Snow enters the office I’m working in.

She passes over the documents she’s holding while talking with me.

「…… Kanami. Today 『Epic Seeker』 will be on guard duty」

「Eh, guard?」

「It’s almost time for the 『Fighting Tournament』 to start. Because of that, idiots from outside of the country will enter. And, the public order will probably worsen. It works out, so we’ll lend a hand」

「I see. So we managed to get a secure job. How’s the time period?」

「It looks like every guild will take turns guarding. Our time is today from noon to night」

「Just that……. For now, we should quickly call everyone back. Snow, I’m counting on you」

「…… Ui」

Snow lazily mutates into the magic stone she’s holding and gets in contact with all the members.

「That really is useful」

「…… For now, I told them to gather at noon」

「That’s fine. Let’s decide their areas before they arrive」

「…… Do your best, Kanami」

「Yes yes」

As if natural, Snow takes her place at the seat by the window and begins basking in the sun. There’s absolutely no sign of her wanting to help. Since I knew that she hates these types of detailed jobs, I don’t say anything in particular and continue working. Honestly, it’d be faster to do it myself than to get poor assistance.  That’s just how different the speed of my thoughts are when compared to an ordinary person.

「…… The weather outside’s good today too」

Snow looks up at the sky. 

Looking like she feels very comfortable, she savors this time of doing nothing.

Even while gazing at that, my hand doesn’t stop moving, and I assign the areas for each member.

Not too long after, the members begin entering the office one by one. It’s not everyone, but it still is a large group.

Immediately, I carefully explaining the situation and convey the arrangements for noon.

Like this, the guild’s duty has started.


In the same way as the first day, I spread 《Dimension》 throughout the town.

But different from that day, is the amount of work.

There isn’t a single document on top of the desk. And since the members are guarding without any goal in mind, there’s no need for me to give instructions, so I’m left with nothing to do.

There isn’t a single document on top of the desk. And since the members are guarding without any goal in mind, there’s no need for me to give instructions, so I’m left with nothing to do.

Snow is humming as she lazes around. This must be her ideal situation. It looks like she’s in a great mood.

「There’s nothing to do,  Snow……」

「…… Spare time is wonderful. And I hate the labyrinth」

I was thinking of inviting her to the labyrinth, but she warned me before I could.

「No, I won’t go the labyrinth. More importantly, as a way to kill time can I ask you some questions? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to」

「…… Nn, I don’t mind. Just talking isn’t annoying」

I thought she’d refuse, but surprisingly she accepted it.

I’ll make use of this spare time to build up a harmonious relationship with Snow.

To start, I ask about what’s been on my mind for a while.

「Don’t you have an Onii-san Snow? Can you tell me about that person?」

Snow Walker’s brother, humanity’s strongest labyrinth searcher Glen Walker.

Regardless of him being Snow’s relative, his title alone is more than enough to intrigue me.

「…… He’s not amazing. He’s somewhat ―― no, a very no good person. Rather, we’re not so close so I don’t know……」

Still, that was quite the scathing evaluation from his little sister.

「But the fact that you call your Onii-san who’s even known as humanity’s strongest as a 『no good person』 sounds to me like you do get along?」

「Uuun, I wonder. We do talk, but that doesn’t mean were so close. And when talking, it’s always about warning Nii-san about his no good points」

「I’m also an older brother, so hearing that is a bit pitiful…… Glen Walker-san……」

「We aren’t even connected by blood, I really don’t think we get along」

「Hee, so you’re not connected by blood?」

「Nii-san and I are adopted. Since the Walker house has a custom of mixing with excellent blood」

「Is that how it is. Umm, the Walker house is a great noble of Lauravia isn’t it?」

「Un. An annoying house. Thanks to Palinchlon and Nii-san, the criticism has weakened, but they’re still noisy」

「Noisy, what do they say?」

「To make the Walker house known throughout the world like Nii-san. They said that’s the reason we were adopted」

「That’s quite a greedy house……」

「Lately, they won’t shut up about getting married. While I didn’t know, they engaged me with someone I don’t really know」

「A marriage of convenience is it. It’s my first time seeing a person in one」

「If I spread the name of 『Epic Seekers』 sub-master, will they let me go. They probably won’t let me go…..」

Snow’s face darkens as she grumbles.

「What, you don’t want to get married? Since it’s Snow, I thought you’d think that you’d be able to live an easy life if you got married to a rich person」

「I have money……. But, marrying a great noble isn’t an easy life. It’d be too annoying……」

「I believe it’d be better to reject it if you don’t want to. You’ll probably regret it if you don’t say anything?」

「…… It’ll become annoying if I reject it. It’d be annoying no matter what. …… So I won’t do a thing. Either way, nothing can be done」

「Nothing can be done, you……」

「…… Even if I try my hardest, it’ll all be for nothing anyway」

It was at that moment that I felt the crookedness in Snow’s way of life.

Even in marriage, no ―― it looks like she’d give up even on life itself.

She doesn’t care about what happens. That’s why her reactions towards the world are late, why she’s vague, and why she skips out.

My chest hurts.

I must not permit that resignation, some part of my heart yells out.

「―― Hey, why are you, that apathetic? Did something happen in the past?」

「……You, really hit the core of the matter, Kanami」

Snow shows surprise on her face, and chuckles.

「My bad. I know I’m stepping into this. But, I want to learn more about my partner Snow as fast as possible. If I don’t I feel like I’d end up regretting it a lot」

An unidentifiable force moves my mouth.

「…… Well, I don’t really mind. If it’s Kanamai 」

「If I remember, weren’t you 『Epic Seeker’s』 sub-master since when you were a child? Did something happen at the time?」

「The past me, was still an innocent little girl. I was full of motivation to do the guild’s work, everyday was fun. That time was like a dream」

「Hee, a fully motivated Snow. I can’t picture it」

「Since at that time, I still hasn’t made a mistake, I had aspirations. But, after many failures, I realized that trying was stupid. And I became like this. Really, that’s all to it」

「So you had many failures……」

Snow’s face warps the moment the word 「Failure」 comes out.

The never serious Snow, shows her first serious expression.

For some reason, I felt like I could understand her.

「That’s right. That’s why, I don’t have any motivation anymore. I’d only make myself look like an idiot if I try. If I fail when I’m serious, I will be seriously hurt. I, don’t want that anymore」

And so, with a dry smile, she says she will never be serious again. 

I knew in my head that I had to deny that, but my emotions wouldn’t permit that. Because what Snow is saying, is something I fully understand.

Above all, I hesitate at the thought of throwing criticism at the meek Snow in return.

「That was a bit unexpected. When I asked, you properly explained it. Snow」

「Uuun. Because we’re similar I think. Since I know Kanami had a big failure」

「I had a big failure….. ? What do, ――!?」

Just as the conversation was deepening, I discover an anomaly in 《Dimension》.

「…… What’s wrong, Kanami?」

At the very end of where my 《Dimension》 reaches, I find a person on the verge of quarreling with a member of 『Epic Seeker』.

The ones approaching the 『Epic Seeker』 member, are two girls

「There’s some people rushing at our member……」

「…… Eh, not civilians, the guild members?」

I strengthen my magic into 《Dimension Multiple》, and I try grasping the details.

Those two girls are abnormal.

The word abnormal is the most fitting for them. That’s just how not normal they are.

The hair of the two girls is swaying like that of gold dust dancing in the air.

One has long hair in a french braid that reaches her waist. Looking closely, her hair is less like gold, and more like it’s mixed with silver. The glistening hair of gold and silver blended together gives it an alluring brilliance. And, her body is not normal as well. Her face is far too well together that it makes it look inhuman, and those beautiful golden eyes don’t look like something that belongs to this world. Her height also surpasses that of an average woman, she is like a monster that is the very embodiment of beauty.

「It, it’s a, terrifyingly beautiful kid ……」

「Te, terrifyingly beautiful kid?」

The other girl is also not normal.

This girl is a bit smaller, her solid gold hair is cut short. The hair at her back is tied like a tail, by changing my view she looks like a handsome boy. Of course, just like the girl from before she is scarily beautiful. In beauty as a woman she loses to the girl from before, but she has an androgynous charm. I thought that the two of them might’ve been sisters.

「Aah, pretty but terrifying……. And there’s two of them……」

「…… Is that, maybe――」

I raise my voice without waiting for Snow to end.

「What’s the deal with these two! They’re way too abnormal!!」

That’s just how abnormal their status was.


Name : Lastiara Whoseyards   HP708/709 MP325/325 Class : None

Level : 16

Strength11.73   Vitality11.12 Dexterity7.14   Agility8.40 Intelligence12.98   Magic9.13 Potential4.00

Conditions : None

Innate Skills : Armed Combat2.14   Swordsmanship2.03 Pseudo God’s Eyes1.00   Magic Combat2.27 Blood Arts5.00 Holy Magic1.03

Acquired Skills : Reading0.52   Plain Body1.00


Name : Diablo Sith   HP179/182 MP821/831   Class : Swordsman

Level : 11

Strength6.32   Vitality5.39 Dexterity3.02   Agility3.18 Intelligence9.99   Magic45.12 Potential5.00

Conditions : Divine Protection1.00

Innate Skills : Holy Magic3.80   God’s Divine Protection3.08 Condemnation2.00   Intense Convergence2.02 Attribute Magic2.10 Overcapture2.12   Longevity2.23 Aim2.03

Acquired Skills : Swordsmanship0.10


Their potential and skill values are unbelievable. 

I fear for the member that these two girls called Lastaira and Diable are approaching. If they are serious, the member will be killed without being able to do a thing.

From what I can see, it looks like there’s a high chance that it’ll break into a fight.

「Snow, we’re leaving right now! Were the only ones strong enough to be their opponents!!」

「…… Do, don’t go, saying that would be useless right」

Guessing that it’s not something so simple, Snow easily gets up.

After making sure that Snow is following, I jump out of the window.

I give direction to Snow as I run on top of Lauravia’s rooftops. I also tell her to tell the other members that are close by to gather through the magic stone.

I don’t plan to have them participate in the battle, but just having them around can be used as a source of intimidation. For the sake of the approaching members as well, my head works as fast as possible, and I hand out instructions.

Praying that the fight doesn’t start until I arrive, I ran as fast as I can.

And so, when I arrived, I found that the 『Epic Seeker』 member and the two girls had moved to a back alley with few pedestrians in order to not cause an uproar.

Within that darkness, the tall girl yells at the member as she approaches him.

「―― Listen up, take us to where Palinchlon is!」

I enter the back alley in a hurry and raise my voice in order to get their attention.

「Wait, if you have something to say then I’ll hear it out! I’m 『Epic Seeker’s』guild master, Aikawa Kanami!!」

Just as expected, the girls shift their attention to me.

And so, with their eyes wide open, they look at me as if they couldn’t believe what they are seeing.

「Eh, huh, eh? Sieg……?」

In a daze, the girl with the french braid points her body towards me.

「Palinchlon is my subordinate! If you have some business, I’ll convey it! That’s why, get away from our member!!」

I gave my second warning, and the androgynous girl that is further away names herself.

「Sieg!? It’s me, it’s Dia!!」

『Dia』―― It’s probably a nickname for Diablo.

However, this is strange. Since before, the girls have been calling me 『Sieg』. I even named myself Aikawa Kanami, Snow also said the same name at that time.

「All right. Your name is Dia. Anyway, get away from our people」

There are many things in my mind, but what’s most important is to guarantee my members safety. I tell them to get away. The girl with the braid gets away while thinking of something. But, the one called Dia ignores that and walk closer.

「Sieg! What are you saying!? That’s enough already, let’s return together!」

「Re, return…… ?」

I didn’t understand what Diablo Sith was saying. To begin with, even my name is wrong, I had no idea on how I should react.

「What were you doing until now!? If you’re fine, then why didn’t you come to Griad!?」

「Wait, Dia or whatever you’re called…… ! Don’t come any closer than that…… !」

Sensing that something in Diablo Sith was off, I take out a sword from 『Items』 and ready it. Her body freezes as she sees that sword.

At first I thought it was due to fear of a blade, but it seems like it’s different.

She points at my sword, and mutters something.

「H, huh, Sieg……. Where’s my sword…… ?」

「Your sword…… ? Wait a second. I really don’t understand a thing of what you’re saying. First of all, my name isn’t Sieg. Aren’t you getting the wrong person…… ?」

I figured that they must’ve gotten the wrong person and pointed it out.

「Wrong person? There’s no way I’d mistake Sieg. You’re the one that doesn’t know what you’re saying. He, hey, Sieg. That’s enough jokes. That’s too cruel for a joke……. Without Sieg, 『I』 will, I will……!!」

However, after hearing what I said, Diablo Sith makes a cramped smile and shuffles closer as if she had nothing left.

My body shakes at the bizarre atmosphere that she exudes, and I immediately yelled for her to stop.

「Li, like I said, don’t get any closer than that!」

Ability, and conduct, everything about her was dangerous.

Those eyes that are gradually losing their light, causes me to feel a chill.

With empty eyes, Diablo Sith continues throwing questions as if clinging on.

「…… Ha, haha. Hey, why are you acting like you don’t know? No, why is it that sword? Where’s my sword? Hey, why? Why is that? Did you throw it away?」

Her face is smiling, but her eyes overflow with helplessness. It looks like she was thrown into confusion after confronting a difficult to accept reality.

「Sorry, but I don’t know. I don’t know a thing. To begin with, I’ve never met a kid like you」

「…… eh, Eh?」

After confirming that the member had gotten to safety, I give an honest answer.

And then, Diablo Sith’s expression distorts.

「I am not that 『Sieg』 person, I am 『Aikawa Kanami』. Please speak with that as the basis…… If not, then I won’t be able to understand what you are saying……」

I break into a cold sweat as I try to explain things as gently, and as tenderly as possible to the explosive like girl that received a shock. 

However, in response, Diablo Sith falls to her knees in an unsound state of mind.

「Uu, Uu, eh?  A, again….. ? Will I, aAh, be thrown away again…… ?」

「Please calm down. It’s not like I won’t listen to what you have to say. If you calmly explain your circumstances, then ――」

「Uu, hikku…… ! Hikku, Uu, Wa, aaAAaAAAAAA――!!」

And so, after several hiccups, tears began falling.

「E, Eeh!? Why are you crying? Pl, please don’t cry. Look, I didn’t mean any harm. I even put my sword away. Look」

Diablo Sith’s sudden tears bewildered me.

Because of her status I thought she was a person with a strong mental, but it was the complete opposite. Her heart was brittle enough that it makes me who jumped out of the office look like a fool.

「Aaah Aaah. She’s cryingー. You can’t do thatー」

「Aaah Aah. She’s cryingー. You can’t do thatー」

The french braid girl who was watching, Lastiara Whoseyards, sees her companion crying and steps forward. And so, while patting Diablo Sith’s head, she reproached me with a joke like tone.

「I’m the one who made her cry!? I don’t understand what’s happening! Just who are you people!?」

「Who are we? Let’s see……」

Unlike Diable Sith, Lastiara Whoseyards was calm.

She takes her time picking her words, and slowly answers.

「―― Un, companions」

The appearance of Lastiara who so easily answered 『Companions』 was beautiful.

I thought it was because of that inhuman like appearance, but that was wrong. That beauty is not something visual. It’s the strength of her voice, her decisiveness ―― and, it’s the weight in that, that displays her beauty.

It’s the majesty in having found the answer to life after many years that is in her.

My face goes red in front of that high class beauty, and I repeat her words.

「Co, companions…… ?」

An answer I couldn’t make sense of. With this being our first time meeting, there’s no way we could be companions.

There’s no way and yet…….

Lastiara Whoseyards looked straight at me, and said 「Companions」 without falsehood.

That was more magical than a scene in a fairy tale,more divine than a picture displayed in an art gallery. A strength mysterious enough to deceive black into white is in her.

I feel my heartbeat quicken.

My cheeks become hot.

An unknown feeling heats me up.

「Un, I get the gist of it. From what I can see. That’s why, I’ll ask Kanami, not Sieg. Hey, how’s Maria-chan doing?」

However, that heat instantly turned cold.

「――!? Wh, what, why did Maria’s name come out?」

「I’ve already said it, but it’s because she’s a precious companion」

I was shocked that Maria’s name came out. And at the same time I was dyed in fear.

The people who know of Maria’s name should be few. As a foreigner, the time we spent here is little, but it’s been decided that I will be standing on the center stage.

But, how does this girl know of Maria who’s being secretly kept in the backstage.

「Companion? Why is my sister, a companion of you people!」

「Si, sister? Uuun, so Sieg got some annoying mental manipulation done on him……」

Realizing that my sister who is more important to me than my life could be in danger, I instinctively yelled.

In response, Lastiara Whoseyards answered with the words 『Mental Manipulation』 and 『Sieg』.  Not long ago, something similar happened.

And I knew that that person was hiding in the back away from view.

「Like I said, who’s 『Sieg』! Snow!! What’s the deal with 『Sieg』!?」

「…… Pl, please don’t bring me into this」

Snow comes out from her hiding spot with a troubled face.

Lastiara Whoseyards sees that face and begins speaking in a curious manner.

「Snow? Snow Walker? Why, are you there?」

「N, no, I’m not trying to be your enemy. ――Lo, look, Kanami, repeat it. The thing I told you to remember!」

Snow was speaking in an unusually clear tone.

It seems like she’s scared of these girls with abnormal strength.

「Re, repeat?」

「The night of the day Kanami entered the guild!」

And so, Snow tries to get me to remember the night of that day.

Just like this Lastiara Whoseyards, it’s the day she called me 『Sieg』.

「Umm, the thing about Palinchlon manipulating me……?」

「There it is. I properly warned him. I’m not in the wrong. If anything I did my best」

Snow quickly answers back. Lastiara Whoseyards puts her hand on her mouth and begins thinking.


It’s already obvious. The two of them are acquaintances. And, the two of them know of this thing that I don’t.

「Nope, guilty. If anything, you’d probably use Sieg as an easy life support」

「Eh, eehー……」

Lastiara Whoseyards smiles and takes a step forward, Snow takes a step back.

「Don’t forget about me! Wait there, don’t lay a hand on Snow!」

Sensing that Snow is scared, I step in between the two with my sword readied.

「Fuun. Heeー, you covered for Snow, and pointed your sword at me? I seeー, how coolー. Sieg, you really like changing the girls you protect one after another don’t youー. Really, how amazingー, it’s just like a heroー」

The instant I put Snow to my back, I felt the magic power emitting from Lastiara Whoseyards increase.

Her smile remained the same, but I could see a vein rise on her brow.

I also fire out my own magic power in order to not lose out to Lastiara Whoseyards.

「Like I said, I’m Aikawa Kanami! Ka, Na, Mi! I am 『Epic Seeker’s』 Guild Master Kanami! I absolutely won’t forgive anyone who lays a hand on the guild members!!」

I change from 《Dimension》 to the battle ready 《Dimension Gladiate》 and pick up on the situation around me. I decided that if this girl gets any closer to Snow, I would use everything I have to capture her.

And, the other guild members who’ve gotten the command have gathered in the back. 

Catching sight of that, Lastiara Whoseyards relaxes the magic power in her body, and lets out a sigh.

「Haa. Still, I’m at a disadvantage with all these nuisances. Sieg’s status being so high was out of my expectations. Being careful of all these things, and releasing Sieg from that magic would be difficult. And if the heated up Dia gets serious then the town would turn to nothing. Uuun, what to do……」

The level of everyone in 『Epic Seeker』 is not low. And they are all fierce warriors who specialize in fighting. However, even with those warriors surrounding them, Lastiara Whoseyards calmly ponders over it.

That composure is freighting.

As I watch over her actions without letting my guard down, the girl who was crying on the ground gets up.

And then, while wiping the tears with the hem of her shirt, she gets closer to Lastaira Whoseyards.

「U, uu, hikku, uu……. He, hey, Lastiara…… Sieg is being manipulated right? Everything just now was a lie right? That’s what it is right? Th, then, then I, have to save him! Ah, aah, Sieg……, no matter what, no matter what I give, I will sa――」



Lastaira Whoseyards merciless chops down down on Diablo Sith’s conscious. Like that, she princess carries Diablo Sith, and speaks to me.

「If we fight here, I feel like everything would be going according to Palinchlon’s plans…… That’s why, I’ll go back for now……. For now, that is……」

With a faintly embarrassed smile, she continues.

「It’s thanks to Sieg, that I became me……  I was really happy……. That’s why this time, I who was no one, will surely rescue you……」

They were very tender words.

But at the same time, it was a weak voice unfitting of her status.

What is in her heart is not something I can guess.

As I don’t even know of the name 『Sieg』 that they speak of, I had no way of responding.

I watch in silence, Lastiara Whoseyards face turns into a grin and she leaves a sharp parting remark.

「Well, putting that aside, make sure to remember this. Once everything ends, it’ll be useless unless you listen to a hundred of Dia’s selfish requests. And even I, am quite angry…… Then I’ll be leaving for today, bye bye」

Lastaira Whoseyards jumps the moment she finishes.

While carrying a person she jumps several meters into the air, and kicking of the building walls, she moves up to the roof. Like that, she begins running across the roofs.

「Wha, fast――!」

I was going to pursue, but I hesitate.

At that speed, I’m probably the only one who can keep up. It’s doubtful even for Snow.

If I pursue them, then I will inevitably have to fight the two. Having those two girls with a bottomless talent as the opponent, would be like stirring up a hornets nest.

Because of that, I stop and instead have 《Dimension Multiple 》 follow them.

And that chase continued until the two girls entered the southeastern country of Griad.


Afterwards the guarding ends without a hitch.

Everynow and then a ruffian appeared, but all of them were no opponent to the guild members. And unlike those girls from before, there was no one else that required me to appear.

After the members have left the office, I think back on those girls.

Who were those girls, what was their goal.

At present, the only ones who would probably have that information would be Snow and Palinchlon.

First, if I ask Snow then it would end with 「What I said on the night of the first day was everything」. About those girls she would answer with 「They’re only acquaintances」, and she wouldn’t go any further. A part of it may be that it is annoying, but it really looks like she doesn’t know much. Therefore I won’t question Snow, and I instead wait for the next candidate, Palinchlon, in the office.

Snow also recommended asking Palinchlon. But after recommending that, she was not interested in the rest and she began dozing off.

While letting out a sigh, I continue my thoughts.

I’ll probably meet with those girls again.

One day I will have to fight those girls. At least that’s my hunch.

In anticipation of that, I have to make proper preparations. And for that ――

「Looks like you’re troubled, Kanami」

As I make a difficult face and groan, Palinchlon enters the office.

Snow who was napping by the window side jumps to her feet at the sudden visitor. And in an awkward manner, she begins acting like she is working.

「At least knock, Palinchlon. You surprised Snow」

「To Kanami, people entering this building is like a knock isn’t it?」

「That is true」

Palinchlon knows of my abilities more than anyone else.

That’s right. Palinchlon knows a lot of things…….

I’ll go straight to the point.

「Palinchlon, are you hiding something from me?」

「Oh, did you hear something from Snow?」

It was an impolite question, but Palinchon replied without any sign of being flustered.

「Snow too, but I met people who called me 『Sieg』 in town. Those people were searching for you Palinchlon」

「Hee, that was fast. So they already came」

Palinchlon smiles, delightfully, and somewhere inside of it, nostalgically.

「Answer already. Who is『Sieg』. Are you hiding something?」

「I can’t answer that. After all, even if I hide nothing here, I won’t be able to prove it. No one has proof that they’re being honest. And you can’t expect the person who’s hiding something to say what they’re hiding right?」

「That’s true but……」

As always, Palichlonn responds in a way that eats at people.

It’s true that there’s no meaning in asking the very person you doubt.

However, I wanted to hear it from Palinchlon. Why, because he is the person I owe my life to, and one of the few adults I can rely on.

That’s why it had to be from Palinchlon’s mouth ―― no, Palinchlon and I have to face each other, that’s what I thought.

「…… Hey, Kanamai. Is that really so important?」

As he stares at me, Palinchlon asked with a serious expression.

「Of, of course it’s important?」

「Kanami, aren’t you happy right now?」

「Happy…… ?」

「Maria-chan is recovering. Kanami is beginning to be respected as the guild master, and the labyrinth search with Snow is going well. If you continue like this, there will be no inconvenience, and you’ll have a rich life. Yes, Maria-chan with her beloved brother, and Kanami with his beloved sister, you will be able to live your life in happiness. ―― Right now, there’s no doubt that Kanami and Maria-chan’s wish was granted. But even then, is Kanami going to search for the lie」

Palinchlon asks again with an expression I’ve never seen.

It was not one that was playing around. It was a completely serious expression.

「I, I will ――」

Before the question that was asked of me, it felt like my brain was melting.

It’s as Palinchlon says. Right now, all of my wishes are granted. Everything I couldn’t obtain in my original world, has been granted in this world.

My sister is alive and by my side. She’s on her way towards recovery. I have a job worth doing, and there’s no difficulties in my life. My companions are all good people, and I have someone I can call a partner. There’s not a single disadvantage I could spot. I’m very happy. I should be happy.

I should and yet ――

My heart won’t calm down. All my cells yell out, staying like this is not good.

Something deep inside my brain rejects it, it doesn’t permit it.

「―― Even then, if there is a lie then I will expose it. 『Lie’s won’t save anyone』. I don’t know why, but that’s what I believe. Even if I lose my happiness on the other side, I will certainly search for happiness again……. That’s why, I want not lies, but to know the truth」

I turn that something into words, and convey it to Palinchlon.

Hearing that, Palinchlon asks for a confirmation with a meek expression.

「Even if it is a kind lie?」


In response, I immediately agree.

It was not an answer from thinking rationally. It was, a terribly instinctive answer.

Right now, I am not being held back by logic. And that is very refreshing.

And so, whether or not that instinctive answer was correct, I felt like that feeling was proof.

「Kukuu, as expected. As expected, Kanami」

For some reason, Palinchlon praises me. I don’t know what it is he’s praising. However, it seemed to have touched one of Palinchlon’s heart strings.

「That’s why, tell me what it is you know……. Please」

I request the truth from the deeply moved Palinchlon.

「However, even if I don’t tell you right now ―― either way, you’ll soon understand?」

Once again, Palinchlon answers in a roundabout manner.

I knew that he was this type of person, but it makes this troubling. Those words feel as if they are coiling around me and eating into my body.

That’s right. It feels like 『Something』, is coiling around me…….

「Aah, you’ll soon understand. That’s why there’s no need to worry」

Palinchlon declared with a bright smile.

Those words were weaved without any hesitation that they would make anyone agree

I waver. I feel 『Something』 enter me.

Aah, if that’s what Palinchlon says, there’s no need to pursue any ――

「Well then, with this the problem is settled. I have to hurry and prepare to go back to Lauravia. I have to hurry back, or I’ll meet with someone I shouldn’t」

 ―― No, that’s wrong.

I expel that 『Something』 outside. And in my heart, a different 『Something』 rejects that.

Aah, that’s wrong. I still wasn’t told a thing――!

「Wa, wait, Palinchlon! Answer more clearly!」

「…… As expected you won’t agree.  As always, Kanami’s resistance is amazing」

I yell to Palinchlon who was about to exit the room to stop.

With a troubled face the stopped Palinchlon scratches his head.

「What are you saying, more importantly hurry and――」

「That’s right. Then there’s no helping it. Let’s make a trade?」

「A trade……? Why, why a trade here……」

「I’ll tell you if you defeat the Guardian of the thirtieth floor. About 『Sieg』, and also, about the girls you met today. I’ll tell you all of it. ―― these are the terms. As you know, I’m a twisted man who doesn’t work for nothing. However, I’ll do trades. If there’s something you want, you have to prepare something fitting. Kanami」

With a face as if he hit upon a good idea, Palinchlon says something outrageous.

「E, even then, a Guardian all of a sudden is unreasonable. And the thirtieth floor itselfwas never reached was it?」

「No, it’s a very fair proposal. It’s something that benefits everyone, the difficulty itself isn’t that high. The current Kanami will have it easy」

These conditions must be Palinchlon’s greatest concession. The fact that Palinchlon brought up this trade without eloquence is the proof itself. Everyone in 『Epic Seeker』 knows that Palinchlon is sincere when it comes to trades. 

With those words as his last, Palinchlon goes to exit the room

Believing there would no longer be any benefit in holding him back, I see him off. I’ve received Palinchlon’s word. I can’t say that it wasn’t buying time, but at least I’ve made progress.

If I were to displease Palinchlon any more, than it could even end without this deal. It would all end, without hearing anything.

Above all, he is the benefactor of us siblings.

Troubling the person I owe my life to any more than this is……

―― The person, I owe my life to…… ?

Seeing me unable to chase after Palinchlon, Snow shows a question face.

「…… Is it fine to not chase him?」

「Ah, aah. It’s fine already. Palinchlon gave his conditions……. At least in regards to trades, he’s someone you can trust in……」

「…… Is that so」

Snow gives a short answer with a displeased face . As if she couldn’t accept the current exchange.

And so, although faint ―― it felt like I could understand the reason Snow was not satisfied. Howerever, that was not something I could acknowledge.

I lack what I need in order to acknowledge it……. I still don’t have enough.

The situation, information, the circumstance, they’re all things I’m lacking.

I slowly leave the office. Thinking that we’re breaking up, Snow also leaves the window and heads for her room.

I’m a bit worn out today. With unsteady steps, I head for the room Maria is waiting in.

The sun had already fallen, and it’s pitch black outside.

However, Maria rubs her drowsy eyes, and waited for my return.

「Welcome back. Nii-san……」

My beloved sisters, show me the best smile.

That was something very joyous…….

But, the discomfort I felt on that day continues to torment me. Like a pain stabbing into my head.

「I’m back, Maria. So how are you feeling?」

「Eeh, I’ve recovered a considerable amount. I, can already move――」

「And your headaches? Does you head hurt?」

I asked Maria about the pain that is currently assaulting me.

Those girls said Maria was their companion. Evcen Palinchlon, he spoke a lot about Maria. I have to make sure of this.

「A headache? Ce, certainly, there is a bit but……」

「Then, Lastiara Whoseyards. Diablo Sith. Do you have any memory of these names?」

「What is this all of a sudden…… ? I’ve never heard of them……」

「Is, is that so…..」

It looks like Maria doesn’t know a thing.

However, she is heaving headaches. Perhaps, she is having the same types of headaches as me.

Little by little, I’m beginning to understand the situation. As if filling in a crossword puzzle, I gradually get closer to the truth. But, it’s still not enough.

My information is still full of holes. Even if I catch a small glimpse of it, I won’t be able to believe in it.

As expected, for now Palinchlon’s trade will be the best method.

Above all, that trade will also help with my current defences. In order to battle with those abnormally strong girls, preparing by leveling in the labyrinth is inevitable. And if a Guardian is there, making that my goal isn’t a bad idea.

In the end, I chose to do the trade. Palinchlon must’ve understood that.

I can’t deny that it feels like I”m on the palm of Palinchlon’s hand, but it can’t be avoided as I decided in my heart to aim for the labyrinth’s thirtieth floor.

「Nii-san, is something the matter? Is there something about the names of those people from before?」

「No, it’s nothing. I was just a bit curious」

「Is that so……」

「There’s no need to worry. More importantly, if you get any headaches, it’d be best to sleep early」

「Ah, yes」

Hearing sleep, Maria happily creates a gap, and invites me to the bed.

「As, as expected, are we sleeping toegtehr….. ?」

「Because we’re siblings, it’s natural」

「…… All right」

Although I know how lonely Maria is, I still can’t get used to it. But if I refuse here, I know she would be sad so I could only agree.

And so, as usual, Maria and I hold hands and shut our eyes.

But even while feeling the warmth inside of my precious sister, my thoughts don’t stop.

Right now, the things I understand. The things I don’t understand. The things I doubt. The things I lack. The things that are important to me. …… The more I think about it, the more my head hurts.

However, I don’t consider stopping. I understood that if I stopped all that would be left would be regrets.

Therefore, no matter what pain assailed me, I didn’t stop thinking until I fell asleep.



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