The next day.

I wake up and I’m able to move my body again. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to move anymore, but it’s all better now.

Just as I originally planned, I head for the eastern country of Valt.

I managed to make it without getting lost because I was told about the route and what I’d need by one of the inn’s employees.

Although I was prepared to make a long journey across the country, I arrived at the border while it was still monrining. The distance between the five countries isn’t much since they all surround the labyrinth.

At the border there is only a simple stone wall and there are no procedures when crossing. I was curious as to how they keep track of who enters and exits, but from the 『Line』 that was laid on the outside of the stone wall, I figured they use some kind of unknown technology.

It only took a bit of walking around Valt before I understood the difference it has with Whoseyards.

The disparity in wealth is clear, but what’s most different are the jobs.

Almost everyone I see is dressed as a searcher. There are many people with blades, and there are others who clearly live for battle. 

But now that I arrived at this new land, I can arrange my objectives.

My main objective is to 『Return』.

If I continue to live in this inexplicable world, I’ll eventually go mad. For my sake, and for my sister who I left behind, I have to return as soon as possible.

However, only wanting to 『Return』 is not enough.

The most appealing option is to challenge the giant labyrinth with the legend that has been passed down of 『Granting anything』. If thinking in terms of a game then this would be the correct answer, but this is reality.

Other than that I can look for any cultures and magics that can help me『Return』. However, the likelihood of this is low. I couldn’t find a single piece of evidence for it in the library. 

But, whether it’s capturing the labyrinth, or investigating, money is needed. Only that is certain.

Just obtaining meals and staying at inns would cost copper coins. And if I enter the labyrinth, I’d have to spend a lot on equipment. The same goes for weapons.

In other words, money, money, money. Anyway, nothing can be done without money.

For that the decision I made was ――

「Oooi, newbie. Once your done with the dishes, take out the trash!」

「Yes, understood!」

―― to start working part time at a certain bar.

Honestly I never want to enter the labyrinth again. I don’t even want to look at it.

That’s what I wholeheartedly think.

It’s still too early to start earning money through the labyrinth ―― no, I’ll be honest. I’m too scared to enter the labyrinth. My true intention is to spend as much time away from there as possible.

While walking around in such a state, I happened to spot a work recruitment notice for a bar. There my skills were tested and I took an interview. By using lies when needed, I managed to pass in a single shot. And without even doing much of a background check, I managed to start working.

It surprised me how easy it was to get hired in a different world. The fact that there is a depression going on in my world made my surprise even greater.

By the way, I have experience working part time in a restaurant. In regards to cooking, I’ve done it everyday so I have confidence. It’s because of that experience that I didn’t think too deeply about it and jumped right into it. However, this bar is a great place to gather information on the labyrinth due to how close it is, so it all worked out in the end.

「Sieg-kun, can you put this awayー」



I was scared of using my real name so I made use of a false name. What I’m mostly scared about, is that I could be exposed to that abnormal girl Lastiara if I keep using the name Aikawa Kanami.

Siegfried Visitor.

This was the western name that immediately came to me. It’s a name that might cause someone who plays games to laugh, but for now, I ended up using the name of a famous hero as my proof of being an outsider.

It’s only a possibility, but there may be others from my world that came here. And in order to get the opportunity to meet these people, this name can serve as a message to my fellow countrymen.

If it’s Siegfried from 『Nibelungenlied』, then it can also be understood by people who aren’t Japanese. It’s important that it’s a name not of this world, and also one that is famous in my own. Siegfried clears those requirements. I’ve already finished confirming with the people of this world that it’s a strange name.

…… Rather, this is the limits of what I can think of. But I can’t deny the fact that I’ve been tempted by the coolness of the name.

Other than that I thought of using the names of religions or countries, and also the names of famous Presidents, but there’s no going back. Siegfried has already stuck.

「Hur-ry-up, Sieg-kun!」

「Sorry! I’ll do it right away!」

The poster girl Ryn-san scolds me for stopping my legs.

It’s currently dinner time, the busiest time of the day. 

The labyrinth searchers who finished their search find seats in order to sate their hunger. The atmosphere is crude and noisy, but also filled with energy.

I continue doing chores as I gather information regarding the labyrinth.

「Hehe, we were able to earn a lot today」

「Aah, I was sweating when we met with that soldier ant flock, but just looking at the end result, it ended up being a  good hunt」

「Well, it’s all up to luck if you meet a flock or not. It’s dangerous, but the returns are great」

「Looking at the end result huh」

Many of the conversations in the bar were about the labyrinth. At the tables there are expert explorers reflecting, others are exchanging information, and being able to listen to all of this is useful.

I make use of 《Dimension》 while cleaning the dirty tables in order to pick up on the conversations.

「Yo. Are you new, boy. Did that other guy already quit?」

The amount of people that spoke to me during that weren’t few.

Different from my original world, this different world restaurant is excessively friendly.

「Yes, my name is Sieg. I just started working today. It seems like the previous person quit」

「I see. This place is stupid busy for a low pay」

The man cheerfully laughs.

The manager’s yell「Is a low pay bad!」 flies out of the kitchen, the man hears that and laughs even more.

The power balance in this bar is peculiar. From what I was told, the manager here used to be a famous labyrinth searcher, and because of that he doesn’t flinch at the rowdy customers. Just like before, I’ve heard him shout at the customers many times already.

If that wasn’t the case, then he probably wouldn’t have set up shop right next to the labyrinth.

For example, if someone teases the employee Ryn-san, then the manager would quickly come and help.

I haven’t known him long, but he seems like a trustworthy manager. 

But I have no confidence in the management here since I was hired so quickly.

「How long will you hold on boy. It’s full of annoying customers here, including me of course」

「No, everyone here is good natured. It’s thanks to that that I can comfortably do my job」

「Hoo, looks like you’re used to it. Unlike that previous guy, your manners are amazing」

「Thank you very much」

「Well, being so stiff ain’t good either. Take it easy」

The man hits my shoulder.

And then, the same voice from before flies out from the back.

「Oi, Crow! How long do you plan to keep our newbie! I’ll beat you up!」

It seems like the manager and the man called Crow are acquaintances, but his words were still merciless.

「Then I will be returning. The dishes are waiting for me」

「Hehee, forgive me, I also don’t wanna get beat up by the old man」

Crow-san raises a hand and nods.

I return to the kitchen in a hurry.

And so, I begin washing the piles of dishes.

Taking dishes and washing them is what I’ve been entrusted with, and it’s my job to do my best in that.

My work starts at dusk and continues until late at night.

Having to constantly move is hard, but the experience I cultivated in my original world helped out. 

And with 《Dimension》 always active, I can efficiently keep track of everything.  

Like this, I pass the time in my first job in this different world.

As the night grows dark, the searchers begin going home. 

At the same time as the last one leaves the bar, the manager comes out of the kitchen.

「Fuiii. It’s finally over, newbie. How was your first day?」

「It was quite a challenge as there were a considerable amount of customers」

I continue cleaning the floor in order to show off my stamina. It’s important that he thinks I’m someone useful.

「How cheeky. With that tone it looks like you’ll be able to work tomorrow」

「Eh, was that just now cheeky?」

「No, how do I put it. It’s those strangely polite manners that sound cheeky」

「Certainly, I have been told that I’ve been stiff today……」

It might be because of a culture gap between worlds. I planned to speak in a way that wouldn’t cause discomfort, but it’s likely that this attitude isn’t used much in this different world.

There’s a need to change my perception.

Just as the customer Crow-san said, I’ll aim to be a frank employee.

「Well, don’t push yourself. Grow into it slowly. Since I have hopes for you in the kitchen more than with the customers」

「Eh, Sieg-kun will be in the kitchen?」

After Ryn-san hears the word kitchen, she approaches me as her long light brown pigtails that match her stature swing around.

「Aah, I was thinking of having Sieg work in the kitchen. During the exam, his knife handling was perfect. His hand motions were also skilled, it looks like he has a lot of experience in cooking」

「So that’s why you passed him on the same day」

「And from when we talked, it also felt like he’d be able to politely serve the customers. There was no reason to refuse」

Even if you say that, it’s still strange to put someone to work without much of an explanation.

Although I thought that, I didn’t let it out of my mouth, so is the difficulties of being an underling.

「That’s true, I didn’t have to teach him much either」

「Right. My judgement wasn’t wrong. Then, I’ll be going back, the rest is up to you」


Saying that, the manager goes back to cleaning the kitchen.

「Thank goodness, Sieg-kun. You really need money don’t you?」

「Eeh, it really helps. But, the environment of my birth place is quite different, so please don’t expect too much」

I’d be troubled if their expectations of me are too high, so I take some precautions against that.

「Aah, it’s a distant country isn’t it, uuum……」


「That’s it, Fania. I haven’t heard of it, Fania. So you really did come from somewhere far」

「Eeh, I came to challenge the labyrinth with faint hopes, but I ended up in this sorry state」

I show the burns left on my neck.

A boy who came from the countryside to try and make a quick fortune through challenging the labyrinth, and was defeated on the first day. That is my current setting.

「Uuhaa, looks painful. But thank goodness. At least you didn’t get your arms t torn off, or have your eyes crushed. Working here won’t kill you」

Ryn-san said some scary things in a light tone.

It’s probably in part due to our different world views, but she also must have seen many things by working in this bar at the front lines of the labyrinth capture.

「And by working here, I won’t have to worry about finding meals」

「Un un, keep working. Onee-san will support you. Your manners are much better than the previous person, and your memory is also good」

It seems like I’ve made a good impression on Ryn-san. But, my manners are only due to the difference in our education, and my memory is all thanks to 《Dimension》. I feel a bit ashamed since it feels like I’m cheating.

「I’ll keep doing my best. Now then, I’ll start cleaning the table」

「Okey dokey, I’ll help」

Once I’m done cleaning the interior I’ll go and discuss the contents of the contract with the manager. I was told I would be given preferential treatment as they are short on hands, but there may still be things I have to decline depending on what’s written. To me this a part time job is nothing but a means, right now I have to test out many things.

「Aaah, it’s finally over. Sieg-kun, the only thing left is locking the entrance」


Ryn-san entrusts the final job to me and leaves to the back of the store.

As I’ve been told I go to the entrance in order to lock the large door.

It’s then, that I notice.

I catch something in《Dimension》.

It seems like there’s a person outside of the store. I try confirming it with my remaining MP.

「Status――, ……un, it can work. Magic 《Dimension Multiple》」

At the cost of my remaining MP, I gather the information of the situation outside.

By the way, this 《Dimension Multiple》 is a derivation of 《Dimension》. It only increases the range at the cost of more MP, but I still tried giving it an easier to understand name different from 《Dimension》.

The longer a skill name is the more exhilarating it is to use, at least that’s my opinion.

On the outside there is a large wooden board, and in front of it, there seems to be a kid in a hood around my age crouching down.

Curious about it, I exit the store.

White grains are falling outside. Although sparse, they made for a beautiful sight.

By the way, these white grains are called 『Tiarei』, it seems like it’s something different from the snow in my world. They aren’t crystyllations of water, but crystallizations of magic power gathered in the sky. As it’s knowledge I’ve procured in the library, I’m not too well informed on it.

The kid continues crouching as the Tiarei piles up on their hood.

I try calling out.

「Hey, are you awake?」


The kid with the hood raises their face and turns towards me.

Those suprised eyes meet with my own.

That kid is a girl.

Golden hair spilled out of the hood the moment she raised her face. Straight long hair with a warmth like the rays of the sun. Her large blue eyes leave a strong impression, and her innocent face made her look androgynous.

The girl looks at me and stands.

Our ages are probably close, but she’s much shorter than me. A girl with a small build.

I try speaking to her like an employee would.

「Thank goodness you woke up, but it’s already closing time……」

「…… Can I not stay here?」

The girl’s answer was blunt.

「Uuuun, as long as you don’t do anything weird. Probably」

「Is that so. Then, I’ll be staying. If it’s a bother say it」

With those words, the girl sits back down.

Unlike her appearance, the girl speaks like a man.

「No, that’s not it. It’s already the middle of the night, it’s dangerous for a girl to be alone」


It may just be unnecessary meddling, but the ethics from my previous words formed those words on their own.

「Do you have some place to ――」

「―― I don’t have money, so I was just taking in the warmth of the bar」

The girl unhesitatingly cut off my words.

In that case, there’s nothing else for me to say.

At this rate I’ll end up closing shop and averting my eyes. Still, the fact that this girl would be sleeping outside hurt my heart.

「I see. Then, I’ll be closing up」


However, there’s nothing I can do for this girl who is a complete stranger.

I also don’t have much leeway.

Although reluctant, I begin closing up.

「By the way, I’m not a girl. So don’t worry about it」

I heard the girl’s voice right before I could finish.

No, the boy’s voice. Apparently, because he’s a boy, I don’t have to worry about him.

Although it surprised me I still managed to finish.

I don’t know if that was a lie or not, but there’s no point in thinking about it any longer.

I walk to where the Manager and Ryn-san are.

Shaking off the androgynous beauty I just witnessed, I begin discussing the contract with the manager.

Although I say contract, it wasn’t something covering the finer details like in my world, but something much broader.

For now it seems like I’ll be a day laborer while being tested on many things. The pay will change depending on my results for the day, and today I managed to earn ten copper coins.

I also received boarding, I was told I can stay at a part of the bar.

Those good conditions surprised me.

I ended up being the one admonishing him.  I expressed my opinion in carelessly hiring such a suspicious person like myself, but the manager maintained his confidence in his judgement and said it’d be fine.

Ryn-san said 「If you do something bad, then your face would be smashed in and you’ll immediately be caught by the『Line』」. Apparently the 『Line』 is effective in defence and crime prevention as it’s all over town. This treatment might be because of that.

And so, right now, I’m wrapped up in a blanket in a place with a proper roof.

Compared to the kid from before, there’s a difference like that of heaven and hell.

「Status, Skill ――」

In a recess of the bar I try out many things with 『Display』.

While looking for any new abilities, I calmly organize my plans.

Now that I have a stable income, my panic has died down. The skill 『???』 already erased most of my bewilderment and fear towards this different world, and because of that I’m able to focus.

What’s left is to proceed step by step in a logical manner in order to 『Return』.

「They said it’s fine for me to work only at night…… Tomorrow I’ll walk around town until noon and gather information……」

I’ll first spend a few days gathering information and memorizing the common sense of this different world. Through the use of magic and 『Display』, and once I gather weapons and equipment, I’ll finally be able to challenge the labyrinth.

I continue testing 『Display』 until I fall asleep.

And like this, my second day in a different world peacefully ends.


If I cause an industrial revolution, then maybe clearing the labyrinth wouldn’t take long. 

This was the result I reached after thinking of many things last night.

It’s important to show my strengths as a person from a different world. By contributing to this world’s level of education, it might be interesting to see the labyrinth cleared not with magic but with machines.

But, the reality is that I don’t have the time nor connections. To begin with, it’s doubtful whether the laws of physics apply here. I thought of testing it at some point, but it’s something that can’t be done without money.

Once again I hit the wall of money, so I reluctantly go out to town.

Even after crossing worlds, money is still everything.

I wander around the public institutions in order to check the culture of this different world. In addition, I also go around weapon and equipment shops that are unique to this world. There were also magic stone shops directed at mages among them, but no matter where I went they were all expensive and outside of my financial range. Gathering information is a boring job, but if I think about it as sightseeing, it doesn’t feel as painful.

Time quickly passed, and it soon became time to work at the bar.

In the same way as yesterday I complete my chores within the noise.

The contents of my job didn’t change, but that doesn’t mean it was the same as yesterday.

『Display’s』 new use.

By 『Observing』monsters I’m able to 『Display』 that monster’s information, so I tried testing if the same thing applied to humans and it was a success.

For example, I’ll try using 『Display』 on that big man with a big wound.


Name : Alvin Coulson   HP165/172 MP0/0 Class : Swordsman

Level 11

Strength6.72   Vitality4.54 Dexterity2.01   Agility1.78 Intelligence1.32   Magic0.00 Potential0.67

The big man’s, Alvin Coulson’s, information is 『Displayed』.

Their privacy is nonexistent. However, this ended up being surprisingly fun.

Getting carried away, I check the strength of all the customers that enter.

By observing many people my understanding of 『Display』 deepened, so there was no reason to stop.

I also found out that I can set conditions when using 『Display』.

On the occasion I 『Display』 a person’s information, if I strongly think of knowing their name level and skills, it turns out like this.


Alvin Coulson Level 11

Innate Skills : Sewing1.10

Acquired Skills : Swordsmanship1.23

This man, it seems like he excels in sewing. The gap it caused with that big body made me to chuckle.

In this way, I observed many people throughout the day.

It’s during that time, that I discover a familiar face.

It’s the boy that looks like a girl that I met yesterday when closing up.

His face is hidden with a hood, but since I use 《Dimension》 whenever I have spare time, it didn’t take long for me to find out.

He’s asking for a meal at a counter seat.

It seems like Ryn-san took the order. I can’t talk right now since I’m working, so for now I’ll 『Observe』 in order to confirm his name and skills.


Diablo Sith

Innate Skills : Holy Magic3.78   God’s Divine Protection3.07 Condemnation2.00    Intense Convergence2.02 Elemental Magic2.09   Overcapture2.00 Longevity2.23   Aim2.02

Acquired Skills : Swordsmanship0.09



My jaw drops.

I’ve seen various statuses since morning, but this is my first time seeing such a ridiculous one.

It’s normal for a person to have one or two skills. There are also occasions were skilled searchers hold three. And those skills all range from 0.00 to 2.00, there was no one with a 3.00 other than me.

And yet, this boy has nine skills, and most of them have high values.

Eh, what is this.

「Heey, don’t space out! The manager said to go wash dishes in the back」

Ryn-san finds me standing still and scolds me.

「Ye, yes!」

It seems like the kitchen is rather busy. Although reluctant, I drag myself to the back.

And so, I do my job while amazed at the amount of dishes that had gathered.

As expected, I couldn’t help but be concerned about that boy named Diablo. With that ridiculous talent, it can be said that he’s an existence that’s favored by the world. If thinking of this world as a game, then the possibility of that boy holding some kind of important duty is high.

There’s also the possibility that he has similar circumstances to me. I need to make an opportunity to talk with him.

I simulate conversation with Diablo as I silently wash dishes, but then, a loud voice comes from one of the tables.

To begin with, this bar is always noisy. However, because the voice of Diablo who I heard last night entered my ears, I go to check it out.

「Hahaha, there’s no reason to partner with a level 1 brat. It’d be bad if I died because you held me back」

A single man laughs in a loud voice.

And a crowd forms around them.

「My level is low. But, I have confidence in my sword, and I can use simple magic!」

The boy refutes the man in a soprano voice.

It was a golden haired boy. I was a bit perplexed, but that is definitely Diablo. Compared to the long hair from last night, today his hair was cut short and tied up in the back. It’s because of that that the impression he gave today was considerably different from last night. Now he looks like an androgynous pretty boy.

Besides the loudly laughing man, a woman tries to explain in order to calm them down.

「Aah, being able to use magic is impressive. But, you are level 1, an even lower level then the kid over there. In fact that’s actually not normal. Through a parents help, or by living a normal life, at your age you should at least be at level 3. Nevertheless, as a level 1, you’re either a rich kid who faced no difficulties, or perhaps you’re someone who carries some troubles, isn’t it only natural for us to think so?」


Diablo lost his words at the woman’s logical answer.

「That’s right, there’s no way you can be level 1. Hahaha, it’s actually harder to even find a level 1! Ahahaha!」

The man mocks Diablo even more after he sees that.

It looks like this man is having fun teasing Diablo.

I was also somewhat hurt since it wasn’t long ago that I was level 1.

「Sh, shut up! Don’t look down on me, I can fight even with a low level!!」

Having been stirred up Diablo reaches for the man. The man easily side steps that and insults him once more. Having lost his cool, Diablo also returns some childlike insults in a rage.

No one was trying to stop them. These type of quarrels must be an everyday thing. However, this is different for me. This boy called Diablo has a promising future. Since I’m able to peek at the talent of others, I know that he’s someone I can hope to profit from.

The immature quarrel intensifies and they continue exchanging curses. Because of the level difference, Diablo isn’t able to put up a fight. Thinking I can get Diablo in my debt here, I approach them.

However, Ryn-san interferes before I could do so.

「There there, that’s all. If you came to play then please go home. Playing around with a child is immature」

Ryn-san chides them in an experienced manner.

「Oi oi, we were just looking for some companions to search the labyrinth together with. But, because a kid who didn’t meet the condition came chargin in, I thought of teaching him a few things as a senpai」

「Then that’s enough studying. Here, you over there should also calm down」

While saying that Ryn-san separates the man and Diablo.

「Damn it」

Diablo must have also realized that there’s no more meaning in arguing. Paying what he owes to Ryn-san, he begins leaving the bar.

「At that level you won’t join anyones party. You should think of doing something else」

The man lands the final blow on the fleeing enemy. However, Ryn-san doesn’t say anything. Including Ryn-san, most of the people here hold the same opinion as the man. With a click of the tongue Diablo exits the bar.

I immediately chant magic in a quiet voice. Using most of my MP I extend 《Dimension》 to track Diablo’s movements.

I’m not going to let him get away. After all, Diablo Sith is an outstanding talent that can shorten my labrynth search by about half.

「All right, everyone get back to what you were doing. Sieg-kun too, stop watching and get back to work」

「Ah, yes」

I go back to work while making sure to keep an eye on Diablo.

The rest of my work went the same as yesterday, and it soon became time to close.


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