I look over the thirtieth floor as soon as I land.

A fantasy like room spreads before me. Rainbow colored flowers bloom from the sand, countless sparkling rainbow crystal pillars are lined up, and numerous stalactites hang from the ceiling.

The thirtieth floor reminds me of limestone caves. However, the rainbow colored minerals tell me that this isn’t any ordinary limestone cave.

It resembles the twenty-eight and twenty-ninth floors. No, it’s likely that the twenty-eight and twenty-ninth floors were the ones influenced by this floor.

I pick up the fallen 『Crescent Pectolazuri』 and begin moving through the thirtieth floor.

Pakipaki, the flowers make a noise as I step over them. Through the sensation on my feet, I come to understand that the flowers blooming on the thirtieth floor aren’t plants, but minerals.

After several seconds of stepping on those beautiful flowers, I discover the figure of a person.

If it’s as expected then that’s――

【Thirty Guardian】  The One Who Stole The Natural Law Of Earth

「…… The thirtieth floor’s Guardian?」

That person reacts to my voice and turns to me.

He’s a youth with dark chestnut colored hair. The hem of his clothes appear to be very worn out and his eyes look exhausted. The color of his eyes are a purplish grey―― hatobairo**, and there are dark circles under his eyes. His age is probably a bit higher than mine. He’d look like a college student in my world.

The youth places a hand on his forehead and makes a strange expression.

And then, he answers.

「――A, aah, that’s right. I’m a Guardian. I know that. There’s no mistake. But, at that time, the promise I made with that person――, and then, and then――!!」

This youth is a Guardian, a monster? Really?

And it looks like the youth is very confused right now.

From what I’ve heard, Guardians appear as soon as a searcher enters their floor.

I don’t know what mechanism it works through, but if it’s something like summoning, then it’s understandable that the youth who was summoned all of a sudden would be confused.

As if explaining it to himself, the youth continues.

With his empty eyes wandering around, he tries grasping as much information as he can.

「And then……!? And then, what happened to me? …… Th, that’s right. If I remember, at the end I was swallowed together with that idiot……――!?」

All of a sudden, the youth’s eyes open wide and he crouches down.

At that moment, above the youth’s head ―― a giant black scythe passes by.

「―― Clossse!!」

In a place with nothing there, it suddenly appeared and raised it’s voice with a joyful expression. That also doesn’t have the form of a monster, but a human.

The one who swung the giant scythe, is a very young girl.

She’s a girl with the height of an elementary schooler, but she holds a nearly two meter undefined dark scythe and floats in midair. Stark naked with dark brown skin, hair that is as long as her height―― and, crimson eyes overflowing with killing intent.

What’s strangest of all, is that I can’t get any information on that girl by 『Observing』 her.

As the girl clicks her tongue, she goes for another swing.

In response, the youth’s face clears of doubts.

「aAh! Aah, that’s right! Damn it, so that’s what it is!!」

And then, taking a stance with an empty hand, he dodges the girls attack while keeping an eye on the surroundings.

It’s in the middle of that, his eyes once again meet with mine.

With our eye meeting, the youth shouts at me.

「It’s dangerous here! Escape immediately!!」

The youth is worried about me and urges me to retreat.

「Eh, Eeh!?」

Having no idea what’s happening, I raised my voice.

To think, when I arrived on the thirtieth floor, I’d be told to run away by its Guardian. And him ignoring me to fight with the girl is something way too unexpected.

「『Reaper』(God of death) is dangerous! This me―― 『The One Who Stole The Natural Law Of Earth』 Lowen will hold her back, hurry and escape!!」

The youth acknowledges himself as the Guardian, 『The One Whos Stole The Natural Law Of Earth』, and names himself Lowen. At the same time, he calls the girl 『Reaper』, and shows sincere worry.

However, I don’t move.

If he’s a Guardian, then he’s the enemy.

An enemy I must defeat…… he is but. Lowen-san is too human-like. This is too different from the situation I expected.

While I’m still unable to move because of the situation, the girl also shows a troubled expression and shouts.

「H, huh, something’s wrong!? Lowen, something’s wrong!!」

However, she doesn’t stop attacking Lowen during that. Even now she speaks while trying to chop his neck off.

Lowen-san dodges the fast moving scythe and replies.

「Of course it is! Everything has already ended! That battle ended! Your practitioner died! There’s no longer a reason for you to attack me!!」

「Eeh!? No way, no way! Don’t say something so terrible, Lowen!」

「You won’t be able to maintain your body if you move any more than this!!」

With those words as his last, Lowen-san dodges the scythe with a paper thin margin, and he grabs hold of the girl’s arm and throws her.

As I’m looking from afar, the difference between their abilities is clear.

Although the girls movements are fast, she’s only repeatedly attacking without a plan. In comparison, Lowen-san’s movements are refined. The difference in ability is too much.

The scythe will never be able to reach Lowen-san like that.

The girl who was thrown lets out a painful groan.

It even looks like the atmosphere is warping in pain.

「U, Uu……. It hurts……」

「You see! It’s because you’re carelessly using magic power without any replenishment!」

The girl glares in response to Lowen-san’s words.

And then, with a faint laugh she mutters.

「N, no……, I can still do it. I’m still alive……!!」

「O, Oi, it can’t be――!?」

Sensing the girls abnormal state, Lowen-san extends his hand to keep the girl in check. The moment after, the girl’s body distorts, and turning into black smoke she dissolves into the air.

I realized because I had 《Dimension》 up. The girl changed her whole body to magic power and merged with the magic in the atmosphere.

And then, as magic power, she moves to my back and――

「Kuu――! So I’m next!?」

「Look here, Onii-chan」

At this point, it’s pretty much teleportation.

Surprised by the teleportation, I draw my sword and swing.

In that direction is the girl with a smile covering her face. As if her prank had succeeded, the smile of a pure child. The girl places her hand on my shoulder. And then, a finger pokes my cheek.

「Hihii, you turned?

I jump away to separate from the girl and then ―― I feel a heat on my neck.


With my sword still facing the girl, I place my hand on my neck.

I felt no hostility from the girl. However, it’s likely that I received some sort of attack.

After I took my distance, Lowen-san rushes at the girl who seems to be having fun.

「Reaper! Don’t involve other people!!」

「Too slow, Lowen! This Onii-chan, I’ll take him!」

The girl jumped away from Lowen-san, and she said 「take me」.

It didn’t take long before I realized what that expression meant.

I focus 《Dimension》 on the heat on my neck. 

Before I knew it a black pattern had risen there. Resembling a magic circle, it lets out heat and wrings out my magic power.

《Dimension》 tells me of the flow of the magic power.

The wringed out magic power is flowing to the girl called Reaper.

Looking closely, a pattern similar to the one on my nape had also risen on the girl’s forehead. Between the patterns, something like a 《Link》 is formed, and right now, there’s no doubt that my magic power is being stolen.

「Hihii. ――『The hollow devil is』『At the back of the beloved you』『That is the place only for me』」

The girl receives my magic power, and her strength rises.

And then, after reciting her chant, she shouts that name.

「――『I am the very』『Grim Rim Reaper』!!」

She declares herself as the 『Reaper』.

「What a coincidence! This Onii-chan, is the same as that person! Hihihii! A fellow dimension attribute mage-san! Now now! This Onii-chan will fulfill the empty space of practitioner! Now, what will you do Lowen!?」

As the girls shouts with her power rising, magic power continues escaping me.

There’s no mistaking it.

This girl is stealing my magic power.

Seeing that, Lowen-san provokingly groans and approaches me.

「Kuu, there’s no helping it ……! Boy, your name!?」

「Kanami……. Aikawa Kanmi……」

With my hand on my neck, I give my name.

Although I feel wickedness from the girl, I feel no malice from the Guardian Lowen. For the time being, I decided that giving my name wouldn’t be a problem.

But once he hears my name, Lowen-san raises a loud voice in surprise.

「A, Aikawa Kanami!?」

Apparently, he seems to have heard my name somewhere before.

But Lowen-san’s surprise lasted only for a moment. He immediately closes his mouth and returns to his serious expression.

「A, anyway, Kanami-kun! I’m sorry but I’ll need your cooperation! If you want to undo that 『Curse』, then you have no choice but to defeat her!」

Lowen-san called the pattern on my neck a 『Curse』, and said I have to fight to undo it.

「…… I, I don’t really know what’s happening, but I do know that that kid did something bad! And leaving this alone won’t end well!」

No matter how long I place my hand on my neck, I can still see magic power escaping, so I approve of Lowen’s suggestion.

「Hihii, fuhihihii, AhaHaa, AHAHAHAHAHA――!」

Against the joyous Reaper who continues laughing, I ready my sword and stand side by side with a Guardian. This is completely different from my original plan but there’s no choice.

First I have to do something about the enemy before me. I begin thinking of a method to capture the girl.

And then, in the next instant, her scythe completely crushes the surrounding crystals.

Barely managing to dodge, I ask Lowen-san a question. I need information before I can act.

「Lowen-san! Is that a monster!?」

「No, it’s not a monster! Of course, it’s not a Guardian either, nor a human! That is simply 『Magic』!  『Magic』 that moves and holds intellect!」


I showed my doubt at the unexpected true identity.

「Aah, a magic curse that was made solely to kill me. The motif is a fairy tale, and the magic’s name is 『Grim Rim Reaper』 just like the tale. Fight while thinking of that fairy tale!」

「Eh, fa, fairy tale!? Sorry, but I don’t know that fairy tale!! 」

The conversation suddenly turning to a fairy tale troubled me.

I’ve never heard of Grim Rim Reaper.

「It’s a world famous fairy tale!?」

「No, I really don’t know!」

It seems like it’s famous in this world. However, as a foreigner it isn’t something I’d know.

With a serious expression, I continue dodging the girl’s scythe that appears at my blind spots.

Sensing that I’m not lying, Lowen-san continues.

「Okay! I’ll say the main point! She 『Can’t exist when looked at.  And, materializes only when not looked at』. She’s the villain of a fairy tale that lives by that rule. The blade will attack from a blind spot, counter when it comes!」

「Materializes only when not looked at…… ? I, I understand!」

That alone is troubling.

She’s not a living being but magic, that’s a cheat like trait.

I continue dodging that teleporting scythe. To be honest, countering this is difficult.

However, something feels off.

It’s only against Lowen-san that the girl fire a bloodcurdling bloodthirst, there’s nothing directed at me. It also feels like she’s missing vital spots.

「Geez! Move away for a bit Onii-chan ! I only want to kill Lowen!!」

As I walked to Lowen-san’s back as if to protect him, the girl distances herself while fuming with anger.

「Well of course I won’t. Onii-chan is my important prey. I’ll just make it so you can’t move」

「Eh, prey……. For now, can’t you stop taking my magic power……」

「I can’t do that! If I stop I won’t be able to fight Lowen, I’ll keep squeezing until you die!」

「Until I die……. Then, I’ve got choice but to fight do I……」

Regripping my sword, I glare at the girl.

However, I also don’t show any bloodthirst. It’s already hard enough that she has a human figure, but my spirit further weakens when she responds just like a child.

「Kanami-kun, it’s useless! Once you’re possessed, your magic power will be sucked until death!」

Having seen my hesitation, Lowen-san proclaims that I’ll die if it stays like this.

 ―― But, I didn’t believe that.

Although it’s true that I can’t blindly accept what a person I just met is saying, but most of all it’s that l feel no impending sense of crisis from him.

It’s a thin, faint line of magic power that is slowly being taken. Even if it does affect my fighting, it isn’t an amount that would be a matter of life or death.

Chewing on my magic as if deliciosus, she begins constructing her magic.

「Hihii, what juicy magic power! It might even be better than before! With this, escaping from the gaze of two people will be a breeze!!」

It looks like the girl who is magic itself can also use magic.

「―― Magic 《Dimension Nightmare》!」(Nightmare = back bubbles)

It’s similar to my magic. And the fact that she said the term 《Dimension》, there’s no mistaking that it’s the same type of magic. However, it’s not only that. I also felt that the expression 『Nightmare』 is similar.

In the thirtieth floor filled with dimension attribute magic, black bubbles begin welling up.

I understand the magic with 《Dimension》. There’s fundamentally no difference with my 《Dimension》. And it seems like the magic necessary to teleport is inside those black bubbles. Its use is similar to 《Di Snow》

But that isn’t their only use, the black bubbles filling the room also serve the purpose of blocking our vision.

Just as the girl proclaimed, she erases her body and teleports to our blindsopots.

I spread 《Dimension》 at once in order to remove any blind posts. However, that girl senses 《Dimension》 spreading, and with 《Dimension Nightmare》, she moves to the spots where it’s spread thin.

My 《Dimension》 is a magic meant to get information in a space, but it’s not as if it’s always automatically gathering information. Basically, it grabs the information I want from the place I want.

In other words, as long as I’m not paying complete attention, small gaps will be created.

And it looks like that girl is moving to those gaps. At the end of our battle of precision with 《Dimension》, she moves to Lowen-san’s back, and swings her scythe.

Lowen-san turns his body and avoids it. It looked like the scyte took off some of the hem of his clothes. But, before the scythe could hit, I perceived it with 《Dimension》, and the scythe lost its substance.

The girl sees that her attack didn’t reach, and she puffs out her cheeks.

After that she continued cutting at Lowen-san, but I continued interrupting it with my 《Dimension》 and none of it reached.

「Kuu! Aah geez! Onii-chan’s magic is a nuisance-!」

The girl loses her temper and switches her target to me.

It doesn’t look like she has a method to oppose my 《Dimension》.

The girl focuses on me and strengthens the link attached to the pattern on my cheek.

「Then, I’ll squeeze more magic power out, I’ll make it so you can’t use any magic!」

Lowen-san sees that and in a panic he tries regaining her attention.

「Kanami-kun, for now move――」

「No, Lowen-san. It’s fine」

However, there was no need for that. I’ve already gathered enough information on the girl.

Although I was surprised at first by the girls special ability, I’m already used to it.

「I understand the main idea」

I calmly proclaimed the end of the battle.

In regards to the girl who is trying to interfere, I construct another magic. To be honest, about this thin link that is a 『Curse』 or whatever, it probably isn’t enough to drain my MP dry. It’s to the extent of a needle pricking a hole in a giant storehouse. In the grand scheme of things it has no effect.

「I’ll prioritize gaining visual confirmation of the whole room by pouring my magic power into 《Dimension Multiple》.」

I further strengthen my spatial recognition.

And filling the whole room with dimension magic, the girl loses the space to materialize.

Unlike 《Dimension》 this doesn’t leave any openings. There’s no way for her to hide from my awareness.

Like this I can render the girl powerless.

「Eh, huh! What’s this!」

The girl sensed my magic power filling the whole room with 《Dimension Nightmare》 and she immediately dissolves her body to teleport away.

Using the back bubbles she can jump throughout the room as much as she wants, but she notices that she can’t materialize anywhere.

「Eh, eh? I’m seen no matter where I go!?」

Sweat drips onto the girl’s forehead.

「Give up. As long as you’re close to me, you’ll never be able to materialize again. Not a gap of a millimeter, nor a second, I won’t overlook you」

Not even the moment she teleports, not a fraction of time, 《Dimension》 doesn’t let it go unnoticed.

Through the magic power filling the room, it’s even possible to predict where she’ll teleport. And I already finished analyzing the black bubbles that numbered more than a hundred.

With this the girl can no longer harm us.

As she has no way to attack without the scythe, this is checkmate.

「N, no way! That’s unfair! This is terrible! Jeez!!」

After repeatedly teleporting, in anger the girl tries to hit my body with both her hands. However, since she can’t materialize she couldn’t touch me.

「Fuu. It helps that our affinity is good. Calm down for now……」

With a large sigh, I become relieved that the fast developments that happened ever since meeting them had now stopped.

It looks like Lowen-san also realized what happened by seeing the girl’s current state. Loosening his tension, he approaches us.

「Amazing, Kanami-kun……. But, how’s your magic power doing?」

「It’s nothing much? Honestly, it isn’t something that I’ll die from……」

After hearing that, Lowen-san makes a serious expression as he begins thinking.

「Nothing much? Is it because of the location…… ? No, is it simply that Kanami-kun’s magic power is abnormal…… ?」

Seeing Lowen-san unable to accept it, the girl unsteadily floats towards him.

Knowing that fighting back is useless, her scythe had already disappeared.

I was cautious, but the girl speaks in a light hearted manner.

「Nnnー, I think it’s simply the difference in magic power quantityー. Unlike Lowen, this Onii-chan’s magic power is amazing. Even if I suck, there’s still a lot left. Most of all, our affinity is insane!」

「Is it that different…… ?」

In response, Lowen-san also answered in a light hearted manner.

「Un, if Onii-chan is a juicy apple, Lowen is a dried fish」

「Sorry that my magic power is little…… ! Actually, mine is the one that’s normal!」

「D, don’t yell. Anyway, it probably won’t go like Lowen thinks. If it’s this Onii-chan, I think he can maintain me」

「Maintaining the Reaper……? That’s ridiculous……」

It looked like Lowen-san couldn’t believe what the girl said.

And for some reason, it also looked like something inside of him was relieved.

But now I’m the one who can’t believe what’s happening.

They were just trying to kill each other, but now Lowen-san and the girl are talking like nothing ever happened.

They’re getting way to well along. It’s like, they’re old pals.

They’re getting way to well along. It’s like, they’re old pals.

「Uhhh, can I say something?」

「Nn, what is it, Kanami-kun」

Ending his thoughts, Lowen-san faces me with a gentle expression.

「I came here to defeat the thirtieth floor’s Guardian……」

「N, now that you mention it it was like that. Right now, I should be the labyrinth’s Guardian. A lot happened and I forgot」

And so, with a harmless expression, he acknowledges the fact that he’s a Guardian.

This is a lot different from what I’ve heard.

Aren’t the Guardian’s merciless monsters, ones that attack any humans they meet, aren’t they mad monsters that have caused countless deaths……? That’s what I heard…….

「Eh? Onii-chan, you’re going to kill Lowen? Then, let’s kill him together! Honestly I want to kill him myself, but if it’s Onii-chan, then I’ll let you be my companion!」

In place of Lowen, the girl gives a ruthless response filled with madness.

I want to talk with the girl, but Lowen-san takes priority right now.

「Wa, wait a moment. Umm ―― Reaper. Let me talk with Lowen-san first」

At a loss at what to call her, for now I chose 「Reaper」

「Muuー,  don’t leave me out! Let me join let me join!」

「I’m not leaving you out. I’ll hear you out later, so for now stay ――」

「Don’t want to don’t want to! I know! You say that, and at the end you’ll ignore me!」

「No, I won’t do ――」

「Hey hey, more importantly undo the magic! If this is here, I can’t touch a ――」

「Magic 《Di Winter》」

「Eh, Eeh!? I, it huurtssー!」

I deploy a limited 《Di Winter》.

The target is from the pattern on my neck to the 『Link』 with Reaper. It’s the same thing as when I interrupt magic. It’s simply a way to stop vibrations in order to suppress the flow. 

With that alon I can stop supplying magic to the girl. Rather, if I want to I can be the one sucking it up.

Having lost her magic power supply, the girl beings suffering as if she couldn’t breathe

The reason I let her continue stealing my magic power is because I was confident that I could do this.

I quickly return the magic power supply to normal, and chide Reaper.

「Okay, stay quiet」

「…… Yes」

In a terribly frightened state, Reaper dejectedly retreats. During that, 「Even his punishments are the same as that person……」 is muttered. Apparently, there’s a trauma with that method just now.

It helped that the magic I use is compatible with Reaper. With this Reaper is now completely shut out.

However, something interested me.

If Reaper is the 『Magic』 someone produced, I feel like it’s something way too convenient. Like it was magic prepared for me…….

No, I’ll think about that later. I first have to talk with Lowen-san.

「Umm, to begin with, is Lowen-san really the thirtieth floor’s Guardian?」

「Sorry, but Kanami-kun. Can you stop with the honorifics? I can’t settle down with them」

「Eh, the honorifics?」

「Since the ages of our bodies aren’t that different. Please」

True, by looks alone our ages are close. Lowen-san looks only a bit older.

「…… Okay, Lowen. You can also call me Kanami」

「Of course, Kanami. So, what is it. Something about me being a Guardian……」

「I can’t think of Lowen as those Guardians. Instead I’d be able to agree if it was Reaper……」

「Well, that idiot is just an addon. At the end of the ceremony, she was close to me and ended up being dragged into it. I’m the Guardian」

「In other words, Lowen is a monster?」

「Aah, a monster. But, it’s different from the others, since I haven’t fallen yet, I’m mostly human」

With those words, Lowen shifts his attention to his body.

No matter how I see it, he looks like a normal human.

「Eh, eeh, that’s troubling. I heard a boss monster was here, and I came to defeat it……」

「No, don’t worry about it. At any rate, I won’t die like a human. It’s fine to associate me with monsters」

「Won’t die like a human? What do you mean?」

「Aah, once my heart stops beating, I’ll completely turn into a monster. If you defeat that, you’ll clear the thirtieth floor’s trial. Do you want to go at it right now?」

「…… Uun, doing that would be difficult」

「Well, I’d imagine……. If I was in your situation, I probably wouldn’t be able to draw my sword……」

Lowen-san shrugs his shoulders with a bitter smile .

However, I really was troubled. At this rate I won’t be able to fulfil the trade with Palinchlon.

I didn’t think the Guardian would be someone I can talk so much with. Lots of casualties came out in the past when the last Guardians appeared, but Lowen-san is different.

For now, I can forcefully stop his heart to make him into a monster.

If he loses his human figure then I think I’ll be able to point my sword at him. Probably.

「――Uun. In that case, let’s make a trade」

As I was worrying, Lowen-san made a proposal.

「Eh, trade?」

Another trade. In order to complete the trade with Palinchlon, I’ll trade with Lowen.

It reminds me of those delivery events in RPG games. Do that, do this, it happens many times in games to delay the main story from progressing.

Right now, I feel like it’d be better to focus on leveling up in order to be able to do something about those two girls.

「Aah, it’s a simple trade. Grant my wish. If you do that, I will die」

「If I grant your wish you will die…… ? Is that, true」

「To begin with, Guardians are dead. It’s just that our lingering regrets move our bodies, we aren’t alive. Therefore, if we lose our regrets we lose our strength, with our aspirations granted we disappear」

Lowen informs me that he’s dead.

The reason he said that it’d be fine to treat him like a monster, is because his resolve in death is what moves him. Unable to speak, Lowen disregards me and continues.

「Rather, dying is also a wish of mine. That’s why, you don’t have to worry about killing me」

A faint smile leaks out.

I knew that he was acting in order to decrease my anxiety.

And I want to respond to this kind hearted Guardian’s feelings.

「Okay. If Lowen says that much, I will kill the Guardians in that way」

「Thank you, Kanami」

Lowen and I shake hands.

We only knew each other for a bit, but I understood that Lowen isn’t a bad person. In that case, I’m more than willing to cooperate. Of course, it’s in part due to self-interest.

Lowen is strong. From what I could see in the battle just now, he was calmly able to parry the high speed attacks of the scythe empty handed.

It’d be difficult even if I pair up with that girl.

And depending on the contents of the trade, maybe Lowen will be my ally until it’s fulfilled.  While I’m thinking of what would happen, Reaper was no longer able to endure and shouts.

「Y, you can’t. I have to kill Lowen, so you can’t die like that!」

If Reaper is a magic made solely to kill Lowen, then it’s understandable that it’d come to this.

「Like I said, the one who gave you the order is dead……. I really don’t understand you. You no longer need to kill me」

「Even I, understand that……. Bu, but then, what am I supposed to do…… ? What should I live for……?」

「That’s for you to decide. That’s what living is. Having it decided before you’re born is what’s strange. What you should be doing is live, and search for yourself」

In a powerful tone, Lowen tells Reaper to live.

I’m the same. At least, I think that living in order to kill someone is wrong.

「That’s……, hard…..」

「Ah, wait! Where are you going!?」

In a panicked state Lowen calls for Reaper to stop.

However, I knew where Reaper ran off too. It’s more like I was forced to know.

Reaper turned into a black fog and entered me. I thought of rejecting it with 《Di Winter》, but remembering that sad expression just now caused me to sympathize and accept it.

「Lowen. Reaper entered inside of me. It feels a bit strange……」

「Inside of Kanami……? I, I see, then it’s fine……」

Lowen shows his relief once he learns that Reaper is safe.

It looks like there are times when Lowen is worried for Reaper even though she tried killing him. It’s like worrying for a misbehaving little sister.

「But, my body feels heavier……」

「That’s because Reaper is a 『Curse』. It’s only natural since you’re carrying the highest grade of curse」

「Wh, what should I do, with this kid……」

「…… Well, Reaper’s an idiot, but she isn’t a bad kid. If you can persuade her, she’ll become a magic you can use. Good going, Kanami. Today you became the user of the legendary death god」

And so, Lowen shows a face as if he found someone to take care of his misbehaving little sister

「I’d like to refrain if possible……」

Even if Lowen is fine with it, it isn’t something I can accept.

It’s not like I’ll die, but it’s a fact that my important MP is being shaved off.

「M, my bad. That just now was a joke. I’ll cooperate in expelling Reaper. It’d be great if you could find another practitioner to seal her in……. But, I’m not well informed about magic, so there isn’t much I can do. Hey, are there any other Guardians alive?」

「No, apparently the tenth and twentieth floor Guardians have died」

「Kuu, if there was a Guardian who’s good at magic, then it might have been possible to save Reaper……. I see. So everyone, disappeared……」

Lowen naturally said 「Save」 Reaper.

As expected, the two are trying to kill each other, but that isn’t all to it.

But now that I finished the first part of the conversation, I jump to the most important point.

Yes, the most important point.

「And, what is your wish Lowen…… ?」

That is, the other way to kill the one who stole the natural law of earth Lowen.

「…… Wish, is it. Let’s see, I feel like a lot happened」

Lowen’s answer was vague.

However, slowly, like he’s remembering something, he spins his words as his expression constantly changes.

「If I remember, my dearest wish should be to become famous as a knight……」

While opening and closing his empty right hand, he continues as if he’s persuading himself.

「Aah, that’s right. I wished to show my sword to the world. It has been my dream since I was a child. There’s no mistaking it…… Only that wish alone I won’t mistake……」

With embarrassment, Lowen puts the clumsy dream he had since young into words.

And then, with an expression as if convinced, he continues.

「―― Aah. I want glory and honor. To become a 『Hero』, to have many people praise me」

With a childish smile, a very simple craving comes from his mouth.

That was a very pure, beautiful ―― and also, somewhat fleeting.

「Otherwise it’d go unrewarded」

With that last murmur, Lowen ends his confession.

As I thought, something about that figure looks fleeting…….

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