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–Excerpt from the memo of intelligence operative Alice Clakks.

However, the text was disposed of in an unrecoverable way.

『The observation target arrived at the forbidden forest.

        After a monologue,             he . Motive unclear

However, the place I investigated, had no magical response

Afterwards,                 there was a change

        Can’t write anything about it. Why?   Because it’s inconvenient?

              , already  established pattern. Can’t trust him

For just a bit, I’ll take a wait and see approach

   Should I also consider investigating captain Gallon?

     However, at the very least,         investigate the contact time

I         from     at that time, the possibility of being noticed is high

Arrived at Tiamalia

    What did I get involved in?

It’s true character, is probably        presumed. Follow up investigation.         The goal,
   presumed    from the conversation,     as soon as possible, the First Lost’s truth

Nine-sama, is a vital person to Augusta
Nine-sama, is a vital person to Augusta

    Stop    it

           No         at least         the crisis to the demons     the Demon King

Thing I still need to write             please look into the spirit faith

   can’t forget. At least,          have to tell      please            please

No change in state.

Nine-sama, has successfully completed the conditions.
Nine-sama, is a vital person to Augusta. 
He will surely offer up his body and contribute to the demons』

— Hereafter, Empty Space

From here, pages with blood clinging on, and unnatural blank spaces make it unreadable.

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