–Extract of Intelligence Operative Alice Clakks’ personal diary.

『–When I went to Aroma-sama to ask her to do something about that middle aged elf, she entrusted me with an errand
I did what I was told, and I bought stomach medicine. This time she asked for rice.
I did as I was told, and I brought rice. She then asked for tea.
I did as I was told, and I brought tea. Saying it was lukewarm, she threw it.

How cruel Aroma-sama. But I like you.

Thankfully it looks like Aroma-sama is getting over her bad mood.

Also, hearing what they said it seems like that human will soon be driven out.


But, I still have to continue the target’s observation.

She said it was to suppress that middle aged Elf, but it’s still annoying.
How troublesome.

Aroma-sama also always says things are troublesome.

Even after becoming great, it looks like there are still many troublesome things.

Hang in there, Aroma-sama!

–Come to think of it, I talked with Puria for a bit.

She was selected to be the watchdog for that game Aroma-sama spoke of.

I think it’d be better to just secretly kill that human, but the Demon King and the others make it difficult.
I respect the Demon King, but to make Aroma-sama troubled is a bit unacceptable.

It seems to be a secret that I’m monitoring him, so I will also keep it hidden from Puria.
And I finally have the opportunity,  so I’ll see how Puria works.

And I was told that if for some reason Puria becomes strange, then I should report it.

It seems that the incident with Elektra-sama is still on Aroma-sama’s mind.

Certainly, I do think it’s strange for that person to be fixated on a human.

Maybe she fell in love.

It’d be stupid to fall in love with a human.

Well, they said there were no traces of magic so it should be fine.

What can a human even do.

The Demon King too, it be better to just massacre all the humans.

I’ll be sure to enjoy the moment that human becomes scared of his death.

The sooner he dies, the less work I’ll have』

— Hereafter, Empty Space

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