–Extract of Alice Clakks’ spy memo.

『Observation period, undecided. Report as needed.

・Name of surveillance target: Nine (Family name unknown. Is it his real name?)

・Sex: Male

・Age: 22 (From the documents at the time of purchase)

・Place of Birth:  Ista

・As of now there has been no rebellious attitude, he’s obedient (As of the first day). Further observation needed.

・There are signs of unintelligence in his conduct. Is he emotionally unstable? He has attempted to speak to human bones(head) several times before going to bed. It is uncertain if it’s a mental disorder.

・No problems in his physique. From the way he walks his muscles seem to be that of an average human adult.

・His cultivation →『Poorly Raised』self-proclaimed. However, from the conversation with Captain Gallon Vermillion, it seems that was intended to misdirect → Further observation needed. Is he hiding something?

・No magical knowledge. No signs of magic power. No signs of magic usage till now → In regards to her highness Elektra Vera Detora, the possibility of a magical attack is low → There is a need to confirm with Aroma-sama. Further observation needed.


・Monologues ・Incessant laughter. Possible symptoms of hallucinations. High likelihood of a mental illness. However, there is a need to confirm it with Miss Eva Kalma. I have no data on the mental illnesses of humans.

・Monologue ・At times of laughter, I attempted to read his lips →『Tia(Or prehaps Lia?)』, seems to be having a conversation with such a person. No surrounding presence. No trace of magic. It is unclear whether that person is a demon (Since it looks like that’s a close figure, the possibility is low. Perhaps it is just a delusion).

Postscript 1: First day, our eyes met twice while I used illusion magic. Did he notice me? Confirmation needed → No reaction since →Was it done on his own judgement in order to not have Captain Gallon notice, or was it a coincidence. Further observation needed.

Postscript 2: He seems to have taken a liking to Captain Gallon. I judge that the possibility of opposition is low (Ordered to continue observation by Aroma-sama). However, he’s definitely hiding something. It’d be better to hurry and get rid of him!

Postscript 3: There was a request from Miss Kalma to stop all future observation of the target. At the time of refusal, she threatened me.

I didn’t even do anything bad. I won’t allow it from the old woman that missed her chance!

I’ll tell Aroma-sama!』

— Hereon, Empty Space.

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