.…… One way or another I ended up getting released, but they can’t let such a suspicious person wander around, so on top of getting a permit to stay I was hauled off to a church in the slums.     

How considerate humanity is

「So, what should I do?」
「Aren’t you supposed to be monitoring me, you can just do your job from the side can’t you?」

「But I shouldn’t get closer to the church」
「It’s fine, it seems that there’s only priest with little power here. Puria-san’s true identity won’t be exposed」
「Why do ya know that?」
「In order to hold the demons invasion back, the more capable people will be put in more important locations, and besides………」

「Tia-sama said so」

「Can’t say anthin if Tia-sama said it」
「By the way who’s Tia-sama?」
「Tia-sama is Tia-sama. Puria-san, please don’t say such strange things」
「I know but….. That’s right, Tia-sama is, Tia-sama……」

Right right. Don’t overthink it.

「Aree….. What were we takin about just now?」
「For now, it’ll be fine as long as Puria-san doesn’t get to far away from me」
「? Well, that’s fine. Un, in order to do my job, that’s fine」

Puria-san tilts her head to the side and agrees.

Thank goodness she’s an idiot
I heard from Tia-sama that there wasn’t such a big suggestion put into her.

Anyways, I’m thinking of using this church as my base to gather information in this town.
With Alice-san taking separate actions, the plans for us is to gather information on our own..

「With that said, I’ll be in your care for the time being」
「Eeh, I’ve been told of what happened. You’ve had a quite a bad experience」

The priest here, Famaa-san spoke with a smile.
He’s at that age, so he looks like a gentle old man.

「I’m unable to provide you with much service, but fortunately there is an empty room. Please, enjoy your time during your stay in this town」
「I am very thankful for you kindness. But I am unable to give something in return……」

What a good person. I’ll indulge myself in his words.

「Hear me, I’ve been told that those filthy demons have been caught. Those beings will soon get their divine retribution」
「Eeh truly. In that case, I’ll go take a look around the town for the time being」
「Understood. Take care. May god’s blessings be with you」

If you say such cliche words, it’ll make me dizzy.
Puria-san was watching from atop a tree branch, when the priest separated his eyes she came to my shoulder.

「Where’re ya goin?」
「To gather information, the first place should be the bar」
「Hmm, is it fine fer a clergyman to go to such places」
「I’ll only be excommunicated. Truthfully I want to go to the town hall, or library. But I am an outsider, so I don’t think they’d let me」
「How tough」

If I had money then I might’ve been able to get a citizenship, but I decided to live in Augusta.

After walking for about 20 minutes, we found a fairly large bar and entered.
There was a crude atmosphere, but to begin with, an elegant bar wouldn’t exists in the slums.
I begged Alice-san for some money before we parted, so I have some alcohol expenses.

「A complete leech」
「I’ll properly return it. Pun pun」
「How horrible….. Well that’s fine, please don’t talk inside」
「I know I know」

I push open the double doors and enter, indeed, it appeared exactly as I expected.

The first thing that entered into my vision was a person who had drank themselves drunk.
Next were some vulgar hoodlums, they were drinking from their glass with a gahaha and amusing themselves with a card game.
And there was also an older sister like prostitute releasing a strong scent of perfume and she was trying to hook a customer.

My, how scary how scary.
I think I’m gonna pee myself.

For a country bumpkin, being restless in this type of place will make them an easy target.

I throw out my chest and boldly head to the counter.

「Master, one milk!!」
「I ain’t have that type of thing」

What was that. What a bad lineup this place has.

「Oi oi, this is a bar, if your not gonna get alcohol then go somewhere else!」
「Yeah yeah, go back home and suck on your moms shriveled up boobs」

Gyahahahaha, a vulgar laugh was raised.

What imploite people, there’s nothing bad about Gallon-san’s boobs, they’re still big and springy.

Though I haven’t touched them yet.

If I had permission one day then I’ll touch them to my heart’s content.

I want to find out if her paw pads are softer or not.

As for Tia-sama’s boobs, they were dealt a winning hand, they are unmatched in size, but she’d cry if you touch them so I didn’t have many opportunities to touch them in the past, it was quite lonely.

But I still touched them. Tia-sama’s crying voice was cute.

「Then, Kahlua Milk」
「How much do you like milk. We ain’t have them fancy drinks」

Uuun I give up. I’m a non-drinker.
I can’t drink alcohol that doesn’t have milk in it.

「Hey, if you ain’t gonna drink then treat us」
「Yeah yeah, that’ll put your money to good use」

Saying that, two of the hoodlums get closer.
No no, I don’t want to be swindled…… what a miserable feeling…….

「Even though I look like this I’m a clergyman. If you say those things then divine punishment will befall you」
「As if there’s a clergyman that looks like you!」
「Your a barbarian no matter how ya look at it」

Certainly, I do look like a barbarian.
But I thought I’d be able to pass as a clergyman in this town.
I should’ve at least borrowed Famaa-san’s priest clothes.
I might’ve been able to do more like that.

「There there, you lost lambs, calm yourselves and listen, please take a look at this bird」

Saying that, I point to Puria-san who was grooming herself without a care on top of my shoulders.

「…… What is this bird」

「Cute isn’t it?」

「……Aah, well, it is cute but」





「So, what?」

「I’m sayin, what does that have to do with anything. Your not gonna start  a sermon like some priest are you?」

「Not particularly」

「You underestimating us!?」

Strange, I thought they’d soften up after seeing Puria-san’s cute appearance.

Do they not have good eyes?

My Puria-san is much cuter than any other pet out their.

「Are you angry?」
「Shuddup! Hurry and fork over your money!」
「Yeah yeah, in fact that pet would be fine too. I’ve never seen it, it’s quite rare isn’t it? Where’d you get it from?」


The stupid bird energetically replies.

And I told her to stay quiet.

I’m the pet to you aren’t I?
But I’ll happily be your pet at night anytime!

「…… Oi, just now」
「Aah, did that bird just」
「It’s ventriloquism」
「No, cause it just」
「I said it’s ventriloquism」

「….. Then, do it one more time」

After that, along with the ventriloquism skill I had acquired with no particular reason, I was able to get along with the people in the bar.
Turned out alright in the end, I’ll give Puria-san a spanking later.

Aah, still.

Thank goodness I practiced on Wilson!

With such trifling conversations, the hoodlums who first picked a fight then brought up an interesting topic.

「Oh yeah, did you know that the heroes companion is permanently stationed here?」
「Haan, hero. Hero huh, they sound like a shady bunch, who are they」

To put it bluntly, I don’t know much about the hero part that had become famous these past few years, but they’re enemies to me.

If there’s a bunch that would rebel against my respected Demon King, then there’s no harm in gathering information.

「The one who came just now, it’s that guy, the『Superhuman strength』Abyss」
「From the nickname alone he sounds like some macho man with bulging muscles」
「No, he does have ridiculous strength that he can brag about, but just by looking at him his appearance is gentle」
「He looks likes a youngster, but he has a reputation of breaking boulders with a single swing of his arm. The monsters in the towns surroundings too, he hunted most of them. After a while they’ll probably multiply, since it is our livelihood」
「Aah, I see, you earn money by hunting monsters」
「There’s places that hire people like us. But since he came, our business has completely disappeared」
「…… To begin with, what is a hero」
「What’s that lad, even though you’ve been travelling you’re quite ignorant of the world」
「Please call me the boxed in wanderer」
「What’s with that」
「You can’t tell from my looks, but I was locked up until just now」
「Oi oi, you have a record too!」

The surroundings were roaring with laughter, well most of people here must have criminal records.

But it’s not like I was arrested for a crime.

「Doesn’t matter if you were in jail. The heroes are just brats that received an oracle or something from the official god of Seneca a few years back, seems like this is where the monstrous strength they have is from. And, when it comes to it they’re supposed to be able to conquer the demon king and the demons」

They’re already thinking I was imprisoned for a long time, but it’s too much work correcting it so I’ll leave it be.

「It’s really shady. What even is an oracle. Hearing god’s voice, if there was someone that said that without any  hesitation then I’d recommend them to the hospital」
「Are you really a priest. There’s no way you can use any techniques」
「If you want then I’ll pray for you. RIght now I’ll do it for 20 gold」
「Haa, that shadiness of yours, you must be a shitty priest」

Saying that he began laughing.

If I say it like that, then even the kind Famaa-san would find it shady.

「And about that. About that Abyss guy, the hero’s companions…… They’re called apostles, along with the hero they go around gathering elite fighting power in order to subjugate the demon king. And it looks like they’re all Salia believers」
「Well if the hero’s in that position it must be so. Rather, they must’ve been picked them up because of the Salia Faith’s influence」
「It’s probably because of the higher ups in Seneka. And instead of training, they subjugate monsters so that they can be prepared for that time」

Hee, they’re quite frank.

For the seven years after separating from Tia-sama, and while wandering around the world, in the end I wasn’t able to get much information as a slave dealers assistant, being able to learn about the world in this way gives me quite a fresh feeling.

Well, there are more interesting things than learning about the world, but are probably others that don’t turn away from this too.

In the words of a slave, it is very interesting, I learned a lot.

…… Aah, perhaps.

It might have been 10 years since I last talked with humans this long.

Talking was prohibited as a slave.

Aahahaha, it might be a bit fun. Might.

Since my life was full of talking to myself.         Can’t be helped.

………….? I, just now, what did I think?     It must be my imagination.

 ――Nine, listen, rather than that. Quite some time has passed, shouldn’t you be heading back――?

Aah, yes yes. I understand I understand. Really, no matter how much time passes Tia-sama always treats me like a child.

「Well then, it’s about time for me to leave」
「Really, you’re already leaving」
「I’m going to suck my mama’s boobs. After all, my mama’s boobs are tender and plump」
「Haahaha, in that case I won’t stop you」

My current mama you know. She has a head full of flowers, she’s a cute puppy.

I have to hurry back to Augusta and love her.

「Then do you want to suck mine?」
「Your the lowest! No way you’re a priest!」

Leaving that behind, I return to the church.

I also hated men at first.

I decided to give my virginity to the Demon King.

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