「In short, the faster we defeat the thirtieth floor’s guardian the sooner it’ll be over. Despite what you think, he’s not someone to break promises. Palinchlon I mean」

「…… He won’t break it, but he will dodge it」

「True, the possibility is there……」

After confirming that the guild doesn’t have any work for the next few days, Snow and I go to the labyrinth’s twentieth floor. We saved a lot of time by using 《Connection》 from the office.

「But fretting over it won’t change a thing. Either way, we still have to go through the labyrinth. There is Palinchlon’s deal, but there’s also a need to get stronger to oppose those two. It’s because of that that the labyrinth is the best option」

「Certainly, if Kanami can get a complete victory over those two, then there’d be no need to worry」

「Honestly it’d be fine if you just explains everything……」

「I explained everything. All the things I need to say were said on the first day. The rest depends on Kanami’s conclusions and actions. In the first place, it’s not something I know a lot about」

「Okay. I’m sorry for always asking. There’s no doubt that Snow is my ally. Alright, let’s pull ourselves together and aim to go deeper into the labyrinth today」

「…… Well. I’ll only follow along」

「And that’s good enough. That alone gives me a sense of security」

Even if she’s just tagging along, yesterday she proved that she’d help even if she said otherwise.

Along with the dishonest Snow I descend the staircase that leads to the twenty-first floor.

The plan is the same as yesterday. But this time our objective changed from the twentieth to thirtieth floor.

And so, by moving through the 『Correct Path』 we should have it easy until the twenty-third floor. Just by following that path we will get to the next floor. Although large type monsters invaded at times, they shouldn’t be a problem.

Sure enough, as we walk along the twenty-first floor, the four armed monster, Fury, swoops down on us.

I intercept with leeway. Not long ago it was an enemy I struggled against, but now it’s no problem at all.

Because the last time I came I was level 12, and now I’m level 15. All of my abilities drastically increased. Defeating the fury took no more than a few seconds.

With swords piercing all over its body, the Fury collapses.

And at the same time, it becomes light and disappears, and the swords that were stabbed into it fall to the ground.

I quickly pick up the magic stone and swords.

Among those swords there are swords that are still usable, and swords with chips in them.

I return them all to 『Inventory』. Thanks to Alibaazu-san they can be reused, so I have to collect them all.

「I think the Fury called it’s companions, we should hurry」

「…… Okay」

It looks like Snow also knows of the Fury’s special ability. The figure of her naturally breaking into a run shows her rich experience. While running I ask Snow a question.

「Speaking of which, how far did you get in the labyrinth Snow?」

「…… Twentieth floor」

「Twentieth floor? But it looks like you’re well informed on the twenty-first floor’s Fury」

「Even like this I’m a student of the academy, so I’m somewhat informed. I also heard about it from my brother」

「Aah, I see」

If I thought about it, Snow’s brother is the holder of strongest searcher. It isn’t strange for her to be informed on the labyrinth. Information from the strongest searcher must be a priceless treasure.

While we move, Snow gives me some tips for the labyrinth. On the way there were many monsters that obstructed us, but none of them were an opponent for me.

The twenty-second floor went similar.

Although the difficulty was several times harder than the twenty-first floor, we were able to progress with no troubles thanks to Snow’s magic.

Seeing me at a loss at what to do with the Rio Eagles attacks from the sky, Snow helped out with her attributeless magic. With her magic vibrating a wide space, the Rio Eagles lost their balance, and unable to preserve their altitude, it was an easy job for me to chop them up.

And so, after reaching the twenty-third floor, we approach the end of the 『Correct Path』.

「…… This is where the 『Correct Path』 breaks off. What should we do?」

「It’s fine. I’ve come here before so I know the way. That’s right, before I――」

―― Before I?

I came here by myself before?

That should be the case. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense.

I remember having defeated the twenty-third floor’s boss Flame Squall. But, there’s something about that.

「I defeated, that Flame Squall alone, as a level 12…… ?」

「…… What’s wrong?」

「N, nothing, this floor, it’s hot……」

「That’s true. It might be a bit hot. But I’m fine」

「A bit? That’s wrong, it’s insanely hot?」

「It’s because I’m a dragon newt, this much is nothing」

「The difference in race is it……. That’s unfair……」

「That’s how it is」

If I look closely, not a single drop of sweat is coming out of Snow.

I know of the strength of the race called dragon newts. Differing from humans, a dragon newts body lets it remain cool no matter how harsh the environment. 

While envying Snow’s body, I move on ahead.

The 『Correct Path』 ended, but it wasn’t long before we reached the twenty-fourth floor. I’m certain I came here once before. Because of that, the search went smoothly.

And so, we reach the lava zone of the twenty-fourth floor, and I realized how easy the search was until now.

「―― Snow. I’ve only made it to the middle of this floor. The real thing starts here」

「……. Okay」

「Be careful of the lava. Lizard monster are inside」

「I know」

It looks like the strongest searcher Glen Walker had made it to this floor.

It goes without saying that Snow kept away from the lava.

「Still, this heat really is too much. Ah, that’s right. ―― Magic 《Freeze》」

I try lowering the surrounding temperature with 《Freeze》, but I feel something’s off.

My magic power went through far too easily.

It surprised me how smoothly my freezing magic worked.

「Eh, huh?」

「Me too?」

《Freeze》 lowered not only the temperature around me, but also the temperature around Snow.

「N, no, I didn’t mean to, for some reason my freezing magic is in great form. Against heat, freezing magic being easy to use is, how do I put it……」

A phenomenon I couldn’t understand.

And putting into words for Snow is difficult. It’s something intuitive.

Against this heat I ―― no, is it that my comprehension towards flames had gone up?

I understand the minute details of how molecules vibrate. And for some reason, my body understands how to suppress them.

More than the heat on this floor, I suppressed something much much hotter…… it’s a strange feeling.

「For some reason, it’s really easy to cool the heat…… ?」

「…… Is that so.  Then, that’s good. It’s not something bad」

「Well, that is true…….」

While unable to understand, we progress through the twenty-fourth floor.

Although I’m using 《Freeze》, I didn’t stop using 《Dimension》. That ended up making something like a very thin 《Di Winter》.

And that 《Di Winter》 had unparalleled strength on the twenty-fourth floor.

The last time I came here, 《Dimension》 couldn’t even pierce through the lava.

However, with 《Di Witner》, I can spread my senses into the lava. That means that the monsters inside the lava are completely exposed.

Because of that, I perfectly understood that a Poison Salamander is quietly sneaking up behind us. The Poison Salamander that got behind us jumped out of the lava with its nails shining.

At the same time, I turn and take out a sword from 『Items』 and throw it.

The thrown sword pierces the Poison Salamanders head.


With a small cry, the Poison Salamander dies as its nails fail to reach.

「…… Eh?」

「In exchange for being able to go under the lava, they’re a relatively weak monster. They can be defeated with a single hit」

Leaving Snow who didn’t understand what happened behind, I go to pick up the sword and magic stone and put them in 『Items』.

「There are monsters behind?」

「There are. But there’s no need to worry. I won’t let them touch Snow」

「Mumuu. The type of monster I don’t like came out. Un, I won’t leave Kanami. I’ll do that. It’ll work out」

「Doing that would also help me out」

Snow walks right behind me.

In case of something happening, I was completely prepared to intercept.

While paying attention to the inside of the lava with 《Dimension》, we continue down the path.

「―― Magic《Dimension Multiple》」

I strengthen my dimension magic in order to find the staircase. Having gotten the knack for it after spreading 《Dimension》 around the town for the guild’s work, I spread a thin layer of magic.

Naturally, in the labyrinth with lots of interfering magic power, spreading it is harder here than on the surface. But because of my experience on the surface, I’m somehow able to find the staircase.

At the same time, I grasp the special areas and boss of the twenty-fourth floor.

I also find another strange thing.

There was an unusual man made object in the labyrinth.

An altar. An altar that couldn’t be made without human hands, was built in an area surrounded by lava. And at its center is a sword. 

「…… Staircase, did you find it?」

Snow asks for the result after guessing what I was doing.

「Un, I found it. But, I also found something weird」


「Deeper inside there’s something like an altar, and a sword is pierced into it……」

「Altar, sword. Aah, I see」

Snow heard my words and figured something out.

「I see? Do you know something?」

「…… I know. But talking is annoying」

「No, tell me……」

Even I’d be troubled if she wrapped it up with a single word. Information on the labyrinth is a matter of life and death.

Snow also understands, and because of that she reluctantly begins explaining in a quiet voice.

「…… It’s probably, a labyrinth drop」

「Drop? Like the magic stones that monsters drop?」

「That’s right, the same as that. The labyrinth 『Drops』items of the past. In the twenty-third floor and onward that searchers can’t reach, those things are left untouched」

「So the labyrinth drops items?」

「To begin with, this is where the continent’s legacy of the past is spit out. The labyrinth also has the function of an organ spitting out the accumulated magic power in the ground and the collected past ―― is what I learned at the academy」

「It’s my first time hearing that. To think the labyrinth has that kind of function」

「Even in the Academy the people who know of it are few. Anyway, I think that altar is a relic of the past. Maybe, that sword was famous in the past」

「I don’t understand difficult things, but to me that sounds like something important. I’ll go and check out that sword」

I heard something interesting.

And so, I think about the labyrinth in my own way.

From the conversation just now, it doesn’t seem like this labyrinth was something made naturally. Since it’s a different world, and it has such a labyrinth, it can’t be something so simple.

I can only think that someone made this labyrinth with some sort of goal in mind.

If a human made it, then the labyrinth being so convenient for humans would make sense.

In that case, who made the albert.

While arranging those things in my head, I use 《Dimension》 on the sword in the altar and 『Observe』 it to gather information.

【Ruf Bringer】

Offensive Ability 7. Mental Contamination +2.00

「…… How is it?」

「It definitely is something unsual. …… But, it’s dangerous」

「…… Will you take it?」

「For now, I will. It might make money」

Snow and I walk to the suspicious altar together. On the way, several Poison Salamanders came attacking, but they were no threat as I could sense the inside of the lava.

After advancing for several minutes, we reach the lava river that surrounds the altar.

Normally the lava would get in the way of getting close, but with my current ability I should be able to jump over it. The width of the river is no more than ten meters. But if I think about it with the common sense of my world, that distance is close to the world record. And the fact that I felt I had leeway, was a bit frightening.

「Then, I’m going to jump over and get it」

「…… Take care」

Naturally Snow won’t jump.

After confirming the inside of the lava is safe, I move far away and take a running jump.

Just as planned, I cleared the jump with room to spare. Like hat, I approach the altar, and observe the sword in question. Looking closely, the magic power dwelling inside that sword is quite something. It looks like it has more magic power than a single mid-level mage.

Above all, that sword was beautiful.

A peculiar sword with a pure black design that ignores functional beauty. It felt a bit sharp, but that also gave it a special sense. It is not something that would cause it to lose its beauty. Adorning that beautiful sword, is a beautiful purple magic power. Without obstructing the unity of the jet black sword, the purple accent further improves the sword’s appearance.

The sword I designed with Alibaazu-san is also wonderful, but something like this isn’t bad.

Aah, above all, if this black blade, drips in blood, just how beautiful would――


―― A shock wave of magic power rushes to my back.

I jump to the side to avoid it.

I immediately raise a complaint to the person who launched that attack.

「Sn, Snow, what was that all of a sudden…… ?」

However, the person in question constructs her magic, and indifferently answers.

「……No, you were entranced by the sword. I thought of launching magic at you to regain your sanity」

「Entranced? Me?」

「The sword’s magic power entered Kanami’s body. It’s quite dangerous, that」

I tilt my head at Snow’s words, and once again, I look at the sword.

The magic power of the sword that resembles a sinister grudge is trying to worm its way into my body. It is far off from the beautiful magic power I thought it to be, but instead something that humans must not come in contact with, it’s easily understandable with a single glance.

And I thought this dangerous looking sword, was beautiful…… ?

「Tr, true, it is dangerous……」

「When Kanami got close, it showed its true nature. What should we do? Give up? If you take it, you will probably turn into a homicidal maniac」

「No, I won’t give up. I want to prevent anyone else from getting this and turning into that. If it’s with my magic, then I should be able to hold onto it so ――」

「N, noo, I’m against it. If Kanami holds it, I feel like you will become the most dangerous thing in the world」

「Relax, I won’t touch it. I can neutralize the sword from this distance. ―― Magic 《Di Winter》」

「Be careful. If it fails, don’t forget that Kanami will kill me first. Really be careful」

Leaving the anxious Snow behind, I deploy my magic power.

Of course, I’m collecting it because I’m confident. If it’s with 《Di Winter》, then from this distance I can interfere with its magic power. Separated by a few meters, little by little I suppress the sword’s magic power.

At the same time, I slowly approach the sword.

As if avoiding the sword’s magic power, I advance step by step.

Several minutes pass, and I finally arrive in front of the sword.

This is where it starts. Not being negligent I continue keeping the magic power away, and then I chant 《Ice》. Of course, my aim was the sword itself.

Perhaps feeling the danger to itself, the sword makes its magic power surge as if to reject it. However, I defend against it by putting more magic power into 《Di Winter》.

Several seconds later, a frozen cursed sword was completed.

While making sure to be careful, I put the sword into 『Items』.

「…… Fuu」

I wipe off my sweat as I sigh. With this the sealing was completed.

Jumping over the lava, I return to Snow.

「I’m back」

「…… Good job. That, don’t take it out inside the labyrinth」

「Aah, I know」

「Uuun, it’s worrying. Can’t you, break it here?」

「No, instead of breaking it, I think it’d be better to have Alibaazu-san and other people who can use holy magic to dismantle it. It might be able to be used as materials. Maybe it’ll sell for an amazing price」

「Certainly, instead of breaking it it’d be better to turn it into money. But, I really am worried」

Snow is unusually clinging onto this. That must be just how worried she is. There’s no choice, I take out 『Ruf Bringer』 from 『Items』.

「If Snow says that much, then let’s break it……」

「…… Un, break it. Leave it to me」

And so, Snow takes the lump of ice that is the 『Ruf Bringer』in hand, and chants.

Receiving her vibration magic head on, the 『Ruf Bringer』 snaps into two. At the same time, I felt the fiendish magic power that flowed out disappear. With this the magic sword had completely lost its value. However, we are able to enjoy peace of mind in exchange.

「Un, now it’s good. Thank you, Kanami」

While giving her thanks, Snow returns the broken 『Ruf Bringer』 to me.

「No, I’m the one who took it. You don’t have to thank me」

In response Snow faintly smiles. And so, she points into the labyrinth and speaks.

「Then, let’s move on」

It felt like the energy in Snow’s voice had risen a bit.

It really was only a little, but she showed motivation.


In order to not let that small fire be erased, I hurriedly restart the labyrinth search.


As a result of finding the 『Ruf Bringer』, I paid more attention for any other labyrinth drops while moving. However, I didn’t find any other rare item like the 『Ruf Bringer』 from before. Although I found labyrinth drops at times, they were all nothing but old equipment and ornaments without magic power.

While gathering those things, we clear the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth floors.

I found the staircase with 《Dimension》, and the enemies that came rushing at us were no match for us. By the way, on the twenty-fifth floor instead of lava there is boiling water, the steam acts like mist and obstructs vision. But with my magic, the type of attacks that block vision have a bad compatibility with me. By using 《Dimension》 and 『Observe』 freely, it won’t get any worse. Fortunately, most of the monsters were the type to conceal themselves, so clearing it didn’t even take an hour.

―― And so, the twenty-sixth floor.

It was at the twenty-sixth floor that the smoothly progressing labyrinth search hit a bump.

The cause is the twenty-sixth floor’s monster, Crystal Golem.

Just as its name suggests, it is a statute that moves with a body made of crystals. However, the hardness of those crystals is not normal.

It’s to the degree we’re not even a chip is formed with a single hit from me or Snow. Furthermore, its defence against magic attacks is high, no matter how many it’s hit with, they can’t land a finishing blow.

「―― Damn it! It’s hard!」

I throw away the fifth sword that’s been damaged, and take out the sixth weapon. It won’t be long before I run out of spare swords, so I forcefully equip one of the large swords prepared for Snow.

By my side, Snow lands a hit with her magic power loaded in.

「――《Impulse Break》!」

Because I had 《Dimension》 active, I understood what the magic that Snow attacked with was.

The greataxe hits the crystal body, and sparks scatter. That attack was amplified with her magic and it created an even higher destructive force.

It was a blunt attack, but it looked like this method worked on the crystal golem.

Finally, a crack was created on that hard crystal.

「My attacks won’t go through! It’s only making my weapons useless! Snow, I’m counting on you!!」

While swinging the great sword that doesn’t suit my body, I attack the Crystal Golem. There’s no damage, but I can at least throw off its posture.

「I’m tired of this! ――《Impulse Break》!」

Snow swings down the greataxe on the Crystal Golem whose posture had collapsed. It directly hits the area where the crack was made, and the crystal body is finally smashed.

「…… We, we finally beat it. Haa, haa」

「Haa, haa……」

In front of the Crystal Golem who turned to light and disappeared, we gasp for air.

While picking up the magic stone, I confirm our current situation.

「…… Ka, Kanamai, do you have weapons left?」

「I have some left, but at this rate I’ll run out before we make it to the twenty-seventh floor……」

「Normal methods don’t work, can we go back?」

「No, it’s still fine. The movements of the hard ones are slow. Ignoring them should work」

Snow stubbornly insisted on returning.

In fact with 《Connection》 Snow can return by herself. However, I’d be troubled if she returns. If Snow leaves and if a monster I can’t deal with appears, I want to avoid having to continue alone.

「…… Uu, I don’t want to return from the twenty-sixth floor alone」

「No, don’t go home alone. If it really gets tough, I’ll take out a 《Connection》」

「I’m really tired, right now」

「You still have more than enough HP and MP left…… ?」

「Kanami, paying attention only to numbers will cause you to make mistakes?」

「You’re right, I’ll be careful. But, you can still keep going. There’s no mistaking that」

「Eh, eehー」

I convey Snow’s status and try to persuade her.

To begin with, Snow only cast magic a few times. There’s no way she’s tired. begin with, Snow only cast magic a few times. There’s no way she’s tired.

「For the time being, let’s ―― Kuu!」

While we’re chatting I’m informed of a monster drawing closer thought 《Dimension》.

Several Crystal Golems are approaching.

I immediately calculate a new route to the twenty-seventh floor and takes Snow’s hand and begin walking.

「Snow, those hard guys are coming. We’re changing our route」

「…… There’s no longer any other choice but to escape the twenty-sixth floor」

Snow grips my hand in return and quickens her pace.

She also doesn’t want to fight the Crystal Golems. The experience that monster gives is high, but it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Just stopping its movements uses up a weapon, and finishing it off will consume MP. It’s a troublesome monster.

But, avoiding it is easy.

Its movements are already slow, so it’d take even longer to get around the labyrinth. With 《Dimension》, there’s no chance of meeting them.

It’s a bit of a detour, but it’s better than having to fight it.

With Snow and I not wanting to fight that Crystal Golem ever again, we arrive at the twenty-seventh floor’s staircase, and quickly descend.

The twenty-seventh floor is completely different from the lava and boiling water areas, this one has a cool corridor.

I first examine the materials of the corridor walls.

As I thrust my sword at the transparent sky-blue stone, Kiin, a high pitched noise echoes out  and it’s instead my sword that ends up chipped.

「Is this, the same as the Crystal Golem from before…… ?」

「…… It is crystal like」

No, to be exact, that’s wrong. The crystals I know of aren’t this hard.

This is already a different crystal(mineral) formed by a magic zone.

And the fact that the wall is made up of that magic mineral, gave me a bad feeling.

「If the corridor is crystal then……」

「…… The monster is also related?」

The possibility is high.

Fundamentally, the monsters inhabiting the labyrinth conform to their terrain. If there are rivers then there are aquatic monsters, if there are overgrown trees then there are insect monsters, if there is heat then there are flame monsters, all of my experience until now supported that.

I spread 《Dimension》, and as I look for the next staircase, I watch out for the twenty-seventh floor monsters.

I find human type crystals loitering around. As expected, it’s the continuation of the Crystal Golem.

And it didn’t end with that.

Different from the twenty-sixth floor, there are a great variety of monsters. And of course, they all have crystal bodies.

Birds and butterflies that fly. Spiders and ants that crawl. It’s full of bothersome monsters. And the biggest problem, is there nimbleness. The Crystal Golem is sluggish, but the smaller crystal monsters are fast. Running past them like in the previous floor won’t be so easy.

「Uwaa. It’s full of hard and fast monsters」

「…… Alright, let’s go back. Let’s go back already. Let’s go back at once」

「No, just a little more. At least, we’ll keep going as long as Snow’s MP is good」

「That means, we’ll fight with my magic at the center?」

「More or less, I’ll also fight, but Snow will land the finishing blow」

「I, I’ll collapse from overwork…… !」

「If you collapse I’ll throw you in a 《Connection》, don’t worry about it」

「Demon. A demon master」

「Well, you probably won’t collapse either way. You still have a lot of room to spare……」

I pull the hand of Snow who was intending to slack, and restart the labyrinth search.

First I’ll look for doable monsters.

I find a crystal ant with a body the size of a meter moving independently, and I attack with my sword.

【Monster】 Crystal Ant : Rank 26

From its name, I conclude that it’s a Crystal Golem with the behavior of an ant.

And so, with it’s small body, I held onto a faint hope. If it’s not a large body like the Crystal Golem my sword will work. As I wished, my swung sword ―― is repelled together with a high-pitched noise.


My full force attack was no math for the Crystal Ant’s body.

However, it was different than the time with the Crystal Golem, cracks were formed. From what I can see, I understood that defense on it is lower than the Crystal Golem.

In response to the assailant, the Crystals Ant raises a piercing cry and turns it’s fangs to me.

Hearing that peculiar voice reminds me of a different monster. The monsters of the twenty-first and twenty-second floor. They are monsters that use their herd as a weapon, and they also had a similar voice when calling their companions. 

While continuing my assault, I grasp the monster a little ways of with 《Dimension》.

Sure enough, the other Crystal Ants that heard the cry, are now quickly moving in our direction.

「This is bad, the surrounding ants are gathering!」

「…… Eh, Eeeh」

There was no longer an option to choose from, I take out the greataxe prepared for Snow from 『Item’s』. And then, I hit the Crystal Ant with all my strength, and slam it against the wall.

If this was the Crystal Golem then there probably wouldn’t be a single scratch.

However, with a defense slightly lower than the Crystal Golem, and the difference in materials to the walls it hit, the body of the Crystal Ant cracked, and its movements dulled. It’s there that Snow lands a hit of her own, and the Crystal Ant is broken to pieces.

Although it was destroyed faster than I expected, this wasn’t the time to relax.

A terrifying amount of Crystal Ant’s are approaching.

I look at the greataxe I’m holding. It was only a single hit, but it now had a splendid chip. The blade of Snow’s weapon is also chipped, but that’d only turn it into a blunt weapon.

「Looks like this is it……. Snow, for now let’s return to the twenty-sixth floor」

「…… Agreed」

At this rate if we continued fighting without any plan, the weapons I have in 『Items』 would turn to nothing in an instant. It’s because we understood that, that we return on the path we came from.

Slipping past the Crystal Ants fierce attacks, we make it back to the twenty-sixth floor.

Different from the twenty-seventh floor, there are only slow monsters here.

After a sigh, we begin talking.

「So this is our limit for today…… ?」

「…… Let’s, let’s return」

Snow agreed in an instant.

If we force it, we can probably break through the twenty-seventh floor.

But it’s already enough for us to have learned about the special features of the twenty-seventh floor for today.

「―― Magic《Connection》」

Snow and my HP hadn’t decreased much.

However, many weapons had become useless. And being forced to retreat like this is in some ways a learning experience, and so we end our labyrinth search.


「This is quite, you broke a lot. Master」

「The enemies were hard……」

After that, we visit Alibaazu-san’s workshop, and we show all our damaged weapons.

Unlike the last time we came, the inside of the workshop was hectic.

The number of unfamiliar blacksmith’s had increased and they are all restlessly working inside this narrow workshop. Just as I ordered, it looks like the number of people had increased in order to work faster.

「The enemies were hard?」

「Yes. The monsters on the twenty-sixth floor have a troublesome crystal body」

「The twenty-sixth floor. That’s a world that we can’t even imagine. ―― Lets see, do you have any magic stones from there?」

「If it’s a few then I do……」

I take out the Crystal Golem’s magic stone from 『Items』.

「This is…… a Crystal Golem’s magic stone…… ?」

「Do you understand it?」

「If I recall, the monsters in the sacred mountain should be made of the same materials as this. It’s one of the ultra grade minerals. It should be called 『Ray Crystal』. So you can also get it from the labyrinth」

Apparently those hard monster also exists outside of the labyrinth.

「I want a sword that can cut that 『Ray Crystal』」

「Another, our Master’s asking for unreasonable things…… is what I would say, but in fact, if you endure a bit longer, that problem will be resolved」

「…… Eh?」

「The weapon you ordered can cut them. Since the 『Crescent Pectolazuri』 is a mineral superior to the 『Ray Crystal』. The magic power that dwells inside it is in a different league」

「Thank goodness. Then, when will that weapon be completed?」

「With our current budget and hands, it’ll be done by tomorrow night」

「Tomorrow night is it. I understand」

I relax knowing that it’s completion was closer than expected.

I don’t have any knowledge in iron manufacturing, but even then I didn’t think swords were something so easy to make. Is it thanks to magic technology, or maybe the blacksmiths here are amazing.

「You have time after this?」

「I was planning to rest」

「Then, can I hear the stories of Master’s labyrinth search?」

「My stories? Why?」

「If you tell me about the things that trouble you, or things that can help in the labyrinth, I can make those things if I have free time. And it’s also because I want to hear the stories of a hero from Master personally」

「I’m not a hero, but it’s true that sharing information is needed」

With this I’ll be quite indebted to Alibaazu-san. If I can deepen my relationship with him, my labrinth search from here on out will also become easier.

I nod, and slowly begin talking about the labyrinth.

By the way, Snow followed along to the workshop and said 「I’m going home to sleep」and left. She must’ve thought the day would end in a long conversation again. That wasn’t exactly wrong so I didn’t stop her.

「―― Hee, I see. So you can get flame attribute magic stones from that lava zone. If the heat is bothering you, I can make an item that decreases the flame’s interference. Luckily, we have a lot of flame attribute magic stones in stock」

「That’d help. If you lack any, I can go and hunt more」

「There’s no need for you to go and do that. I’ll just make a simple necklace. Honestly I want to make a full body armor and shield that’d fit Master, but it probably wouldn’t fit Mater’s fighting style」

「I’d rather hold back on heavy thigns……」

「Other than that items that can help with lakes and marshes would also be useful. I’ll try looking for some」

「That really helps」

「Also…… that’s right, it’d be best to get a los form somewhere. It’d be for Snow’s weapon. If she’s gonna break it, it’d be better to fight with a log. And from what I’ve heard, blunt attacks are more compatible with the crystal type monsters」

Alibaazu-san and I talk about combat plans.

Afterward, I receive the repaired weapons, and I go and procure logs. As the Allied Nations are still developing, the cost of lumber is cheap. 

For the time being, I buy about a hundred logs and put them into 『Items』.

I was a bit worried they’d be to big, but they went in without a problem.

With this, I finished the preparations that I could do. I immediately return to Maria’s room.

Today’s result was reaching the twenty-seventh floor.

While thinking of methods for the next labyrinth capture, another day passes.

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