That day, a restless atmosphere hung in the prime minister’s office.

In the room full of powerful demons, being able to guess from the voices leaking out that the talks have made a turn for the worse, Selfi who went inside to make tea, exits the room with teary eyes.

The demons can only conclude one thing from this, you should not approach that room.

That is, 『As long as you don’t touch it you won’t be hurt』.

— Recently, the number of times Aroma Sajesta sighs has increased.

「…… In other words, you will not hand that sample over?」

Eva shows a rare display of irritation.

「That’s right. That is mine. I do not feel like handing it over」

And Chris, is the same as always.

「………Sister, did you not get that child to be my toy?」

Eru-chan, whether it’s a whim or something else, is also fixated on it.

「Oi Aroma, that’s wrong. I don’t plan on throwing away a job I was given halfway through」

Gallon, even thought it was a job she complained about, is making this even worse.

–Aah, damn you, how annoying.
I said I was busy.

「………~~Nnnnnn, enough! Everyone, please cut it out!」

Why, why must I be burdened with this labor for the likes of a human.

Everything is the fault of that livestock!

Aroma was cursed with misfortune.

–Why did these thing come to be, for that to be revealed, there is a need to go back in time a bit.

Morning, Aroma scanned over the work for the day and Eva suddenly barged into the office, and the first thing she said was this.

「I want the sample. Is that fine?」

Eva Kalma.

She is wise, but because of that she has a tendency of moving the conversation by herself.
You could also say she’s a woman of few words.

But from associating with her for a good amount of time, when she says sample, I understood that she is speaking of that human.

「Ee, go ahead. However, for what use, present a draft of the plan and the budget. Please don’t throw it all onto me anymore. My work fell behind because of that before………」
「Here, I already made that thing. Hurry and give me permission. Come on, come on」
「……Really, you. An organization isn’t that type of thing. I have to properly explain it to the researchers in your place and vote on it……」
「It’s fine already. So hurry up. You’re busy aren’t you, I’m also busy」


I know of her contributions to not only Augusta, but also Diablos, but to behave as outrageously as this, my position isn’t something to be taken lightly.

「……If you say that much, then it should be something beneficial for us?」
「Of course. Leave it to me」

That’s not an answer.
But, I do know of her intelligence, so if it isn’t something too big then I can give her permission.

Let’s see, I look on with anticipation, to transfer mana to the human body, development of more effective magic attacks against humans, that sort of thing.

To look at something this fundamental after all this time, or could it be she wants to build upon it.

Well, there isn’t anyone in all of Augusta with greater knowledge in magic than her. And if she says it then it must be so, but even then I can’t just give her permission.

But there is one thing I’m curious about.

「That sample is restricted, but…」
「Aah, Nine or whatever it’s called. I want to use it.」
「…… It’s not as if I have a problem with that. However, I’m unable to decide it on my own, so I’ll have to speak to Her Majesty……」
「What are you saying, to bother Crystella with something as small as this」
「That human has the interest of Her Majesty. Furthermore, from the plan you gave me, any sample should do……」
「Shut up, it’s fine isn’t it. It seems like I can get some interesting data. And even with these documents, if I say something then it can all change」


It may be because she’s a researcher, but she doesn’t know any of the difficulties of an office worker, naturally that would also anger me.

Also, it’d be convenient for that human to disappear, for Gallon to kill him in a fit of rage, or to offer him as research material, but that isn’t right.

It’s mostly due to Chris.

Because of that, I went out of my way to have Alice look into him.

「Nevertheless, I alone cannot give you permission」
「In that case, call Crystella」


Saying it with an expression that says「What a useless person」, I’m not going to back down either.

Above all, no matter how much of a veteran she is in Diablo, if she looks down on Chris then I won’t let her have her way.

「Her Majesty is busy. And I will not give you preference and bring this to her」
「What was that……」

Eva glares at me, bring it on.

You can’t make light of the rules here, and no matter how much of a senior you are, I won’t let you……!

Ban, a loud sound reverberates and the door opens, Eva and I turn to face it.

「Ooi, is Eva here? When I went to the library I heard she came here first thing in the morning…… oh, she’s here」

Gallon appears at a critical time.

How many times have I told you to not open the door in a way that makes it irreparable, well, I’ll allow it today.

I also don’t want to have a fight. So it’s fine as long as this resets the situation.

But…… It might be bad that Gallon was the one that came.

「……What is it Gallon. I’m in the middle of something, come back later」
「Don’t say that, I’ll finish immediately. It’s about the books I need for Nine……」
「…… Aah, now that you mention it you are looking after that. In that case be relieved」
「I’ll be taking that as my research sample. There’s no need for you to play the teacher any longer」

It’d be really helpful if that human was gone, but to progress the conversation on your own, I won’t let that be.

If Gallon were to agree then it’d get complicated, she’d wouldn’t close her mouth.

「Don’t say stupid things, do you want to make all my work so far pointless? I’m watching over him because of Aroma. If you need a sample then pick one up from the storage in the feasting room」

Unexpectedly, Gallon opposed it.

I thought she’d rejoice about being freed from the trouble.

「With how rash you are, it’d be a waste of time to explain it to you. Anyways, that is necessary for my research. Recognize that」
「What’s that, you wanna fight!? You bastard, who do you think you are Eva……!」

No good.
If Eva changes her target to Gallon, then nothing would’ve changed……!

I already realized that Eva has no plan in pulling out, and I didn’t think Gallon would be this attached to a human.

I wanted to calm Eva by explaining the importance of the paperwork, then try to coax Chris into it, and finally hand that human over to Eva.

If it’s like this then Gallon might resent us.
It’s because of this girls impulsiveness that explaining things is troublesome…..!

A failure.

That human, to deceive even Gallon……!
Besides, it was originally that merchant Igor that sold him……!

I understand that I’m venting my anger, but while fighting the complaint I have to the slave firm, I jumped to conclusions.

In addition.

「Oi Aroma, it’s about time that wild monkey is…… what’s this, it’s rare for everyone to be gathered together」
「Aromaa, I want to meet that child…… Ara, there’s many people here」

The Demon King siblings make their entrance.

It doesn’t matter anymore♪

…… But I can’t say such things with my position.

I have to earn my salary.

But I want to throw it all away.
Ah, I might have Chris make me a body double.

I’ll at least buy stomach medicine after this.

「You came at the perfect time. Aroma, in the end, it’d be fine with Crystella’s permission wouldn’t it?」
「……That’s right. I’ll leave it to Her Majesty’s discretion」
「All right. Your Majesty Crystella, I have something important to say」
「……For you to call me Your Majesty, it’s quite strange…… so what is it」
「Would it be fine to have that human called Nine? I wish for such a thing」
「Ah, what did that wild monkey do? Was he rude while working?」
「I want it as a research sample. Would it be fine for me to receive it?」

「You can’t」

Surprisingly, it was an immediate reply.

Furthermore, both sisters refused together.

Those two were taught magic by Eva since they were young, in other words they have a student teacher relationship, and now Eva has to obey what the Demon King, Chris, says.

「…… Will it be fine to hear the reason?」

Not expecting this reply, Eva returned the question with a bitter expression.

「I plan on personally training that by my side」
「That’s not right sister, isn’t that child my playmate?」

The sisters fold their arms and give an answer in an imposing stance.
It seems they have no intention on changing that.

Honestly, it became something really troublesome.

And after a back and forth exchange, we returned to where we started.


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