The timid, cowardly, and sly young man with no pride.
From the small village of Ista that protectes the spirits and the only surviver of the calamity First Lost.

Crystella Vera Detora

The Demon King said to hold 「Infinite」magic power
Haughtiness with charisma to match it, and occasionally a gap of airheadedness.

Elektra Vera Detora

The Demon King’s little sister.
An innocent and yet crue personality, not aware of pain, and excels at harming others.
Nine was bought as her toy.

Left: Gallon Vermillion

There werewolf working as the leader of the Demon King’s guards.
A daring and resolute meathead. Seems to be smart in being an idiot.
She was entrusted with Nine’s education.

Right: Aroma Sajesta

The young and skilled prime minister.
Childhood friend of the Demon King, thus often swayed by that relaxed relationship.

Left: Puria Harp

A harpy girl belonging to the intelligence team.
Friendly, cunning, charming, and cruel.
Speaks with a certain accent.

Right: Eva Kalma

Dark elf that is the head of the library and also serving the supervisor of the magic.
Her interest is completely devoted to her research, therefore she delegates her office work to her subordinate

Left: Alice Clakks

A fox beast person that serves as a spy.
Under the control of Aroma, she was ordered to monitor Nine.
Great dislike towards humans.

Right: Abyss Helen

Rank 12 of the combat group 「Apostle」, held by the worlds religion the 「Salia Faith」.
Although a human, he possesses superhuman strength greater than demons and beast people.
The gift that symbolizes him, in other words his ability, is precisely named 『Superhuman Strength』.


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