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「What is this?」

Currently, Alice Clakks is standing in front of the prime minister Aroma Sajesta

「……What is,  what?」
「The fact that you don’t have your periodical report. Puria’s condition since then. And…… the food that human gathered. Although I don’t need every little detail」
「I reported that the carrier crow in charge of transporting the periodical report has ran into trouble. Also, I was planning to gather up the report and present it later」
「There’s no point in that. How did that gather more than 200 humans. In the end the details will be left unknown」
「I reported everything that I saw. In regards to Puria-san, wasn’t she simply gettting along with him during the journey?」
「………… Don’t anger me. Alice…… what are you hiding?」
「…… There’s no way I could hide anything from Aroma-sama」
「How many years has it been since Aroma-sama picked me up. I’ll never forget the kindness you gave by helping my siblings」

Haa, a single sigh is let out.
Aroma silently waves her hand.

It’s the signal that means it’s fine to leave the room.
Judging so, Alice lowers her head and leaves the room.

Why did this happen. Aroma holds her head.

A gamble that should have been a certain victory.

On the off chance that he didn’t return during the allotted time and attempted to escape, Puria had permission to kill him.
Chris also agreed to this.

……She should have certainly won, but, reality begged to differ.

Aroma kicks her chair in irritation, and leaves the office while violently opening the door.

Selfi who was bringing tea to Aroma’s office had the misfortune of witnessing the hannya like expression and broke into tears.

She was dragged into the mess.

While walking through the castle in order to cool her head, the shitty bastard that was the cause of the problems with her stomach and mind, was playing with Elektra. She was riding on his back playing horse.

Giri, Aroma couldn’t hold her anger back and grit her teeth.

Aah, not good, it’s bad for my teeth.
For my beautiful face.

I understand, but I can’t hold this anger back.

Once again, The thought crossed her mind, why did this happen, a question and resentment.

It’s been one week since the victory of Chris and the others was decided.

Eva was clearly unhappy at the fact that she couldn’t obtain the sample.

Eru-chan was, embracing that for some reason.

Gallon was, it looks like she secretly went to meet with that in the middle of the night.

I’m not too sure on what happened to Puria in that one month, but she is strangely clingy to that.
Even thought she was in a bad mood when they left.
To wag your tail to a human, how frivolous…….

And the one who’s the proudest was Chris, even though she looked expressionless, she actually had a triumphant face.

She was definitely thinking, 「My victory as expected」on the inside.

The amount of time I spent with her wasn’t just for show.

Damn it, I should’ve dealt with that when it returned.

I try to regain my calm with a long sigh, and I return to a neutral state.

Right now, what I should be concerned about isn’t this.
There’s lots of other work left that I have to do.

……But, I can’t stop thinking about Alice’s condition just before.

That child who was completely devoted to me, didn’t do her periodical reports, and most of all, she showed no signs of being frightened as she approached me.
Her timidness was her strong point.

Certainly something, thought I do think it might be related to that.

……. Just what happened over there.

Aah no more.
Don’t wanna don’t wanna don’t wanna.
It’s a pain.
I don’t wanna think about it anymore.
It’s all cause of that.

But I have to think about it.
Aah I don’t wanna.

I want to take a bath.
All right, I’ll go.

I’ve had enough, time for a break.

Aroma Sajesta is excellent, but she is a woman weak to unexpected situations.

Nonetheless, she is now trying to escape from reality, but she knows to not let it be seen on the outside.

—- A month and a bit ago.

Puria-san and I safely arrived at the Ungiving Forest.

「Haan, a gloomy place as always」
「It’s my first time coming here from the direction of Augusta. But as expected, it’s nostalgic」
「Hee, it’s like that is it. I ain’t really like this place」

It may be a matter of taste, well it isn’t something to think too much about.

At the very least, for me this place could be called my second hometown, it’s quite emotional because of that.

I lived in this forest together with Tia-sama for the years following the destruction of Nile Village,
There’s nothing to eat at the entrance of the forest, but deep in the forest there are berries and even fruits.

Well, I could only eat other things until I met Tia-sama.

I was bad at hunting, so like I said, it couldn’t be helped.
It was delicious.

That’s right, it couldn’t be helped, because it was delicious.

「What’re ya smiling for. Rememberin the past?」
「Ahaha, it’s just, in the past, the food I ate in the village was delicious」
「The local cuisine thing. Well, ya can’t eat it anymore……」

It’s good that she didn’t ask about it, Puria-san with such a face, don’t worry about it, and I wave my hand.

I was able to talk about what I treasure these past few days.
I must’ve been able to pass down the love from this place.
How good.

But she’s just too cute that I want to tease her.

「Ee, by the way. Nile Village, was proud of it’s bird meat stew」

As I spoke with a smile, she jumped back with a pale face.

On that note, harpies can be treated as a type of bird.

「E, even if ya eat me, I ain’t tasty……」
「I was joking. And even if I tried to attack you, I’d get the table turned on me」
「Th, that’s right, of course. It wasn’t like I was scared of a human!」
「Chicken wings……」

We ended up getting along quite well as we began walking through the road in the forest.

This thing wasn’t here in the past, but if we ignore the small portion that heads towards the ocean, then this forest is what divided Ista and Augusta, or in other words, the demons and the humans.

These sacred grounds that stopped the demons invasion, or it could also be said that it protected the demons that were driven away by the humans, no longer serves the role of being a barrier.

At the time of the First Lost, the demons came on their riding dragons by taking a detour from the direction of the ocean, and trampled over NIle Village in an instant, and although it’s a rumor, it seems the demons have already taken up till the center of Ista, and they magnificentally cut through this forest.

Well, if there’s a reason other than that for making the highway then…… Rather, I understood from the conversation with Puria-san just the other day that the demons didn’t enter the forest until just recently.

So I can only guess about it.

I turned to the harpy that is still riding on my shoulders, and she covers my eyes with her wings.

「Didn’t you say you wouldn’t care no matter how much I looked」
「Yer starin too much. Of course it’d make me worry if ya keep on lookin」
「But I’m only like a pet to you, aren’t I」
「Yer gaze is too erotic, a pet like that is strange. An most of all! As if there’s a pet that calls someone a chicken wing!」

Saying that, she goes from standing on my shoulders, to sitting.

Isn’t it more erotic like that?
Eh, eh, wait a moment.

It’s hitting my neck.
Something soft is hitting me.
Are you kidding? Are you kidding me?

It smell kind of good!

Is there a saturday night fever tonight?

How erotic, this bird is erotic!

「An, ain’t it about time to tell me?」
「What about?」
「Of course. About what yer gonna do from here? If ya plan on running, then I have ta kill ya」
「Even if I run, there’s no place for me to go to anymore. …… Well, if I were to say it right now then」
「…… Then?」
「Take it easy, and gather them. Just that」

With that, just after entering the forest, I go into a path disconnected from the maintained road.

「Wa wait, where ya goin? Ah, can it be…… oh my, yer goin to the bath……」
「Your getting carried away you little bird」

Mugyu mugyu, my face is caught between her thighs.
Batsun batsun, my head is being hit by her wings.

「Careful with yer mouth」

My head is covered in feathers, well this is fine.
It feels good in many ways.

「And, why’re ya goin away from the road? I won’t know anythin if ya get lost?」
「I’m going to meet an old friend」
「Haan? Who’d be in this place. As if humans would live here」

「It isn’t, a human…… oh my, they came to pick me up」

Zawari, I noticed the atmosphere change.
Aah, how nostalgic this feeling is.

The world, the surrounding atmosphere, the moment it was scared of her(・・).

「Wh, what is this. Hey, let’s go back……?」

――It’s been a while. You look lively, above all――

「It’s been a while Tia-sama. It’s been about seven years since we last met. Have you been well?」

「…… He, hey」

――The fact that you came here, did you find your resolution. Is it something like that――?

「……Of course not. At this point for that, ahaha…… Really, at this point」

「I said hey! Hey, Nine!?」

――……Will you not, regret it――?

「…… I will. From now on too, I will have a life full of regrets. But, if I don’t. If I don’t, then I will surely lose myself」

「I, I ain’t like these kinds a pranks! Hey!」

――What a foolish child. But, that is why I love you――

「…… Eeh. I’m, an idiot after all, because I’m powerless, it’s only through this way, that I can find it」

「Ya, since before(・・・・・)Who(・・)have ya been talkin to(・・・・・・・)!? If you don’t stop teasin me……!」

 ――Then, in accordance to the principle of old, the pact shall be tied.

                 What do you offer――?

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