Following that, I ended up taking command of the path through the eighteenth and nineteenth floors.

That’s because Sidrik-san isn’t even in a state where he can speak well.

As a result, no one in the group complained.

The fact that no one died in that last battle helped a lot in getting the others to acknowledge me as the leader. And a part of them probably wants to test me as a guild master because of 『Epic Seeker’s』 remarkable activities lately.

So in order to live up to their expectations, I lead the group while making sure to not let anything slip by.

On the way, I find enemies with 《Dimension》.

「…… Large monsters are coming from the front. A Carmine Minotaur. We’ll stop at once, mages, please line up. Anyone who uses heavy weapons please stay put. Fire your magic once the targets appear from that corner. If they don’t die, the mages will retreat and entrust the rest to the vanguard. This should be more than enough. If something unexpected happens, I will follow up with freezing magic, so don’t stress it」

At first there was some reluctance at taking a formation even without enemies in sight. However, as all of my orders until now have been correct, they are now obedient.

「Five seconds…… three, two, one, please shoot」

At that moment, a cow headed monster makes its appearance from the corner.

As the mages had time to chant their magic, the magic rushes out like a shotgun.

Without any resistance, the Carmine Minotaurs turn to light and disappears.

「It’s over. Let’s move on」

After confirming that the target disappeared, we continue forward. The back was a bit noisy. It seems like they’re talking about the abnormalness of my perception ability.

Of course, 《Dimension》 picked up on their conversations. Although it was mostly voices saying things like 「He can be relied on」, there were many that were curious about the abnormal perception magic.

But even though they were curious, the other party is still the guild master of a competing guild. 

And I have no plans to honestly tell them, so with a bitter smile, I continue leading the group. Like this, we reach the twentieth floor without an issue.

Thanks to 《Dimension》, we always avoided herds and made the first move whenever any monsters appeared. As insurance, I made sure to have the combat magic 《Di Winter Frost》 always ready.

Once we reached the barren twentieth floor, everyone moved to their positions in order to reinforce the 『Correct Path』.

Taking along Sidrik-san who I’m still supporting on my shoulder, I move to a separated spot to take a break. The two of us sit down, and it’s then that he opens his mouth.

「Forgive me……」

A single line in a quiet voice.

「No, please don’t worry about it」

「Kuu. I fell behind this time but….., next time I will absolutely…… !」

That unyielding spirit of his weighed down on him. His pride didn’t permit it. He must’ve had a difficult life.

Once I make Sidrik-san rest, I also go and help with the construction. During that, there were many times that I had to admonish Sidrik-san for forcing himself to move.

That work continued on for several hours, and finally our job was accomplished. 

The 『Line』 that was nothing but a thin line had now clearly thickened, and the barrier was strengthened to the point that I could feel it on my skin. I was a bit worried if the 《Connection》 at the corner would have any effect, but it looks like it’d also be fine on the twentieth floor. As expected, the barrier can’t reach the corner of such a spacious room.

And so, after celebrating the successful job, and after a bit of rest, we depart to the surface.

However, Sidrik-san still hadn’t recovered. Using magic beyond one’s capabilities has its liabilities, it’s not something that would be fixed in a single day.

When I offer to lend my shoulder, Sidrik-san refuses.

「No need……. Fighting is not possible, but I can at least walk……」

With an unsteady gait he walks among the others. But, he did not demand to take the lead. That’s just how bad his current condition is.

No, even with no strength he would still force it. Maybe it’s simply because he understands the current state of the group. Everyone has been taking orders from me. During the time it took to reach the twentieth floor, they must’ve already decided between Sidrik-san and me.

In order to live up to those expectations, I had no choice but to become the core of the group and give orders.

「It’s fine to continue as is. There aren’t any monsters――」

With those words, the group moves on ahead in relief.

As I watch over that,  I happen to catch Snow and Sidrik-san talking nearby.

Both of their expressions are serious, and Snow has no signs of her characteristic listlessness.

For only a little, I begin listening in. Since they aren’t so far there’s no need to use 《Dimension》. 

「――…… In other words, an invitation from the Sidrik house?」

「That’s right. In truth, I wanted to finish this job perfectly, and then talk of the invitation……. Forgive me for ending it in such a pathetic way……」

「I’m sure, the Walker house and Sidrik house will understand……. However, are you fine with that El?」

「I more than welcome Snow. This conversation is because of that」

From the flow of the conversation, I understand that Sidrik-san had invited Snow to his house.

Believing that it’s a private conversation between the two, I stop myself from eavesdropping any longer.

However, the conversation soon ended, and Snow approached me.

「…… Kanami, I was called by the Sidrik house. Tomorrow, I’ll be restrained the whole day」

「Eh, umm, why are you telling me that?」

「The guild master’s permission is needed」

「Aah, that’s what it is. Then, of course I don’t mind. It’s fine for you to go」

「I’ll be restrained the whole day? Is it fine? Is it really?」

「…… Are you trying to use me because you can’t refuse yourself?」

「It isn’t that. But, I just thought of confirming it. Master, will you really give permission? Tomorrow, won’t you be in trouble with the labrynth search without me? Wouldn’t it be better to stop it? Wouldn’t it?」

「No, I’ll give permission……」

「……Haa, useless」

「That’s pretty curel……」

Just as I thought, Snow was only trying to use me in order to refuse. If I show even a hint of disapproval, all the responsibility would be pushed onto me.

That’d result with having to bear the responsibility of angering two of the four great nobles……. Scary…….

「…… Then, I’ll report to El」

Snow toters over to Sidrik-san.

It looks like I’ll be doing the labyrinth search tomorrow without Snow.

However, days like that are natural. I won’t stop someone from doing something because of my own circumstances, the same applies to 『Epic Seeker’s』 management.

While planning out tomorrow’s solo labyrinth search, I continue leading the group.

Honestly, with me leading there won’t be any danger. But, avoiding every little danger isn’t that good either.

Although it took more time than it should have, we managed to make it to the surface from the twentieth floor without a problem.

But I didn’t know what to do once we reached the surface, so I looked at Sidrik-san for help.

Sidrik-san nods and speaks in my place.

「We of 『Supreme』 will deal with the rest. Everyone, today we faced troubles because of me. I am truly thankful. Thank you」

He first addressed the group. After that, he calls out to each guild master and speaks of the reward and of what will happen. At the end, Sidrik-san calls out to me.

「『Epic Seeker’s』 guild master Aikawa Kanami. My thanks for the assistance on this occasion. In regards to the reward, there will be people going to 『Epic Seeker’s』 headquarters shortly. Wait for that」

「I understand」

Exchanging appropriate words, the conversation ends in a business like manner.

And so, just as we were about to part, Sidrik-san speaks.

「Aikawa Kanami. I absolutely won’t lose to you…… Remember that……」

It was a one-sided declaration of war. On the way back he was strangely obedient, but on the inside I was placed into the position of rival. I recognize my defeat on this occasion, but I won’t lose next time, that kind of feeling.

But before I could reply, Sidrik-san had already moved away.

And then behind me, I see Teiri-san with a smile covering her face.

「Before I knew it, something interesting happened. What a delicious development」

「That’s what you think is interesting, you people are all weird in certain places. The only thing that happened is that I made a good relationship with Sidrik-san, one of the four great nobles……」

「Fufuu, how nice. Kanami-kun became rivals with Elmillad Sidrik, the one who Snow is engaged to. Just what story does the future hold. Ufufuu」

「It’s nothing special」

「I’m looking forward to it. And, what should I do? Leave?」

「You can leave. The same goes for Snow who’s exhausted, please tell her that」

「Okay. Then, until next time. Kanami-kun」

With those words, Teiri-san goes to Snow who has her head hung down, and getting close together, they leave just like a mother and daughter. With the atmosphere set, the group begins decreasing little by little. There were many people who greeted me as they left. As expected, taking command at the end must’ve left an impression.

Following the others, I return to 『Epic Seeker’s』 headquarters.

But my destination is Alibaazu-san’s workshop.

It’s already dark and there’s nothing left for me to do, so I want to check the results of the weapon. If it went as planned, then I might also be able to get the completed version. When I picture my own personal sword, my pace naturally quickens. One way or another, the existence of such a sword is something boys yearn for.

Crossin Lauravia’s dark town, I arrive at the lit workshop.

「Excuse meー」

With a greeting, I enter the workshop. And then, I’m surprised by the disastrous scene on the inside.

Many young blacksmiths have collapsed and they look like a pile of corpses. The majority of them were dead asleep and covered in dust, as for the ones who are awake, they have dark bags under their eyes and look dead.

Among those dead faces, Alibaazu-san sees me and approaches.

「…… Hahaa, it’s Master! Great timing!」

「A, Alibaazu-san. Good evening」

Although Alibaazu-san has a smile, it looks like he’s been up since dawn. To be this high tension, they must be on the final step.

「Master’s sword is done. Over here, look」

Pulling me along, Alibaazu-san guides me deeper into the workshop.

There, a straight sword is on display.

It’s the design I requested. A symmetrical straight sword, and a pure white blade adorned with a blue pattern. And to its side is a decorated scabbard.

【Crescent Pectolazuri Straight Sword】

Offensive Ability 4. 10% of users offensive ability added to agility.

In the case that the opponents agility is faster than the possessor, +30% correction to agility of possessor

「This is, my sword…… ?」

「Aah, that’s right. My prided work that I made for Master. Please take it」

With those words, Alibaazu-san hands over the sword to me.

I take the 『Crescent Pectolazuri Straight Sword』, and am surprised by how light it is.

「It’s light?」

「Fufuu, light isn’t it? However, don’t worry. Its light, but its durability is guaranteed. No matter what that sword cuts into, it won’t get chipped. Or could it be, is Master Kanami the type to not use a sword that isn’t heavy?」

「No, my swordsmanship is self taught, so I won’t be troubled by the weight or other things. I’m more than happy with it」

「That’s a relief」

I swing the sword, and place it into the scabbard. Those chain of movements felt several levels faster than before. No, it really was several levels faster. That’s just how easy this sword is to handle, its light, and my hands became familiar with it.

「This, it’s really nice. It’ll be perfect if it could cut the crystals」

「It can cut them. I didn’t confirm it in action, but I’m confident about it」

「Really, thank you very much. Then, I’ll test it tomorrow」

I say my thanks and lower my head. With this I can reopen the labyrinth search.

「I’ll also pass along that magic item I mentioned before to help with the flames. This is also something made from a magic stone of high purity. Here」

Alibaazu-san throws over a sparkling object.

【Red Talisman】

+20% correction to users resistance to flame attribute.

It looks like a red gem attached to a pendant.

「It’s small but its effect is huge. Going through the labyrinth with this on will make it easier」

「If you end up carrying a lot of them, the magic items can interfere with each other so be careful. Of course, I’ve already made sure that that sword and talisman don’t interfere with each other」

「Thank you very much. This’ll make the search on the twentieth floors easy」

「No no, no need for thanks. Rather, I’m the one who wants to give it. If Master becomes stronger, that alone is enough for me to enjoy it. If Master progresses through the labyrinth, the magic stones I’ll get would only increase my business. Just ask if there’s anything you want」

「Roger that. I’ll bring back more magic stones next time, so please be ready for it」

With a smile we bump our fists and come to an agreement for a good relationship in the future.

After I take the heavy equipment made for Snow, I leave Alibaazu-san’s workshop.

And so, returning to Maria’s room, I take my time talking about today’s events as we fall asleep.

In this way, I managed to end the day while making full use of my time.

I have worries just like anyone else, but I managed to do my best, it’s a modest but enjoyable life.

This is, what I desired for many years――

The happiness I wished for…… isn’t it?

It’s all going so well, and yet it doesn’t change, that small pain in my head doesn’t disappear.

It won’t disappear. That’s why I decided to go to the labyrinth tomorrow.

I’ll hurry to the thirtieth floor, and fulfil the agreement with Palinchlon――


Morning the next day, in a rare occurrence Snow is waiting for me at the office.

In order to go to the Sidrik house, she isn’t in the usual traditional dress, but instead has an indigo blue bell lined dress on. Since her usual hair ornaments have been replaced with high class accessories, she transformed from the usual native, to a splendid young lady.

Because of the excess gem ornaments on her head hide her horns and the long skirt hides her tail, she doesn’t look anything like a dragon newt. She’s now a refreshingly beautiful girl.

And that beautiful girl, has been constantly sneaking glances since before.

Complaining multiple times with 「Aah, I don’t want to go」 , and then she’d go with 「……Is there no one who will take me awayー?」

She continues to repeat that while taking glances, but making sure not to reply, I mercilessly cross the 《Connection》 and go into the labyrinth alone.

My biggest objective for today is to test out the new 『Crescent Pectolazuri Straight Sword』

My target is the Crescent Golem on the twenty-sixth floor.

If I can cut that then the level of difficulty of the labyrinth would drop.

Aiming for the twenty-sixth floor, I advanced in a single go. The only thing I had trouble with is the twenty-second floor’s Rio Eagle. Of course, I ignored them as usual and nothing occurred.

It didn’t take long to make it to the twenty-sixth floor.

And so, searching for Crescent Golems with 《Dimension》, I chose one and ready the 『Crescent Pectolazuri Straight Sword』.

 ――The battle lasted an instant.

The instant the Crystal Golem lowered its fist, the sword had already cut across its torso.

That was it ―― that really was it, the Crystal Golem’s upper half slips, and with a loud thud it falls to the ground. The Crystal Golem was split in half in an instant.

It felt, like I cut through styrofoam.

After making sure that the Crystal Golem turned to light and disappeared, I let out my voice.

「A, amazing……!!」

I praise the cut that was sharper than I expected. I didn’t think that just a little change to the weapons offensive ability would have such a big effect.

Above all, it’s great that there isn’t a single chip on the sword. As long as I have this, I can fight as much as I want.

My chances of success in the twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh floor had greatly increased, and in high spirits I head deeper into the labyrinth.

On the way I fought with several Crystal Golems, but with their special hardness now useless, they were like monsters from around the tenth floor.

Without any problems, I continue cutting them one after another.

It was the same on the twenty-seventh floor. Although there were faster variants of the enemies on the twenty-sixth floor, the monsters on the twenty-seventh floor also relied on their hardness. So their difficulty wasn’t much different.

While cutting the crystal ants, birds, and insects, I keep on moving deeper.

Even if a monster calls for backup, I can easily avoid it with 《Dimension》. As a result, I reach the twenty-eight floor in not even half an hour. I was happy about how easy the 『Crescent Pectolazuri Straight Sword』made this.

The twenty-seventh floor is a transparent crystal cave, but the twenty-eight floor is a bit different.

It isn’t a clear white world, but a rainbow colored world.

The fact that the walls are made of a special mineral doesn’t change, but unlike the twenty-seventh floor they aren’t only composed of crystals. I don’t know the name of the mineral,  but this one shines in all seven colors.

I thrust my sword at that hard wall.

I didn’t do this in order to try and make money from it, but because I’m concerned about the hardness of the wall for combat.  I wanted to confirm if I can slam enemies into the wall like I did last time.

The wall is shaved away and the mineral falls onto my palm. However, the minerals that fell into my palm immediately lose their shine and they become dull black stones. Even when I 『Observe』 it, it’s just a rock, so shaving it off won’t earn any money.

As for the hardness, it’s softer than the crystals from before.

While being careful I continue moving forward. Naturally, I did that while searching for the staircase and boss with 《Dimension》. For the time being, I will continue forward until either the 『Crescent Pectolazuri Straight Sword』 loses its use, or if an enemy attack reaches me.

Above all, I feel that equipped with the 『Crescent Pectolazuri Straight Sword』, I can continue going down. Thinking like that can’t be helped since I haven’t even taken a single hit yet. Even if I am much farther down I should still be safe.

And so, as I’m advancing on the rainbow corridor in leisure, a arm suddenly springs forth from the wall to my side.

I caught it with 《Dimension》 the moment it started growing. I immediately move away to a place where the arm can’t reach.

This is the first time I’ve seen something like this, but it’s still within expectations. It’s a common trap in games. As I am now, traps won’t even touch me.

Having had its prey escape, the arm grasps at nothing but air.

In that way the arm keeps extending, and a monster that looks like a colored variation of the Crystal Golem comes out.

【Monster】 Rainbow Golem : Rank 27

I categorize it as the same type of monster as the Poison Salamander on the twenty-fourth floor. A monster that fights in its own territory where it specializes in surprise attacks.

I ready my sword and approach the Rainbow Golem. 

In order to not let it re-enter the wall, I overwhelm it with continuous attacks. 

The sword effortlessly tears into the Rainbow Golem’s body. Apparently this sword can also cut the monsters on the twenty-eight floor like butter.

As the Rainbow Golem is being broken into pieces, my way of thinking towards my equipment changes.

Until now I worried more about leveling up than caring about my equipment, but there may be special monsters on the deeper floors.

As long as I can prepare weapons that are compatible against my opponents, my search efficiency will greatly increase.

And so with the 『Crescent Pectolazuri Straight Sword』, the Rainbow Golem is scattered. But that scattered body begins wriggling around like clay and it doesn’t quite disappear. 

Unlike the Crystal Golem, it’s oddly tenacious. While careful, I chop it into pieces, it then turns into a magic stone and I continue the labyrinth search.

But I don’t want any more surprise attacks, so I try spreading 《Dimension》 into the walls. However, my magic power doesn’t penetrate the wall.

Although it works no matter the surface as long as there’s an opening, magic power can’t enter into this wall. Because I was successful with the lava I thought it’d work with the wall, but it didn’t go so well. It seems like 《Dimension’s》 ability to penetrate depends on my comprehension of the substance or phenomenon. I don’t know when it became like that, but I didn’t feel any danger from the heat of the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth floors. I considered it a phenomenon that I could handle.

In comparison, I can’t comprehend the minerals of this wall.

It’s a mineral that my knowledge from my former world doesn’t apply to. What makes it, what molecules it’s composed of, what type of laws it abides by, I have no idea. Therefore 《Dimension》 can’t penetrate.

I might ask Alibaazu-san to teach me about minerals when I get back. If I know the materials and special characteristics, it’s possible that I’ll be able to penetrate it.

I collect the shaved off stone and continue. It’s a gift for Alibaazu-san.

During that I was attacked by numerous Rainbow Golems.

Countless arms sprout forth under my feet and fall down from the ceiling, but as I freeze them using various techniques, they aren’t a threat to me.

As long as I catch the monster the moment it comes out of the wall with 《Dimension》, the Rainbow Golem won’t be able to touch me with its speed.

For the current me, the twenty-eight floor is no problem. I proceed with the search without being hindered, and finding the stairs to the twenty-ninth floor, I go down without hesitation, and the new world in my vision shocks me.

The twenty-ninth floor holds a characteristic I haven’t encountered yet.

While the corridors until now did have their peculiarities, they still kept the appearance of a path. The only exception is the Guardian’s rooms, the tenth and twentieth floors. However, this isn’t a Guardian room, and yet it’s a wide open space without a path. And the ground isn’t stone, but sand.

It looks like I’ll have to walk on this rainbow colored sand of the twenty-ninth floor.

「If possible, I’d like to end today after finding the staircase to the thirtieth floor……」

Without lowering my guard, I begin moving through the twenty-ninth floor.

However, the sand is far too soft and hard to walk in. The twenty-ninth floor makes it difficult for people to put strength into the body. Searchers who use magic probably won’t have much difficulty here…….

But standing still won’t do anything. For now I’ll just have to keep moving forward.

On the way, I find a monster by itself with 《Dimension》, and as a test I challenge it.

【Monster】 Jewel Fish : Rank 29

A huge rainbow fish is swimming in the sea of sand.

The Jewel Fish gradually increases its speed before it jumps at me with its fang pointed out. I twist my body to doge the teeth of the Jewel Fish that suddenly accelerates.

Although I dodged, its speed at the end surprised me.

The movements of all the gem monsters until now have been dull, but this one’s different. It has a speed that reminds me of the twenty-second floor’s Rio Eagle. It might even be faster than that bird.

In an instant I choose the magic I need.

「―― Magic《Di Over Winter》, Load」

In order to have that magic ready, I finish its construction and compress it into my body.

I still didn’t activate it.

《Di Over Winter》 is a magic that consumes a lot. Using it only for several dozens of seconds would render me unable to fight. Therefore, I will only have it active for one second ―― no, half a second.

「―― Magic 《Di Winter》」

Spreading the winter barrier, I capture the movements of the Jewel Fish. 

At the same time, the cold in the surroundings increases.

The Jewel Fish continues swimming in the sand searching for an opening.

And so, the moment the Jewel Fish gets behind me, it jumps.


The width is fifteen centimeters around my body. I spread 《Di over Winter》.

When the Jewel Fish enters the the boundary of 《Di Over Winter》 its speed immediately falls. And then, the highly dense dimension attribute magic power grants me vast amounts of information.

In intervals of 0.01 seconds, I understand each of the Jewel Fish’s movements.

The information on its location is perfect.  But that isn’t the extent of 《Di Over Winter’s》 information gathering abilities. I perceive every movement of the Jewel Fish’s muscles, and I also grasp where it puts its strength into.

Its posture, center of gravity, where it strains itself, everything is collected, and by calculating ―― I can predict how the Jewel Fish will move.

What’s left is to place my sword where I predict it to go. This technique isn’t meant to avoid the slow moving Jewel Fish.

―― One second later, the Jewel Fish splits into two in mid air.

The Jewel Fish falls far away, and turns to light and disappears.


While pressing down on my head, I go to pick up the Jewel Fish’s magic stone.

Honestly, the consumption of this magic is terrible.

But, depending on the situation it can be a completely different magic.

In fact, I wasted a lot on that battle just now. I didn’t need that much information in order to cut that fish. By slowing it down a bit, I would have been able to get the information on its location, that alone would’ve been enough to beat it. However, since I didn’t know the strength of its magic, I ended up grasping movements of the monsters muscles. In addition, I used it for too many seconds. There’s a lot I need to reflect on.

「If only I could control it, then……」

Then I’d be able to shorten the time of its use and obtain only the I need.

If I do that, then maybe the headache I get after using it won’t happen.

While counting the MP I used up, the moment I’m picking up the magic stone――my right foot is dragged into the sand.

「Wh ――!?」

It felt as if my right foot fell into a pitfall. I immediately put strength into my left foot and successfully pull it out. 

I abandoned the retrieval of the magic stone and spread 《Dimension》.

Where I spread it is among the sand. Naturally, it was difficult for 《Dimension》 to penetrate. However, the sand is different from a dense wall, and instead is something with many gaps. Although it’s rough, I’m able to search for the enemy by having my magic power penetrate those gaps.

I find a single monster at the very bottom of the sand.

【Monster】 Edy Anchor : Rank : 29

It’s appearance is like that of a giant spider, but I immediately rethink it.

This name, the enemy isn’t a spider. It’s closer to an antlion.

However, I don’t know how to deal with the enemy, I put in strength into my feet to get away, but they sink into the soft sand ground and it becomes difficult to move.

The sand under my feet is making strange movements. I understand with 《Dimension》. The Edy Anchor is manipulating the sand and trying to drag me in.

I lose my balance and fall onto my hands and legs.

If I continue with the flow of the sand, I’ll be brought to where the Edy Anchor is.

「―― Magic《Dimension Multiple》」

The softness of the sand, the flow of the sand, the nature of the sand, I gather as much information on the sand that is touching my feet as I can.

Next I check if there’s something I can use in the surroundings.

―― There’s nothing within a hundred meters of the stream of sand.

Far off I find a single Edy Anchor.

―― But, it’s too far, it won’t have any effect on the current situation.

I observe the state of the Edy Anchor that is drawing me in.

―― It has six legs and uses magic to manipulate the sand, and with its mouth open it waits for prey to enter. Its shell resembles minerals, it looks very hard.

In that case ―― !

「―― Magic 《Freeze》」

I take out water from 『Items』 and sprinkle it on the sand. At the same time, I activate freezing magic. I’ll forcefully harden the soft sand. This will only buy me a bit of time, but I now have a foothold to put strength into.

I immediately step on the frozen foot hold, break free from the sand, and jump into the air.

What I aim for when I’m right above the Edy Anchor. The instant I’m in the air, I point my sword directly downward and throw it with all my strength. The swords stab into the sand and the Edy Anchors open mouth inhales it, and fresh blood spews out.

I land on sand farther away and confirm the enemy’s condition with 《Dimension》. With perfect timing the Edy Anchor turns to light and disappears.

「…… Fuu」

With a sigh, I begin thinking of a method to collect the sword and magic stone ―― However, those thoughts stop at the unexpected situation.

 ―― The sand doesn’t stop moving.

Without caring for the Edy Anchor that disappeared, the sand doesn’t stop its suctions. Rather, the force only strengthened. It’s like the sand is making a whirlpool.

I once again spread 《Dimension》among the sand, and search for the cause.

And then, I notice. That this twenty-ninth floor has a hole open at its bottom.

As if the hole is connected to the lower floor. With the Edy Anchor that filled that hole gone, the sand is now vigorously falling down.

The whirlpool of sand with increasing force catches my feet.

At this rate I’ll fall down into the thirtieth floor.

 ―― I hesitate.

Of whether to fall to the thirtieth floor or not.

If I want to escape then I’ll escape. Just like before, I can solve it by making a scaffold with water and the magic 《Freeze》. However, the problem is the 『Crescent Pectolazuri』 that fell to the thirtieth floor.

It’s only a weapon, a consumable good. It’s not worth exchanging a life for. I’ll hunt another Line Skitter, and I’ll be able to get another 『Crescent Pectolazuri』.

Nevertheless, to lose the weapon that Alibaazu-san put his heart into in a single day, that’s far too ungrateful. And if I lose the 『Crescent Pectolazuri Straight Sword』 here, my labrinth search will be greatly delayed. It’s not worth exchanging a life for…… but even then, it’s simply wasteful.

……The height shouldn’t be a problem.

There’ll be soft sand where I fall. If I consider the ability of my body, I probably shouldn’t get any damage. What worries me, is charing into the thirtieth floor by myself.

In my plans, I was supposed to challenge the Guardian together with Snow.


Honestly, I do have confidence in victory against a Guardian. Since coming to this different world, I haven’t had a close fight yet. That fact gives me confidence.

Maybe, there’s a good chance that I’ll quickly be able to win.

「In that case ……――」

I’ll prioritize the 『Crescent Pectolazuri Straight Sword』.

I especially have confidence in my agility. Running away by myself will be easy.

If I think I’ll have even a bit of trouble, I can just escape.

「…… Guess I’ll check it out」

With a large breath, I gather air into my lungs.

Resolving myself, I willingly go into the sand.

While swimming through the sand, I find the hole at the bottom of the twenty-ninth floor. Of course, my eyes aren’t open. I swim while relying on 《Dimension》.

And so, I go through that hole, and fall to the thirtieth floor.


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