— Move faster, it looked like Puria-san, who is still ignoring me, was saying that. Right now we’re heading to Ista.

My first destination is the Ungiving Forest.

On that note, since I didn’t have anything for the trip, Gallon-san secretly gave me shoes and clothes last night.
I really am no match for her.

I’m still wearing the coat she gave me, and the scent that remains on it makes it feel warm.

…… Now then, I’ll first fulfill the promise I made with Tia-sama.

And to do that, I have to first cheer this person up.
Just reaching the Ungiving Forest will take more than two days on foot.

「Oi, Puria-san, over here」
「It’s not like I was making fun of you, really. That’s why, please cheer up」

That’s a lie.

「Nee, Puria-san, can you look over here?」
「…… I’m sorry that I did those things. But Puria-san is also in the wrong」
「…………….. What’d I do?」
「Because, Puria-san…… you’re just too cute」
「What’re ya sayin, ya idiot」
「It’s because of those cute reactions that I couldn’t help myself」
「……….. Ya think I’ll fall fer that?」
「I’m serious, Puria-san. After all, you’re just too cute」

By the way, this is true.

Even with how this harpy is, she’s still a cute idiot.

I did tease her as payback for our first meeting, but I also did it because I wanted to see her reactions.

「…….I ain’t no easy woman 」

Puria began to groom her wings while pouting.

「It doesn’t matter anymore, just forget about it. But don’t get so carried away from now on?」

Her dere appeared!

This really is nice.
Puria-san really is a cute idiot.
Gallon-san too, demon’s are quite honest.

Aroma-san and Eva-san are exceptions.

「…… And, where ya plannin on goin? If ya go in Ista’s direction, there ain’t many humans there?」
「Shouldn’t there still be many in the capital to the south?」
「The capital…… ya mean Tiamalia. Ya want me to carry ya all da way there? Whadda pain」
「Now now, I’ll be going through the Ungiving Forest on foot」
「Ungiving…… ? Ah, ya mean the Forbidden Forest」
「So that’s what demons call it」

After the First Lost, in the Ungiving Forest which obstructs the space between Augusta and Ista…… The demons seem to call it the Forbidden Forest, but they cleared it out and put a highway there.

After all, I was transported to Augusta on that path, so there’s no way I wouldn’t know of it.

「Why the Forbidden Forest, why did you give it such a name」
「Who knows. I think it’d be better ta just cut it down so we could attack Ista, but no one even tried ta touch it till the current Demon King」
「Forbidden…… It’s a kind of sounds like a legend. Like something you shouldn’t touch」
「The old geezers said we shouldn’t go there…… But, fer some reason, I didn’t wanna get close ta it when I was little. I’m completely fine now, but what was that」

Puria tilts her head.

It looks like she really doesn’t know, but on the other hand I do know a bit about it.

「Puria-san, how old are you?」
「Don’t ask fer a maidens age!」

Bashin, she hit me with her wings.
Things like this should hurt, but this sensation somehow feels good.

「Probably, younger than me. I don’t know the growth speed of demons or beast people, but are you younger than 20?」
「…… Well, yeah」

As I thought.

Then the things Tia-sama said are true.

Wait for me, Tia-sama.

I’m on my way to meet you.

At that time, make sure to keep our promise

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