I only read for a few hours, but I still gained a lot.

I learned the general outline of this world’s history from records written in books, and also knowledge of current day occupations and the lives of people. Most of all, probably because this is a library close to the labyrinth, I was able to obtain lots of information on searchers and the labyrinth itself.

I end my reading session as the sun is going down and instead choose to hear more from the librarian.

While I was reading, I saw several people asking the librarians questions. In order to not look suspicious, I imitate them and successfully manage to gather information.

After leaving the library, I go along a road I heard from the librarian and arrive at a place to exchange objects for money.

So that no one can see what happens I take out a leather bag from 『Items』 and hang it on my waist before I enter the shop.

I was unable to confirm the existence of the abilities 『Display』 or 『Items』 with the information I gathered from the library. It’s likely that I’m the only one with these abilities. Because of that, I take actions to hide their existence.

The inside of the shop resembles an antique shop from my world. Old goods and other junk are scattered all around.

I call out to the plump man I believe to be the shopkeeper.

「Excuse me. Just a little is fine, but can I exchange my things for money here」

I begin the negotiation while carefully choosing my words.

At first I thought of negotiating in a way that I wouldn’t be looked down upon, but I didn’t go with that. My goal is to get money, but if possible I’d also like to gather information. So I take on a plan that won’t put me at risk. 

「Nn, that’s fine. Let me see」


The shopkeeper gladly responds.


Dried meat   Water pouch Antihemorrhagic   Oil Numbness needle Rasp Oria’s greatsword   Leather gloves Leather shoes Cloth Wooden bow   Iron knife Unlabeled arrow Lighter Smartphone Small stone   Branch Tenth rank magic stone Ninth rank magic stone 

Making it appear like I’m taking things out of the leather bag, I spread all the tenth rank magic stones I have on the counter.

「Aah, the magic stones from the earlier parts. At best, it’d be one copper coin」

「I understand. Please」

I didn’t feel like negotiating from the beginning, but I still accepted the moment I heard at best.

「Here, twelve copper coins. You have documents?」

「…… No, I don’t」

「Then, press your finger on that」

The shopkeeper says that and urges me on.

The fact that there are documents surprised me, but it doesn’t look like they’re necessary. As I leave my fingerprint on the paper, I think 「Fingerprints, what year was it when they were used in my world」.

「Going to the labyrinth without having documentation, are you from a foreign country?」

My awkwardness must’ve caused some doubts. The shopkeeper seemed suspicious, so I answer as boldly as I can.

「Eeh, I came from a distant country after hearing rumors of the labyrinth」

「Hou, this much on your first trip. That’s quite something. So where you from?」

It seems like this is impressive. 

It’s painful knowing that almost everything was stolen from corpses, but the flow of the conversation is going well, so I continue it. I decide to see if the information I gained in the library is safe.

I’ll go with the setting of my birthplace being a distant land. Among those distant countries a minor one would be even better. If I remember correctly, there should be a country called 『Fania』.

「It’s quite far. Fania, do you know of it?」

It must be because he has spare time that the shopkeeper latched on. I decide to move on to the main topic before any faults are discovered.

「Nothing in particular. More importantly, do you have any recommendations for a place to stay?」

「Nn, a place to stay? If it’s Whoseyards then there’s the public lodgings. But, they’re expensive. …… To begin with, Whoseyards isn’t a cheap place」

「Is that so?」

It seems like Whoseyards is an expensive country.

I did sense it a bit from what the guard in front of the labyrinth said.

「It looks like you chose a random country to enter on the spot. Since Whoseyards is the best looking country, lots of people entering the Allied Nations first choose to enter this country. It’s a country with a good appearance and public order, but everything here is expensive. It isn’t called the center for nobility, the Knight Nation, for nothing」

「I see……」

I entered Whoseyards by chance. However, it looks like this country has both merits and demerits.

A rich country for rich people.

「To be honest, if you don’t have much money to use, then searching the labyrinth from Whoseyards will be tough. If you’re just earning copper coins, then you won’t even be able to get meals. That’s why, unless you’re a high level high income searcher, you won’t be able to stay in Whoseyards」

「So it’s like that……. By the way, how does the price of lodgings compare to other countries?」

「They’re not comparable. It’s several times larger than the neighboring countries. If it’s in copper coins any average lodging in Whoseyards would be several hundred of them」

「Se, several hundred……!?」

「It’s a country with people carefreely walking around with gold coins on them. It’s unfortunate, but if you don’t have money then you should camp at a place without the 『Line』, and tomorrow you should go to 『Valt』. The public order there is a bit bad, but it’s a great country to search the labyrinth from. They should also have places to stay that only cost several copper coins」

I’d like to refrain from camping if I can. My mind is already exhausted, so I have no idea what would happen if I were to gather any more stress then this. It’d definitely activate the condition for the skill 『???』. I feel like that’s something I shouldn’t be using. There’s also the fact that I don’t really understand what the 『Line』 is. From the way the shopkeeper is speaking, if I’m going to camp I have to avoid the line. However, according to what was written on the books in the library it’s nothing but a 『A gem line that transmits magic power』.

In other words, I can’t be stingy with what I earned today. 

In the end, I decide to bet on the good conscience of the shopkeeper that’s been looking after me.

「Eh, uum, then, can you look at all my items? I’d like to know how much they go for……」

「Fumu, so you had more. Let me see what you have first」


I exit the shop, once outside I take out Oria’s greatsword and others things from 『Items』 and then bring them back inside. I say I got them from an acquaintance, but as expected, I was still doubted. However, I wasn’t questioned deeply about it. Could it be that a magic or equipment similar to 『Items』  does exist in this world.

I left the things I needed, and took out everything that looked like it’d make money.

The result ――


Revan silver coin    Revan copper coin Iron knife   Dried meat Water pouch Antihemorrhagic   Oil Lighter Smartphone Small stone

―― I obtained a hundred copper coins and ten silver coins.

The weapon with a name attached and the giant wolf’s magic stone. These alone made nine silver coins.

「―― Thank you very much. It really helps」

「No, it’s only because they were good items. It goes for the both of us. Then, take care. Beginner」

Like this, I leave the shop.

My 『Items』 decreased, but with this I can get lodging in Whoseyards.

I move to the cheapest inn I learned from the from the shopkeeper.

And so, I go through the formalities and finally obtain a room. Since dinner and breakfast are provided, I decided to go to the dining hall. 

Honestly, the dinner was bad.

There’s a huge difference if compared to what’s in my world. There was no rice, only crushed grains, potatoes, and oddly hard bread.

I go back to the room I was lent after I finish dinner.

It’s a simple room. It can’t be said to meet my sanitary requirements. But, this room is apparently high class in this world.

I feel a slight dizziness at that fact.

Taking a deep breath, I calm my mind.

「…… Fuu. …… I’m tired」

I collapse onto the provided hard bed.

This is the first time I’ve been able to rest today.

My mind relaxes.

Suddenly, my thoughts stray from their normal trajectory.

If I think about it seriously, everything today was strange. I have lots of questions.

And once those questions started, I was unable to answer them and could no longer relax.

Just what happened. I begin searching for an answer.

I search. I try to find an answer to my own question.

 ――Aah, what am I doing.

When I opened my eyes, I was attacked by a monster in a labyrinth, and magic exists, it’s a world like in an RPG game. Are you making fun of me. I bleed, and I almost died. I stole from corpses like a thief. I can’t accept it. I don’t know what’s going on. What is this world. Where is my world. Where is my family. I don’t have parents, but I do have a 『Younger Sister』. Did I vanish from my original world. No, is my sister all alone in that house? Just that alone is no good. I have to return. I have to wake up early, and prepare breakfast for my sister. I have to hurry, and escape from this unbelievable world. 『Display』 and 『Magic』. A game like status, a system that reflects my thoughts. How much has my brain been tampered with. Scary. It’s too scary. It’s something unbelievable, but also something unbelievable convenient. Don’t mess with me. What do you want me to do. Don’t mess with me don’t mess with me. Damn it, it’s irritating, aah, AAaAaAAh――!!

【Skill『???』is out of control】

Emotions will be exchanged for metal stability

+1.00 correction to confusion has been added

A notice is 『Displayed』.

In an instant the fire burning in my head is extinguished.

I did it again.

However, I’m already used to it. I couldn’t help but let it activate.

I continue trying to understand my situation, and devise a plan.

I’ll do my best.

Repeating that, is all the current me can do.

In that case, it’s important for me to rest my body right now.

Everything would be lost would be pointless if I die.

I rest my exhausted brain.

My conscience falls to the bottom of a quagmire.

I don’t have the leeway to even see a dream.

Only an uneasiness wraps around me in the black darkness. 

A pitch black world.

Several hours passed. But they only felt like a few seconds.

I fall into such a sleep ――


However, the world wouldn’t let me rest so easily.

「Wake up!!」

The air in my lungs is forced out.

The bottom of my abdomen was flattened, and together with the pain I wake up.

「Now, hurry, wake up already. Hurry hurry!」

I hear a voice.

A loud, clear, and young voice.

This voice, it should be ――

「……Nn, uu. Yo, you are」

My eyes open, and I confirm the voice’s owner.

Something unbelievable was there.

「I brought something good, so wake up already!」

The voice’s owner is Lastiara, the mysterious girl I met in the labyrinth.

She’s not wearing the armor I saw in the labyrinth, but a rough white set of silk clothes.

It seems like this girl, like Lastiara tightly pressed in my stomach. Right now Lastiara is straddling my stomach and looking down on me.

My thoughts couldn’t catch up to this sudden event. But, to begin with, there was nothing else I could understand, and because of that I’m able to speak with composure.

「This, is my room…… ?」

For now I’ll try mentioning the trespassing. On that note, I don’t know if such a law even exists in this world.

I can see that it’s still dark outside through the window. It’s a late night visit.

Lastiara descends from atop my stomach, and praises me as she brings her hands together.

「O, ooh, amazing. Not being surprised in this situation」

「I am surprised. It’s just that my thoughts can’t catch up」

I interact with her in a respectful manner.

The fact that she’s someone unfamiliar is one thing, but from what I saw in the labyrinth she is also the daughter of some high class family.

「Is that so. Well, I thought you might be in trouble so I came. I couldn’t help but be curious about why you stayed at level 1 」

Lastiara happily speaks.

The lady like tone I heard in the labyrinth was gone, and it instead became a carefree tone like when joking around with a friend of the same age. However, I couldn’t be as carefree as her.

Those eyes that appear to be having fun are frightening. Not being able to tell if our eyes are meeting or not causes an extreme uneasiness.

「Are you someone who can see others levels」

I carefully choose my words.

By the way, the concept of level in this world is ordinary. In the books I read in the library, there were many passages describing levels and statuses. And, it was also written that only the chosen humans are able to see the details of levels. 

「Un, in this world, people with good luck have that ability. Other than that, there are also people who obtain it through a deep faith and long study. For public organizations, a church’s priest in charge of level ups would be the latter. And I’m the former」

Lastiara nonchalantly talks about the things I wanted to know. It’s only natural as I lack experience in this world. And, she also used the phrase 「In this world」 normally.

I forget to breathe along with my shock.

「…… I didn’t know that, thank you. But, I don’t know what your goal is. And since I don’t know anything about you, I will be calling others to remove you」

「Wait wait. That’d be a problem. I came here to help you? In order to help process your accumulated experience, I came with good intentions!」

Overreacting, she raises both hands in the air, and Lastiara expresses her good intent.

「I’m fine. I’ve already confirmed the information regarding levels, and I know where the church is」

I coldly refuse.

I’d like to refrain from having such a suspicious person do that. To me, a level up is something very important.

「Eh, eeh-……」

Lastiara drops her shoulder to my reply.

「So please leave」

「Normally, it’d be more, you know…… Your reaction is weak, really……」

Lastiara muttered in a timid state. It seems like my reaction was unexpected to her.

But even then I continue urging her to leave.

In contrast, Lastiara looks at me as if she had decided something.

「―― All right, then it’ll be through force」

It was the best smile today.

I peek into those eyes. My impression remained the same as before. I couldn’t help but be in awe at those deep golden eyes.

Scary. I can’t think of her as anything but a monster wearing human skin. No matter how much that beautiful face moves according to its emotions, I don’t feel any human warmth from those eyes. They are like the cold eyes of a god giving a ruthless sentence.

As my body cowers in fear, I jump away from the bed.

In comparison, Lastiara is chanting something.

「『Loathful wooden box』、『Soundless sky, unwavering song』、『Answer――」

Lastiara moves her hands around like a conductor as she chants her magic.

I run for the exit as fast as I can. In order to involve a third party, I try leaving the room.

And so, I place my hand on the door knob, and turn ―― it doesn’t turn.

The door knob only quivered. As if it’s wrapped in 『Magic』, it radiates a light purple. It’s then that I finally realized that the chant from before was meant to keep me in.

With no other choice, I begin hitting the door while yelling for help.

「S, someone!!」

「It’s fine since it’s soundproofed, but I’ll have you be obedient」

Before I knew it, Lastiara had approached my back and was now caressing my throat.

I immediately knock away that hand, but then I notice my throat radiating a light purple. The same magic that was applied on the door knob, is now on my throat.


My throat doesn’t move.

Lastiara confirms that and once again extends her hand. Resolving myself, I grab her wrist. Planning to twist it to her back, I put strength into it.

At that instant, I’m thrown into the air.

I can see the top of Lastiara’s head beneath me. And then, I understood. Just now, I was the one thrown by the wrist of the hand I grabbed. This was not the strength of a girl who is no more than fifty kilos.

I try to calm my mind and focus on assuming a defensive posture. I have to be ready no matter what happens.

Barely passing by the ceiling, I fall onto the ground. I feel the impact throughout my body, but luckily, I hit the ground with both my legs and right hand. As my face warps from the attack, Lastiara approaches me.

I take out a knife form 『Items』 and ready myself. Just for a bit I saw Lastiara act surprised. However, her surprise immediately turns into a bitter smile, and she extends her hand as if nothing happened.

I wasn’t able to move. My conscience hit the breaks at the thought of cutting a girl with a knife. Having made it this far, I know far too well that I’m being naive. However, I still swing the knife around, and take out the water pouch from 『Items』 to use as a distraction.

As if expecting my counter attack, Lastiara hits away the water pouch. Like that, in a frightening speed she repels the knife, and sweeps my legs.

And so, while holding my head down, she chants her magic.

A light purple light rises on my head, and my body doesn’t move any longer.

「Nnn, your defense is good, your judgement is good, amazing. I can’t believe that this is a level 1」

I’m the one in trouble, but Lastiara still praises me. 

She continues speaking as if she was truly surprised.

「So this is the 『Value not reflected by numbers』. Really, it’s amazing. Your strength and agility isn’t even a tenth of mine, and yet you were somehow able to defend. Your magic is also really hard to grasp, how frightening」

I was unable to answer. As my body can’t move, I can’t even curse at her.

The only thing I can do is feel uneasy in this situation.

「…… You don’t have to worry so much. You might not believe it, but I have absolutely no malice. I’ll just level you up. Really, I’m not lying」

Saying that, as if crawling Lastiara gets on my back, and from her bosom she takes out an old book.

「Uuum, the chant for leveling up, here……『Thou, observe and look back――』」

Lastiara chants.

A white light is emitted from our bodies, and the room is filled with light.

「――exists in I, exists in thou』 there we go, finished」

That magic quickly came to an end.

If Lastiara didn’t lie, my level should have risen with this.

「You are my important 『Candidate』, it’d be bad if you just loiter around at level 1. Since with a low status you can die through some random coincidence. I wouldn’t be able to relax. But, we can relax with this for now」

As if to say I’ve done my job, Lastiara wipes the forehead that had no sweat. And so, approaching the window, she informs me of her parting in a sarcastic manner.

「Well then, right now some scary people are searching for me in a frenzy, so I’ll be taking my leave for now」

With elegance, Lastiara jumps from the window.

By the way, my body was left unable to move.

After seeing off the storm like Lastiara, I check my status.


Name : Aikawa Kanami   HP119/121 MP71/141 Class :

Level 4

Strength3.03   Vitality3.15 Dexterity4.07   Agility5.05 Intelligence6.09   Magic8.08 Potential7.00

Conditions : Confusion3.99

Experience Points : 127/800

【Bonus Point】 3 bonus points acquired

【Skill Point】 3 skill points acquired

My level did go up.

It seems like it’s true that the girl Lastiara held no malice towards me. But, she was too selfish. She’s a person I can’t afford to let my guard down against.

I deliberate on top of the cold floor.

Rather, I can’t move so I can’t do anything but deliberate.

I test out the newly 『Displayed』 bonus points and skill points.

It seems like bonus points can raise the strength and vitality in status, and skill points has the effect of raising skills.

At any rate, I don’t want to die so I put all my support points into HP. If this were a game it’d probably be more effective to put it into strength, but I prioritize HP considering the fact that I can’t die even once. By the way, 1 point raises it by 10, so my HP’s upper limit is now 151.

I only used 1 skill point and 『Dimension Magic5.05+0.10』 was the result. I used 《Dimension》 to test it, but I couldn’t even sense a tiny change, so I left the remaining 2 skill points on reserve.

My status and magic are probably going to be important in my life from now on. There’s also the possibility that I’ll obtain a new magic. I should avoid pointlessly wasting them.

I come to terms with my stance on point usage.

And time continued passing. However, my body remained unable to move.


In the end, I paid a lot of money, but still ended up sleeping on the cold floor.

Like this, my first day in a different world comes to an end.



Name : Aikawa Kanami   HP151/151 MP141/141 Class :

Level 4

Strength3.03   Vitality3.15 Dexterity4.07   Agility5.05 Intelligence6.09   Magic8.08 Potential7.00

Conditions : Confusion4.29

Experience Points : 127/800


Innate Skills : Swordsmanship1.01   Freezing Magic2.02

Acquired Skills : Dimension Magic5.05+0.10




Freezing Magic : Freeze1.00   Ice1.01

Dimension Magic : Dimension1.01


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