward.

As for the spectators that see that, they jeered him assuming that Lowen was belittling his opponents.

Of course that’d happen. In the eyes of an amateur, Lowen’s method of battle looks ridiculous.

With the mage continuing to chant at the back, the more time that’s wasted the more of a disadvantage he’s put in. And as Lowen stands there, the mage will complete his large scale magic.

「――『O raging wisdom』『Bind time』! 《Fertility Woods》!」

And then, the mage’s magic was completed.

The moment it was complete, a dust of light fell from the mage’s staff. After analyzing it with 《Dimension》, that dust of light is something I know of. It is the seeds of magic. The crystallization of a terrifyingly finely kneaded wood attribute mana.

The magic seeds scatter throughout the arena’s sand, buds sprout a moment later, and a tree large enough to block the sky grows. And then, those innumerable large trees begin wriggling like puppets and attack Lowen.

From all four directions, trees large enough to swallow a human dash ―― to an ordinary person, Lowen being crushed by the overwhelming mass of the trees is the only outcome they can imagine.

However, I can see him dodging all of the attacks with his agility.

With an amused smile on his face he dodges each tree. Dodging the branches by the tip of his nose, and jumping over thick whip like trunks. The dodged trunks turn into footholds, and using them he dodges even more attacks. Even the clever attacks of roots coming from the ground, he doges them as if he saw the future. ―― And he continues dodging

Lagging a few seconds behind me, the spectators realize the abnormal situation and break into an uproar. Lowen has fascinated all the spectators with his taijutsu alone.

Lowen confirms the enthusiasm in the arena, and at its peak, he grabs a twig that had fallen nearby. It’s one of the many scattered fragments of the trees that collided with each other.

Taking a firm grasp of that twig in his right hand, Lowen comes to a stand still.

Naturally, the large trees charged at the still Lowen. The spectators see that and raise their voices. Some screams are even mixed in. If he doesn’t move, he’ll definitely be crushed by the large trees, that’s what the spectators believed.

The three searchers laugh convinced of their victory.

And then, the moment everyone was about to avert their eyes from the gruesome scene to come.

 ―― Supa, a light sound rings out, and countless large trees are cut horizontally.

Every large tree was split into two and they collapsed one by one.

「―― Eh?」

The host let out a dumbfounded voice. That represented the state of everyone at the arena.

No one understood what occurred.

However, the answer is simple. Using the twig he picked up, Lowen simply applied 『Mana Substance Conversion』 and with a light swing of the new blade, he cut through everything.

But that chain of movements were too fast. Thus, it felt far too unrealistic. Therefore, no one could understand. The only ones who could keep up with what happened are Lowen, and the disciple who is looking on from a distance, me.

Lowen leisurely makes his way across the fallen trees that had once dominated the arena.

That was a fantastical, terrifyingly frightening scene.

His opponents finally come to their senses and the two vanguards attack the approaching Lowen.

The vanguards make contact with Lowen swords. But as the 『Strongest Ever Swordsman』, the result of close combat with Lowen is obvious. The moment after they made contact, blood spills out of the back of the hands of the two vanguards, and their swords fall to the ground.

Leaving those two behind, Lowen walks up to the side of the mage at the rear.

As the twig from his own strongest wood magic thrust before his eyes, together with a cold sweat the mage laughs. In front of such an overwhelming difference in power, all he could do was laugh and throw his staff to the ground.

「―― Ha, hahahaa. We surrender」

「Aah, I’ll accept that surrender」

With those words, Lowen throws the twig away, and with a smile, he turns to the spectators and raises his hand.

At that instant, cheers erupted throughout the whole arena. A nameless swordsman who broke through that impressive large scale magic head-on. It was a first match that left everyone satisfied.

And as if to not lose to those great cheers, the host speaks.

「Co, contestant Lowen has fulfilled the conditions for victory! Contestant Lowen is the victor! Topping the overwhelming strength of the favored team, the nameless swordsman advances to the second round ――!!」

Matching that announcement, the cheers get even louder.

A storm of praise that could truly be called 『Glory』. It is not the peak of 『Glory』, but Lowen has finally set foot at its base. There is no mistaking that.

However, the presence of Lowen who is bathed in that light has still not weakened.

Even now, its thickness remains unchanged.

Certainly, Lowen is smiling right now. He’s at the center of the arena with a smile affixed to his face…… but something about it looks lonely. Even as he’s waving his hands in response to the cheers, some part of him appears to be suffocating.

Just as I’ve made sure of that victory, 《Dimension》 senses something moving at a high speed.


I noticed it late because I was focused on the match.

A single girl riding a giant wolf, using the small boats that are coming and going as a foothold, it quickly approaches. Jumping across the river as if it were a street performance, the wolf jumps onto the fleet, and further raises its speed as it runs across the roofs.

And then, with one last leap, it manages to jump over the wall in the west area.

Not with 《Dimension》, but with my own eyes, I capture the sight of that wolf. The nearby spectators also notice the appearance of the ferocious beast and let out screams. The wolf that appeared in the arena disregarding the normal route ignores those screams and like a gust runs through the guest seats and finally jumps to the place of battle.

The wolf jumped, and as it was in the air ―― the girl riding its back also jumped.

The girl jumped with the white sun facing her back. The senators in the west arena witness that appearance.

And with the attention of all the spectators, the girl makes a magnificent landing at the center of the arena.

And then, in the cloud of dust born from the landing, she brandishes the overcoat covering her, and with flowing movements it’s thrown off ―― the girl’s appearance is revealed.

Her golden hair falls down as if it were a feather. A beauty that caused everyone watching to be in awe, just by standing there she blurs the line of reality and illusion. 

The most valued and precious girl to the Allied Nations ―― Lastiara Whoseyards.

Lastiara elegantly draws the sword at her waist and tears the atmosphere apart.

It was exactly like a dramatic entrance in a movie, that exciting entrance causes the spectator’s excitement to explode. And like an avalanche, their cheers filled the arena.

The host grasped the situation and in a panic he began speaking.

「―― Th, they made it! There is no mistake! The Revan Faith’s living god, Whoseyards’ Celestial Princess! Lastiara Whoseyards-sama has made her entrance!」

With that proclamation, the cheers of the spectators reach their peak.

Lastiara responds to those cheers with a smile and the wave of her hand.

The management officials had already begun the preparations for the next match. Of course they’d want to continue the 『Fighting Tournament』 with this excitement. In a hurry her opponents appear from the gate and they face Lastiara.

Her opponents are three men in their thirties to forties. They have stern expressions and a black outfit that resembles a military uniform. They don’t look like some free adventurers or searchers, but more like they belong to some organization. 

The many old wounds left on them show their long history of service. However, even then it’d be tough for Lastiara’s opponents. That’s just how special of an existence she is.

After confirming that both teams have finished their preparations, the host continues.

「―― Then they will now decide on the competition format」

Looking at the documents in my hand, I confirm the method of coming to agreements before the match. Apparently the 『Fighting Tournament’s』 competition format is different every time. For the most part, both teams will talk and come to an agreement on the rules and bets.

But they have to be careful, if the conversation is prolonged too long the host can proceed the match using the standard rules.

One of her opponents steps forward and gives a silent bow to Lastiara.

「I am humbled to meet you, Lastiara-sama. I am from the Fare house and belong to the military of the home country of Valt, Shade 」

The voice was picked up by the host’s magic tool and broadcast to the whole arena.

Without breaking her smile, Lastiara gives a frank response.

「Nice to meet you, Shade-san. Take it easy, status doesn’t apply here after all」

「I am not worthy of those words」

「Well, even if you say that, there’s no helping it. And, what will we do about the conditions for victory and defeat?」

「I hope to go according to the standard rules of the 『Ichinotsuki Allied Nations’ Knight Ball』, 『Loss of boutonniere』, or else 『Loss of weapons』」

A term I’ve never heard came up. In a panic I look through the documents and learn about the rules.

「Having a chest on our chest would look good, let’s go with 『Loss of boutonniere』. Host-san, flowers please」

『Loss of boutonniere』. The documents describe it as a battle to scatter the flower decorating one’s chest.

Lastiara takes a rose like flower with a deep color from the host and attaches it to her chest.

Her opponents do the same.

「―― Then, on the occasion that we win, you shall return with us to Whoseyards’ cathedral」

「Un, okay. That’s fine」

With the preparations for the battle completed, her opponent proposes the reward for the duel.

Lastiara quickly agreed, that instead bewildered the men.

「You do not mind……?」

「I don’t. I’m here because I’ve resolved myself」

「So you appeared resolved to head home if you lose……. What nice resolve. In that case, on that occasion that Lastiara-sama is to win……」

「At that time you will bless us with new beginnings」

Compared to the man’s clear demand, Lastiara demanded something vague.

「 I don’t need any help or aid. The blessing alone would be fine」

A demand for a prayer. The compensation is practically nothing. However, that’s what Lastiara desires.

「…… I understand」

「You can also decide the match format. I’m fine with a three on one if that’s what you want」

「No, everything will be decided in a one on one with me as the representative. There’s no need for useless efforts」

「Okay. Then, we’ll do it like that」

With that marking the end, the two separate themselves.

The rules were decided much easier than I expected. What’s left is just to fight.

Confirming that the talks have ended, the host informs the audience of the results in an easy to understand way.

「Although disrespectful to cut into the conversation…… it seems that the match format has been decided! Lastiara Whoseyards-sama has bet on returning to the cathedral, and it will be a plain and simple one on one battle against the representative! If Sir Flare wins here, the disturbance that occurred on Christmas day will finally be settled!」

The cheers of the spectators run rampant at the host’s announcement.

The excitement in the venues can’t be compared to the one during Lowen’s match.

Lastiara is a celebrity in this world. If this were my world, it’d probably be like a top idol appearing in the Olympics.

「―― In that case let the first round of the 『Ichinotsuki Allied Nations’ Knight Ball』 west area, begin!」

The moment the host’s declaration ends Lastiara and the soldier break into a dash, their swords clash, and the sound marking the beginning rings about. In a panic the host takes refuge outside of the arena.

At the center of the arena with their swords clashing, the two step back as if they were repelling each other.

Surprise rises on the soldier’s expression, but he immediately returns to his stern expression as he begins a chant. On the other hand, Lastiara smiles and walks forward closing the distance.

 ―― At this point, I could already see the end of the match.

To begin with, clashing swords with that Lastiara and not being blasted away is impossible. Before her overwhelming power, it’s weird that there wasn’t a more one sided result.

There’s no mistaking it, Lastiara was acting as if they were equal for the spectators.

「――『Cut through your enemies』! 《Alto Sear》!」

The soldier fires his wind magic. Lastiara took a good look at the execution of the magic and with a spin, she cut through the wind. She could have dodged if she wanted, but she probably thought that scattering the wind would look better. She even went out of the way to defend it with her sword.

But at the same time as the magic was launched, the soldier had also charged. The magic was a smokescreen, and the true attack was meant to be a close attack. Lastiara calmly sees that.

Lastiara beautifully handles the soldier’s energetic swings.

The clash of the hard and soft swings excites the spectators.

However, from my point of view, this is nothing but absurd. Lastiara’s swordsmanship is absurd. In reality, it isn’t soft or anything like that  ―― it looks soft but it’s simply ridiculous.

I understand because Lowen taught me the fundamentals of swordsmanship. Rather, it’s the soldier’s sword that makes sense and looks soft.

In Lastiara’s swordsmanship, logic takes a back seat. She’s simply swinging the sword in a way that looks cool.

But even then the reason it’s a battle is because of Lastiara’s monstrous kinetic vision and reflexes. Above all, the speed of their swords are completely different. No matter how much waste is in Lastiara movements, she can regain that delay with the speed of her body alone. I can’t help but feel pity for the soldier.

Not long after, Lastiara mutters.

「That’s a good sword, there’s nothing to criticize in its strength――」

She’s obviously trying to act cool.

With a clear voice and splendid movements, she acts as if she were in a play.

「However, it’s still not enough to enter the stage」

And in response to Lastiara’s merciless strike, the soldier’s sword is flicked off.

At the same time, the flower on his chest scatters, and the silver sword and red petals flutter through the sky.

They lightly dance around Lastiara’s hair. Along with the dust kicked up by her steps, it looked just like a painting. As a result of witnessing that fantasy-like beauty, the spectators gave their best cheers today.

Explosive cheers fill the arena as the host signals the end of the match.

「Just now, Lastiar Whoseyards-sama has fulfilled the conditions for victory! She has magnificently advanced to the second round!!」

In response to that declaration of victory, Lastiara sheaths her sword, and extends her hand.

With a bitter smile the soldier reaches out.

「Shade-san, thank you very much」

「That was splendid, Lastiara-sama. To think that I’d be pushed to this extent……」

「No no, that was a good match?」

Lastiara answered by extolling the soldier’s  bravery. Certainly, as the sword match has gone on for some time, it’d probably look like a 『Good match』 to the spectators.

However, the soldier knew that that was an act that Lastiara produced. Therefore, he couldn’t do anything but respond with a laugh.

Like this, Lastiara’s first match comes to an end.

And in order for the next match to begin, Lastiara walks to the gate leading to the waiting room. Not forgetting to leave fanservice until the end, she turns back with a smile.

Seeing that the exit gate is close to the spectators seats, I weave my way to the front row. And then, while mixed in a group of people, I call out to Lastiara.

「―― Oi, Lastiara!!」

Lastiara responded to my voice and restlessly looked around until she found me.

「…… Nn? Hmm, Kanami? Have you come to support me?」

She responded as if she were talking to an old friend.

That response comforted me. However, hearing her voice with the surrounding noise is difficult. I can only somehow manage thanks to 《Dimension》.

「Lastiara! Do you have any time to talk after this!?」

At any rate, I’ll keep it brief.

「Eh? U, uuun. There are two matches on the first day, would it be fine after that?」

Having talked as much as we did, the spectators realized that there’s someone talking with Lastiara. Wondering who could be so friendly with Lastiara, their eyes turn my way.

「All right, after the second match it is!」

「Un. Ah, but Kanami too, make sure to winー? It’s a promiseー!」

「Aah, I know!!」

In order to avoid standing out, I quickly end the conversation and run away. 

I have many worries, but I somehow managed to complete my objective. All I can do now is wait for time to pass. Avoiding the eyes of the curious spectators, I quickly leave the west area.


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