Second in rank of the『Celestial Knight』, Hein Hellvilleshine.

That is the title I currently hold.

However, such a grandiose title, is not something I wished for. Since I did not want to become a knight that boats of honor and rank. For example, a supporting role in an opera, I would be a country knight who devotes himself to one. I wanted to be, a righteous knight who could protect someone.

However, I’ve arrived at this moment without ever becoming someone’s knight. Born into the knights of Whoseyards name, trained a terrifying amount that is fitting of that name, a miserable man who continued committing mistakes even with that knowledge――That is me. 

It was then that I met the mistress when I was around eighteen years old, soon after assuming the『Celestial Knight』title.

My superior guides me down the cathedrals dark hall, passing through many heavy stone made doors, we come out into an eerie room with a single candle and bed.

At that time, the Mistress was sleeping with her eyes shut. I still vividly remember it. 

Covered in pure white sheets, the beautiful Mistress slept on top of the soft bed, it was the moment I laid my eyes on that, that my story as a knight, had finally begun――

――Having a beauty not of this world in front of me, caused me to hold my breath.

I heard a simple explanation beforehand, I knew that this is『Saint Tiara’s Vessel』.

My words come out in order to confirm that.

「This is, that『Tiara-sama』…… ?」

「Aah, the body of the girl made through『Resurrection Magic』by what was left of the Saint Tiara. This is Whoseyards’ greatest wish, and the crystallization of our magic technology」

The man that guided me gave a concise answer. 

His name is Fedelt Rioas―― a  man in the prime of his life and the current prime minister. With his reddish brown her shaking, below that are his muddy eyes moving around.

Currently, the『Celestial Knights』are under Fedelt’s direct control, thus he is my superior. As his muddy eyes express, he is the type that is willing to use any means necessary,  but because his loyalty to the country won’t lose out to any other, he is still a good superior.

「From when, has she been like this? From what I see she appears to be in the middle of her teens……」

「No, this is a zero year old newborn. It’s only recently that we finally established the body. If I recall, it has been about three months since birth……」

「Th, three months……? Then, why did she grow like this……」

I was shocked.

The girl sleeping in front of me can’t be a newborn.

「It is possible with our current magic technology. As this is needed for the Christmas in three years, naturally we had to make the body’s age higher. According to the founder, on the specified day, it is our duty to offer a sixteen year old finished product」

While still shocked, Fedelt continued as if it was nothing special.

「For that reason you have been selected as the educator. Knight Hein Hellvilleshine」

「I as the educator…… ?」

「For the time being, this should be suitable for the descent of the Saint Tiara. It should be prepared to hold the status of living god on the day of her descent. …… You will be in charge of a number of these preparations. You must equip it with the proper strength and knowledge. The time the Saint-sama descends, if that body is weak and dull then the plan will be delayed. We plan to have the Saint-sama move immediately」

I could finally see where this was going.

In short, in order to not disgrace Saint Tiara-sama with the vessel, I’ve been tasked with the girl’s growth.

「Is it fine to simply train the girl? If it’s only that, then I can do it」

「No, not only training. This is an important matter. Listen well――soon, this will sprout its own ego. At that time, the biggest problem is if this girl will accept the ceremony or not. It is for that guidance that we would like to leave it to you」

What I thought I found had now been lost.

I look into Fedelt’s muddy eyes and raise a question.

「U, umm, an ego would sprout? In this child? Different form Saint Tiara, a separate girls heart…… ?」

「Of course it would. This is only a newborn that has been born a few months ago. And it is possible that the ego would refuse to be painted over by Saint Tiara」

「Paint over? Not coexisting, but painting over? Then that――」

――Isn’t it the same as this child dying?

As I realized that, the small flames of righteousness I had, were cut off by cold words.

「This is the country’s decision, the Revan Faith’s opinion, as well as the Founders will. Knight Hein」


That small flame of righteousness, was all to easily crushed by the block of ice that is the country’s decision.

「This will become the Saint that everyone reveres. That is surely a blessing, it is not something to feel pity over. The emotions you hold can be considered a rebellion against the country」

「No, I would never do such a thing……」

What rebellion. Just because his position is higher, I can’t even say what I want.

While spitting on the inside, I lower my head.

「Knight Hein, if you have any complaints then perform your job. If this joyfully accepts Saint Tiara, then we shall also be in joy. And so, the people as well will be joyful. If that is the case, then nobody would be misfortunate would they? It could be said that your job is one to bring happiness to everyone. For that reason, begin close in age, and skilled at making stories, you were chosen. The beauty in the Revan Faith, the greatness in Saint Tiara, the importance of dedication to duty, with your specialty in creating stories you should be able to color it」

As if to say this conversation was over, Fedelt ends his explanation.

But, such an explanation was not enough.

Naturally, I would not disobey that. 

I could only bite my lips and bear it. That is the role of a knight of Hellvilleshine.

「Yes, I will leave it to you. Knight of Hellvilleshine

Fedelt caught me in a chain of words. With only that, I am unable to move.

In the end, Fedelt leaves the room.

Having been left in the gloomy room, I sigh.

And so, I immediately approach the bed in the center, and shake the girl awake. It‘d be best to start working as soon as possible.

「N, nn, uuu……」

「H, hi, I’m Hein. Nice to meet you」

The girl slowly opened her eyes, I tried speaking in a gentle and friendly voice.

In order to gain trust as an educator.

While supporting her head with her hand, the girl raises her upper body.

「ah, aah……, He, Hein? I, I, I am…… ? Uuu, my head, hurts……」

The girl understood my words, and tries to remember about herself―― but she soon realized she didn’t even know her own name.

「I? I, I don’t know my name…… ? Uuu, it feels like various things disappeared……」

I understood the girls condition from those words.

Most likely, the formulas in her blood were filled with knowledge and language. If she was as is, then she wouldn’t know the things necessary for a sixteen year old. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible to speak with her three months after birth.

「No, you don’t have to force yourself. I already have your name」

When I say that, the girl blinks and looks at me.

That new name is the chain that the higher ups of Whoseyards prepared――

「――Lastiara. Your name is Lastiara Whoseyards」

At this point, the name is nothing more than a curse.

「Lastiara……, my name is Lastiara……」

The girls cheeks redden, and she looked happy as she repeated the name.

「Nice to meet you, Lastiara. Ah, no, should it be Lastiara-sama? You are a living god…… In that case, I must use honorfics…… Anyway……, Mistress, I am Hein and I will be your instructor starting from today. If there is anything you do not know, then feel free to ask」

I have to clearly distinguish this as work, and I will only inform the girl of what’s necessary.

「Understood. Hein-san」

The girl acknowledges with a smile.

And so, after pondering for a bit, she looks at my face in a mysterious manner and asks.

「Hein-san, there’s something I want to ask already」

「What is it?」

I gently reply while thinking about how much I can answer.

「Why, are you so sad?」

But, I soon understood, that the『How Much』and『Gently』were useless.

「S, sad?」


I immediately placed my hand on my face.

I trace along my mouth, nouse, cheeks, and eyes, and understood that my face had warped.

I understood, but I can’t acknowledge it. That is something unnecessary for my job.

「That’s not the case….. I’m smiling even now. I’m still smiling. That is your misunderstanding, Lastiara……」

「…… Is that so?」

The girl repeats it with a curiosity from the bottom of her heart. She must be confused from the common sense given through her blood and current conflicting situation. But even then, I persist.

「――Aah, a misunderstanding」

I do not feel pity for the girl. Neither sympathy or empathy as well. ―― I must not.

At that time, that is what I decided.

With that decision, it was the meeting between the girl and I…….

……At that time, my own path has been determined.

――I will never be the girl’s knight.

The instant I realized that, was at that time.

And so, from that time on I continued passing the days as the girl’s educator.

While still doing knight work, I continued adjusting the girl in a way convenient for Whoseyards―― Not long after, I began to fall for this pure girl.

However, everything was already too late.

Love, I’ve already lost those qualifications at the time I thought of being her knight.

I willingly threw it away.

The role of rescuing the girl―― belongs to the heroine’s(girl) protagonist. 

What was left, was the dirty role of villain who deceives the girl with lies.

But no such love story appeared, and I continued this irreparable role of a villain.

If I rescued her at this point, then the fact that I was a filthy villain would be exposed. I couldn’t help but fear that she would be disillusioned.

Not only that.

I was scared of making the country my enemy. I was scared of losing my current position. I was scared of betraying my family’s expectations. ――It’s something simple.

Hein Hellvilleshine, is nothing but a miserable man.

There was only one thing someone like I could do. Just as Fedelt said, in order to not make the girl suffer, make her into the perfect『Lastiara』.

If she idealizes Saint Tiara, wishes to be a hero, thinks that saving the country is something to be happy about, then『Lastiara』would vanish in happiness.

That is, the only road for the girl to become happy……


….. I piled on such excuses.

I understood that they were excuses, but I continued the brainwashing in the name of education.

I continued『Lastiara’s』adjustments…… One year, two years, three years……

――However, a day not long before the promised Christmas, the girl spoke.

A desire as if a ship had found『Something』while progressing through the night.

「――Hein-san. …… In the end, I, want to see the outside」

The perfect『Lastiara』had come apart, and it was then that I noticed.

The end, I doubted my ears. According to my education, those were the words that shouldn’t have been said.

However, the girl spoke it. She said she wants to leave from here.

At first, I try thinking of its origin. As a knight of Whoseyards, we must prioritize the gains of the country.

I soon understood the origin. No, I may have vaguely understood it since long before.

After all, as I was worried, frightened, and suffering, my education was not『Perfect』. 

By all rights, I was expected to balance the teachings of history and religion. However, I read out an abundance of adventures, along with the thoughts of freedom and release that comes with them. Furthermore, I searched for adventures with a strong element of love that girls favor, and dramatized the presentation.

Coward, I knew that it would torment her――it’d be good if she refused the ceremony on her own――I unconsciously wished for it, and the second option opened for the girl.

And so, the die has been cast.

Granting the girls wish, she gained the privilege to leave the  cage that is the cathedral. 

It surprised me how easily they gave permission.

The ones at the top must have great confidence in the girl’s degree of perfection.

Multiple layers of spirit magic had been piled on top of each other. The formulas in her blood were perfect. I was also aware that Palinchlon who specializes in spirit magic also did periodic checks on the girl.

Despite being the girl’s educator, that did not mean I was entrusted with everything. They probably thought it was useless for me to do anything on my own.

In this way, the manufactured『Lastiara』was able to leave her cage.

I secretly hoped. That there would be a sudden change from the status quo.

However, reality did not go so smoothly. When listening to the girl while making preparations, she dreamt of having a heroic adventure. 

I wished it was something more feminine. It would be best if she desired what was normal for a girl. However,  the girl couldn’t escape from the fame that was the heroes and saints.

What I believed was an opening, was nothing but an illusion―― as expected the girl is nothing but『Lastiara』―― it was when I resigned myself―― we, met with him.

「――Oi. The one hiding over there, come out」

A meeting with a black haired boy who carried burns.

「I’m not a thief――」 

Thanks to spreading around my wind magic, I was able to sense the boys breaths. At first I suspected it was a thief, but judging from his appearance that wasn’t the case.

We were about to take the usual procedure, and separate from the boy.

「――You, are interesting」 

But, that was obstructed by the girl’s inquisitive voice.

This was the first time the girl had an interest in someone of the opposite sex of the same age.

Even to the greatest searcher Glen Walker, the girl treats him like an ordinary person.

Thus, the girl used magic to help the boy as much as she could. Afterwards, she separates as if nothing happened, however, as I’ve long been associated with her, I understood. The girl couldn’t help but be interested in the boy. Doing the『Best that I can do』I thought of making a chance.

The night the boy was helped in the labyrinth, I ask the girl in a room in the cathedral.

「…… Mistress, are you concerned with the boy from before? 」

The girls eyes sparked in an easy to understand manner.

The eyes that once shone in pureness, now shined in madness. It was a simple reason. The several years of biased education, had badly influenced the girls personality.

「This is already the end. So how about moving together with that boy?」

「However, Hein-san. I am……」

「That’s right. The Mistress, fell in love with that boy. Let us go with that」

「Ha, haa. Love is it?」

「With that, it would be difficult for the Revan Faith to complain because of the principle. It’s an excuse to go outside」

「Uu, umm, certainly that’s in the principles, but would that excuse really pass……」

「It will pass」

Of course, that was a lie.

I will report「In yearning for the adventures of Saint Tiara,『Lastiara』had said that she would like to search the labyrinth」to the ones on top. It will carry through as everything is to get closer to the body of Saint Tiara.

At any rate, the boy and girl would be able to be together.

It is fine if it’s just for appearances. If the girl falls in love, then it’s possible that a change would occur. Perhaps the emotions of a regular girl would return.

「That, sounds fine. I would also like to experience an『Adventure』like that Saint Tiara」

To my proposal, the girl answers with a dark shine in her eyes.

As expected, the interest of the manufactured『Lasitara』, is to have a heroic『Adventure』.

The fact that the report wouldn’t be wrong, was a bit vexing.

「Eeh, please adventure together with that boy. It will surely be enjoyable」

「Fufu, fufufu, sounds good. That, sounds good」

After that, for a period of several days, without losing any time to sleep, I hurried around the cathedral.

Obtaining permission from various places, framing the usefulness of the plan, work continued piling on. For some reason, that Palinchlon sensed it, and the fact that he cooperated was a great help.

Having my efforts rewarded, the ones at the top were deceived, and I was somehow able to get her time to do as she pleased.

In high spirits, I return to the cathedral and report to the girl.

「Mistress, about the matter I mentioned before……」

「Before? Ummm, about the adventure with Kanami?」

「Eeh, it easily passed through when mentioned to the ones at the top. In a few days, you will be able to do as you please」

「Eh, eeh!? Ya, yay! Amazing, really!?」

「Mistress, your wording is disordered」

The girl was delighted.

In a way appropriate for her age. However, the madness dwelling in those eyes, still hadn’t disappeared.

No, it can’t be helped. The one who will erase that isn’t me, but that boy.

「Excuse me, Hein-san. Aah, but, but, after becoming the Saint, I didn’t think I’d be able to meet Kanami. I really am happy」

「Good for you, Mistress. However, this is a secret of the highest degree. Make sure to take caution」

「I understand. Then, what was the pretext for going out?」

「As it was first said. It all began when the Mistress fell in love with the boy Kanami and desired to be together with him. In other words, the pretext of love. Naturally, as it is the love of the living god, there will be obstacles from those who don’t agree. The strong knights of Whoseyards will come down, as well as priest who don’t agree. But, towards all the imminent dangers, the boy Kanami will splendidly repel it with his sword techniques. That figure will be like――!」

「Eh, wa, wait a moment. Is such a grand scenario, really needed? Isn’t that just Hein-san’s hobby running wild?」

「It, it’s indispensable」

 It seems like the girl believes my creative hobbies are running wild. Because of my usual performances, it seems my image has been damaged. However, it’s fine even with that misunderstanding.

「Normally it would be something like, yearning for adventures like Saint Tiara, in order to train the body, in order to deepen knowledge of the world, there are various things…… ?」

「That’s not good」

「No, that’s definitely, Hein-san’s hobby……」

「This also concerns the test of the boy Kanami」


「Doesn’t Mistress also think the same? That boy, even after becoming the Saint, you wish for him to be by your side」

This is only my guess…… I will be troubled if that isn’t the case.

「Y, yes…… You really understand, Hein-san」


I make a fist on the inside.

「As you said it is a grand scenario, in order to become the Mistresses’s knight then this much of a test is required. It also doubles as a periodic surveillance」

And so, while being protected, the girl will remember a sweet but fleeting emotion as she watches the boys back.

Un,  a path of righteousness. As expected, a story has to at least go this far.

And for the dreaming girl, if it isn’t at least this much then the stimulus won’t be enough. It is fine if the production goes overboard.

「For the time being, I will at least send Palinchlon, and he will measure the boys true ability. Afterwards, the Mistress can the get in contact. And then, the boy will repel the knights. Of course, knights that the boy can defeat will be sent」

After my explanation ended, the girl appeared to be unable to accept.

As expected, had the production gone needlessly far…… ?

「It can’t be helped…… But, after getting in contact I will do as I like. I don’t have confidence in my love act, and I believe it would be better to let Kanami know some of what’s going on」

While reluctant the girl consents. There was worth in the production, it isn’t as if the girl herself dislikes these type of heroic stories.

However, to explain the situation to the boy…..

In truth, the boy should wish to protect a beautiful girl who appears out of nowhere and favors him…… It can’t be helped. Smooth progress is more important than the production.

While acting together, there is also the chance of their true feelings changing.

「Fine then. As long as you can find common ground. Then, I will have Palinchlon dispatch today. More than being a loafer, he does have a good eye」


While chuckling at how smoothly the plan is going, I search for the cooperator in Palinchlon, and explain. Palinchlon immediately consented to it, and he began the boy’s pursuit that night.

And so, it was done in the space of one night.

However, the next morning, Palinchlon’s report astonished me.

「――Ahhh, Hein. The boy, is too strong. Even I’d have trouble?」

「Ha, haa? In other words the boy Kanami, is a match for the『Celestial Knights』?」

「Aah, I’m sure from what I saw. No, personally he’s also an interesting fella」

「Wa, wait a moment. Just the other day, he was a boy who was about to die on the first floor of the labyrinth? In just a few days, that reached the level of the『Celestial Knights』?」

「Uuun, from the information I gathered, that’s certain. Just a few days ago, it’s certain that the brother had ran for his life from the first floor after receiving large burns. However, it’s also true that in just a few days he managed to travel to the tenth floor. It’s only a matter of time before traveling to the twentieth floor. That brother is too strange」

「Too strange? What do you mean by that?」

「I didn’t want to say it since from here on it’s just my what I hope for. …… Well, I’ll tell you a bit, it’s possible that Siegfried Visitor has defeated the twentieth floor guardian Teeda. Ah, Siegfried Visitor is the false name of brother Kanami」

My jaw dropped.

That Teeda, is a monster that not even the strongest searcher Glen Walker and his party could oppose. To defeat that is at the level of a country’s hero. 

「The boy……, to the labyrinth’s guardian…… ?」

「Aah, it’s information from the guys at Valt’s guild. Also, it was without permission but I investigated the other side with the『Line』. I’m certain of it」

「Again, you keep doing what you want with the『Line』……Your skills should be sealed as soon as possible……」

「I was just collecting evidence. I mostly use the connections with Valt」

「Fine then….. At any rate, there is a need to change the plan……」

「Hee, after hearing this much, you’re still endorsing that boy?」

「More so after hearing」

I convey it to Palinchlon knowing I can’t conceal it. After listening, with a whistle he says he will cooperate in the plan’s changes.

Most likely, Palinchlon didn’t reveal all the information on the boy.

However, even then it does not matter.

No matter the ulterior motive, if the boy can be a hero, then it would only be benefiting the plan.

Changing the plan in one night, I go to the girl. I find the girl having a pleasant chat with the『Celestial Knight』Sera, and re-explain the plan.

On that note I had Sera remove herself. Since she is biased, I cannot allow her to participate in the plan.

After explaining the modified scenario, the girl nods with a sparkle.

「Aah, as expected….. ! As expected of Kanami…… !」

The girl has the skill『Pseudo God’s Eyes』. She must have expected this.

The girl has the skill『Pseudo God’s Eyes』. She must have anticipated this.

「Therefore, the knights who will be attacking are the acting『Celestial Knights』. Since the numbers are not enough, I will also be participating」

「Eeh. However will the『Celestial Knights』be an opponent?」

「Well, it’s a performance. The point is that it is fine as long as he wins」

「Fufuu, I look forward to it」

Alright, the plan had solidified. It may be a massive charade, but it must be done.

「By the way, the ones who know it’s under the pretext of love, are only Palinchlon and me, and the ones at the top. The other knights do not know」

「Then almost no one knows about it」

「It is best for the people who know the truth to be few」

What’s left, is that the talks of this love scandal does not reach the ones at the top.

That alone should not be a problem. The ones who come to the Allied Nations are few, and most of those have no interest. They’re full of people who only progress things on their desk.

In reality, even if they knew what I was doing, it would end with a scornful laugh. That is the extent of their concern for my charade.

「Then I’ll be going, Hein-san」

「Aah, please continue with the act if I appear. I will also be acting」

「Haa, you really like that. From the『Celestial Knights』, aren’t you the one most looking forward to coming. Your drama addiction is hopeless」

「Eeh, of course」

The girl leaves the temple while amazed.

With this the plan starts. The changes in the plan are simple.

The hero boy Kanami, will shake the『Emotions of a girl』in her. 

And so, not a temporary happiness―― but a happiness for the two until parted by death.

To the top I’ll report「She found a man during her adventures and eloped」.

If she’s with a hero of his caliber, they should be able to live in happiness even if assassins from Whoseyards are sent. And they would be able to spend their time like a love story’s epilogue.

That is the『Utmost』『Kindness』I can currently do.

And so, as time passed I waited with hope in my chest.

As planned, Sera was the first to go wild. But, the timing was a bit too early and I panicked. That woman’s loyalty――No, her ulterior motives always surprise me.

However, I calmed down as it is mostly following the scenario.

After repelling Sera, the boy and girl came in contact.

And so, after confirming that the two had become companions, it was my turn.

In order to take on a wait and see approach I took Hopes-san along. If it is Hopes-san who is unsuited for one on one duels, then I didn’t believe he could win.

Acting as a『Celestial Knight』that doesn’t know of anything, I perform with the girl. As expected, she is my best pupil. She is well versed in telling stories. We played around by exchanging exaggerated words. That it was filled with too much explanation is a point of reflection. I will have to amend it for the next act.

While the girl and I played around, the boy declares without a thought.

「I’ve said it in the beginning. I have no relation to Lastiara’s loved one. But because we’re companions, I want to grant her dream.  ――That all it is」

Because they’re companions, he wants to grant the girls dream――That is what he said.

Even though I didn’t show it, he calmly declared those lines that were of the highest degree for me. 

I stared in dumbfoundment. Hopes-san poked at those words in an embarrassed manner.

Aah, Hopes-san doesn’t understand. That much is fine. It is because he holds such passion, that he is fit to be the story’s star.

――As expected, it could only be him.

With how fitting he is, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that everything until now was fated, and I was pleased with the boy.

If it’s that boy, then he would be able to protect the girl for the rest of his life.

It’s no longer a problem of his ability, but if he has the character to continue the story. If it’s that boy, then he will be able to do what I could not. It was at that moment that I was convinced of it.

With a parting remark we leave the labyrinth, and I talk with Palinchlon with a tone mixed with joy in the cathedral.

「――Hahaa, if you’re happy, then I’m also happy」

「Fufu, even though I have never done any plotting, it seems I have more talent than I thought. The villain in a story, I’ve understood the fun in plotting」

「Now then, next is the need to progress the relationship between the two……」

「Mu, the boy confessed with such passion already. Is there any need to interfere?」

「Because your obsessed with theater, you might already be relieved, but I’m not relieved. Since I understand Brother Sieg more than you. He’s not such a weak-willed fella? Reality is harsher than theater」

I believed that if they were given a bit more time, then just like a love story, the two would realize the importance of each other. However, Palinchlon’s opinion differed from me.

「Are you only saying that to disrupt me」

「Let’s confirm it. I’ll get on the『Line』now, so wait a bit」

Using the cathedral’s『Line』as an intermediary, an image of the boy and girl gathers.

And so, with magic, a projection of the two participating in the festival along with a slave is projected.

It is the first festival for the girl, and she played around in excitement. The boy was not accustomed to festivals as well, and he was the same.

This may be my first time seeing the girl enjoys herself that much. As we met for more than work, there was a need to keep things in moderation, it’s my first time seeing such a pure smile on her.

However, rather than being a male and female, it was more like two close friends of the same sex.

It looks, like the boy does not see the girl as the opposite sex.

「Kuu. It is certainly as you say, this is bad……」

「Right? It doesn’t look like either are in love to me. The Lord must be restraining herself 」

「However, towards the Mistress, it wouldn’t be an exagerration to say she is the most beautiful in the world, for the boy to not feel anything as the opposite sex should not be…… !」

「…… Haa. You too, with all said and done you’re the same type as Sera」

「Wha, please don’t pair me with Sera」

I received a greatly upsetting evaluation.

And so, while quarrelling with Palinchlon, another person made their appearance. I couldn’t conceal my surprise at that unexpected person.

「Eh, is that, the Guardian that cooperates with the Allied Nation’s, isn’t it Valt’s Alty?」

「Ou, you’re well informed. The ones who know of it  should be few…… Certainly, it’s Sister Alty. I’m also surprised」

「Palinchlon. If you have acquaintances in Valt, please separate them immediately」

「No no, it was just by chance. Overlook it. It probably won’t be an obstacle anyways――No, rather than that, she’s the type to light the fire if there’s love?」

Having a Valt authority in the Guardian Alty appear was out of expectations, but it’s true she won’t do anything unneeded. If anything, she chatted with the slave, and it only looked like she added to the conversation between the boy and girl.

And so, after parting together with the slave, the boy and girl were left alone.

Like this they are able to freely walk around without anyone objecting.

「…… It’s thanks to the Guardian, the two can now be alone」

In an even more convenient way, the two began talking about Christmas. With the way it’s going, the boy will understand the girls secret, and he should be unable to hold himself back.

The story’s『Turning Point』, I eagerly await the continuation.

I persevere and continue waiting, continue waiting, continue waiting――However, no matter how much time passed, the girl never spoke of herself.

An explanation to the extent that the boy would not worry. There are only a few days left, but she hasn’t revealed a single thing about herself.

Like this, Christmas will pass without the boy learning anything. In the end, not about herself, but she instead began asking about the boy.

「Eh? No magic? In Sieg’s place」「A, amazing! I want to hear about that now!」「――That sounds more fun!」

While keeping silent about herself, she continued asking the boy.

「What, is the Mistress doing…… ?」

「Hahaa, even if you ask me. Uuun, won’t she say it the day before?」

「Th, that’s right, the day before. Saying it the day before, is dramatic. She must be aiming for a dramatic production, surely. Kuu, my education worked in the wrong way」

「Aah, that’s right. Let’s wait patiently….. ?」

However, that wish of mine, was soon crushed.

――「Why, well that’s, because Maria-chan is awakening to her love for you.」

That Guardian said something outrageous.

「…… H, How could she! Aaah, at such an important time, how could such a thing be said! That Guardian!」


「Palinchlon, don’t just look use the『Line』and do something――」

「That’d be difficult. Certainly I know Sister Alty, but I can’t interfere in this. It’s that contract, that binds Sister Alty to Valt after all」

Palinchlon won’t move when it’s an international problem.

However, if it stays like this then the boy would become aware of the slave. If that happens, then the relationship forged between the boy and girl until now will become――

「Funfun. And, in the end what does Sieg think of Maria-chan?」

She says, the girl took advantage of Alty’s statement.

In an enjoyable manner, happy manner, as if she was meant to say this, she weaved her words.

「Ah, aah……」

While astonished, I arrived at the reality I didn’t want to acknowledge.

In other words.

――Lastiara(The girl), is trying to tie the boy with the slave.

Therefore, she won’t say anything about herself.

In this way, she will surely undertake the ceremony believing she is not qualified to be together.

Garagara, a sound that everything in the plan had gone astray is heard.

And so, the『Christmas Ceremony』I averted my eyes from until now will come to pass.

Only, a few days left. In only a few days the time limit will be reached.

A dark malice weighs on my back, and my breathing thins.

My plan failed. Whether I like it or not, I understood that.

That is what the girl herself indicated.

Aah, in the end, this charade was in vain……

While in self-deprecation, I restrain my wavering head with a hand.

Everything was controlled on top of the palm of those at the top. The girl was perfectly adjusted in order to take the ceremony, that is why they let me do as I pleased without a care.

Understanding that the piece called Hellvilleshine was unable to affect it, they left the piece called『Lastiara』in a position that couldn’t be reached.

It has been like that since birth…..

Even if I reach out, my hand won’t reach…..

There was no hope from the beginning, I was in grief, and Palinchlon spoke as if regrettable.

「How regrettable Hein-san, it seems the plan didn’t go well. It doesn’t look like the Lord has that intention」

Won’t reach. Won’t reach. Won’t reach.

Aah, it will never reach. Neither the girl, nor my own dream.

I couldn’t help but be frustrated at that.

I couldn’t help but be frustrated, having come this far without relying on others. I couldn’t help but pity myself for not being able to remove a single shackle. I am……, such a weak knight…..

That’s why, it ended like this. That’s why, I was given the role of educator.

What a laughable end. Bullshit, damn it.

During that time, Palinchlon continues expressing himself.

「What we can do ends here…… To begin with, it may have been absurd to have the Lord fall in love. With a different approach, then maybe avoiding the ceremony……」

Was my opportunistic hope, was my naive plan at fault?

If I smoothed out the details of my plan more, would the result have been different?

I believed it was a plan making use of the girls interest, but was it just an incredible misunderstanding?

Aaahh, because, because of my naivety…… !

「Aah, however, not being able to see that smile will be quite saddening, Hein. Does the fault lay in the emotions she was raised with from birth….. ?」

If it stays like this, then the girl will never smile again.

No, disappear――she will die! She will die!!

「Having been deceived since birth, and for the sliver of happiness she grasped to disappear…… even if it’s for the country it’s still painful」

For the country?

The girl will die, for the country!? Without being able to obtain anything!? Is such a thing really fine!

Thay type of things! That type of thing――!!

「――I won’t allow, that type of thing

The words naturally spilled out.

Words that I decided never to speak came out of my mouth.

At that time, it felt as if the heavy chains on me had been removed. The feeling of something very, very important being released. It was a pleasant sense of loss――

「Hee. ――Won’t allow? If you won’t allow it, then what’ll you do?」

Palinchlon inquiries in a voice that echoes in the room.

As I look at his inquisitive expression, I notice a sense of discomfort.

It is the talent I’ve held towards battle since birth that notices that. 

A discomfort of a faint magic coiling around my insides.

――I am currently being encroached.

Most likely, it is the magic of the knight before me.

「…… Palinchlon. ……. You, are using magic on me?」

「Aah, I used it. …… Are you angry?」

Palinchlon affirms with no timidness.

He directly faces me, in a distance that my sword can reach, he confronted me without a weapon, and he confessed to betraying my trust.

However, that betrayal made me very happy.

「…… No. Thanks to your magic, I am finally able to say these words. Rather, I’m thankful」

「No, it’s fine. Everything was for my own goal」

With no hesitation, Palinchlon informs of his own selfishness.

「Since when?」

「From a while back. It’s a『Curse』that takes time and his bad consumption. But, even though I say『Curse』, it isn’t a bad magic. It raised Hein’s power, and allowed you to break through your hesitation. Isn’t it necessary for the coming battle?」

「Eeh, that’s right. That’s correct. Then……, with this we will part…… ?」

Naturally, I understood that this was the end of these secret meetings.

Because Palinchlon kept the use of his magic a secret, but more importantly, that I was finally able to hear the sound of the cogs turning. A sound that can no longer be stopped.

And so, I also knew that this was Palinchlon’s objective.

To begin with, why, did I believe Palinchlon to be a cooperator without a shred of doubt. Some type of magic―― 『Curse』must have been affecting me.

Palinchlon said『While Back』, so this was probably his goal since then.

「No, I’m not sure if this really is the end. There are many seeds that have been spread, and it’s impossible to predict how they will grow. The possibility of meeting again is high. It’s much more interesting, when everything is entangled」

「…… I see. No matter what, I will move for the Mistresses’s sake?」

「Aah, that’s only natural」

「Then, I’ll be going……」

「Go already. To not have any regrets at death. I’ll only pray for that」

Palinchlon won’t pray for my success.

But only pray so that there are no regrets left behind.

「Fuu, that’s just like you…… Goodbye, one of my few friends……」

I bitterly smile to his same as always attitude.

And so, I leave the cathedral.

My steps were light. Not only my steps, but my heart and body too.

A refreshing feeling I’ve never felt before dwelled inside of me.

Whoseyards(country), Hellvilleshine(House), Celestial Knights(Official Position)――Father, Mother, siblings, superiors, coworkers, friends―― I was released from all of my shackles, and reached the true beginning of my freedom.

It is no longer the weak me. No fear. No hesitation. ――Nothing at all.

Finally I as myself, can move for the girl’s happiness.

The battle of a single knight who holds nothing at all.

Just that alone caused me to be unable to hold my joy.

Like this in order to steal the piece called『Lastiara』, I advance onto an area that a knight of Whoseyards cannot reach.

That is, the moment that I as the piece called Hein(myself) could move forward.


As I advance forward, I move through the night in the direction of the home of the boy and girl.

Rather then seeing the story above the stage―― I enter the play of『Lastiara』.

And so, using wind magic I wake the girl, and call her out.

The girl comes out with drowsy eyes, and asks me with a curious face.

「Fuwaa……. Hein-san, what business do you have so late at night…… ?」

「No, there are only two days left, so I came to check on you」

「Aah, it’s already that time. But, there’s no need to check on me. I’ll make sure to be on time」

「That is for the best」

Seeing the girl so naturally say she be there on time was irritating.

I want to kill all of the people who made her say that.

「Hein-san? If you don’t have anything in particular, then I’ll be going back to sleep?」

「No, there is something I’d like to confirm」

I wanted to know.

If my naive plan had some effect, or if it had absolutely no meaning.

「I’ve seen it from a distance, Mistress. When together with him you looked very happy. Then, are you fine separating from him like this? If you take the『Ceremony』, will you have any regrets if you never meet him again?」

「…… A, all of a sudden」

The girl showed a somewhat bewildered expression.


「Your answer, please」

I ask with my remaining hope.

However, with the girls somewhat bewildered expression all to easily disappearing, she answers with resolve.

I don’t mind. Thanks to Hein-san, I was able to experience something similar to an『Adventure』. I managed to touch a fragment of Saint Tiara’s life, and my yearning hasn’t changed」

「Have you not thought of adventuring together with him from now on…… ?」

「To become a hero――Saint Tiara is my dream. My reason for being born」

There was no hesitation.

I grind my teeth at that resolve.

In order to shake that, something great is needed.

Something to turn it all around, it is useless unless it could tear down the girls roots.

I’m aware that the girl is angry at me, and scorns me as well, but it’s up to me to deny her life.

「Are those feelings false――『Artificial』? From the『Artificial』one, the one prepared and deceived by Whoseyards?」

For her future happiness, even if the girl suffers, I speak――

「Even if it’s『Artificial』, I don’t particularly mind」

I spoke, but an unwavering immediate reply was returned.

No signs of suffering, no signs of anger, and no signs of scorn.

After hearing『Artificial』, without questioning the details, she only calmly answered.

As if to say, whether deceived, or used, she doesn’t mind it.

As if, she already knew of everything. And so, she had an expression filled with resolve.

…… Aah, in other words I mistook it.

Even if it is the heart of a girl less than three years, I was completely unable to understand it. 

The girl was able to understand the reality of the manufactured『Lastiara』. And in her life, she understood it without anyone telling her, and resolved herself.

No matter if it was an influence from the outside, or the inside, everything had ended.

Long ago, everything had already ended…….

Together with an unworthy sense of relief, was self-deprecation. 

And so, I knew well that they would be laughing.

Therefore, I could only give my parting words to the girl with a lifeless voice.

「Is that so. I understand…… Then, I will return to the cathredral……」

「…… ? Haa, understood」

I part from the girl.

Lamenting at my remaining hope I walk through the night town.

While walking, where could the piece called Hein go to. While only thinking of that, I returned to my room in Whoseyards’ cathedral.

And so, I spread all the weapons in my room, and prepare until the morning for the coming battle.

In the end, there are only two options left.

One is to defeat the country, the second is to defeat the girl.

From her state, no matter how much I persuade the girl, she will not consent. That is because her adjustments had been perfected.

In that case, I can only forcefully take the girl away.

The current me can do that. It’s thanks to Palichlon, that I could muster that resolve.

I place the twin swords I’m most familiar with at my waist, and tighten the leather gloves on my hand. On top of that, I place the ten rings that had my magic sealed inside, and pass my arm through the sleeve of the knight uniform. Without forgetting the smaller magic tools, I conceal them under my uniform. The is the greatest battle potential that I can currently prepare.

On the way out of the cathedral, a passing subordinate was surprised and remakred「What kind of monster are you going to exterminate?」. With a bitter smile I deceive him with「I am only going to go help someone for a bit」.

In the morning I head to the house of the boy and girl, but only the slave remanined. It seems, they have already entered the labyrinth.

With no choice I head to the larbynth’s entrance, I progress on the path I once walked with the Mistress, and reach the twentieth floor. And I wait for the boy and girl in the cold and empty room. 

And so, I wait, wait, wait――

From the time I met the Mistress――From the time I became a『Celestial Knight』 ――From the time I yearned for the role of Knight after seeing a play in town――From the time I was born as the eldest son of Hellvilleshine――, I have always, always waited――And finally, the boy and girl appear.

「I’ve kept you waiting, Mistress……」

Betraying Whoseyards, throwing away the Hellvilleshine name, the time to fight for the girl had finally arrived……

And so, I challenge the boy and girl to a battle. My surprise attack was a success.

As planned, the girl fainted, but the boy was different.

As expected, he truly is the starring boy.

A strength no less than what I imagined, he continued defending against my attacks.

Together with the irritation of things not going my way, somewhere inside I was happy. As expected, it could only be him. Only he could accomplish the lingering regret of my past. 

The piece that is the boy, it is absolutely necessary that he rescues the girl.

During the battle, I was able to gain that conviction.

Ultimately――the battle of having the two faint was my loss. Although a failure, it was also a joyous miscalculation. If it’s the boy, then I believe he can even gain victory over the influences of Whoseyards.

In the end I leave a hint to the boy, and make my escape.

And so, when I returned to the cathedral, I began preparations to capture the boy and girl who had more power than I imagined.

I made use of the『Celestial Knights』and eldest son of Hellvilleshine title that I had already thrown away, and gather together a force of Whoseyards’ knights. I planned on defeating the boy through continuous waves.

I used the excuse of capturing the two who are running away to the important people of Whoseyards, and once again I go to leave the cathedral and head for the labyrinth.

It was at that time.

As if they were waiting for that, the other『Celestial Knights』waited at the cathedrals entrance in order to capture me.

In the group was the『Celestial Knights』president, Pershion Queiga.

What I am doing is clearly a betrayal to Whoseyards. Making use of the knight, I planned to take away the princess from the cathedral. I had no words for the president who wanted an explanation for this.

But, I have already thrown everything away. In order to save the girl. I had no options to choose from. I had the resolve to kill those who were once my companions. Using wind magic I blow away the president, run away from the cathedral, and conceal myself in Whoseyards’ town.

Once I hid myself to recover, I felt something out of place, the speed of their response.

The ones to the top must have already expected my betrayal. Or else, Palinchlon must have told them.  It’s also possible that it was simply leaked from somewhere else.

I don’t know the origin.

But, this isn’t a bad development. With this I can no longer go back.

With the resolve of the piece that I am, I move forward.

I can faintly see a new board. I know the arrangements of the pieces for Christmas tomorrow. As expected, I am the supporting role, and the boy is the star.

The only one who can put the girl in check(checkmate), is the piece that is the boy.

Aah, only him.

Then the role of the piece that I am――

Is to make sure, that the boy goes to the cathedral tomorrow. So I believed.

I should make preparations for that situation. For the sake of the boy and girl, I am the only one who can clean the theater.

The wounds obtained from escaping the cathedral hurt. But, that doesn’t matter.

Having to check as a single piece is difficult.

That’s why, there was no need to think.

My role as the piece that I am is one. Only one.

In order to fulfill that duty, I have to continue straight forward. I will keep going.

Even if, the piece called Hein Hellvilleshine falls――……

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